Are You A Morning Star Or An Evening Star?

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Peace GoddessVenus is, as you know, a planet & f.y.i. all the mountains & lakes on Venus are named after her pseudonyms; Ishtar, Cybele, Aphrodite et al. But Venus is also known as the Morning Star and the Evening Star. Her cycle is complex & intricate. She is for a while the brightest star in the evening sky & then disappears (in parallel to many a myth) for several days and then reappearing on the other side of the sky as the Morning Star a.k.a. Venus Lucifer. Lucifer being Latin for light-bearer. Venus Hesperus (spelling varies) is the Evening Star…

Some say that Morning Star Venus peeps are more passionate & impulsive whilst Evening Star Venus types are more likely to be sedate and strategic. If your Venus is at a degree earlier than your Sun, you’re a Morning Star Venus. After your Sun, you’re an Evening Star Venus. For example, if your Sun is at 25 degrees Capricorn and your Venus is 16 degrees Aquarius then you were born under Venus as the Evening Star. If your Sun is at 25 degrees Capricorn and your Venus is 5 degrees Capricorn, then you’re a Morning Star Venus & thus more Warrior-goddessy in your love & sex nature.

And yes, the cycle of Venus really DOES create a pentagram shape in the sky. Much like the Apple, when sliced in half & redolent also of the Rose.

This site here has the most exhaustive info on Venusian cycles that I think i have ever seen. They’re fascinating. A brand new Venus cycle starts in January 2010, linking back into romantic astro-weirding from Dec 2005/Jan 2006…

Venus Pentagram Magic

Top Image: Peace Goddess – Shepard Fairey

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53 thoughts on “Are You A Morning Star Or An Evening Star?

  1. Oh please say it ain’t so! – Dec 05/Jan 06 was the era of the freakazoid Saggo Iranian Jewish ex-commando descended from Moses who could fix anything with bits of string and chewing gum! I really couldn’t handle another of those. Thankfully January 2010 still falls within my year long celibacy sabbatical so hopefully I shall be safe! My Venus is almost exact at 0.09 degrees in Cancer so I must be very crablike in ye olde love life. Yup. Hang on way too long – tick. Sentimental – tick. Nurturing to the point of neglectful of self – tick.

    • prowln, Venus in Cancer could also mean creating harmony in a nurturing or comforting way… or magnetically attracting through excellent cooking/nest making! Do you find you express your Cancerian traits in your creative work as a designer?

      • Not sure nat – creatively I guess I go with the zeitgeist more than anything, though oddly enough I have worked with a disproportionate amount of food and beverage clients (without deliberately seeking them out). But I am a bit of a whizz in the kitchen and do tend to use it as a seduction tool …. hehehe ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I am sooo with you PC! I don’t want to revisit Dec 2005/Jan 2006 at all!! I was unceremoniously dumped by someone who was up until that moment declaring eternal love and devotion…just the week before Christmas. It felt like being ran over by a semi trailer – that I didn’t see coming. It took me AGES to get my mojo back. I remember coming home from a NYE party, three (or four) sheets to the wind and cutting all my long hair off. He loved long hair. Gave myself a sort of pixie cut. Weirdly, I got lots and lots of compliments. It is only now, over three years later that my hair is now once again shoulder length. Nooooooo! I don wanna go back there!

      Definately a morning star person. I know before I even checked my venus and sun

  2. are you serious, that was when most of us were up to our necks in that revolting fixed cross and getting deeper every minute…wierding? or suicide watch? (it did mean that i got out of a revolting relationship but it was still HELL)

    • Ack. That was the same for me UP – sheer HELL. Ended in complication Nov/Dec. Hooked back up in Jan. Over within a few weeks. Ugh. So weird to think back to that time & that 1st year was agony. Can’t believe that person was me. Never again.

  3. Me morning star Venus, Venus 45 degrees before Sun
    is this significant?
    Darling husband also morning star Venus, 46 degrees before Sun

  4. oh look at that, my venus is stationary direct at 10’31 Aries – like the top point of that pentagram. I take it that the diagram is of the current stations in venus’ cycle? I recall sitting in an alchemy lesson and discussing this, including what it may portend to have Venus return so potently during this cycle. That was November ’05 and I was still rather stung by Scorpio Childhood Sweetheart. I met CUB six months later, just days after that Venus return, and my North Node return too. Karmic? Ugh, let the next cycle bring me an authentic lover and real commitment!

  5. This is beautiful Mystic! I am a morning star. That makes me so happy!

  6. if I’m reading this correctly – Venus 15 deg Leo & Sun 1 deg Libra – Venus morning star?

  7. I’m delighted to have Venus rising just under my asc and have always considered myself to be a daughter of Venus even though she has a nasty square to Neptune in 10th. I seem to have been born knowing that I have to play it straight, no deceptions allowed but that’s probably because my Moon is exact sextile to Neptune from 12th.

    • and Venus is 7 degrees above my Sun so morning star. Alpha tauri’s a morning star too.

