The Zodiac Egg Box

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Faberge Zodiac Egg expensive gold

“ZODIAC EGG BOX…A Tiffany horoscope. Box in hand-painted Limoges porcelain. 6″ high. From Tiffany’s Paris studio. $1500.”

Tiffany & Co.

NOT to sound crashingly bogun but w.t.f. is this actually for???

Does one put boiled eggs in it? Do people still do that?

I have Aqua Rising so egg consumption limited to occasionally cracking about ten of them and flinging into a protein smoothie OR muffin making. Diet bi-polar, you understand.

I think $1500 excessive for an egg box. A container for tampons et al would look good in similar style…? Or have I misread this…Is it actually ‘a horoscope’ as the guff says?  Do you open the egg every morning and voila…your horoscope?

Also, note that the image of Gemini on the Zodiac Egg Box looks more like one of those Tantric sex workshop ads in the bk of the New Age tabloids.

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10 thoughts on “The Zodiac Egg Box

  1. Dunno what it’s for, but I’d like to own the ostrich that laid it.

    Toffs would probably use it as a coffee table bowl for nuts. Bernie Madoff’s.

  2. 😆 at Bernie Madoff’s nuts sitting in that!
    I thought it was just to sit there & “look purty”? Put rings in it. Or put the dogs’ poop bags in them. I’d do the latter. Then again, if I could afford it, I’d get training for the pups so they can pick up after themselves.

  3. I don’t think “egg box” means “box for eggs”; it means “box that is shaped like an egg”. So what are you supposed to put in it? Well, that’s a very practical question to ask about a completely frivolous pretty object. I think it’s one of those “If you have to ask you can’t afford it” things.

  4. I agree, $1500 egg box is nonsense but would totally pay that if it generated daily horoscopes as if magically.

  5. Expensive precious metal and jeweled eggs started with Fabergé, who made the first one for ” Czar Alexander III of Russia as an Easter surprise for his wife Maria Fyodorovna” (Wikipedia). Each egg held a surpise, something pricey. There’s a Fabergé exhibit at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco right now and there’s an egg on exhibit: “Imperial Rose Trellis Egg. Gold, enamel, diamonds, 1907”. I did a search for “the most expensive jeweled egg” and found ” Recently, the most expensive Fabergé egg was sold by Christie’s auction house for £8.9 million ($17.4 million USD) in December of 2007.”(

    So a Tiffany egg at $1,500 seems like a bargin. 😉

  6. So Nora – what you’re basically saying is that it’s a Faberge rip off by Tiffany’s. To me it just looks like something that woud gather dust and/or need constant dust removal.

    • I think that after Fabergé started the fad other jewlers thought it was another product line. Jeweled eggs have been around so long I don’t think anyone has a corner on the market. As for my feeling about such items they are a waste of resources and one of the things that feed rich people’s egos. Problem with excessive acquisition is rich people collect things like jeweled eggs and poor folks collect rubbish. They all indicate some lack within the person, and therefore will never satisfy. I wonder what’s in someone’s chart to acquire stuff in an obsessive way? Anyone have a guess?

      • without patricians art wouldn’t flourish….& yes Tiffs (albeit with the legitimacy of Limoges) are attempting to commercialize something Faberge’s know for since the Czars….
        marvel the genuine jeweled article under museum glass….. about the only place the average joe’ll see one.
        Tiffs eggs with Scopes seems a poorly pitched marketing ploy – thank christ I wont know anyone who nabs one of these babies!!

  7. ooh Mystic, don’t torture yourself with the raw eggs, I’ve just started studying natural medicine and in nutrition they told us we can’t access/digest/use raw egg white protein… she said she laughs when she hears about ppl putting them in smoothies! But perhaps the yolk can be used raw? I’m no expert!