Astro-Beauty: Do U Give A Shit Re Shoes & Y?

Jourdan Dunn on bike

Shoe love & the foot fetish thing is so often ascribed to Pisces – but I have loads of stuff in Pisces and I am SO immune to shoe-fetish or even the usual tastes of wimmyn. Seriously, my fashionista friends FREAK at me – the thing is that MY beauty dollar goes to skincare & scent – whereas theirs is sent toward shoes and handbags. They have stuff on them that will send peeps shrieking across a room to gush – I don’t even dare delineate the fash-details here as my fashionista friends ARE Virgo or they have STRONG Virgo and they’d go me for not getting a fashion detail right.

Anyway, i have sports sneakers, birkies, fit-flops and some beautiful Max Mara espradrilles. That’s IT. And i don’t care. I know i need to get boots & that Uggs are non-Vegan + unable to be worn to theatre nights so there is a vague Winter dilemma there BUT, I live in Sydney and a LOT of peeps here feel claustro in closed-toe shoes. It’s not so much about the reality of having one’s toes shut-in for a season when it is never even that cold -it’s the idea that one should not be cramped.

I also – and i think this is v.Aquarian + being raised on homeopathy etc and  part-German but i think that the idea of being aligned or exercised whilst you walk is so fab. And I walk a LOT being also eco and not into driving. The shoe i madly want but keep putting off is the Masai Barefoot Thingie…my other shoe goal is to have some crazy pair of bedroom-only stilettoes, for fun.

Thoughts? And how can i have all this stuff in Pisces yet be the least shoe-heavy lady i KNOW?  And do you give a shit re shoes? I am SO objective re this…my female friends are divided into the shoe fanatic fashionistas and the ones who just so do-not-care…I am thinking that it’s VIRGO and CANCER + CAPRICORN & TAURUS – ie; all the Earths + Cancer who do it the most hardcoare.   THOUGHTS – Please…

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True Lilith in Pisces male- I love women’s feet quite a bit, it seems like this is the placement that can be “blamed” for that. I have beautiful feet for a guy, too. I wonder a lot about the spiritual implications of a foot fetish, honestly, what does it mean and why I am attracted to the ENERGY of feet so much? Is it a goddess worship thing? Sometimes I think so..

Taurus guy

Just a Taurus male here who would like to say that you ladies showing off your tootsies in exciting footwear are what makes the world go ’round. Love you gals…and yes, I carry around massage oil just in case a lovely gal needs those tired feet massaged (or just needs to be worshipped like a goddess). I’ll say this…as a man, when you see a woman in sexy shoes it speaks volumes about her confidence and how well she cares for the rest of her body. I argue though that while I LOVE pretty feet on a woman, it’s not… Read more »


sexy shoes do not speak to confidence and how well a woman takes care of the rest of her body, i assure you. sorry but that’s a little idiotic, or maybe just supremely shallow.


Join the discussion…totally disagree! the guy is giving his honest opinion and you call that “a little idiotic, or maybe just supremely shallow”? Look in the mirror. Your answer says more about you than it does him.


I’m so much of a Cancer that I’m almost a caricature, and I’m crazy about shoes. My most shoe-obsessed friend is also a Pisces, and yes, super-typical of her sign. One of my other Piscean acquaintances, however, is so anti-fashion in that way. Maybe it’s either a really-there or really-not thing?

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

Cancer sun & rising, Virgo moon – and shoes? Thorny issue! I probably have the most delicate feet in the country: at the first sign of my actually walking anywhere in anything other than bare feet, I get huge blisters that scar for years afterwards. So shoes HAVE to be comfortable, first and foremost. They also have to be versatile, because shoe shopping being such a pain due to my fussy feet, I only own about 3 pairs that I’ll actually wear (boots, flats, and sandals). Add to that the fact that I am unbelievably fussy about what I will… Read more »


love love LOVE shoes, work in a shoe department…. i’m a virgo.


Sun taurus, moon cancer, ascendant virgo. Nope, not into shoes. Didn’t wear any until I started school. Plain leather lace ups or ballet flats. Big, wide feet may have something to do with availability. Hate heels. Go for colours – blue or bright jade for preference. Have just bought first pair of red shoes, but they don’t fit properly so will have to go back. Comfort is all. Walk everywhere in fake crocs. Bare feet is best.


