Fabulous Affirmation

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Tim Walker monarch butterflies


“I approve and love of myself, I am heathy, beautiful, loving, giving, I give thanks for all that I have and all that I shall be. I am open to all possibilities. I have abundance in all areas of my life, I begin again and again, to reinvent myself daily.”


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77 thoughts on “Fabulous Affirmation

  1. Ok I don’t seem to have Pisces anywhere … but today I took the Big Plunge. *chews fingers*

    Bought domain name, web hosting paraphernalia to launch my brand spanking new business site. Ordered business cards. Google ads. Yellow pages ads. Spoke to my cool Aries pregnant client about co-partnering and office space sharing. EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!

    “…. I am open to all possibilities. I have abundance in all areas of my life, I begin again and again, to reinvent myself daily.”

    *repeats the above about a million times*

    Well hey if it all f@!k’s up I’ll blame it on Astro Barry who said something for this week about … “put on the ceremonial garb, step out of the house, and walk down the street like you own the block”.

    I wish I was in New York … then there’d be a flippin block to walk down ceremoniously. I could be “Prowlers from the Bloc” … sorry, digression, it’s a nervous habit, Gem Asc, can’t help meself. Get nervous = develop verbal diaorehea.

    WHY is following one’s passion so utterly terrifying?? … well aside from the bit about possible failure, bankruptcy, shithouse economy.

    Bloody Mars in Aqua, bloody Aqua MC … why can’t I just get a normal job like normal people. Like something sensible, like …. an accountant.

    *repeats the affirmation about a million times again*

    • Prowlin, you have my sincerest admiration for DOING it. Truly. Having the heart of an artist, I applaud those who with courage and planning and guts go out there and truly express themselves vocationally.

      I know its shite scary, even thinking about it makes me quake, but you must be exhilarated as well, no? Having said that and being a sister Kataka, yes, I am hearing that Astro Barry scope like a detonated grenade!

      So here’s to you! Beaming the winds of success to you my dear, fly!

      Or should I say prowl?

      • mate! (that’s Aussie speak for girl sista or whatevs they say in LA land). I’m freakin’ … and no that doesn’t mean I’m doing some kind of voodoo impregnation dance, with poor chickens sacrificed around a fire.

        I’m just … freakin out … but thanks. 🙂

        • I live by the beach so it would be “dude”, if I were a bit more inland and in a heavily Hispanic area, we could go with “homes” or “ese” but potatoe, potato.

          But that freak out is part of the excitement I think, truly! I think years from now you’ll remember this moment as one that was truly alive, not unlike the way man first remembers fire..

          • Ese dude you are so correct. 😉

            It’s all about some down homie feeling in cancerian guts (and you know how we Crabs seem to feel it all DOWN THERE) …. but it’s saying “life is not worth living if you aren’t living out that dream/passion and giving it a damn GOOD GO!”

            Besides I have a creative Double Pisces daughter who needs somewhere to go work with someone who will put up with all her disorganisation and insane messiness without giving her the sack! She’ll be employable in about 5 years so I have to get my shit together for her sake.

            • LOL the minute I found out I was preg w my daughter I got my shit together! Then along came #2 and I REALLY got it together for with 2 structure was needed. heck I’m a taurus that was easy. I left my hippie days behind. Now that they’re adults I kind of getting my old ways back but not the weed, lol I need struture for ME now!

  2. hey prowincat, you just check out which house you have pisces in, even if no planets lurking around. i dont have anything in pisces either, but its my 11th house so i go by that.

    good luck with all your big changes/developments with your career! following your passion is terrifying precisely because there is no overt path, and there’s no one else to follow. it’s completely authentic and therefore comes both without ‘external’ guarantees (fame/money etc) BUT does come with enormous personal guarantees and that is of a rich life where you are expressing and being the person you are here to be.

    be honest- you’d hate to be an accountant! and with gem asc you have the spark and wit and intelligence to really make a mark so go for it!!

