Mysterious Dark Moon Weirding

Girl with Raven artUsually, the very last day of the Dark Moon can be a bit of a drag – I so totally pity peeps who do not follow astro and try to actually DO BIG THINGS on that day. Awful – strange, low-ebb and yet bitched up socialising, dreary frump like feelings and low qi. Hence the usual plan of the astro-aware to get a massage, take salt baths, rest & throw shit out.

BUT this Darkest Day Of the Dark Moon is so different. It’s mystical and potentially mega-magic, thanks to the conjunction of Jupiter with Chiron. This can be a healing, a release or an incredible encounter. The Sun is also in trine to the North Node – adding to the fateful vibe. But it all takes place in a subtle and spooky atmosphere…It’s a good day to engage your every witchy instinct, stay aware and certainly don’t dither it away on obligatory crap.

Expect sensational insights, dreams, tangential or random insights & encounters that just reek of cosmic synchronicity. But it’s still a Dark Moon so don’t be rowdy. Think sagacious. Or magical realism.  Jupiter is also applying to a conjunction with Neptune – exact later in the week & Chiron is very close to an awesome conjunction with Neptune – not exact till Feb but in the air from now. This is the Auspicious Aqua-Weirding & why late Aquarius is so lit-up and blessed right now and through until Feb 2010. A time of magical transition in the house/area/any planets etc in the last degrees of Aquarius – late Libra and Gemini also benefit.

I think i just used the word magical about ten times but it IS!

Image:  Catherine Campbell

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47 thoughts on “Mysterious Dark Moon Weirding

  1. Waiting for my wek to vamp up a little…

    too many wierd dreams over the weekend… still feel a little out of step…

  2. “Strange, low-ebb, bitched up, dreary, frump-like and low qi… I haz it.”

    Yep, ditto. At least yesterday….thought I was just PMSing…but had a weird misunderstanding with a friend, and felt really blah and frumpy all day.

    At least I was over it today…had KICKASS birthday party and it was a super-great vibe.

  3. geez I was so down with the “…strange, low-ebb.. dreary frump like feelings and low qi…” yest. all day, all I could think of was “Gawd am SO rooted” !! (to Non-Oz blogsters – ‘rooted’ is slang for ‘tired to the nth degree’….in this context!). totally woke up bezausted, which didn’t deter a mega purge of Mia Casa. scrubbed the joint from bottom to top, Vanilla’d the fridge, vacuumed under the stove, emptied the garage, piled clothes for the Charity bin / designer resellers / ebay, cleaned the fish tank – even the pound-mutt had her 1st trip to the groomers cos was too stuffed to bath her. she being tres Leo & all apparently took to the blow drier like a dog to a bone!!

    so Libra-Tormented-by-Rams (whoops that’s me!), I meant Ram-Tormented-by-Librans – nice to know I wasnt the only one dust-busting roach poo!
    Anyways phone rang as I was scrubbing inside crockery cupboard, whitegoods whirring in the background, with offer of VIP tix to Lady Gaga. Knowing little of her other than how she fabulously transits the globe in nothing more than 40’s movies star ‘undies’, & her now signature ‘hair bow’, I pushed exhaustion to one side, deferred the Epsom salts bath, & made the hike to the mega stadium on the other side of town. And boy was it worth it just to see / hear this :
    played on this (scroll halfway down) –

    Yep – wearing a Bubble Suit, with perspex ice pick heel on keyboard, Gaga belted out ‘Poker Face’ on A TRANSPARENT PIANO!! I so want one…& my god the girl can sing. Needless to say, this Elvis exited the building the second The Pussy Cat dolls hit the stage. Lady Gaga IS all she’s cracked up to be.

    • whoops – got interrupted……roach ref above to funickity! Meant to say ‘more magic to you’ R-T-by-Libbies 😉

    • Hey Rockstar – I did a post on Lady Gaga a while bk

      And some peeps were dissing her! I knew she’d be big the moment i saw her. She is super-Piscean & individuated.