Pisces, Gemini moon, ascendant in Cancer, and I am totally, totally obsessed with shoes. I go shoe shopping -all the time-, although to clarify, I go shoe -window- shopping all the time. Shoe shopping in itself is an investment: I won’t buy it until I’m sure it will bury itself seamlessly into my wardrobe, reflects some part of my style, is of good quality, and is somewhere within my price range. Needless to say, that doesn’t happen very often. Surprisingly I’ve noticed that all the shoes that are on constant rotation are 1) black 2) leather and 3) lace-up. I… Read more »


I was born on a Taurean Gemini cusp, and if money allowed I would probably buy a lot more shoes than I already have. BUT having size 9 feet and not being confident in heels means I have about 8 pairs of shoes, all amazing gorgeous but SNEAKERS!!!!! Does this count? I have one pair of kitten heels which are bedroom-only because they hurt so much… and a friend who lends me shoes from time to time with the same size feet as me, she has a gorgeous shoe collection. Jealous, but wouldn’t ever spend that much on shoes. Clothes… Read more »


My moon is in Cancer and it definately dictates my style! I love shoes, when I was younger I wasn’t so into them. But now that I’m more feminine I am obsessed! Most virgos I meet also have a deep love for shoes, so I’d say you may be on to something.


I have so many shoes it’s ridiculous. What’s so sad is, I don’t even wear half of them, yet I keep buying more! If it is a beautiful shoe (boot, heel, flip-flop, etc…. I don’t care) I have to have it.

I am a Libra (with a Taurus rising, Libra Moon. Needless to say, I am one indulgent mofo) so it’s impossible for me to make a decision what pair to wear, so most days I end up just saying ‘eff it and wearing the same pair all the time. They sure are pretty to look at though 🙂


Hi Mystic Medusa! yes yes yes. Sun, Saturn, Merc in TAURUS here and I have 100+ pairs of shoes, with a preference for wedge heels and strong shapes. I am currently obsessed with (eco) melfex plastic shoes & want these in every color. I agree with you on being aligned and balanced by one’s shoes and I am also a lover of Fit Flops and MBTs <- which I highly recommend. When I travel I have the hardest time deciding which and how many pairs to pack. I could change shoes 3-4 times a day… No PISCES, but Neptune conjunct… Read more »


Taurus (sun and moon) with Virgo rising and a growing shoe collection (though I did point out that I haven’t bought a pair in months when teased just yesterday). I’ve got around 75 pairs and I do wear most of them within a year, some more than others, and most of them with some sort of heel. I’ve always understood Taurus to be tactile and indulgent and that’s what my shoes are to me. But indulgence only goes so far: the vast majority of my shoes were purchased at outlet prices or on sale, I almost never pay retail, and… Read more »


My mother who is a Pisces loves shoes and my father who is a Cancer with a Virgo moon also adores shoes. I am a Scorpio (we’re quite the interesting family, lol) with a Gemini Ascendant and Sagittarius Moon, and am COMPLETELY OBSESSED with shoes. Very much akin to Carrie from SATC. I want millions of pairs, the higher the heel the better, etc etc. But like Eva, I am also picky. I refuse to wear kitten heels, sneakers (unless I’m exercising), espadrilles, and loads of other things. I also tend to wear the same 2-3 shoes over and over… Read more »


i’m a scorpio, and i have many pairs of shoes, but i usually only wear one or two of them on a regular basis… i am EXTREMELY picky about my shoes… nothing open toed, ballet flats crunch up weirdly when i walk on my feet, no more than a three inch chunky heel for comfort, and nothing made of anything but leather or good quality vegan leather. i also always want my shoes to color co-ordinate with my clothes… i can’t stand the thought of buying an everyday black shoe with a bit of pink on the piping or something… Read more »


I’m a Taurus with Leo rising (Cancer-moon sign) and I love shoes, mostly shoes I can’t afford, but I do tend to buy heels that I can walk comfortably in. They must be cute though and sassy and.. Oh I can go on for days.

fish out of water

sun, merc and venus in pisces, cap rising.