  3. thanks saggigal …. low and behold I have pisces in the 11th house. Whatever that means. Friends I think? Large group affiliations … hrmm. *makes mental note to join the Mile High Club* … well! … they’re rich aren’t they??? … ok wrong club

    Yeah being an accountant would probably lead me to an early demise via pickling myself with dirty martinis. I’d probably get involved with a scotch swilling mafia-connected Aquarian Sicilian lawyer who fell out with the mob when he got a conscience and decided to go clean and needed to hide under my coffee table. Hey maybe Vince Colosimo would be the investigating detective??? Still … it wouldn’t make up for the threats of concrete boots and salami breath.

        • I suppose its an aries thing, we are the masters of the ‘new’, and it can upset the apple cart at times, hence my hanging analogy. my guess is that if you resist the temptation to call clients ‘idiot assholes’ directly and keep it to yourself, you’ll be fine, more than fine. If you need any assistance with relational databases give me a yell..

          • sweetie darling, since I know you will be one of my best customers at Bacchanalia in 13 years time and being a crab I NEVER forget a contact … it’s ok you suggested I may be metaphorically hanging myself. 😛

            Don’t worry about the idiot/asshole/muthafreaka/moron/ expelitives coming from my mouth. Remember I am a Crab with Venus in Cancer. When someone’s paying the bills I’m as sweet as rhubarb and spiced apple pie with cinnamon cream and ironbark honey and vanilla dressing.

            And what the feck is a relational database???

          • Something you might need for a web based business – I’d take David up on that offer!

          • davidl, relational databases is my new turn on term. Next time I try to seduce someone I will attempt to work that in and measure its effects!

    • hey so your 10th house is aquarius, like me. we have an awesome end of May coming up for career- all that good rare stuff mystic has been talking about that’s going to be occurring at end of May applies to our 10th house. plus you have natal mars there? powerhouse in career! sounds like your timing for preparation for new career jag is perfecto.

      ps 11th house- yup, friends, groups, but also hopes and wishes. i love the 11th house.

      • oh yeah that’s right, I recall Mystic’s blog about it. I do feel a stirring right now, beyond my normal crab like caution to go “oh F@!K IT” and just go for it. What about you saggi? Any grand plans or are you already living your bliss?

        I like saggos, but kinda from a distance … you guys always seem to be amazingly tall, with these LEGS .. hehe

        • lol, im not amazingy tall, but good legs , ha ha 🙂 did you say you were a crab? yeah, then i get the liking from a distance. just pure opposites, but i like the crabbette empathy and kindness.

          am embarking on my bliss, prowincat, putting long awaited plans into action. feel like ive been preparing for this moment for a long time and ready to step out onto world stage (or, er, city stage). just READY. exciting, like getting ready to bungy jump into new life. Cant wait.

          • Crabs usually have great/erotic/pretty breasts and Gem rising or venus in Gem -attractive arms etc. Tell us prowlin – is this true for you??

          • ermmm well the breasts are definitely there. No matter how slim I get … the puppies are just out there saying “Hello!”

            I’m a triangle shape though so not trad crab. Big bust, slim hips and when I bother to work out good legs if a tad short. Prob due to Saggo moon or just peasant stock genetics. Forget the arms entirely – if I work out too much they get chumpy. Yuck!

          • hehehe … see I love that … bungy jump into new life … the world’s a stage … you guys know no physical boundaries and I find it terribly admirable and inspiring.

  4. ohh i need that affirmation! dealing with backlash from venus’s little stint in pisces, resulting in being asked on more dates in one weekend than i have for the whole past year…and saying no to them all (from retrograde venus period making me realise i just want to be single). now hoping ive done the right thing! i will apply it my sun moon and venus in pisces!

  5. Don’t worry. I’m on a similar path, started business in line with GFC, going slowly but things are looking up. You can always go back to ‘safe’ working for someone else type thing if it doesn’t take off. I love Astro Barry and he basically says the same for us cancerians. Very timely, just go with what feels right. Sometimes you just start having these conversations and everything seems to unfold as it should when you’re being true to yourself and following a divine path!

    Good luck. You’re doing the right thing for you! Plus no one can say you’re not successful, because you make all the measures.

    • crab here too annie. And I shall make mental note that baked bean diet should things go pear shaped is perhaps not such a bad thing. 🙂

      • That what I’m on, or have been for past 6 months 😉

        But its worth it, and things are starting to look up, or maybe its just my attitude that is improving! And baked beans are high in protein. Make your own (lots of bacon) or try lentils, 4 bean mix, butter beans!!! Ha. I like to cook too so I’m pretty inventive with my recessionista meals. Actually no one can believe how well I eat even when I say I’ve cut back heaps!!!!

