The Bauhaus Armchair- Which Sign?

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Bauhaus ArmchairWing Chair by Hannes Grebin of the Bauhaus School

This is like insanely trend de la mode cutting-edge wankerati whatevs uber-cool new furniture design & I am thinking WHOM – as in which sign – would get it, money being no object in this hypothetical?

At first, as I always do with the avant-garde, I thought Aquarius but no-no-no! Aquarius – especially the male – is too nervy to have anything other than Lazyboy kind of rocker recliner thing, maybe like the kind they have in pedicure lounges with built in vibrator pads. Libra and Pisces wouldn’t do something so asymmetrical or bad for Feng Shui. Crabby-Kataka would not appreciate the modernity. Taurus has a Couch Fetish. Aries – I am channelling a Shudder Of Contempt & a quick change of subject with one of those brisk Ariean “ANYWAY…”

Leo? It’s not throne-like enough. Virgo prefers more of a Shaker aesthetic with chairs. Sagg would freak. Sagg does not even THINK about furniture. Unless on drugs. I think this chair would be appreciated most of all by a Gemini and/or a Capricorn who’d secretly want something more patrician-luxe but love the idea of being able to name-drop Bauhaus.

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58 thoughts on “The Bauhaus Armchair- Which Sign?

  1. As a gem I am intrigued by this chair & my big strong cap friend would loove this chair in fact I think he wished he had designed it. So true re sagg, thats hysterical!

  2. not this cap….that is probably the most hideous piece of furniture I’ve ever seen! and with an antimacassar!!! the antimacassar’s the only acceptable part.

    • as usual you mirror my sentiments! This cap is about to vomit hahahaa

      • singing, did you check out the link of the Bauhaus I posted. I’m curious to know if it’s a cap thing or whether my first house Sun is raising it head.

          • TA..I like the chaise’s story book thing. It looks like it would walk anywhere it wanted to if it didn’t like where it was placed. Like the animated Beauty and the Beast furniture.

        • hmm I think it may be a first house sun thing, what is yours? Not that I don’t appreciate the chair, I like the clean lines and the style, but I would not have it in my hypothetical house because of the colours. I am still dreaming of Capricornia that you wrote about AGES ago, ahhhh

  3. This Taurean finds it repugnant. Though I am mesmerised by it’s vileness.

  4. mmm…. cept this gemini thinks it’s hideous..

    boxy and wrong and don’t even start me on the paisley… reminds me of the disgusting 70’s carpet we had in our old house as kids… wog-a-rama…
    (and i can say that in fond jesting tones coz I am one)

    i have to leave the site now, it’s making me ill

  5. oh lord, i cant BELIEVE this came out of a bauhaus mind, i hate it. i thought at first it was a nina saunders sculpture, the chick that did the chesterfield witha tumour which was goos sculpture. i hate this. even reupholstered in black sack cloth or something its repugnant. i did think capricorn. maybe scorpio too. and yes wow actually sag come to think of it. annoying.

  6. hmm. knowing Dastardly Leo Exhusband like I do, and him being an architect/interior designer guru-type I am almost tempted to say LEO would buy this – just for the freak/drama value.

    But my Libra moon is disturbed by its lack of symmetry and my Taurean sun is equally appalled by the colour and generally ghastliness of it. So I can’t comment. I need to go lie down and have a cold drink.

    • TA if it was red, and lost the fringing and doilie…maybe, if drunk and in full design art wank mode…but I’m still not sure there is enough booze to warrant it.

      • LL I am so relieved that you’d never buy this monstrosity… but I still do suspect that DLE WOULD – as I said before, for the freak/drama value. To shock people, to create a scene – to get his arty/wanky/ponsy friends hypothesising etc.

        Tis true Leos always look good – have never seen DLE look anything less than perfectly groomed – even in his Rupert the Bear pants (checked!!) – or his snow vesty jacket thing… even in a bright orange council worker style windbreaker thing – with his Prada glasses and his Dries Van Noten shoes and his oh, I’m just ranting now… you get the picture. Odd choices, and he manages to pull it off. Brave about things, you know.

        Might need more than bravery for Nanna’s nightmare there tho.