Hate wearing heels and anything that i cant run in. have a few very carefully selected and very well worn pairs of funky sneakers, favourite at the moment are purple suede and bronze pair of skechers!

IF i was to ever wear heels they would be of the horny librarian variety, not sure if that conveys the image i would like it to….. I’m thinking high heeled mary jane style but sexy?????

Triple Cancer Chick

Virg asc, Sun moon merc in cancer.

Nope. not at all. I like shoes but I don’t spend much on them and I don’t do expensive brands. I have two pairs of wittner boots and some flats and a couple of pairs of heels that are bought for comfort not style. I like converse sneakers. I like volleys too.

Back when i was younger I went for three years pretty much only wearing my doc boots.


Pisces Sun and Moon here. Shoes? I gotta wear ’em, so I want to wear attractive ones, but… going ga-ga and spending time shoe shopping? Gimme a break. Got better things to do with my time and money. Maybe I’m jealous because I can’t wear heels due to feet/knee probs & pain. Even since before the problems, though, I’ve been an oft-repudiator (inconsistently) of “non-functional” shoes. And I know the outrage I’m probably provoking with this, but I STILL hate heels with jeans or any other kind of pants. So ridiculous. ON THE OTHER HAND, wow, I do have fun… Read more »


I wish I could wear heels like I used to, the days of working, yes working in a nightclub in stilettos are long gone.

Funny, had a conversation with partner just this evening regarding my work boots. Boasted to my partner that my Australian made Rossi’s have been going since Oct 2007. I wear them 6 days a week 46 weeks or so of the year.

I do have others but it’s hard to get decent size 10’s that aren’t white and or ugly.

upbeat scorpleus

I’m pretty much with Mystic on this one.. I have a pair of boots (worn every day at the moment in the southern Aust winter) a couple of pairs of thongs for summer, a pair of birkies for the job that keeps me on my feet all day, and about 2 or 3 pair of office respectable flats, (that don’t seem to last that long, so do get fairly often updated) for my office job. Oh, and perhaps a pair of sneakers at the back of the closet that haven’t been worn for ages. I am not sentimental or gaga… Read more »


I have no idea what CROC’S are, not crocodile skin by the hints above. ‘You can always tell a man by his shoes’ my Mother said, but that was pre Nikies. My adoration of shoes was passed down to me from her as she only wore Italian & Swiss shoes, to be padded after use preferably shoe treed,cleaned & back in box after every wear. Good economy doubles the length of wear. Why would Pisces have a shoe thing when they are….Fish? Isn’t the Saggo’s that need shodding the most? Like minded i have a brill collection of Imports, flats… Read more »

xox rockstar libran publicist xox
Ramzilla shoe expert

Am intrigued by the shoe love being linked to astrology. I’m an Aries (just born on the cusp of Taurus) with venus in Pisces and Cap rising. My mother has called me “Mrs Markos” on a number of occasions and yet my shoe love probably comes from her. It dates back to early childhood when my favourite thing was rummaging through her trunk full of old stilletos and Italian 1960’s slingbacks and clomping around the house in them. As an adult I have spent a disproportionate amount of my income on footwear. Being tall with wide feet and a walker… Read more »

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

Ramzilla Shoe Expert – any chance your mother’s a 36 & wants to part with her archive?? Aries Ex is shoe expert (almost typed Fruedian SEXPERT!! LOL). Mon shoe museum has MANY pairs of icepick heels on display (sigh)….whats the point of having if one cant view? even if pleasuring self? FYI shoe rotation has vastly increased since can see all my little beauties…..same same with bags. Although….frequency of skysrapers purchases has declined as the years pass, still havnt mastered the art of shoe shopping for flats & returning with anything other than heels!! Oh if you could see my… Read more »


“my feet are my fate needed to trip the light fantastic”

Oooh, I like that Pegasus!

year of the fox

LOL! I never thought about it but you are right, fish have no feet. Why would they want shoes?


im multiple pisces with aqua rising..i love shoes but not so much as i love the WHOLE LOOK of an outfit. they are firmly accesories in my eyes, not the staring role. my sagg friend adores shoes more than any one else i can think of, the scorps are always the most fussy. mystic i fully endorse buying a pair of bedroom only stilettos, they are the most fun. i wear mine out occasionally, if only to get horriefied shrieks from others who cannot believe i wear such high heels. my main preference, and always has been, is barefoot.