        Also trimming back on all the crap in your life seems to go with the territory, because you don’t have time to indulge it, doesn’t get you new business or simply isn’t important in your new life.

        • OH I’M SO THERE … chickpeas, cheap as chips for a big load of the suckers. Blended together with olive oil, garlic, parsley, mint, cumin, hint of chilli, s&p, p’haps a bit of coriander for a hommus dip, then save some in reserve for patties/burgers which you blend with eggplant, corn kernels, lentils whatevs and serve with salad and spicy sweet chilli sauce.

          Recessionista … i’m lovin it. 😉

          • Oh Prowlers, bugger the 13 year plan – all these descriptions of food are making me really hungry. Same shape as you, so need to trim a bit off the middle – not easy when thinking about food!!

            Revise that – will probably take me the best part of 13 years to save up for a trip to OZ to visit your resaurant. But yeah, penury makes for culinary creativity. I’ll start saving now – have put the date in my diary 🙂

          • Bloss … easiest way to trim a bit off the middle if you are similar to my shape is:

            a. exercise (do you tone quick like me? if so go for lots of daily activity … walk don’t drive, jog a bit here and there, nothing fancy just keep moving, fun stuff – volleyball, table tennis)
            b. protein over carbs (that doesn’t mean cut carbs entirely in some insane celeb fashion just eat all your carbs before noon. Focus on low GI and good carbs such as oats, wholegrain)
            c. forgo alcohol
            d. blow out insanely and forget about a, b, c because they are turgidly boring and who gives a crap really about the bits around anyone’s middle unless they are so uptight/have issues and/or a model so paid to be obsessive

            I would love to implement the 13 year plan now but for now will just have to keep writing about it 🙂

          • Actually do a, b, and c. Found digging the garden good too.

            Only avoid d because ill health some years ago, along with medical negligence (in my book) resulted in HUGE weight gain. Now lost nearly 7 stone in 3 years and feel so much better. Esp when peeps don’t recognise me. Last year, at Mum’s, was coming back from the shop when she took the dog out. She walked straight past me because she didn’t recognise me.

            It’s the novelty of almost having a figure – want to see what the real deal feels like 🙂

  6. Ive read that affirmation above a couple of times now, and although signs other than aries can mouth the words, only an aries could really pull it off…especially the bit about “reinvent myself daily”. Lets face it we are the only ones naive enough to believe that doing that “reinvent myself daily” routine can actually help in achieving something.

        • I have such a love/hate thing about that confidence/arrogance in Aries peeps. Such a fine line. “naive” – from your posts – never would have used that descriptor of you.

    • yes and no david. I’ve met Aries of two types – one, who as mentioned above is pregnant and never say die positive, but exceptionally kind, honest and straightforward in this amazingly affirmational way. And she’s so sweet except for when she get’s really cranky and swears all over the place, which I actually find quite hilarious as it’s so rare.

      Then there’s the other pigheaded type where every conversation becomes an argument simply because they love to argue and bludgeon everything in their path. They claim to be logical but I look at them and think, you remind me of an erect penis, which of course is NEVER logical.

      • LOL! That description is precision artwork – know many Aries folk and the second description is so profound – and is so logical. Aries = erect penis!! YES some so do. (Soz to those Aries of the higher life form – I am a Leo sun, so nothing personal.)

      • So do you really think its a good idea to re invent yourself on a daily basis ? a little arrogant maybe, a little over confident…as I said maybe an aries could pull it off. Lets face it though it would be a little confusing for the other people in your life.

        • it could possibly be a metaphor for taking every new day as it comes, seizing the moment etc rather than complete reinvention which is a tad difficult in a 24 hour time frame – even though we know that time really doesn’t exist but STILL try telling that to the tax department.

  7. Yeah Prowlers, go for it. You have had so much pent up energy recently – let it loose on something creative – sure to succeed.

