Do Admit: Your Aries (Male) Ex Was…

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Dudes, DO ADMIT: Your Aries (Male) Ex Was…

Daredevil balancing on rock between cliffs on stilts


Wile E Coyote reading Acme instruction book


Tree Chopping Contest

Enthusiastic, if inept, at helping out around the house….

Preraphaelite Knight and MaidenA sucker for any Damsel In Distress scenario…


Sexy Male Model in white pants

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38 thoughts on “Do Admit: Your Aries (Male) Ex Was…

  1. oh dear you all are silly lol well i am an march aries and my fiance is a april aries and well we get along so well it’s scary sometimes lol…we are so much alike and it’s funny cause the ex that came directly before him was also an april aries sent from hell….!!!! he exuded all of the bad qualities that aries men have as immaturity sets in sometimes.

    right now, the one i am with now is cool, laid back, don’t really like to help out around the house, tragically into football and games lol but other than that he’s a do gooder as far as i can see it. he is faithful, loyal and incredibly like me lol but uh i think i am the more dominant one for some reason…he just kinda lets me have way. i know how to get my way and i am like putty into hands lol

  2. My first boyfriend was an Aries, and I went through a lot of them in my early 20s! Not many since then though.

    We were two ridiculous panting versions who would make out all night long but never cross the line (he was Irish Catholic). We completely idealized each other and our “first love/soulmate” BS affair. It was heady indeed, though.

    I thought he was so original at the time. Dramatic, entertaining, show-offy. Later found out it was all persona and not much original there.

    All the subsequent ones (there were 4) I never full-on dated, but they were memorable, that’s for sure.

  3. I have an Aries X that I am married to, he has been my X numerous times mainly for the Aries traits that he has!

    • I so get all this…..the one i have been seeing for the last few months just called time out for himself right when i need him most…I’m not that needy a Piscean however.

      • I hope that’s all it is Deliteful….. A break. I don’t understand breaks too well though as when I needed my Pisces, semi Aries rising, he asked for a break because he wanted to try someone else but keep me on reserve!

        I later figured it out and was furious and called him the very minute I got home from the hospital with major back surgery. He said “I can’t talk right now”. Was so upset I forgot to take my meds. My back went into seisures and nearly had to call an ambulance. Anyway, such drama and it was so incredibly hurtful.

        I would not let someone in and out of my life like that in the future. As Heidi says….”one day your in, next day our out”..

        Okay, well “auff” baby…

        Just so happened I was very vulnerable because of my physical situation and he kicked me when I was down. Just be careful and watch your back and don’t make it too easy…Esp. for an Aries (as I am one and know)….If it is too easy you will not be respected….Fire signs are like that…

        Good luck doll….

  4. Aries rising ex mowed the lawn like he was re-enacting the Charge of the Light Brigade. Long, curly, grey, hair blowing in the breeze he had created. What a sight. Pity about the NPD.

  5. Oh, forgot to mention, my dad actually raised the bar when it came to cooking and cleaning-he was a better cook than my mum at one point :)!

  6. My dear dad was an aries. Loud, cocky, liked banging on things. Had some old school opinions about women (weight, dress, looks etc) and had 2 pretty forthright daughters and was married to my Scorp mum for 9 years. Funny, they both thought marrying each other was a mistake, but whenever they got together and talked without the nastiness, they got along great. My mum never really knew why my dad was so detached when they were married (she had an affair, she said she was miserable), but the family secret was that my dad had a relationship with a girl ‘above his station’ before my mum, which produced a son he never saw-she was shipped off o/s to have the baby. I was never told who the family was, and my mum still doesn’t know. There were no women after her, his heart was broken. There was so much I didn’t know about him.

    My brother in law is Aries too, my sister says he has a lot of dad in him, and I can see it. My one brief time dating one-met online, didn’t meet in person, a text after no contact for months, then suddenly nude pics get sent through, no face shots until I asked for one. Um, I met him after that to see what the fuss was about (in public), not so impressed with all the interrupting, boasting etc (I’m Leo sun/Virgo moon) and tried, but I actually couldn’t put up with the pawing as well-we were in a coffee shop after all. Very brief

  7. Ya gotta love Aries. I have a soft spot for them due to my Aries moon.

    Aries ex one: A Sannyassin (orange person/devotee of Bhagwan Rajneesh) but only for the free sex as far as I could gather. Used to brag about meditating until he levitated, but he levitated during a rant once about the service at a Vietnamese restaurant, so the unconditional love thing didn’t quite cut it. The service had been fine. Also used to talk about his other lovers ad nauseum and how much more succesful, accomplished, blonde, and bigger busted they were than me. BTW, when I asked if it would be okay for some gay friends to engage in the Poona sex fest, he was appalled, saying they didn’t allow such filth.

    It was a short relationship.

    Aries Ex two is a photographer specializing in nude contortionists. Hell in an alcoholic hand basket. Used to start conga lines at art openings, and tried to dry hump me outside a pizza restaurant. Another short relationship. He could cook though.