Virgo sun, leo moon and scorp rising but don’t give a damn about shoes. Have 4 pairs of shoes and that’s all. (I am a female btw).

Man, I’m the lamest virgo – I’m so disorganised it’s dangerous and I don’t dig shoes 🙁

Matthew Minerva

with saggo in both my sun and moon i usually wear whateva lol!
but witha picses accendant i am a bit picky bout what i by though – NOTHING BUT THE BEST


Will have to get back to the shoe thing but the comments about men who don’t care for their shoes etcetera reminded me of the time I dressed really nice for a date and the guy showed up in overalls….

Right then and there I knew we had a problem…

He then didn’t eat at dinner because he said he’d “grazed” all afternoon…

Brings back such hilarious memories that were actually quite irritating at the time…



i’m a gemini, with pisces moon. never much cared for shoes (wore docs all the time, or none at all) till i moved to the uk and purchased a pair of dark blue kickers that i still miss. i’m not a shoe fanatic, but i have noticed of late i have quite a few of them. lots that i don’t wear, but keep in case. I’ve learnt to narrow my purchase range to lace up skinny sneaker type things (like the fancy track shoe style that adidas does in all sorts of fantastic colours), and constantly wishing someone would import… Read more »


i should probably clarify. i find a pair of shoes i love, wear them to death, have a few false starts replacing them and then find another pair i love. i’m trying to learn to wear more than one pair to death at a time so i can reduce the shoe count in the cupboard.


a wise man taught me the secret to the dilemma of the wear it to death theory – buy two pairs and keep one in the cupboard for later – and it works I do it with clothes now too if I find something I am 100% in love with and I know I’ll wear it out before its time.


Funny, i am pisces- i don’t do heels or any girly shoes for that matter but gotta admit I am a hell sucker for sneakers in all forms! I have so many pairs! But there is always room for more..

Libra twin

So YOT Fox maybe it the Libra Sun that makes us love barefoot…

year of the fox

Could be! All the other Librans I know like comfy shoes or go barefoot too. (Many keep one secret pair of Prada sexy shoes in the closet though for emergencies. lol.) I love the feel of rocks and grass under my feet.

Libra twin

So not caring about shoes, except if they’re magenta pink of course, three of my dozen in total shoes are hot pink, that must be the Libra thing.
I’d much rather be barefoot, I’m the one in the meeting with shoes kicked off under the conference table!
Aquarian, Aries rising daughter (5YO) does not appear to give a hoot but my 3YO Libra, Capricorn rising daughter is most particular already.

year of the fox

I’m Libra Sun: Scorpio Moon : Sag Rising and I’m all about going bare foot as much as possible. I was never into shoes until I fell in love with rock climbing. I have one pair of shoes for pretty much each rock climbing scenario you can think of(gym climbing, granite cracks, limestone, etc..) I like shoes with purpose.
Have you seen Vibram Five Fingers Shoes?

They take barefooted sports seriously & they are vegan.


YES i give a shit – because feet are the foundation we stand on and it is important for good spinal health to wear good shoes – and shoes are a sculptural opportunity. Why wouldn’t you care? My favourite shoes in an easily accessible price bracket are – I love the way the historic styles have been adapted to the modern fabrics and finishes. The chick’s got it going on. Men’s shoes are important – if a man doesn’t clean his shoes I believe he has a cluttered mind and am wary from the word go. Don’t come asking… Read more »


Oh and thongs – I don’t get it and I never will and I am especially repelled by the sound of a languid slow walker dragging their feet in thongs. It’s almost bovine. They are the cows of humans those slow walking thong wearers.

unpredictable pisces

yes i want to slap them and tell them to walk properly…a lot of that going on around my area (shuffling not slapping…!)