  8. thanks Bloss and Bubble … I’m still scared. Typing like a maniac seems to be the thing. Bubble it wouldn’t be appropriate to self promote blatantly on Mystic’s site until maybe … I advertise on here?! But it’s in the creative industries. 🙂

  9. Thanks Mystic, this is good timing for me at the moment. Pisces asc, Cancer moon in 5th. also have Saturn transit of 7th opp Sat conj pisces asc (plus the uranian transit opp natal uranus). You are perfectly attuned to the universe – need such affirmation – whilst i go thru settlement, face massive sense of rejection etc. Grazie Bella!! I’m going to stick on my mirror and/or fridge!

  10. I think us crabs are loving this post! Clearly something very strong is resonating for us.

    Thanks Mystic, you are spot on, as usual

  11. Blossom and Prowlin – I so have same shape – busty, slim hipped etc with great arms after years of gym BUT when marriage went awol almost 2 years ago – said fuq it to exercise and lost it to neptunian world of movies, books, couch and alcohol. needless to say shaped into apple, still got good legs and ok arms. But agree wholeheartedly with prowlin, keep moving, protein with every meal and less at dinner and alcohol is the HUGE killer – bloats, does dangerous things to the liver and messes with the body bigtime (esp now i’m over 40). Am now (thankfully) on mend (thanks Mystic for spectacular advice re getting back to gym – different one but better – felt like coming home and am starting to get hooked again – on pure exercise – does wonders for the psyche). Rebirth??!!

  12. That picture is gorgeous Mystic, where is it from? Butterflies & lighting are beautiful…

    I’m Virgo sun with Moon in Pisces in the 7th house… Men are coming from everywhere last few days and professing love but then withdrawing it just as fast. I think my friends think I am making it up, but no theres the young sweet Virgo, the rock star Libran and crazy Scorpio, all at once.

    But somehow just have urge to listen to music and ignoring the mixed (text) messages. 🙂

    • I also am a Virgo with Moon in Pisces but in the 4th House, rather than 7th.
      Do you feel your Moon in Pisces makes you more empathic or a sensitive artist?
      I think it’s a nice counter-balance to the pragmatic organized Virgo energy.
      I’d like to hear your thoughts if you don’t mind?
      Congrats on the variety of suitors. make them chase you. 😉

      • I think my Moon in Pisces definitely makes me more empathetic and sometimes highly sensitive. With it in the seventh, of course I seem to end up with a massive sensitivity to the subtle nuances in my relationships but much more relaxed about my friendships / work / family.

        I’m writing a book of short stories actually about my romantic encounters, was preliminarily commissioned after telling some of my ridiculous stories at a dinner party (venus in leo – conjunct – leo rising), which were then passed onto a literary agent. crazy, huh?

        I think pisces moon in some ways is what allows me to connect to people.. i like to think of myself as ‘romantic-pragmatic’ – like im intensely romantic and focused on someone, but if its not working, i get all virgo and move on very fast. i guess full moon dichotomy is always something to deal with…

        • I definitely like having a the balance to Virgo energy. I feel I can get too caught up in the Virgoan anal-retentive cleaning, organizing side and forget to stop and enjoy life. The Pisces Moon mellows me out when I allow it. 😉
          Congrats on the literary endeavor- sounds exciting.
          I’ve been working on short film/video vignettes and tried my hand on a fictitious memoir, but i think I should stick with short stories as well too for now.

  13. This is spot on for me too. Had a Pisces friend spot me having coffee in the sun a day or two ago …(the rain has abated for the moment in SE QLD) and stopped the car to communicate her ideas re:my possibilities ala study/ research/funding. I found what she said sort of spun me out…as after hearing her, I’m not 100% sure at the moment if I’ve been realistic about my aims or am actually hampering myself.

    This affirmation is very timely indeed.

    I’ve got Saturn Pisces 16°06’59 in House 10 in retrograde, pisces Medium Coeli Pisces 0°10’04.

  14. I am just having a bolloxing, arsing shit day at work and might get fired for things just snowballing in a way that I was only 20 secs off preventing.
    Affirmation time.
    Repeat after me: I am able to do my job… I will never burst into tear in the middle of my workplace again… I will not live in adject fear of my boss…

    • whenever the worst is about to happen …. I always think at least I don’t live in Afghanistan.

      • yeah that would totally suck. Having to walk a few steps behind a man, burqas… et al

        Gratitude for what one has is always a good reality check.

