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This astro-query ain’t about love  nor even committment – it’s about the actual wedding ceremony.  Citing your Sun/Rising/Moon or anything you think relevant, did you ever have a wedding fantasy or fetish?  Bridezilla? Do you think it is important to commerate a great love with a ritual in front of your friends & family or do you think it is a relic from the Dark Ages?  Historically the best man was there to help prevent the bride running away.

As a an Aqua Rising and even though my Venus trines Neptune (romantic), I’ve never ever had wedding day fantasies. Even though i’ve been engaged twice and married once. And Uranus (ruler of my ascendent) is conjunct Mars and Pluto in the 8th, so i’ve always been able to think of better things to do with the $ then a dress you’d only wear once…the whole thing. And, don’t hate me for this, even when i hear amazing stories of weddings from people i like/love, i kind of tune out. Maybe i read too many feminist books at a tender age? Too many married men chasing me? But i always wanted kids & had them young and love those soppy reincarnated lovers stories. So anyway, I am betting that the Aqua influence is fairly anti-wedding, same with Gemini.  Virgoans I know always do them big and properly…Your thoughts?

NOTE: but i am brilliant at picking wedding dates! Please don’t think it biases me…lol.

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73 thoughts on “Sun Sign Survey: Weddings

  1. Zoomed around the Strand Arcade looking for something to wear on teh big day. Paused outside the wedding frock shop to seriously consider whether there was even the remote possibility I wanted to look like a prize fairy on the cake?’ Nup. Still for some odd reason when the bride appears at weddings I weep.

  2. Me (Gemini) and my friend (Sag) are the biggest bridezillas ever –
    Mind you, LOVE the idea of a wedding, but really cant be f’d organizing it. Would love to have a wedding planner (if I could afford) just do the whole thing and have me turn up on the day…

    • Kayla- if you live in Oz – there was FAB doco (either ABC or SBS) or Australian Wedding planners & Bridezilla. It should be downloadable from their websites!!

  3. btw Billy Bragg did eventually get married……..TO ME! Just jokes, but ofcourse all the above would fly straight out the window for the right guy a la Billy.

  4. Oh I’m just going to be a wedding party pooper and interject with a bit of the wordalicious Billy Bragg, who sums it all up perfectly for me:

    I understand you needing
    And wanting is no crime
    But I can’t help feeling
    That you and your mother are just wasting your time
    Choosing Saturdays in Summer
    I dare you to wear white
    Love is just a moment of giving
    And marriage is when we admit our parents were right
    I just don’t understand it
    What makes our love a sin
    How can it make that difference
    If you and I are wearing that bloody, bloody ring
    If I share my bed with you
    Must I also share my life
    Love is just a moment of giving
    And marriage is when we admit our parents were right
    You just don’t understnd it
    This tender trap we’re in
    Those glossy catalogues of couples
    Are cashing in on happiness again and again
    So drag me to the altar
    And I’ll make my sacrifice
    Love is just a moment of giving
    And marriage is when we admit our parents were right

  5. Love weddings, always cry, but they must be tasteful – no cheap shiny dresses or over the top decorations. Had a beautiful, traditional and elegant one myself first time around. Would like to do it a second time but no more than that! Sun, moon & mercury in cancer. I think that means I’m quite emotional and mushy – I love the romance, bringing together of families and everyone is so happy. Hence, love weddings!

  6. I wasn’t one for planning the dream wedding when I was growing up, maybe because of divorced parents. I did start thinking about it later on…for years I’ve been sold on a beach wedding and a non-traditional dress, guests including family and good friends. Eloping somewhere has it’s appeal too. I’m Leo sun/venus, Virgo moon and rising, so maybe don’t fit the big and dramatic and proper, but have a lot of 12th house in my chart. My sister fits the big and proper-she’s Virgo sun/Taurus moon and the dress wasn’t a bridal gown, a cream dress bought off the rack but tailored to her specs (after buying a designer frock off ebay and finding it didn’t fit right, then it went back on ebay). The ceremony was in a historical mansion, a horse and carriage for the bride and her attendants (me included) a Chevy for the boys, 80 guests, professional photographer, band instead of a dj. Although I had a small part in the whole thing (the bridezilla moments did my head in early, plus other politics), it was a great day with few bad moments. But a bit formal for me. A party on the beach after the ceremony with a band or dj-more me.