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

ANON – LOL reading your post bought back The Witch-in-Law’s LOATH of thongs …..she permits them ONLY as beach wear. given I live my life on a beach, solid footware isnt practical for those of us who like sand between out toes & run the dogs thru water! The Witch-in-Law REALLY scares the crap out of thong wearers. gfrnd (leading fashion stylist) & myself once arrived to collect some gear for a garage sale. realising we’d suffer for our then footwear faux pas, we wouldnt get out of the car. Witch-in-Law eyed us suspiciously unable to divine the sitch. Aries… Read more »


Living where it’s warm year round I have tons of thongs…High style thongs, low thongs…thong de dong dongs…And I’m not talkin’ undies…I bought so many kinds of thongs to wear in Hawaii they needed their own carry own…No crap…Venus in Taurus? But have dressy sandles too like the ones on the Minx link. Totally cute shoes there Anon..Love a feminine heeled sandle with a cute sun dress. I personally wear thongs with my scrubs (can you imagine the glamor?) to work and then change into trainers there (tennis shoes we call them here even though I don’t play tennis…ah, the… Read more »


wtf is a “high style thong” oh my gawd darlin, you’re freakin me out… I am not so possessed that I will confront the slow walker – but I will step out of their way or stop dead in my tracks so they go round me and are too far in front of me to hear that lazy walk, grrrrr


“wtf is a “high style thong” oh my gawd darlin, you’re freakin me out…”

Just means a souped up pair…nicer than the cheapy plastic dollar ninty niners. Like a gold pair I have, or the berry colored, or a pair with a gold buckle type thing…A wedge pair that I love. Simple but just a bit nicer than simple black flats…

Do walk at a brisk, crisp “flip-flap” pace too as Mom always said “pick up your feet!” (Leo you see and she has lots of Virgo also…. 🙂 )


Just had a look at Minx – OMG. Sheer brilliance! I am a newly arrived shoe lover… however I have always had to have a fab/funky/comfy pair of trainers for under jeans – and this continues. The evolution for me has been the collection of work/play shoes. I am a bit of a Euro purist, and find spanish shoes/boots the best, however have several pairs of italian shoes. I prefer to spend on quality as I know they will last, and they look fabulous. I refuse to buy cheap ad nasty!!!!!!!!!


YYEEESSS isn’t her range of shoes awesome – I had to dial back the greed and lust when I discovered them.


Anonymous, I know what you mean – seeing my tall Aqua man lacing up his chunky calf-high work boots to go and do a serious days work keeps me so excited about when he gets home!! And then he’s sweaty and dirty, etc… you get the picture. Or is it only me who likes that? lol


oh noooo sea goat you are not alone – I had a thing for the smell of mechanics fo a while – never bagged one but had some fab scentual moments. It’s an honest smell the smell of a working (as in not a highly perfumed office dwelling metrosexual) man. I also love the smell of oil paint – once lived with a highly dysfunctional tragic artist – i suspect he dead by now it was that tragic – but oh what fun we had and that oil smell and linseed mmmmmmm

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

do shoe devotees subscribe to “you can tell a man by his shoes???” not sure if sag mother (who’s NOT into shoes) imbedded that one or twas inherited growing up around designer lifstyle/ the other night 2 really nice guys started to chat me up & my eyes shot floorward pre-responding. One had shoes I relate to, the other didnt. despite his foilbles Aries Ex has FABULOUS taste in shoes!! for women & also himself. we’re both immersed in art & design by nature & profession, hence fashion’s a natural off shoot – be it high fashion or collectable vintage.… Read more »


Yes I do! I bought it at a sale for $3 but have since found it to be hilariously accurate! And now that I think about it, my Dear old Dad always warned me to “check his shoes” before agreeing to a date or a contract!!!

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

Despite spending MUCH time in Havianna’s & trainers (AKA writer’s garb / live on beach)…have shoe museum. that is reverred. “no heel too high, to skirt too short…..” has long been moto!! Several years ago found fab Kaori pine sheliving unit….shoes, boots & bags are happily ensconsed in wonderful vintage unit. Now all get a resonable airing. Far more sensible than hidden in the closet. though one of the beauties of aging is the lack of desire to exoand shoe / bag museum. Buy well & you cant go wrong. Feet dont change size, & shoes do maketh the outfit.… Read more »

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

ps early libra sun with 15 deg pisces rising!!