    My fave Aries (apart from david) is not an ex, but an alpha Aries I treat: the ultimate commando. Apologizes with an expression of sheer agony that he can’t, just CAN’T wear undies, due to their restrictive nature, then wraps a towel around himself, Mark Antony style. Loves bloodsports and Opera. Game fishing, pig shooting and Puccini, sometimes simultaneously. Takes his boat out in cyclones. His eyes actually twinkle. Cooks! And the clincher: his teenage stepdaughter put on her formal dress which she’d bought months earlier, to find at last minute she’d put on a few pounds and it no longer fits. Panic, mayhem and tears, until the alpha Aries drags out the sewing machine and performs the necessary alterations tout suite. His Italian mother had taught him to sew.

    • OMG Uber,

      Hilarious (maybe at the time wasn’t though so not intending to sound insensitive).

      But hilarious…

      Nude contortionists…conga lines…angry levitation…dry humping…

      Good god, what have I been missing. And here, as an Aries thought I was interesting, exciting, eccentric…on and on… ๐Ÿ™‚

      My Aries dad though, did one time say that maybe he should go find a sexy blonde.

      My Mom got tears in her eyes….Sometimes he was such an ass!

      Now the Aries seamstress sounds incredible!

  8. My darling husband is Aries with Aries rising. Competitive as they come but more of a couch potato about sport now. Rugby league and union (not easy here in Victoria), AFL, Soccer, English Soccer, you name it he follows it… passionately.
    It’s all about him, unless it’s all about him being nice to me.
    Quick temper, shouting etc. has become more restrained since our eldest daughter (5) Aries rising showing the same tendancies and I pointed this out to him.
    I think it works because of the Libra in me has to be pushed a long way to get a fight, when we get there it’s usually a beaut though. He’s also the first to apologise.
    He is definitely a sucker for the damsel in distress.
    Very keen DYIer, but learning still.
    Love him to bits.

  9. I dated one for a few years that was much older than I when I was in my teens. I used to think that I was more mature a lot of the time.

    He liked to tinker with his Triumph & fiddle with his hand tools doing stuff. Said he knew a little about a lot (for which I would turn off when this started). He was great in the sack though.

  10. Do think that one of my fantasies is, is that I’m a drummer (girl drummer like the one in The Corrs but not as sweetly lovely…More hard core, sweating, muscles….)

    Moon in Cap is cardinal also…

    • But ya know…

      Tis a toss up between sexy lead singer and drummer in the background…

      Will have to think about it and possibly alter fantasy…

      Solar Return Sun was in the 12th this past year…Sick of being a wall flower..

      Last night, trans. Venus in Aries, 11 deg., was exact natal Sun…

      ALMOST went to the karaoke bar to satisfy need for spotlight…

      But didn’t…Looked in mirror….Hair askew…long day


      Okay, back to the thread topic. Geesh if I don’t epitomize Aries self indulgence, eh? Nah, just workin’ off last nights thwarted stardom….

  11. seeing one at present…lots of stamina!
    Bit clueless though in the art of loving though….more like a competitive warzone.

    • Deliteful27,


      I did so love the Pisces, Aries rising (28 deg. Pisces rising really) but he was definitly more like an Aries as he also played the drums….Very Aries thing there..And he liked fast cars. Good gosh, just to watch him walk was a thing of masculine beauty to behold…

      But no long drawn out foreplay (Leo Moon and Mars passion also).

      My Sun, Mercury and SN were all in his first Aries house.

  12. Mystalicious – most here are well acquainted re mon Aries male PHD. yes MM you ARE correct—not so sure about self improvement….self advancement??? them them them them them them them them

    But ENOUGH about THEM……

    ps David L – true to form!!

  13. Funny about the inept around the house as my dad (Aries born 3/27) did not even like to help around the house but would spend all day in the garage working on cars, trucks etc. In fairness, my Mom, a Leo, was into interior design (work wise) & esp. with the house and since they had two daughters to clean and a son to mow the lawn, not much for dad to do. He’d rather call a plumber in things like heavier maint.

    He has always been into self I improvement physically at the gym but not necessarily mentally or emotionally until much later in life. He’s done alot of work in those areas now and is really quite humble about what he wishes he would have known years ago.

    I suppose where my dad may have shown off a bit or boasted although I never saw it is that he’s a pilot. Perhaps that fulfills his dare-devil side.

    My Mom has a little blurb that she used to call him when she was mad…

    ‘Self centered, goddamn, mean, son of a bitch’.

    They were married 31 years and he ran around on her toward the end, but then again, he says they should have never been married in the first place but Mom was pregnant with my brother.

    Her being a Leo and him an Aries, she said they both wanted to be boss but she has said that he never told her she could NOT do something. She does point out his better sides and after my dad there was no other man for her. He was her one and only love. My mom has never been with another man…

    My sister and I both Aries also. Libra brother, Leo Mom were sort of surrounded…. :0

    Never dated an Aries but had a one night fling where he was very honorable in that we slept in the same bed but he didn’t do anything futher than kissing as he kept foremost that we worked together (I told that story on another thread…)

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