  7. Gemini, Taurus rising – don’t care about weddings, even my own. DID care about the dress, but that’s just because i adore clothes and saw it as an opportunity to get something wonderful made quite cheaply (got married in Turkey).Totally forgot about makeup. Wedding ceremony hilarious, conducted in Turkish, translated into French for my benefit by Moroccan guest in front row, even the cleaners in the registry office stopped what they were doing to have a laugh. reception at our house involving one enormous sheep and the entire selection from Istanbul’s oldest lokum shop. After i got married i realised I did care – it felt nice being married to someone I loved so much. the photos were beautiful. they are in the bottom of my photo chest now – I will give them to my daughter when she’s old enough – the one beautiful thing left from a very happy day- to show her that he parents did love each other once.

  8. the Sag I married ‘discovered me’ arguing with a London bank teller. Me irate that Cash (sterling) was posted in bank ledger in North London 4 days prior & not available in SW1 branch as the “mail” hadnt arrived!! He said to his best mate ‘that’s my wife’. 3 proposals later a MASSIVE wedding ensued…..yet the marriage lasted less than a few months. Wedding was BIG. & expensive. pity I didnt keep the waterfront house I was entitled to….or the trinkets, as man I was SO outta there, but that’s another story! Mother refers to it as my (expensive) PR stunt….not having lived in home town for few years & all.

    the problem (for me) with the ‘marriage’ thing was discovering ‘the married people’ club. all the associated guff/ tradition send me to sleep. when my Taurean sister & the love of her life ‘tied the knot’, post my extravaganza, mother asked “do people get married still?”. cute call for devoted irish catholic ma. now years & years later marriage doesnt rate highly on my agenda, but should both of us feel the need to seal the deal that way, I would no longer say no.

    ps bridesmaids ended up in rooftop pool – in full view of v POSH restaurant, by that time mid public dinner sitting… least the girls took off their trousers. cute bums with expensive tops & great hair. they ran from the sauna & bombed the pool……..the look on diners faces etched on memories our forever made the whole thing worth it!

    Libra sun / fish rising / bull moon

  9. Never been one for the fantasies about the big day..
    Gem/libra moon/aqua rising..
    Just turning 37 too and no closer to finding a groom 🙂 a la triple cancer chick

    I like the idea of a cool dress, but maybe slinky and flowy.. Don’t like the idea of the expense or the drama-rama of the actual day and all the mother/mother in law hysteria that seems to go with it.
    I do glaze over when people crap on about their rings and dresses etc. Maybe coz I’ve never really thought I’d be one of them and it just bores me senseless? And not sure I like the idea of being sold off into indentured service for the rest of my life…

    If I ever did it I’d probably go for outdoorsy in nature vibe and maybe just tell everyone after the fact.. or low key… And I have never even thought about all this til the last 6 months I swear, coz everyone I know is married and onto their second kid already..
    But I can see the envy in their eyes when I say I’m off on a trip to some exotic place so consider myself lucky too.. when I’m not feeling sooky about it 🙂

  10. The very idea of a traditional ‘wedding day’ sends uncomfortable shivers down my spine… sun/moon/asc/mercury in Gemini. Venus in Aries.

  11. Sag with Aries Moon, Pisces rising. First and only wedding was fun but small and low-key part-ay on the beach. Was good and would do something similar next time round but would make a bit more effort with invites, colours etc – laid back on the big things like before but lavish in the small touches.

    You’re either into weddings, or your not. I’m into ’em. I love helping friends organise theirs. I make the invites. It’s still a very cool, very optimistic and joyful thing to be part of.