      • did you know that she admitted on her website that she was a hermaphrodite??? i know i thought it was one of those fake mean rumours at first but it was up on her blog as well — i still dont believe it but anyway —- individuated is for sure – shes a trendsetter which i think comes naturally from many picseans.

      • hmmm Mystic not sure about the neg comments on that stream!! Having a completely open mind to all things talent / original / artistic based, I agree with you. the girl is gonna be HUGE. tho her musical aesthetic is way outside my own, p’raps commenters from yr former post should click the link above & then um maybe reconsider? Ma-doona & Lourdes (who ‘danced her pants off) went GaGa. ouch, La Gaga but 8 months older than Jesus…Ma-doonas new child!! Anyways like her or not, the girl belts out a song spectacularly, & her fingers are magic on a keyboard!! to the detractors dissing her fab style – Lady Gaga is seriously fashion-forward & that doesnt mean others can / would or should pull that look off. super individuated. unlike the pussycat dolls………no matthew…I didnt know anything about her pre this week. Hermaphrodite? BTW what’s your update on Pink?

  4. Not knowledgeable enough to know what type of Aqua I am.

    I’ve have been following advice, laying low, meditating, reading (Mystic’s Soulmating that arrived in the post via ebay on Friday), even snoozing on the couch under blankie yesterday after work instead of weekly visit from frustrated, bored & depressed Piscean girlfriend.

    Been getting all sorts of messages through dreams, flashes of scenes.

    Choked & constricted sensation in the throat when gazing at the sliver of moon very early yesterday morning and the few bright stars above it. I don’t think it was just the beauty of a new day dawning either.

    Random feelings of excitement & anxiety but I don’t even know what for.

    • ooooh, how exciting! I get such a thrill from picking up parcels from the post office!

      And random feelings of excitement are the best kind – especially when one doesn’t know why. 🙂

  5. did anyone see that movie on SBS last night. The music just sent me on a nostalgic dark moon adventure to the past. 1972 I think, i was 12….. sitting in the back of the Holden with the window wound down watching the coast go by, my parents in the front laughing, smoking, listening to Me & Mrs. Jones, weve got a thing goin on…

  6. Definitely a healing. Of sorts. Le Scorp in town and at lunch yesterday he turns to me and says, You don’t trust me do you?

    I was…surprised. Considering that this was something I did my best not to over discuss as wot could it really lead to? I.e. that trust is earned and therefore, relies upon the initiative of one who would desire it. He shook his head in anger, and I perplexed could only tell the truth.

    He was angry he said at all this, for how it hurts me, and still hurts me. Not that it prompted some kind of messianic zeal on his part to change everything but I did not expect him to express this in such a personal way, that it deeply affected him was obvious.

    Of course, I don’t know what it may lead to, but suffice to say, just the fact that there’s one less thing buried under the ground and festering in darkness, that this was not something I had raised for discussion as if it were a project we had to fix, soothed me.

    Made me feel less lonely in my journey.

      • Thanks RT! Btw doesn’t Venus in Aqua actually enhance your ability to facilitate groups, the more unusual and off the cuff, the better??

        New friends means a wider net, and with your V in A thrills to that sort of thing because it definitely is about contacts for anything Aqua. Strictly from a statistical point of view, this should bode well for 8th house action, hee hee

    • At one time my Pisces told me that he wanted to beat his head against the wall as he had gotten himself into an arranged marriage and hated how it hurt me. I know, that sounds like he must have been a weakling to have not gotten out of the marriage to begin with but Iran mindset & tradition is just not the U.S.. Family wise, it’s very complicated and people kill each other over these types of things!

      He did get out of the marriage FA so there was truth in the fact that he did love me. I suppose it also had depended on how much it hurt him too even though unfortuneately he ended up self protective towards many things.

      I’m glad you’re less lonely in your journey though. It’s not the easiest place to be.

      • Oh, Sweetpea its a whole host of things isn’t it? Though when one views the problem in essence it seems very simple. But wrapped in all that are concepts of failure, tradition, and well, fear of striking into the unknown. He actually posed the question to me such as, “so what if I get myself out of this thing and you still don’t trust me?”

