Ylang Ylang Magical Properties

Ylang Ylang Magical Properties

The Ylang Ylang magical properties are connected to its rulership by Venus  Depending upon whom you ask, the name means Flower Of Flowers, Rare or Wilderness. In trad herb lore, it is a flower of Venus & the essential oil is officially recognized for euphoria-inducing qualities.

It is also reputed to help with ailments from motion sickness to high blood pressure. South Pacific islanders used it liberally as an aphrodisiac, sprinkling it on beds & incorporating it into garlands. It feels more reassuring and uplifting than libido enhancing to me.

Ylang Ylang has the rare quality of being both strengthening and reassuring. It is helpful when you feel your Venusian Vibe is under attack – you’re insecure or over-worked. Or perhaps you are having a Saturn transit to your Venus.

Personally, I love the reek of it so much that I bung it everywhere; into big bottles of sweet almond oil to make a body oil and the washing machine for sheets.

The Wiki for it has this fabulous line re the scent; “The fragrance of ylang-ylang is rich and deep with notes of rubber and custard, and bright with hints of jasmine and neroli.”

And, a la increasing concerns re toxic ingredients in perfumes,  why not create your own concoctions with ingredients proven to enhance mood et al?

Test Ylang Ylang magical properties for yourself next time you want to augment your Venus energies.

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Mystic, I’m with you on the ylang ylang, love it so much. Perlier made an exact eau de parfum that lasts and lasts. The other, esssential oil of ylang ylang that I love so much is from Florihana in Grasse, France. If you have any other ylang ylang product recommendations let me know. :))


Gorgeous images of tahiti – love the raw earthy image of people rolling up in a ute and rubbing it onto their bodies – delicious

have always loved ylang ylang, it is all slippery on your tongue just trying to pronounce it! but haven’t had any in the house for years – will put it on my list (along with bamboo sheets)


On a Saturday night in downtown Tahiti, the women pulled up to the trees with a ute, climbed on the roof to pick Ylang Ylang from the trees. They grow quite high, then put bunches of it behind their ears. Totally exotic & erotique, the REAL THING, & not so powerful as the EO, but it says ‘follow me’. The men picked bunches of Basil, rubbed the leaves all over their brown bodies, or put bunches over the ears. A few drops of Sandlewood or Patchouli balances the mix with YY. Put a few drops of Patch under your lovers… Read more »

fallen angel

Unfortunately, I associate yy with funerals as my first exposure to it there, and very liberally I might add. Still it is a rich and haunting scent, very stalker inspiring.


Definitely up there with the favourites.. when I was young frankincense was burnt at home and is still my favourite, but when it comes to oil baths yy is my no. 1. hehe


Ahh ok thanks!

no name brand

I damaged the rubber hoses of mine with essential oils – they perished suddenly so if you share a machine maybe add oil to some water if you start mixing it up and using some of the other oils that are corrosive – that’s not the right word but u know what I mean right? Also poss I went overboard there were no eyedroppers involved.


Yum Mystic, I love this oil too, one of my fave’s.

How much do you add to the wash? And do you just dribble it into the water once its filled up?

I have those amazingly soft bamboo sheets you recommended (yes they are still silky and sleep is far more enjoyable than in my cotton carbdoard sheets:) Would like to get some organic flannel sheets for winter if anyone has any clues as to where to find?

cheers. x

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