  12. Hmmmm. First wedding turned into extravaganza as I morphed into OCD bridezilla. By the water in a garden, great – if too formal – party afterwards. Excellent DJ. But in hindsight all the signs were there, my fave of which was the cockatoos in the background of the video who all sound as if they’re screaming f**k into the wind.

    Suddenly though well over a decade later I want to be married again. I want to do it for the right reasons and didnt the first time.

    Aqua with Taurus rising and Leo moon

  13. Leo and been married twice and divorced twice. Big white wedding and a do at the local register office. (and hoping for a third go!!).

    But my friend’s sister actually bought her wedding dress before she met her husband. Just saw it one day and bought it and stored it in her cupboard. Then her younger sister got married and borrowed it and she didn’t want to wear it second hand so when the boyfriend proposed went out and bought a new one. Must get her star sign.

  14. I’m an aquarian with leo-rising and am loving this blog! Such steadfast opinions! I’ve never entertained wedding fantasies of my own, never swooned over bridal magazines or wedding plans – I rather fancy it would be a LOT of hassle, but I DO love going to weddings.

    I love getting dressed up and toddling around with champagne in my hand at an occasion where everyone is there just to be happy for their friend(s)/family. Also love it that short conversations are acceptable as one is meant to mingle, and equally are deep and meaningful drunk conversations with strangers late into the night. Marvellous! There should be more of these parties!!

  15. When I was a child and at a local muesum, I saw this Victorian (I think) red wedding dress and thought that would be the bees knees.

    When I did get married just a few short years later however I compromised just about everything that was me out of the day…except for the actually marrying the man I loved. I must be the anti-leo because to me most wedding shennigans is such furphy…to me it’s the promise…which is why now if I ever was to do it again, I’d elope and wear the most divine red dress ever…and just let people know about it all later…maybe…

    As a florist for freaking decades of bridezilla conniptions, I think I was actually pretty grounded about the whole thing…because it gives you a snapshot into just how many ways people chose to publically express their commitment(and that’s ok). Actually I was a big advocate for looking at what had brought them to this point, and the reminder that this was one day…and hopefully the beginning of many days together…and to not let the small stuff detract…

    • I got married in a red dress.

      It didn’t last longer than a year though – maybe I was subsconsciously saving the white for later. Maybe not. All seems a bit crazy now.

      Amazing how easy it is to get married and how hard it is to get divorced – like some magistrate you never met has to approve the end of your relationship. Weird.

      I like the idea of a lifelong commitment though – too much libra in me to give up on love.

      • me too libran tiger. Not a fan of weddings but like the idea of a lifelong commitment. I’m an incurable romantic. Just finished reading “Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Lovers” – 101 true stories of soul mates brought together by divine intervention. Omens, past lives, prophetic dreams, love at first sight etc

        Venus in Libra.

        • Sounds like a great book scorpalicious. A mystical lover sounds perfect!

          Yes I have Venus in Libra too (+ Pluto/Sun/Mars/Uranus all in libra as well). I read a book called The Way of the Superior Man not long ago to try to understand men better. I want one of those – a superior man I mean…

          • woaaaah… that’s a lot of Libra … haha. So do you understand men any better after the book?
            I don’t know about the “superior” aspect. I would just like my equal. 🙂

          • No I don’t think I will ever understand them – but the book is not just about men but all people with strong masculine energy.

            The author says the book could have been called ‘ the way of the superior person with the masculine essence’ – so is not saying men are more superior in any way. Just how to express the masculine energy in a more spiritual fulfilling way.

  16. Right, here we go. Had a civil service where I forgot to bring the marriage license (clue number 1), wore a $30.00 cheong sam in honor of my father who was not in attendance, my ex’s dad and step mum were there and they were a tad annoying.