Sadge-with-Pisces-rising here. Have quite a few shoes and while it’s important they look good, I do eschew most fashion for comfort – eg, never pointy toes, always square toed, no high heels. Have one pair of boots that are high-heeled (for me) and am thinking of replacing them because I just don’t feel quite comfortable in them. But have two Sadge friends who are total shoe groupies. One Aquarius rising, the other unknown.

Oh, I go barefoot as much as poss and only wear ‘nice’ shoes when going to work or ‘nice’ event. Otherwise bare feet, Skechers or Teva sandals.

cancerian annie

I love shoes, especially fabulous ones. But I also love my haviana’s (have at least 6 pairs at a time), birkenstocks and trendy sneakers with jeans in winter. I guess you could call that love of all shoes, so I fit the profile!!!!

Cancer sun and moon – maybe that explains the love of fashion & fantasy shoes but also appropriate relaxed shoe attire.

unpredictable pisces

ok…love love love shoes. for me it’s about beauty/design, not related to fashion slavery. I like the way some shoes look on me and I just appreciate good design, good materials, quality, use of colour, and comfort (sorry if i sound like a tosser): my tastes are not limited to ridiculously expensive shoes that would cause permanent damage if I wear them although I have maybe 1 pair like that. Like any democratic shoe lover, my most-worn footwear is my calf-height ugg-boots with holes in the toe, i love them and they love me and i can’t bear to get… Read more »

unpredictable pisces

final note: choice of shoes depends on audience – country town vs savvy inner city – and amount of walking involved. i still think those marie-antoinette shoes Mystic posted a while ago are GREAT and i want them. comfort is not always the deciding factor 🙂


Up until about 2 years ago I never gave a crap about shoes, but for some reason all that changed and I went on this shoe blitz and have definitely experienced the phenomenon of “shoe lust” …. my favs are cherry/burgundy moc-crock stilleto patent booties, brazillian tan stilletto mid calf with the pointy toe, these boho, platform clompers which are surprisingly comfortable considering it’s like wearing bricks on one’s feet and the all-perennial knee high black boots

Pisces Goat

Pisces sun, Mercury in Pisces…not I don’t have a shoe things at all! And yes, my fashionista friend is a Virgo, with Pisces rising. But she’s into the whole package not just shoes.

I just don’t go ga-ga in a shoe shop. They are a practical thing for me to put on my feet to get me from a to b.

If I have to name anything, I do love a good pair of boots. Solid, leather, able to walk in with an earthy sexiness. Taurus rising.

Leo Water Carrier

Aqua sun and leo moon…. have a thing for bags (not the blingy ones, but the funky ones) but have nothing for shoes. I have the basics for work and going out – good pair flat boots, flats, open toed, couple of pairs of heels and a large selection of thongs for everything else. Have “scrawny” foot so shoe shopping is up there with jeans and bikinis for me. Also, am quite tall so heels push me into the Big Bird zone.


Yes i love the idea of shoes and bags and sometimes get excited and go and buy, but then wear the same bag day in day out until it virtually falls apart, and really it’s thongs all summer and sneakers all winter, cos yes I like to walk fast and I like being comfortable, so lovely shoes sit in cupboard and I just can’t be bothered to put them on and deal with any discomfort… My teenage daughter on other hand seems to be shoe-obsessed already – spent all her hard-earned money on a 3rd pair of very high black… Read more »


am gem, aqua rising, so maybe like you crabguts, comfort overrides any other tendencies…


Cancer sun, 2nd house in pisces….had a love affair with shoes all my life. It began with my new ‘lemon”coloured sandals when I was four , walking around crashing into things because I couldn’t stop staring at their hypnotic beauty ..LOL! I have aqua asc so most of the time I’m relaxed casual. Like to wear jeans/ shorts/ t-shirts and dunlop volleys or pretty flat sandals ( leather only please) or barefoot. Comfort comes first!!! ( My feet “burn” when in enclosed shoes for a long time.) I do love to have the opportunity to glam up though and recently… Read more »