      • hey Chesh. Spesh – am I on-point above?? trusting all’s good in yr hood? lotsalove xox

        • yep rockstar, you’re a morning star too. All’s well, bit lonely now that alfa tauri’s returned to the West xox

      • I also have venus rising, at leo 23, less than a degree before my ascendant. I also love having this placement, in what ways do you think it manifests in you?

        I’ve read it gives a magnetism to the personality and appearance. I think as I become more and more grounded in my woman-ness, i feel an intense deep femininity a la women who run with wolves.

        Oh, and then my sun is at virgo 10. so definitely a morning star…

  8. ok ok im learning!!!!
    yay love you all btw thanks everyone for helping!
    ok My sun is 39 In Saggo! and venus is …. 31 in scorpio! now how the hell do i work this out :s ๐Ÿ˜› lol —
    ok so that makes me a morning venus….??

    • hun there are 30 degrees in each sign – run those numbers again ๐Ÿ™‚

      but yes, if you have sun in sadge and venus in scorp you’re a morning star ๐Ÿ™‚

        sorry lol Sun 11 IN SAGGO AND VENUS 4 IN SCORPIO!
        THANKS TA lol ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. OH BTW the pic of “venus/peaceful goddess by Shepard Fairey”
    to me just screams minerva/athena goddess no?? The whole warrior goddess was a symbol of the powerful goddess. and also the owl was Minerva’s symbol — the little owl to be precise but any owl was seen as her sacred animal and gaurdian. I feel a deep spiritual connectionto this goddess i dont know why, but i wonder whether or not she has a star of asteroid that may be present on my chart????
    Matt x

    • yep, you can add in the asteroid goddesses at – for some you have to key in their individual numbers, there’s a link with the list. I think Pallas Athene, though, is with lillith and Ceres etc in one of the options fields. Take a look ๐Ÿ™‚

      • YAYAY!
        Pallas 8 in taurus! Juno 1 in sagg – tight! & vesta 8 in cancer
        ohh im interested in juno now ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Look up Pallas…
      I dreamed last night that i rescued a baby owl – beautiful little thing – and was nestling it in my breast to protect it.
      And I found this pic looking for something else. Shepard Fairey is artist out of skate-street scene…Site fascinating. He an Aquarius.

      • MM – another famous street artist W.K Interact told me I’m a dead-ringer for Shep’s missus. I havent met Shepard, found the first of is works in mon colezione in Tokyo in 98…post trailing his OBEY street posters thru Harajuku. 3 adorn my wall. the OBEY series being homage to wrestler Andre the Giant. He was honoured as 1st graph artist to have a retrospective at (I think) Chicago Museum. the over exposure of his Obama pic is diametrically opposed to the genre he represents.

        BTW yr dream is AMAZING – wonderful, really really really!

        • Thank you & the little owl was so fluffy and glowing. I drank mugwort tea at lunchtime. That stuff is FULL ON.
          Re Shep etc – honey are you ever uncool??? U amaze me. You should have secret cool information blog.

          • Ah, the birth and nurturance of new wisdom/insight. Sigh.

            Keep to small amounts of mugwort tea I’d think. Could have a strong laxative effect if you overdo it.

            I dreamed the KKK rammed my caravan (?) with a yellow hotrod and I went after them. Mars is nearing my moon and node.

          • MYSTIC stop flattering that little girl who sits quietly at home!! seriously I dont think who / what’s known – seen here’d actually interesting to others. really.

            Enough about Me – yr dream???
            Am in disbelief not one of yr devotees, many, expert dream interps are yet to comment – ladies & gentlewomen (& DavidL / Matthew) please??

            UBER – did the Hotrod have flames?
            not like the ‘celtic armband-esque’ excuse some opt as 1st brand new tattoo.
            I’m talking Rat Fink.
            Really – do you guys know Von Dutch as a genre pioneer ??
            Or is do you see a name logo=jacked AKA the CHK-CHK-BOOM generation?

   – KKK Ramones

            keep it real!! xox


          • rlp, I love your posts! You hail from a different realm babe, an intensely outthere interesting one. You’d write a cracking memoir!

            Hey my dream interp is right there above, simple, first line. I reckon Mystic knows what it means.

            The KKK in my dream were so dumb they had KKK on their licence plate. No flames, just burn outs. I went after them, cornered their dumbass lackeys and gave them a good old piece of my mind.

            Speaking of dumb, that CHK CHK chick…what was she on? That had to be some Merc retro screw up.

          • Rockstar, I didn’t play with interps of Mystic’s dream as I felt รœber had it spot on. It’s such a beautiful dream!! Glowing newly hatched wisdom. Wonderful!!

          • xox rockstar libran publicist xox IM WRITING IM WRITING! IM INTERPRETING IM INTERPRETING ๐Ÿ˜› u guys make me laugh!haha The owl is a great symbol of wisdom and divine intervention, seeing it in a dream is a great symbol of luck and intuition — as we can only expect from the lovely Mystic!
            xox rockstar libran publicist xox Im trying to be on this as much as possible but im not on often enough to return every comment lol !

