An Aquarius In The Age Of Aquarius

Yoko Ono in boxing glovesWhen you’re a Double Aquarius, you’re Yoko Ono. Or you’re you; agelessly cool and continually excited by creative change. You generate genius on demand.

The P.i.X: Donald Urquhart wanted to know what is it like being a double Aquarius in the Age of Aquarius?
Yoko Ono: I sense that we have more responsibility than others to better the human race, spiritually.

The P.i.X: What’s been your most amazing gig ever?
Yoko Ono: I like to think that it will happen in the future.

The P.i.X: Yoko, you are an inspiration to artists and performers alike what inspires you?
Yoko Ono: Life.

The P.i.X: And finally how do you think the music and art world have changed since you first began and what advice would you have for people starting out?
Yoko Ono: Start out when you want to. You can be 4 years old or 50 years old. It’s never too soon and never too late. Be inspired by the love you have for what you are about to do. Don’t second guess what others will say or think of your work. Just give your best. If you are really true to yourself in your work, you will be giving infinite wisdom, love, and inspiration to the world, and will be receiving some yourself. It’s called good karma. Bon Chance!

The lyrics To Yes I’m A Witch certainly sound double Aquarius enough.

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Cham. Bear. Aqua…

that’s the thing about common sense…
it ain’t common!


fabulous amazing human being! yep… she gets it!


i love her
I have a record of milk and honey with her and john on the cover in my bedroom and a disk of ‘yes i am a witch’ hanging in my studio.


Champagne Bearing Aquarian

LOL – this all sounds like plain common sense to me! I am puzzled it would be regarded as interesting or out there!

Esp the bit about the most amazing gig (thing/event/experience/creative act/etc.): “I like to think that it will happen in the future”

Um, doesn’t everyone think like that?!


We took my Gran to Stradbroke Island a couple of years ago – her comment “it was one of the best days of my life so far” has gone into family lexicon, esp as she was 78 at the time…

Yoko has always been revered in our family. Plus I have “Yes, I am a witch” the album. Love the song with Peaches….


You are dead right, i’m aquarius and to me this is pure common sense, no fancy genius in it.


Isn’t she great?? I LOVE the comment about the greatest gig ever. Good for her.


oh god i love yoko. when i was pregnant i was adamant if i had a girl i was calling her yoko.

Matthew Minerva

speaking of spirituality in aquarius, im consulting the tea leaves tonight – i love it = my aunty bought me a kit its amazing and soooo accurate and i need consulting on a matter anyway
off to talk to tea leaves
saggo astrologer in training


Matt ooohhh a tea leaf reading kit? Where did she get it?

I have been into tea leaf reading for the last 18 months. My sister tells me that many of our rellies in Yugoslavia do it, I never knew, I’ve never met them though. I’ve been having some amazing signs in my cup of late.

Love Yoko, always interesting & out there lady.

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