    The most wistful moment of the entire affair was when I was dressing, and my Mum who had flown over “happened” to have packed a ball gown I used years before. She offered it rather tentatively, her expression rather soft that I was the only daughter who would not be married with pomp and ceremony. And I for seeing her face, felt sad that my nuptials was not as romantic as it should have been.

    The reception was at a restaurant overlooking the ocean. And in a bizarre twist, it happened to be the same place I had my first date with Le Scorp.

    One door closes… and a big hole in the ground appears to swallow one up.

    TA, I love your wedding fantasy, and truly feel that one day it shall be true. I don’t have any as I find them too painful to indulge.

      • I hear you Venus A… but right now it seems I’m on a mass reclamation project of the underworld 🙂

        I still have good memories of that restaurant actually, I’ll never forget Le Scorp’s face when I ran in late and as I swung to face him, he looked literally shell shocked. And proceeded to avoid looking at me for the rest of the night. Funny.

  17. Well i’m 37 and still no closer to getting married than when I was 17, I was engaged for a few years. I still would like to get married. I think. If I meet the right man. I’m not sure I’d wear a ring. I would change my name.

    I’m sure I couldn’t do a traditional wedding though. I’d wear a midnight blue dress and have hydrangeas from my mum’s garden and have a celebrant who did pagan handfastings. The reception and the ceremony would be at the same place probably a huge hall somewhere, maybe somewhere out in the country and we’d hire a good band or two (alt rock or bluegrass) and then have friends dj ( I have heaps of friends who are good at this). Food – I would have lot’s of finger food but done incredibly well. Lot’s of sea food and extravangant cocktails (I have family members who cater as a hobby and would be ace at doing this sort of thing). I would tell people no presents and also hire buses to drive people home. It’d be one massive party. The person who I’d like to pick as a bridesmaid is a man and probably wouldn’t cause he’s greek and there are some things he is traditional about.

    sun, moon, merc in cancer, venus gemini, mars aquarius and virgo asc.

  18. Depends on the day.

    Getting dolled up in an elaborate dress, kissing my beloved in front of friends and family gives me the heebee’s in a way. Some people take it too far and it just looks like attention seeking, nose rubbing into rubbish.

    Attending them can sometimes be a farce, shelling out all that cash on a pressie and they might not even make 5 years. You can just pick it.

    I’m an Aqua with plenty of more aqua & Cancer around my chart. I certainly don’t see myself getting married.

    But I do very much like the idea of love

  19. I am not the kind of girl who has planned her wedding since she was a little girl. I just want to marry someone who loves me the once. Doesn’t matter to me whether the party/celebration is large/small/trad/exotic… just as long as myself and my partner (non exisitant currently) are comfortable with it. A wedding is alot of stress and do not indicate that the couple love each other more… In my opinion

    My mum might kill me if it wasn’t a church wedding… but then again she is of the opinion that the wedding is more for the families coming together then it is for the couple… and that might be one of the reasons for my disinterest.
    Toro sun/ Libra Moon/Scorp Rising

  20. Nah not interested in the wedding business. I’m a taurus with scorpio rising and pisces moon. I almost hyperventilated walking down the aisle as a bridesmaid for my sister and I pretty much decided on the spot that I’d never ever ever put myself through that as a bride. I just couldn’t handle everyone looking at me. Yick. Lol. I never daydreamed of my future wedding or husband as a teenager, never picked a wedding dress or anything like that.

    On the bridezilla thing, my sister was pretty awful planning her wedding and I got really frustrated with her one day when she screeching about bubble machines (!?) and told her that I hate weddings because people are always more preoccupied with the getting married than they are with the being married. I still believe that and think many people need to look past that one day and get their priorities right.

  21. I am post-romance at the moment and certainly not in mood to talk about my wedding day, still sorting out complex tax situation + the brothel problem. But for the record, Leos like to have flash weddings. I mean, the photography opportunities, the excuse to have professional hair and make-up and outshine everyone and drink too much champagne and then make an an emotional, teary and self-indulgent speech whilst looking amazing…the dancing. Who gives a fuq what they did in the dark ages. Weddings are amazing. Actual marriage itself is a bit of a tired old institution in many ways.