        • MM your dream is so spectacular – I emailed you circa the ousting of rugger stud that your inner fabulosity was ripe for bloom, & he being ‘him him him’ took up too much space (or something). I mean really – where was his awe for YOU?? The relationship exorcism bought the prophetic dream yes?

          UBER yr dream cracks me up. Sorry, but w KKK, Ramones are my only connection……

          re CHK CHK BOOM chick – dont shoot me, but I love her. She’s funny. Saw a camera, ran over & delivered a standup comedy routine. In interview on ACA channel 9 last nite – she gives good tele. The Journo from The Australian Newspaper is correct, CHK CHK BOOM chick’s gen are into labels. Journo called herself a ‘bogan’. CHK CHK wasnt being racist. She was funny. And publicly apoligised for taking the heat of the crime… why did that guy outside the strip joint get shot in the kneecaps anyway eh??

          • nah, I didn’t find her funny. Tsk tsk. If an overweight, pimply chick from Lithgow had run to the nearest available camera and prattled off that fabricated racist rot, a) it would never have been aired b) if it had, she would’ve been publically slaughtered. Now we have another superfluous airheaded sleb of the Big Brother kind, but dumber.

            A whole lot funnier was when John Safran (a jew) tried to join the KKK.

          • Ubers hey common. The entire premise of Eat Pizza’s an oversizer belting dumb one liners to camera. Having grown up as a minority group (ew were the only non Jewish – Irish Catholic family in solidly Jewish stronghold) the love of Safran & Father Bob on JJJ cracks me up. Yes am well versed in Safran’s antics, he does good for the world. Mother shares our neighbour babysitter asked if she could come to ‘Church’ with us. As a 5 yr old I demanded that if she did that then I should go to Synagogue. As the story goes, I wasn’t too impressed with being segregated from men. The cross pollination serving well thruout life. That chick, tho young, dumb & tres gen Y, is having a laugh. Yes it DID get aired cos she’s hot. Can we agree to disagree?

    • my first thought too Matt. I too have a special feeling for Athena and her owls and wear a pendant with Athena on one side and her owl on the other. It’s a copy of an ancient coin.

      • I have Pallas/Athena on the midpoint between my Moon and Merc in 12th so it’s spiritual love thing and as an artist she’s my goddess

      • Ive got the same pendant!
        i bought it at a fabulous new age shop in the city!
        me and athena are BFFL – Best Friends For Life btw!
        ps. im actually related to a Minervina – which means “priestess of minerva’s temple”

  10. A little confused but I think I’m getting it. I have Sun 21 Gem & Venus 26 Gem does that make me evening?
    I still can’t get over the venus cycle linking back to Dec 05- Jan 06, definitely weird & romantic but horrible at the same time. argh!

  11. Peeps! I am not saying that in Jan 2010 you will miraculously be teleported back into whatever crap was going down in late 2005/jan 2006 and with all your elegant evolution of the meantime wiped OUT! Nooooo
    This will be more like a poignant little echo of then. Perhaps you waft past said person and you look/smell amazing + you a three metre indigo aura by then & the poor old 2005 character is a bit freaked out by the encounter & you have to clutch the crystal in your handbag (made by a very trendy alien designer)
    slightly intensely to fend off the emo.
    And if you like Fixed square action, you’ll love Mars in Leo for months later this year…

  12. That site is interesting. I’m a retrograde evening star conjunct my MC, apparently a config associated with social movements and the avant garde. One lives in hope. Maybe when Saturn is done flogging me.

  13. I’m a Hesperus Direct Venus and all that the article on Khaleda’s site says regarding that particular Venus is true for me…

    “Venus Evening Star direct types are inclined to evaluate and react to situations after they take place.

    It is not the single, isolated event she is reacting to, but to a long series of similar incidents which she has been internalizing and feeling resentful about for some time.

    Venus Evening Star types internalize their emotional experiences, both the pleasant and the unpleasant. So when their emotions do fully surface, they often erupt with pent-up force.

    Venus Evening Star types tend to internalize emotional disappointment, abuse and damage gives them much in common with Venus Morning Star retrograde people.”

    My Taurus Venus is opp. Scorpio Neptune-Vertex. Neptune trine MC.

    I’d say that opposition brought out all the above characteristics at one time, of course there are positive sides too..

    I read the Four Faces of Mercury on that site a long time ago too and it’s very good.

    Thanks for topic Mystic..

    • p.s.,

      “Are you a Morning Star or an Evening Star?”

      Was originally going to say….

      Is there a difference?…..snort, sniff-sniff


    • Lucifer retrograde.

      “Such truly avant-garde individuals may be so far ahead of their time that their true stature is recognized only after the close of an often tragic life.”

      Seems I was born fighting the ties of the past. That sure fits, literally. Was expected to be stillborn – everyone was surprised when I popped out screaming – and it sometimes feels as though I’ve never stopped! Avant-guard vs taurau self esteem issues? Give me a break. Better get to grips with my venus trine uranus – it’s the only bit of good venusian news I have ๐Ÿ™‚

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