Heaven & Elle

Elle Macpherson in Ugg bootsDaily Mail.

Hmmm, so this is bound to sound bimbonic but i don’t care. I love Elle MacPherson (she is a such a Ramzilla/Pisces blend) & I love Uggs and I even love stupid Aquarian men. This is the annoying aspect of the Moon in Libra opposite Mars today. Sentiment. When everyone knows that Aqua-men thrive on distance, treat-them-mean-to-keep-them-KEEN etc. It’s like a mini war within oneself. If you’ve got a big battle plan in place and it’s a good one (ie; to give up a grotty habit or not go back to a tricky lover, whatevs) then don’t let Moon-Mars weaken resolve.  My theory is also that relationships all over the place are changing with Pluto in Capricorn. People have a lot less time for the sloppy, counsellory crap of Pluto in Sagg; they’re more hardcore worldly & cynical about relationships.

Anyway, here is Elle on Heaven etc, from Tatler mag.

Q: Which religion do you practice?

A: I’m not into organised religion. They say religion is for people who are afraid of hell and spirituality is for people who have been to hell and back.


Q: What’s the perfect age?

A: Whatever the age you are right now. We are all exactly where we are supposed to be. That’s the perfection of the universe.


Q: Do you believe in love at first sight?

A: I believe in lust at first sight.


Q: Do you have a party trick?

A: I am the party trick.

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15 thoughts on “Heaven & Elle

  1. treat-them-mean-to-keep-them-mean etc.

    is that a typo Mystic?? Keep them MEAN?? Keep them keen, right??

    please say the Aquarian guy isn’t mean!

  2. Lol! Typing too fast. Am gonna fix right NOW…Noooo none of the Aquarians (there are three – this is Uranus conjunct Venus transit IN ACTION babe) are mean.

    • trifecta of uranians or trinity? I wonder what the collective noun of a small group of uranian men would be.

    • I’m quite embarrassed to be asking this question after following comments about Uranian men for months now (or is it years MM?!) but I don’t know the definition of one…can someone give me a broad outline? Thanks, and sorry to be a twat.

      • You’re not a twat!
        Okay, people can be broadly classified by their ruling or dominant planet. I’m uranian as have aquarius rising and Uranus in a tight conjunction with Mars & Pluto making an exact biquintile to my Aqua rising.
        And I am having Uranus on my Venus transit. Which makes me and my love life MORE uRanian. Uranian being of or pertaining to Uranus and associated archetypes.
        For Uranian/Uranus think Prometheus, radical, Aquarius, future but it’s not an emo energy at all…
        Last year i had a relationship with The Uranian (Aquarius Sun/Venus with Moon conjunct Uranus in Libra) and it was so classically the kind of thing that happens with a Uranus transit to one’s Venus that I started sharing it. You can see a lot of this on the Uranus-Venus posting and comments.
        Then another Uranian – the Leo-Rising Aquarius Rugger Stud popped up and then ANOTHER…An Aquarius Barrister with Uranus RISING…And now the first Uranian is back.
        Male Uranians are hot, intelligent, handsome, individuated, great sexual technique but completely fuqing bats. You don’t committment out of them – unless you ignore them in which case they will be around real fast whining about their feelings – but you get a lot of fun and space.

        • Thanks Mystic – and good luck with them all. Sounds like it could be fun in a roller-coaster sort of way!

  3. A “blat”.
    But they don’t meet. Terribly jealous, despite their unsolicited protestations to the contrary. Librans are the true free lovers.
    Hey, i honestly think that Elle’s thoughts on religion v.s spirituality are profound.

    • those comments from Elle impressed me too.

      with the uranian’s propensity to rugger and arguing I think a “ruck” of uranians might fit…..or maybe “scrum”

    • I think ‘blat’ has a batmanesque sound to it, all that crazy cartoon font when people got thrown about…which considering Batman was also an Aquarian seems apt.

      Yes, I agree Elle’s description of a belief system developed around fear versus experience does seem quite profound.

    • That break up with the father of her kids must have been a doozy. She wouldn’t talk like that unless she’d been therel. Didn’t she have a big wig out and have to spend time at a ‘facility’ or something?

  4. Elle’s a fox & you know what they say… you can’t outsmart a fox

  5. Hate the woman. Always have. But am LOVING her comments. So clever and sassy. Like capital S Sassy. I like her now. Funny how that happens.

    • “I am the party trick”

      Sassy indeed…

      Mystic, I have the inner war today too. But its re: a Libran man, so far I am winning it by leaving my phone at other end of the house to avoid calling or texting him. Blerg…i usually just go for it- call, text, whatever when i like someone but somehow i just know with this Libran I need to let it go a bit…