  22. Just so as to show i not being curmudgeonly re weddings et al June 20/21 is a really romantic day for any kind of (quiet, it is a dark moon) romantic ritual. Venus cojunct Mars in Taurus trining Saturn. So sexy but with a grounding vibe from Saturn.

  23. Gem with Aqua Rising…so no, I am about to turn 37 and have never been married and don’t want kids! When I think about it, my self-explanation is just that I”m a free spirit, distrust “institutions” and think it’s dangerous to expect that one person will be by your side forever. You have to rely on yourself first!

    That said, my Venus in Cancer and Virgo moon still have me wishing for some sort of big party with friends and family, a ring and a nice dress (non-traditional) and some sort of love ceremony. No paperwork and no gov’t docs though. Why is that necessary?!!? Madness.

    My insanely independent, free-spirited Leo/Aqua/Virgo boyfriend feels exactly the same way. But we are really happy together!

  24. I have much better things to fantasize about than weddings! Although I fantasized about NOT having to be bridesmaid at my Leo sister’s (Cap rising, toro moon). She did a pretty good bridezilla – hissy fits in a (freakin) tiara. The croquembouche cake collapsed in the March heat.

      • Lord no. I was laying low by that stage. Months before the wedding it seems my sis assigned me scapegoat for all potential disasters. So every hissie was targetted at moi, including long distance, voodoo ones.

        That was back when I was a soft touch.

  25. Oh and to add.. I think eloping would be good but would love to have a really big party with dancing.. in fab shoes.. (again with the fetish)…

  26. Never been married and havent had strong wedding day fantasies apart from deciding on a very colourful and over the top dress and spotting shoes that would be wedding worthy.. coz I have a shoe fetish. And I am a Pisces with a Sag rising. My big dream is to find a fellow adventurer with a shoe fetish and clothes fetish who wants to be in there for the long haul. In fact I get a bit shy about the idea of a big lavish wedding in a silly white frock!!

  27. I got married in Las Vegas Nevada across the street from the Circus Circus Hotel. Told my ex Kataka that it was a three ring there after…


    Not really…about the three ring Circus part but did get married across from Circus Circus.

    It was 1978 and I drove across the desert with a car full of Iranians. One was a cousin of my husband and he could not speak a word of english but I never laughed so hard in my life as when he laughed, it made me laugh.
    He was generous too. Slipping large bills into my hand to gamble with but he lost the wedding pictures.

    Later, had two parties at home. One with the family and one with friends.
    Me and Mom in the kitchen making baklava and rolling grape leaves. We were both born in the midwest. Somehow I dragged her into my past life in the middle east..

    The ex has married again two more times after me, but I never remarried. I mean, I got divorced to be free!!

    Hey TA, me and the ex dressed up as Bonnie and Clyde for Halloween once.
    I even had a plastic machine gun… Your marriage in Hong Kong reminded me…

    • And have chuckled at the Bridezilla show…

      This one gal esp. as she said in her Jersey accent…

      Its MY day…MY day…MY day…

      • he he I’m amused by the notion that a woman can commandeer an entire day in time and space and declare it her own. What does that mean? And who do the rest of our days belong to? At the risk of sounding po mo I note that it’s always a declaration made in reference to a woman’s identity in the world, there seems no dispute about the groom’s rights to a day/days. I think still imbedded in our psyche is this notion that we do not truly belong to ourselves. Weddings, like many traditions, are a way of securing the status quo (or am I bogging the thread down with the boring obvious again?) They have all the trappings and trimmings of something that we may think is good and desirable and it’s our egos that fall for it.