I didn’t wear shoes much until high school, and even since as soon as i get home, shoes off. Living in semi-rural, slightly hippie-type setting helped, of course. Have Sun and 3 other planets in Cap, Pisces ascendent and Mars, and Virgo south node and Pluto – love functional shoes like boots, slip-ons, and always understated with touch of funky. I seem to like to have shoes for different functions (walking, kayaking, outdoor parties) and different looks (business, casual, etc), so I do have quite a few pairs, but I tend to focus on one pair of “pluggers” for day… Read more »

Taurean Love Expert

I have adored shoes since I was a little girl, but I stopped wearing leather in 2002 & I always have trouble walking in heels.

That rules out lots of shoe purchases, though I am partial to spiky heeled bedroom shoes. I like the sequined fitflops, & was overjoyed when I found – shoes that are femme-y AND vegan are hard to find. Of course PVC is enviro-evil, but I just can’t hack those recycled hemp numbers.

Most days in winter I wear boots (bought from VeganWares in Melb, or mail-ordered from the US) or knock-off converse sneakers.

Taurean Love Expert

Sorry – should be

gem le taureau

Ha! Taurus sun and Merc, with Virgo Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. Total shoe fetish, own about 20 or so pairs BUT once I fixate on a pair I wear them to death, literally. OR I go an buy the several pairs of the same shoe. I love buying totally beautiful and impractical shoes but am hard pressed to ever find occasion to wear them. Must move to Paris, or New York or something.

The Leo Socialite

ha ha well i am the lady hobbling with forced grin on her face and invisible Dr Scholl blister products and peppermint cream so as to look hot in her Laboutins, manolos or prada. But this is very very very strange. I was reading the temperate post below and thinking how i loved it – it felt so fashionable and right to me and my first thought was to give away my fashion stilettos and get some reflexology. There are many fashion icons who do not trot about in these ridiculous shoes – India Hicks. Carla Bruni. Christy Turlington. Yoga… Read more »


My Leo sister is shoe-obsessed but in the typical flashy, decadent, self-indulgent Leo way – it’s not a fetishist thing (I don’t think…).

Me (Gemini), I am more in the “so do-not-care” category.


ps. im aqua virgo rising hahaha

Stress Princess

Oh I’m so with you, aquaquaqua. I love the look of pretty high shoes. So sexy and shiny with buckles and pointy bits, etc. BUT, I rarely wear them due to my fast walk/ walk for fitness/ walk to get somewhere. I don’t have the time nor inclination to teeter. I do have a pair of red strappy polka dotted towering heels that come out at Xmas. Everyone loves them. LOVES them. Strangers in the street stop and gush. Even the burly men. But I get a sore back and, as a pragmatist, really can’t wait to get back into… Read more »


whilst i like the look of shoes, especially at the moment, i like where they are going visually, i cant abide the concept of actually having to function with them on my feet. i almost see certain shoes as hypothetical because im a super fast walker and if i cant walk fast its like, like someone is rubbing steel wool in my face. i need to be able to walk. thats it. end of. but i love like neon trainers and i love crocs and birkenstocks and way back in the “what your mum taught you” thing i said how… Read more »


I am a “multiple conjunct pisces”… pisces as you can get? For me, it’s definitely a feet thing, not a shoe thing. The piscean foot knows and can remember every rebirth extending back to beginningless time. Piscean feet are tired. Bare feet please. At best- bare feet, massage oil, a hint of clove and orange and warmth. As for the shoe and bag people? Sagg’s (I shop therefore I hunt) and Leo (the hair, the shoes, the baggage, the package).

taurean alchemist

I like that! Piscean feet are tired. Will try to remember that when confronted by my mulitple Piscean sister (who has Libra rising for Goddess sake!) and her rather difficult (for me) shoe preferences (or her rather difficult – for me – sexuality choices too, for that matter). I have Pisces on the MC and NOrth NOde in the last minutes of Pisces- but I for one CANNOT go barefoot. Not even in my own home. I get out of bed and my feet go straight into my sweet little Peter Alexander ballet slippers or my luxe Ugh boots (yes… Read more »

taurean alchemist

ps. I’m too practical and too busy looking after my family to be one of those women who teeters around in heels every day! I just have to HAVE them (so Taurean eh?)

