Astro-Tamara de Lempicka

Art Deco Two Beautiful Women EmbracingBorn in 1898 to Russian aristocrats, Tamara de Lempicka escaped the Bolsheviks by exhanging her body for freedom, dramatically beginning a sexual career that included most of the influential men and women she painted….”

I’ve got Laura Claridge’s Tamara de Lempicka – A Life Of Deco And Decadence & it’s FUN. The Wiki is a quick taste of this glam & vital self-made artist. Her Sun is in Taurus but what’s stands out in her chart is a great big conjunction in Gemini; Pluto, Venus, Pallas, Neptune & Lilith. Total free spirit & clearly immune to all the tut-tuttings of her time.

She’s always been a big Muse to Madonna & many, many others.


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23 thoughts on “Astro-Tamara de Lempicka

  1. You can tell she was obsessed with beauty, none of that gritty, real life stuff for her. Supreme elitism but I love it.

  2. thanks and praises to the free spirits and self-made women. They were always my mentors – when I wasn’t reading spy stories for boys annual and plotting espionage. I just saw a woman dragging her daughter through the foul but sometimes necessary supermarche chastising her in a gutteral almost animal tone that she would “STAAARRVVE (sounded like a cross between a dog growling and a crow) TA DEF” if she didn’t whatever I stopped listening just looked at that poor child who looked as though she may be some kind of food intolerant all skinny and pale and frail and in shock looking tried to send her loved up vibes and thought I hope you make it out of that vile woman’s house alive kiddo. I hope she’s one of the one’s who can rise above her frightening start and become truly great. Fingers crossed.

    • my wife once approached a woman treating her child like that and was abused to the point of tears (she’s a tender soul).Problem was it also caused the woman to re attack the girl for ‘making her look bad’ in public. I think Ive mentioned here once before that the biggest mistake our culture is making is that one needs a licence to drive a car but any absolute f wit can have a child ? Sure, you can rise above the situation and say that that woman is probably a victim of abuse herself in the past but hey, why have a child ? Its a nasty cycle that is at the core of all misery on this planet.

      • yeah, brave David, very. I’m a highly opinionated Mama, and have lots to say on the subject of whether-or-not-some-people-shouldn’t-breed but I am taking the Saturn-through-third-house amendment and shutting up.

        Needless to say I am concerned about what happens to both mother and child in the kind of situations you describe.

  3. o god that’s a can-o-worms you just opened fro-man you never shy away from the big issues do you ? I can’t even begin to think about the background or jump to conclusions re any of it – just that I hope that fragile little girl is able to make it through and find something within herself a la Lempicka – an amazing talent or strength or a cunning twist of fate that will help her take in some lightness and frivolity – it doesn’t always have to be heavy and bad you know? People get so hung up on heavy and bad that it becomes magnetic. I hope something goes click in her head one day and she realises she has a choice.

    • Whilst I see your point, in that’s unhelpful to be overly negative and nihlistic about this issue, unfortunately from what I have observed, the majority do not find some kind of mystical inner light and magically overcome parental abuse.

      Abused children are at much higher risk of learning disorders, mental health problems particularly depression, emotional disconnection disorders, suicide, alcohol and drug addiction, anti social behaviour or becoming abusive adults or perpetual victims in adulthood themselves. It’s not an issue to be taken lightly and applying wafty wafty New Age spiritual principles “hoping for the best” is naive and akin to burying one’s head in the sand.

      The problem is that since we on a societal level have broken away from the close knit tribe model to the nuclear family model, children are made extremely vulnerable due to their dependance on only two – and more often than not one adult. Rearing of children is not perceived as a group responsibility anymore and even if one does have that kind of sensibility, it is discouraged to comment or interfere in the behaviour of biological parents – unless of course they are reported to DOCS – and things have to be pretty extreme before that is likely to occur.

      Society needs to readjust its attitudes towards child-rearing as a whole, and cease to put economic and materialistic growth as its first priority.

      • I am not on a position to “help” that child and frankly consider it would be intrusive, unrealistic and idealistic (maybe even new agey) to believe me intervening would have done her any good. The issues you speak of as societal ills are just that and whilst I appreciate your candour is well intentioned it has come across agressively and I am not interested in involving myself in your strident response other than to say I am not here to solve societies ills – nor am I a new ager. I was an observer and I hope she is ok and it works out for her.

      • Oh and yes, suffered abuse – physical and verbal as a child – cannot abide it and were I to have a child would not engage in it. Realised I had choices, took control of my destiny and am now apparently “wafty wafty” and “new agey”. Sometimes not wading in boots and all with arms flailing is more about knowing what effect that may have than it is about washing one’s hands of societal responsibility.