  28. gem rising, cap moon, venus aries(10th), mars/aqua (8th)

    if i got married (big IF) i would at least design if not make my own dress. no meringue, something a little out there. definitley on or next to beach. none of that sit down / place names at table, just the usual party-style arrangement with everyone i know and love in the mix. no untrue friends. special, but irreverent.
    but atm frankly the whole idea makes me uncomfortable. probably because the thought that i would marry the wrong guy absolutely freaks me out, what with all that wasted time and effort, and the divorce ADMIN aaarrghghhh no way man

  29. Barefoot on the beach, non-trad,.. no frills! But of course in a nice frock, and it surprises me that if I visualize it, it’s actually *white*.. go figure?! So not my Aries tom boy gal thang?!

    • What’s your psyche, Aries in the 8th? This may shed some light. An Aries sun friend of mine had exactly the wedding you describe set in Fiji. Even though she is very sporty she also has a girlie side (flowery prints, garlands etc). I don’t think Aries is inconsistent with the girlie thing as a whole.

  30. DLE and I got married in HOng Kong, at the Town Hall. Our wedding photos depict us looking like something from the depression era – him in a pinstripe suit looking very much like a gangster, me in a pale green and cream Armani knee-length shift-thing with my hair in those stiff marcel waves.. behind us a sea of black-clad eur-asian faces, all architects and designers and very very serious, you know. The only bright spot is our eighteen month old daughter in a bright red velvet dress.

    Later I changed into a long cheung-sam, red, split to the thigh for our ‘wedding banquet’.

    It wasn’t my dream wedding and it was an odd mix of east and west with not a single person from my side in attendance.

    my libra moon always dreamed of a traditional celebration, my taurean side too. My gemini rising got impatient waiting and settled for what it was offered.

    I can still picture myself in the gorgeous dress (Collette Dinnegan of course) with the flowers and the bridesmaids (my five daughters) and my man waiting for me at the end of the aisle. bliss. *sigh*

  31. Never married, never thought I would want to but thinking has changed in the last 5 yrs. I LOVE watching crappy bridezilla wedding shows as I am always stunned at how into it some people get! I LOVE The wedding shocker pics that do the email circuit. Always good fodder for a laugh

    I think if it ever does happen for me, it’s just going to be a party invite & wow there’s a marriage celebrant, gee it seems a wedding is about to happen

    Taurus/Gem rising/Aqua moon

    • Absolutely. All for the party, not so much for the hype, stress, expense, pressure etc. Not that interested in the spotlight either – I want to get roaringly drunk and it’s hard to do that if everyone is watching. Also not overly into the white dress (pass me the bucket puhlease). To tell the truth wedding dresses to me are on par with the vileness of the bauhaus armchair, hair skirts and bison boots – all four belong in the same twilight zone episode.
      I think if I felt truly secure in a relationship it wouldn’t occur to me to push for its ‘legitimisation’. Looking around at the relationships of my friends it seems that talks of weddings commence at right about the time when I think they should be thinking about breaking up. My own parents, after 7 years of on-again-off-again courtship, when evaluating their options of marriage vs break up for good, in hindsight, probably made the wrong choice. It’s not that I’m cynical: I do believe there are good, even lifelong, relationships to be had but I think marriage has little to do with making one happen.

  32. Being Libra we had the traditional white catholic wedding, then, in the interests of keeping the peace for my (not amicable) split parents hubby, we did a finger food party for the reception. No formality at all. Oh and sent everyone on a tram around the city for an hour between ceremony and reception with 4 eskys full of wine and beer so they were all partying before the reception really started.
    Still get comments about it 8 years later. Best party I’ve ever done.

  33. SO not into wedding ceremonies … eeeeuwww… a relic from the Dark Ages for sure.
    Have never wanted to get married either. My happily married Leo sister fantasised about her dream wedding since she was a teenager. She’s always wanted kids too. I’ve never wanted that either.

    Moon in Sagg, Cap rising, mars-pluto-uranus in Virgo conjunct in 8th, psyche in Aqua.

      • The sign of a woman’s psyche reveals her inner romantic self/persona or a hidden aspect of the self and for a man it reveals what he wants in a woman.