        And suddenly it was quite clear to me that he wants some kind of success in relationship, or at least to know that he was investing in something that had a good chance. It was very tempting to simply default into a hollow reassurance or be in a position to psychically threaten him with loss but I did not.

        At the core of this is that truly he needs to give us a real chance, and that means finding his way to the actions that would facilitate that. These are things he must arrive at himself because they derive their value from authenticity.

        But yes, I valued more that he could finally relate instinctively to my pain, and for a moment, catch a glimpse of the road I walk on.

      • TA darling, I haven’t actually thought of it… but we were both born under a waning gibbous moon. This whole thing came as a complete surprise to me, and at first I thought it was a seque way into prompting an argument or manipulating me into position.

        I only realized later that it was really a response to him being unnerved by what he felt from me, and a bid for reassurance. Having said that, I did happen to be quite uninterested in former line of questioning I would have normally pursued. Too dark mooned you know?

  7. Well, the day was meant to be fantastic for socialising, wasn’t it? I found myself running a sport canteen with people I had never met – and it went totally off! Hideous weather, incredible tiredness and kids that took a lot of patience didn’t affect the overall outcome. Plus I am sure I have new friends. As for the good news building from now until 2010, I have Venus in Aquarius in my 8th house at 29 degrees so I am thrilled that there is some magic here.

  8. Yay! This very late Aqua has Venus conjuncting her natal Jupiter, for a coupla days too. No dark moon drag for me.

    2010 you say? Hmmm.

    • Venus’ natal father is Uranus. sorry i like my mythology i have a chart in my room lol — its a common misconception Venus is actually Jupiter’s sister.
      Love the dark moon — its all very errie, spooky I LOVE IT!
      2010 cant wait – My sign ruler (Jupiter) conjucting my accsendant planatary ruler (neptune) WOW this is gonna be interesting.

  9. God what a day! Was fine until this afternoon when I was driving home & I played a song that my mum & I love, we joke about what a tearjerker it will be to play at a funeral & the next thing I knew I was bawling my eyes out as if I really were listening to it at her funeral & i just howled & felt the pain of her loss. I came home & just hugged her. Told her how that bloody song came on & ripped me apart. Confessed to the fear I have that she is going to die soon & I am so scared o f losing her & how unable I am to face life without her. We had a good talk & I’m FINALLY able to let it all go now. I’ve released. Bring on new moon & happy aqua magic!

    • ONe year while wrapping Christmas presents Lexicon, I blubbered over my Leo Mom. Not that I thought of her as “Leo”, mind you, but just that one day she wouldn’t be here. She has always been my best cheerlearder and a good listener for this Aries. I totally understand.

      When I moved to the desert I couldn’t bear the thought that she would be almost a hundred miles away, so I brought her with me as the day would come when she would need my assistance anyway. I figured head it off at the pass, you know? Besides, my Saturn is conjunct her NN and so we are bound together and always have been.

      Yes she’s driven me nuts a few times…but only a few. She intuitivley knows when I need my distance and she is respectful as I am of her.

      • We’re lucky to have such great women in our lives. I’m really loving knowing my mum not just as my mum, but as my best friend too

      • Hmm, my Saturn is on the Uranian’s North Node and i honestly had not thought of it – until now – as meaning we bound together…GAWD! I am loving this Jupiter-Neptunian-Chironic vibe…

        • Oh dear, the Aquarian’s saturn is on my north node and mine is square his. Does that explain my uneasy feeling that this aint over and that he’ll be back?

          • I think something is probably up. From a child I felt somewhat responsible for my Mom. When she was upset, I was upset and tried to smooth things over for her. During her divorce I was supportive although it was very hard for me to be in the middle of her and my Dad. Yes, it was all very dysfunctional but I knew it was and so walked a tight rope really. Seems like I was always more the pillar in the family (Cap Moon and Cap Saturn sq. Sun and Merc).

            When I did start to cut the apron strings esp. emotionally, she was very angry but it had to be done. At one point though, when she’d done alot of work on herself she cried and apologized and I was finally able to tell her I had just wanted to be the child.