        • You know I’d love to subscribe to the Leo’s always look good…and there is a certain part of me that can swan around like no ones business…but there are also times in my life where I’m just not feeling it…and then it all looks a little shite.

          Just thought of a male leo I know who might buy that if he thought it could prove a talking piece where he could waft on, and on about it’s origins, and significance and how the world would be a better place if only people ‘got’ art…you know the spiel…the ability to spin bullshit wouldn’t quite be enough though…he would have to know that it would increase rapidly in value so he could offload it at a profit and then be able to talk about that too.


    • Mat honey, no need to shout ๐Ÿ˜€

      we’re not talking about furniture, we’re talking about astrology, i.e. which sign is most prone to making hideous mistakes in regards to the above accident of design.

      you savvy?

  8. LOL Taurean i know that i was just being silly ๐Ÿ˜› lol soz if i annoyed anyone lol!!
    i do tend to get a bit hyper!
    lol i think a capricorn would freak IMO i think their deep inner need to organize and tidy wouldve proven to much no?? im still young at this

    • Actually I thought that Matthew was being a tad ironic and playing to Mystic’s comment that saggs don’t even think about furniture…but I’m coming down off my sugar high sooo?

      • of course! I missed the irony and went straight for instructional mode – Sadges have that effect on me, you know. Sadge on the seventh house cusp.

  9. *Snort* rofl. You are such a Taureau Mama. Cross with a little bit of Captain Jack. I love it.

    Master Minerva I agree. Am terribly anti furniture at the mo. Feel like I have an undiagnosed case of the Sagittarians sometimes. Must ferret through chart and figure that one out.

    • Oh aha! Saggi in the 2nd and 3rd. And Neptune in Saggi. I geddit.

  10. lol!!!! gen le taureau u r hilarious! ๐Ÿ˜€ ive got sagg in my 1st & 2nd with the sun moon and mercury in sagg! lol
    wat a dramatic change of convosation lol

  11. Mat you could well be right about Capricorn, hng… lol.

    I think we’ve pretty much established a Taureau would never even stay in the same room, nor a Libran, let alone shell out actual cash…

    oh, come to think of it, perhaps a Cap would see it as an investment, buy it, store it and then send it to an auction house twenty years later and clean up?!

    maybe an aquarian would buy it to demonstrate a point – you know, like burn it at an industrial something or other summit meeting as some kind of statement of intellectual anarchy, or the like??

    a Pisces may not even notice there’s anything ‘different’ about it?

    an Aries? possibly! Aries are hardly ever quirky but they do like to tell a good tale – fishermen’s tales in particular. The Bauhaus vomit lounge might make a good one.

    A Virgo may own one, probably only if inherited, and would spend hours and hours trying to figure out what went wrong, how it can be fixed, and what the darn thing means anyway.

    a Scorp could be made to put one in his lair (lets just say that this hypothetical scorp is a guy, seeings as we all know one, and we all love our lovely scorp chicks on this site). He may well imagine the many various uses of all those sticking out bits – in relation to, lets say, rope, and legs etc – a bauhaus bondage chair?? Its so dark in his dungeon no one would notice the colour/upholstery fabric etc

    hmm. well, my imagination has been piqued, even tho I can’t stand to look at such a thing!

  12. TA if some misguided person gave it to me as a gift it would be in the shed and on e-bay. I couldn’t have it in the house. I’d puke!

      • ๐Ÿ˜† TA I would never buy it as I absolutely could not be seen in public with it. It would have to be a gift or a legacy…..and I’d advertise it on e-bay under an assumed name

        • Not be seen in public with it?

          Ha, ha…like an escort type chair?

          Or a chair on a leash

          Rent a pup…er, chair…

  13. I just love the textiles used & the nanna fringing around the bottom. There’s another (design milk) site with the lounge version it’s wild I like it. It’s like going to your immigrant uncles house on some kind of hallucinogenic drug in the 80’s!

    His cuckoo watches look pretty funky too.