        It’s from Mystic Medusa’s “SOUL Mating” book.
        When i discovered my psyche was in aqua and read the description for Scorpio/psyche in Aqua, the penny dropped. It explained my romantic nature to a T.
        There’s also info on Eros (HER eros reveals her ideal man, HIS reveals hi secret lover-boy self. It’s a very handy book, with compatibility charts and sign by sign descriptions and celebrity examples.

        It’s one of my fave books. A must have for any astrologer’s bookshelf.

        • I have this book also – brill and lots of fun. Thanks Scorpalicious, that’s just prompted me to revisit the pages that deal with what the psyche sign reveals. Mine is in Aries and I love Mystic’s summary which, I flatter myself, sums up my love persona perfectly. My Eros also helps to explain why I find all things Gem irresistible.
          If I may be so bold as to summarise the main message, the best soul mating potential results when you and your partner’s Eros and Psyche signs click so if you’re Psyche in Aqua and other half is Eros in Aqua (a la Johnny Depp) then voila, match made in the heavens. But I digress, there’s probably another thread in all this (hint hint to the Mistress)

          Back to the main topic, I think peeps with Aqua planets/asteriods are most likely to shun the whole wedding business, Pisces will prob have the most ethereal fantasies about it, Leo’s will embrace it as their royal duty to put on a show for their minions (always a pleasure). I do know one particularly alarming case of a fellow Toro (lower order) who has assigned a requisite dollar amount to her fantasy wedding and she chooses her partners according to their capacity to fulfil this requirement. Coincidentally this is also how she selects her ‘friends’ i.e. how would they fit in with the scene she imagines herself to be part of. She has also already designed and ordered her ridiculously expensive wedding ring which is just sitting there waiting for Prince Charming to come along and write the cheque. We await with baited breath.

        • Spazzy A has the family copy in brissie. Thanks for the reminder Scorpbot, I will have to have another look.

          I just went into Astrodienst and found where my psyche dwells. In case anyone else is wondering about their’s you go into astrodienst services, free reports extended chart selection (under horoscope chart drawings)…assuming you’ve already entered your birth details, you enter 16 for psyche in the field open for additional objects. Eros is 433.

          Oh and my psyche is in gemini and eros in pisces and juno in Aquarius. Couple this with lilith in Aquarius and suggests to me why I’m pretty bloody fussy about who I want around me but intensely there when in a relationship…and happy as a clam by myself.

          • well, i can relate to the intensely there part (i have eros in Scorpio).
            I raise a glass to happy as a clam by myself. 🙂

        • AAh my psyche is in scorpio in the 6th conjunct neptune – I am a total romantic and then there’s those secret metaphorical walks I take in the fog. And my eros is conjunct the cuspers neptune in the 7th. Glad we found each other in the mist! He vibes well with my sercret side.

          His psyche is conjunct my jupiter – interesting he always says I bring luck and he needs a woman who is fiscally savvy as he’s just so bad at bills and money stuff – and my 5th house which apparently is gambling and luck is outta control full so maybe it’s not that I’m lucky – just take pleasure in taking risks therefore seem to have luck because I’m willing to leap where others would freeze.

          I love this new stuff I’m learning thank you SR – and Mystic – Is that book in print or do I have to trawl ebay and 2nd hand book stores? Fascinating.

      • Never mind, just saw it! Venus in Libra values the partnership, the standing shoulder to shoulder more than the pomp and circumstance. I have Venus in Leo, so I don’t actually care about documentation and probably follow the “possession is 9/10ths of the law” edict, just kidding.

        I’m not huge on the wedding thing and value more the genuine attention and presence from someone I love. In other words, love is truly a sun to me.

        • aaaw, yes love is like the sun or the dark of the moon when it sours… hehe.

          pomp and circumstance, documentation… pffffft who needs it. Eloping has always appealed.