            It was very touching and healing. Hopefully whatever karma there is with your own individuals will be healing on some level and in some way. Can be a long journey!!

        • And you know what’s the freak guys? The year I moved out to the desert and brought Mom, her exact NN degree was on my exact Solar Return chart Asc!! That was just much too much synchro. Solar Return have always worked for me…

  10. Gah, all, don’t do a pump class on a void moon. the weights were so… heavy.

    Weeping to sad movies was a much better idea.

    Stoked at this reminder of tomorrow’s new moon/Aqua magic re-kicking in.

  11. Hmmm I was wondering why I suddenly felt compelled to upend my crusty ‘shove everything kind of important that you don’t know where else to put drawer’ in my desk which has never been sorted in living memory.
    Once I had everything divided into piles and the cockroach poo vacuumed out, I placed a nice neat folder and a couple of random glittery ganesh stickers back in. I was then overcome with a humungus sense of uber virgoan satisfaction.

  12. O can definitely feel that vibe Mystic! Aqua is my ninth house and just yesterday was offered a place to study alchemical psychology (my absolute passion) and get qualified as a therapist! And the financial help is available for me to do so!

    plus, with Venus trining my Mars (and CUB’s) last nite, sychronicity brought us together in the wee hours to clear the air vis a vis his impregnating escapades (after a week of being driven to distraction by the gemini impregnee).

      • alchemical psychology, also known as archetypal psychology, is an offshoot of the Jungian school – fathered by James Hillman. It’s focus is soul, archetype, myth and story – and how these form and inform our psyches.

        • I did read James Hillman’s book “The Soul’s Code” I think that’s the title, many many years ago and the book is now in storage. I remember it did resonate hugely at the time. The google search wasn’t satisfying; need to get books out of storage – so fascinating; and that you can actually study it legitwise. Thankx TA x

          • brilliant book 🙂 I refer to it often… am slowly collecting all the books Hillman wrote. Clarissa Pinkola Estes who wrote Women Who Run With The Wolves is also an archetypal/alchemical psychologist.

            raining here today – yesterday I spent HOURS sorting through a huge pile of wood from two trees cut down during the summer. I’ve stacked up logs and put twigs for kindling in big wooden crates all down one side of my house, to keep them dry. I feel a bit squirrel-ish, making ready for the cold weather! But now that it is raining my plans to continue will have to wait. Indoors de-cluttering then…

  13. I have been so bleak of late, but today there’s some sort of fire, and sense of hope, feeling like a reinvention or pheonixing that is very close. I know exactly what I do and don’t want today and it hasn’t been this clear for, at least, months if not longer. And I don’t want to be around anyone, totally into my own agenda and thoughts.

    Plus the rain and wintry weather has finally hit Perth and I’ve baked every day since it started. I feel compelled to do it!

  14. Oooh I had some nice synchronicity yesterday … a friend recommended me to a new client and we met up yesterday. He is a musician and does the backgrounds tracks for this awesome range of meditation cd’s. So he gave me some copies and I did my meditation to one this morning – Inner Alchemy: Connecting to the wise you. It was cool, takes you to a trance state (alpha frequency I think?) via hypnotic suggestion, subliminal messages and cool music, relaxing but not OTT new agey. I met my inner wise person and she looked Elvin with pointy ears – old but young looking – and she gave me this cool amulet of silver with a drop of crystal in the center for “courage and strength” she said.

  15. Feeling the magic a bit more than I was during the week.
    Helped by last night, packing up and de-cluttring to move out of my place next weekend. Already feels lighter moving 2/3 of my clothes(that I don’t even wear) out of my closet, can feel the more space in my room, energetically. There’s a beautiful, cool eery wind hopefully blowing all the more magic around today.

  16. Strange, low-ebb, bitched up, dreary, frump-like and low qi… I haz it.

    Thanks Mystic for reminding us to look for the magic & avoid mundane dithering. Nicely put.

    • Hah – I haz it too – Gem is my 12th. Am hiding out today – magic will have to come from within 🙂

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