  14. Oh sorry Aqua, Kataka with a grand water trine. If I remember correctly from Mystics consult.

  15. This item of furniture is a piss take, designed by a Capricorn on crack for the pre GFC coke fuelled art bubble. It’s a cynical rip off – like the time someone sold my high school friends a bag of lawn clippings at a party and had a good old laugh when they tried to smoke it.

    Either that or it’s a cleverly designed carnivorous trap for toffs, which swallows them, digests their poor quality flesh and spits out the bones, rolexes and diamonds.

    Is it the full moon yet?

    • ooh I think your’re on the money there UV. If it’s a trap for toffs then I could see a gemini or even aquarius having a good giggle over it. Then again I’m also inclined to believe TA’s pisces hypothesis (what do you mean it’s strange?). I have a piscean friend who buys props and costumes specifically for her makebelieve games. We go to the op shop and she shows me the most hideous hypercolour mc hammer pants with a look of utter delight on her face and I know she has an immediate application for them. To me this chair looks like a dalek instrument of torture but I’ll have to show fish girl and see what use she can think of for it.

    • Agree with you here. Totally. What function IS this form following? that’s what I wanted to know. So yeah. Irony. Complete with antimacasser to soak up oily artsy approbation of “tidy, bougeouis, predictability juxtaposed by the sharp edges of untenable middleclass limitations…” blah, blah, blah.

      I vote for an Aquarian at this. Or maybe a Capricorn even, on a crank about being under-appreciated. But then I’m a Cap sun with Aqua Venus so I can see the attempt at “statement” here. Still. Wouldn’t have it in my house. Maybe as a lawn ornament to annoy the suburban neighbors. Yeah. That’s more like it…

  16. mystic has got this ram in one. i am lib rising, so love textiles and remarkable tolerance for arty but not perhaps arty farty ha ha. i loves art but you’ll never catch me in a freakin beret. but this chair, shudder, change subject, ANYWAY…

  17. Instantly thought Gemnini style… that ‘blurted out’ feel … with a bit of a Cancerian lean, hence the Nan like fabric, the little fringey bit and the antimacasser ( white hanky-thing on the back of chair)
    But being Bauhaus it could have been made by ( what is the collective noun for Aquarians) ‘A Universe’ or ‘A Dawning’ of Aquarians.

  18. It offends the order of my Cap Sun/Virgo Rising, but my Aquarian moon made me stop to look at it for ten seconds, semi-intrigued.

    Agree with Lib Rising Ramzilla–the new illustrations are lovely.

  19. i love it just because everyone hates it so.

    virgs, aqua rising, gem moon.

    it has… that thing that it is when a piece of non-crap ‘art’ has a sort of presence all of its own. ‘presence’ seems to be more enduring than being ‘pretty’ or anything like that.

    and you can’t fail to notice this monstrosity. that is how some art is born, mystifying though it is.

  20. it reminds me of that truism that aquarians are often so ahead of their time that no-one actually recognises their genius until much, much later.

    this chair is totally unpalatable in terms of any current aesthetic but it will be in five years’ time.

    or was it pisceans?? lol.

  21. Gem here and it’s totally fugly. It’s should have a little compartment for sick bags on it. The covering is reminiscent of something I’ve seen in a Sagg dominated household but I think that’s because they’re out there working too hard to really care what’s indoors…. no offence intended to saggs…

  22. Virgo here, with Virgo rising too – and I would buy that chair for loony absurdist informed artsy bauhaus bullshit quotient – but only if, and I mean only if, it passed the sitontheseat test: formfollowsfunction is a precept we’ve garnered from god, and in terms of reality as we know it, it’s the real thing.

  23. Ugh. This Gemini HATES that chair. I’m atypical of my sign though…I prefer vintage and antiques. Or at least modern vintage.

  24. Well,

    When I said I’d give it a go….I meant just that! Not have it in my home but as an Aries, try it just for rocking sakes same as when one spins around in a chair…

  25. Barely a reference to Scorps…. Why? And I did laugh at TAs dungeon reference!! Personally, the shape fascinates me, its the fabric which offends…. Red velvet anyone?

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  29. An Aquarius with a retrograde venus would probably fall in love with this klutzy chair. Then they’d pin you to the wall with a discussion about the chairness of the chair and its occult significance.

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