          • Ah interesting. Have you heard this? That marriage implies an obligation that is otherwise not present without the ceremony, sacrament and legal binding. My sister actually said this though I had heard it from others.

            I find it a bit..disturbing. In the sense that it implies that without all that a partnership is less? Flimsier?

            I think partnership is a journey that ought to be defined by those in it.

          • this is interesting – when do people ever shower you with gifts if you just shack up with someone? Why is it that in a will I was privy to one of the daughters was married and her husband was one of the beneficiaries and yet the other sister has a monogamous long term relationship with someone but that partner was not included in the will? Societally I think there is some kind of prejudice against the lack of formal certification.

            It seems wrong to me.

  34. Virgo with Libra Asc, Aries Moon, Venus in Leo and yet, not all that into big overdone weddings.

    I do like nice dresses and I do like planning.
    But I think a very simple ceremony with a relaxed dinner full of friends and and family and then maybe some good music is most important.

  35. I had a lovely ill-fated wedding in my 20s, with boy bridesmaids & a sexy frock. I am aghast at the ‘big white wedding’ thing, but do love a good party, so am ambivalent about weddings. I like the ‘public affirmation of the couple’ thing, just not all the horrendous stress & expense. If I ever do it again, it will be new (non-wedding-y) frock plus registry office plus drinks & nibblies – no more than that.

    Iif I were to advise young things, I would say the ‘perfection’ of the wedding day is NO indicator of the quality of the marriage!

    • Should add I think my Venus in Cancer in the 12th plus Aquarian 8th house had a big role to play in both the wedding AND the divorce.

  36. Well our wedding was in Centennial park, perfect sunny day, we organised it all with friends who did the food, flowers, photos, music etc. We already had 2 kids so they were there…great day, didn’t cost much as friends and family did all the work ! Im aries/gem/gem my wife cancer/sag/pisc. Although neither of us were fans of the whole ‘wedding’ concept, somehow it meant a lot to our parents and the kids! Also I got her to sign a traditional jewish wedding contract, I own her now. muwhahahaha..

      • on a similar tangent my husband considered changing his last name to mine – but he’s not normal.

        our wedding was totally about love – only the 2 peeps necessary to make it legal were present and strangely enough we have never seen either of them since – and they were good friends at the time – not on purpose just never have. It was the most exhilerating love filled moment of my life. Never had fantasies about it – didn’t believe in it until I met the “one” and I would have hung with him forever anyway even if it hadn’t happened – still probably don’t believe in it if the truth be known. If you’re into someone you will hang with them through thick and thin and our vows included the words standing beside each other until the love runs dry – so if the well ever runs dry we have already agreed it’s ok for it to end.

        Def believe the weddings all about everyone else – ie: drinks and food after was all about the people eating and drinking and not inviting any of our families gave some peeps the shits so severely they never got over it. But then my mother in law told me she cried for 5 years when I hooked up with her favourite son so it was just as well we didnt invite you I thought when she came out with that – frankly I think it says more about her mental health and her familial support systems than it does about me.

        Personally I think it’s an overrated ritual. It’s different being married – it is some kind of glue but when it all comes down to dust I didn’t need it to know he was a keeper LOL or to know his mother was mad as a cut snake.

        • OH forgot – sun in libra – and soz FA I shoulda split that in two so I wasn’t ramblin on after responding to your Q.

          • and dress was white but I already owned it and it was dyed immediately afterwards and has been worn to death – am about to ditch it but considered making a rag rug from it as husband likes looking at it and knowing its around – he’s the romantic.

        • Hmm. I like the exit clause with the well running dry, very realistic. The traditional vows (was raised Catholic) where the word “obey” appears always gets me a bit wild-eyed and skittish, like are you kidding me?

          How funny that you didn’t have peeps over, neither did I with my ex. It was so low key and my ex never even told his mother. She found out when I was trying to break it to her gently that we were getting divorced, and she was like, “you guys got married?? When??”

          I’m not quite sure who got off the mother ship first, her or my ex actually! haha

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