        • I agree anon, it was better left alone..and sending the higher love vibe is exactly what I would have done, it does work !…….

          Regards your own experience…high five, eye to eye,you survived..
          sending the love vibe

          by the way wafty wafty, new agey is not how I picture you, if that helps at all lol, actually boots and all seems more on the mark..:)

          • LOL oui oui but i’m selective about the waters I wade into in my boots of spanish patent leather – and my point was it’s good to hear about women who may not have had straight up and down middle of the road lives who shunned societal norms and successfully created their own realities – it gives little girls who may not have the straight up and down life something to aspire to. Makes them aware of the fact they have choices and can change things a la Lempicka et al. It was not to talk about myself – that was to illustrate the point that it is possible to survive and thrive without being heavy and dark.

            I see your eye to eye and raise it to I and I…

          • what sign are you anon? Are you the infamous Anonymous or a new one?

          • no infamy here – sign – it’s a toss up between do not disturb and make up my room later.

        • fair enough anon … I volunteer in the area of addiction and hear themes of abuse in people’s histories repeatedly – they don’t fair so well in managing to overcome it. But I apologise if I came over aggressively.

          • Something you said about the tribal model as opposed to the nuclear family brought to mind how when a kid, we had “block mothers”. Moms who were home so if we needed someone in case of emergency we could go there. Don’t know if that type of thing is still around here in the states (U.S.).

            I do remember one time I got really offended when my daughter was standing up in a shopping cart (on the seat part no less although she did survive as is 22 yrs. old now ), and I was turned around shopping. A lady came up and made me feel like a bad Mom. I told her to mind her own business and then wanted to ram her cart…(But hey, I’m an Aries…don’t tell ME what to do!!)

          • and that’s the thing – there is no law against speaking gutterally to a child – I was shocked and saddened because children are so pure and everything is new to them and to have that kind of input in your formative years means you’re on the back foot from the start. You expect life to be harsh if that’s all you have been shown. I spent the rest of the afternoon hoping there was some beauty in her world – something she could draw on for strength. A little glimmer of light. Failing that being able to see others who have overcome stuff and succeeded. As a society we need to talk about and celebrate the success of the “eccentrics” as much as the atheletes and entrepeneurs. It’s nice to find people like Mystic who do this.

            Thanks for your apology I appreciate it and knew you meant no harm. And interestingly in the context of your volunteer work and the comment made by davidl about people from violent homes replicating the behaviour with their children – the parent who came from a violent home never laid a hand on me and the parent who came from the home where hitting children was forbidden was the one who did. So I am always wary of defining humanity by statistics. And the way I see it the parent who was not emotionally equipped to deal with things without lashing out at the easiest target is the one I feel sorry for – not myself. xxx goodnight prowlin.

  4. ooh, I love Lolita Lempicka’s designs – used to have a couple of her suits in the late ’80s and always felt divine in them – so sexy. One was scarlett red…

    and love the art above too.

    • :o) you mentioned a while ago the combination of track pants and singlet (? is that what it was cant remember) and the magic pick-up powers it gave you – I cannot imagine what kind of super-lilith vibe the scarlet red suit would have given off LOL VIXEN

  5. My glorious friend, the Aqua Air Mother, who is now a great grandmother, worked for years in drug and alcohol rehab. She herself came from a history of all kinds of abuse and was infertile, but adopted 3 kids and has the most rock solid family life imaginable, with the sweetest, most gentle Cancerian hubby.

    Anyway, she said that her clients were such a mix. Many had been abused, but just as many came from ‘good’ caring homes. It’s the old nature vs nurture question, and my mother would back that up from bringing up seven kids. Some of us coped better than others, had more inner resourcefulness. Of course, there’s no excuse for abuse, ever. It’s wondrous when people overcome it, then put it into reverse, but there will always be those who need more support than others, regardless of their history.

    Was talking about Saturn in the 4th house in another post, but I think the most resourceful find themselves alternative families, get the love they need elsewhere.

    • Exactement Uber Virgo – I wonder is it just saturn aspects to the 4th that cause the early childhood stuff or is it also aspects to venus sun and moon? I like the idea that with transits you can revisit things and reassess as opposed to things being entirely defined by the first 7 years (interesting that it is a saturn cycle that is formative) of a beings life.

  6. Lolita Lempicka is not related to Tamara de Lempicka at all. She named her company Lolita Lempicka as an homage to both the novel and the painter. She later changed her name legally to Lolita Lempicka.

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