    • It worked for Bob Hawke, and if youve seen Bob crying its pretty amazing cause he basically cries out his nose, its like seriously dripping and people go, wow, he really is upset ! his popularity rating skyrocketed after he totally soaked 2 handkerchiefs in Parliament. I think your going to find things going quite well in the work environment.

    • Sorry to hear that Vagg. I’ve found that being a competent, plodding, good old reliable bull, throwing a rare wobbly in full public view scares the shits out of everyone, and the tale grows in the telling. I’m guessing it was the lack of trust in your skills, evidenced by others intervening, that pissed you off the most and prompted the outburst. Above all else, always trust a toro!

      It’s our birthday month now, so things should start looking up for you. Especially confidence. And don’t fear the boss. I was bullied by 4 of them in a row. I now know it was because I was too good at my job and showed up their failings, but it certainly didn’t feel like that when I was taking official action against two of them.

      I hope you feel better after a good night’s sleep. Watch the reactions carefully – I reckon there will be renewed respect in some quarters. Stay strong. If you get fired, it’s their loss – go independent and take their business!

  15. I’m interested in what the 3 types of cnnacerians you’ve found d – pray tell.

  16. You know that Cancerian women are my thang…Im quite an expert you know..my mother, my wife, a few exes, they are all around me. Now the 3 types.
    1. Beautiful from the skin to the bone in every way and thought. The perfect partner, mother and lover

    2. Similar to no.1 but has issues separating the need to be all things nice and helpful to all people at the expense of her close family.

    3. Angry, jealous, emotionally manipulative , a true man hater who feels terribly sorry for herself.

    • Well… I can’t say I disagree with #3 cause I have seen them. #2 too.

      I’d like to think I’m set at #1 but to be honest, it’s a moon phase thing and I fear it is much more likely all three can be found in one. Gulp.

      Said with all humility.

        • Oh bless. You just made my day! XXXX

          Specially as the Bigamist Lover isn’t quite making me feel that way… I will take it from you as a Kataka Expert though, specially as that breakdown was particularly lucid. IMO.

    • Wow. I love men. It’s always pissed off my partners who get all primative about my platonic male buddies. I’m def Ms Crab 2. Close family shit me no end.

      • have to say, these apply to cancer men too. Especially numero tre, except that its issues with women not men. mother stuff…

        • AMEN. My ex husband was a Cancer Toro Rising. And his mother was an activist Aqua Hippie who was great when she was on the upswing but practically catatonic when she wasn’t. So hello to the mother issues…

          Except in our marriage I definitely felt more like a Father… Hmm. Actually I feel more like a father to most men than anything maternal. Interesting.

    • In my experience it’s strange how many Cancerean women produce all one gender offspring often all male. They seem to bounce from smother-mother to clinical critic and back and expect total devotion from all their men, large or small.

      • Chesire, I have zero progeny but I can relate to the smothering. It’s a very tidal thing I think. I’ve definitely seen fantastic Cancer mums who know just how to give their child space to do and be and explore, and those who will put you in emo lock down.

        It’s all done in the name of love of course… haha

    • I’ve heard that Aries men actually do quite well with the more feminine signs as in Pisces or Cancer (per Linda Goodman’s Star Signs which I know is an oldie and rather general)

      My poor Cancer hubbie didn’t stand a chance, I have Venus sq. Uranus and Sun and Merc. trine Ur.

      So quite Uranian and need lots of space and freedom.

      He is a very wonderful person though and made a wonderful husband. Just wasn’t for ever and for keeps as life and other loves called from distant shores to beckon a different kind of challenge.

      A part of me had wished it not so but I truly think my ex Cancer husband was here in this life to give me a foundation to take care of other Soul obligations.

      For that I’m very grateful for him and his understanding..

      A #1 I believe David…

      • Okay, so the Pisces was the better lover than the Cancer ex…So, nearly a #1…

  17. Great start d –
    altho imho # 1 is applicable to any sign experiencing happiness and contentment in partnerships and # 3 again applicable to any sign experiencing unhappiness and discontent.
    # 2 i find is the opposite – my “family” always comes 1st ( altho my definition of family is not defined by blood – no expense)

    Generalisations, I know – I’ve been all three and more.

    It’s our mistress the moon