unpredictable pisces

TA, you are a woman after my own heart (or should I say feet?) xxx
PS seed is groovy! if i had the money i would buy my friends’ kids presents and things from that shop all the time 🙂

Stress Princess

I do agree with the man comment. I CANNOT date a guy with shitty shoes. Or a shitty watch. I thought it might be a Cap thing but maybe an Earth sign thing?

taurean alchemist

UP, I adore you too xx

stress princess maybe it IS an earth sign thing – I look at people’s shoes as an indicator of how they ‘walk through life’. I can’t take a man seriously who doesn’t invest in good shoes, who hasn’t the inclination to care for his shoes or who wears ‘fad’ shoes (platforms, pointy toes etc – ick!).

fallen angel

TA, I solidly stand behind not wanting to date anyone with crappy shoes. To me it’s always been about grounding and solidity, it is THE part of the outfit that receives the most beating hence I cannot stand it when peeps are cheap with their feet. Of course as Kataka with Virgo Rising, why yes, I OWN shoes. Many are stiletto and yes, I do use them every week. It will probably eff up my spine, but I was raised by a mother who didn’t hang hers up till she was 70! It was only then that she succumbed to… Read more »

fallen angel

Oh, and Mum was a Pisces btw!!!

fallen angel

No offense meant to Croc lovers, but a personal preference.

unpredictable pisces

FA you are too lovely to say it but I am too crude and offensive not to say it so here goes,
there are global movements against crocs. I’ve heard the UN has established an Intergovernmental Panel to Clear Crocs (IPCC) due to their impact on the visual amenity of the Universe – the eye pollution impacts are is worse than deforestation, open-cut mining and plastic bags all together. G20 riots? nothing compared to what’s coming to crocs.

ahhhh i feel GOOD now… who needs comfy shoes when you can just bitch about them and feel great?

stress pisces x

little fish

I am a multiple pisces with Leo rising, so lots of thick hair and many, many, many pairs of shoes, all worn, loved and re-soled. Mainly elegant heels, due to relevant suited job. It’s always a talking point and my younger colleagues always ask if I ever dare to ‘let them go’ (God forbid) please send them their way.
A well-made shoe is a work of art that deserves to be loved, cleaned and admired. I’m with you, TA !!!


Little fish, back before I wore scrubs to work and wore dress clothes, I had a little black pair of dressy sling back Italian shoes with a low heel. How I loved those shoes and got them re”souled” and patched up and put back together until they could just not take any more. I loved wearing them without hose but with tanned legs and a certain black and white polk a dot chiffon type skirt… My Mom tells the story of a pair of black patent Mary Janes that I loved when about five years old. She would throw them… Read more »

Lexicon Limbo

Oh TA I HATE when favourite shoes die. That’s why I buy 2 pairs so I have back up. I LOVE a great pair of heels, am finally succumbing to wearing flats to the station & then I change into my heels for work. I am really not into flat shoes, make me feel like a kid. If I’m going to work or out I have to wear heels. I have so many gorgeous pairs. I ask myself what shoe I want to wear & then my outfit falls into place. 1st day of Spring is the day my gorgeous… Read more »

taurean alchemist

LL I love that – shoes that come out to play! Do you, like me, visit shoes in the shops?? I often do that – espesh if its a pair I’m besotted with but won’t let myself buy them. I’ll visit and sigh and put them back on the shelf with a promise to come back and take them home one day if I can think of a good reason why I need them. lol.

Lexicon Limbo

TA, I have never done that – I’ve always SOMEHOW come up with the $$ to bring them home with me. Some people take in stray cats…I take in shoes. You reminded me that I have a pair I’ve never worn. I haven’t found the right outfit for her debut…it’s been 2 years, am thinking it’s time to inspect my wardrobe for possibilities. My most MAJOR hassle with shoes is – being stuck in satin/suede/any other ‘fabric’ shoe & it rains. I have back up shoes in my car & at work & I HAVE been that tragic person that… Read more »

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