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Two Dolphins in love Full Moon

I don’t even drive but i DID and if I had a panel van, this would TOTALLY be the pic on the side. Happy Full Moon for in a few hours. I think it works just fine once the wisdom of it has been processed. It’s sooo insightful…And brill for beauty zoosh-ups too. Plus absolute genius relationship revelations.

Note that anywhere that is about 23 degrees of any Mutable sign – Gemini, Pisces, Virgo, Saggo – is being skitzed right up by the approaching Mars-Uranus conjunction. Fab for rad changes, being innovative. But boredom threshold drops through the floor.  Don’t attempt to guilt/moralise to/control  ANY of these signs in the next week. Well, EVAH. But especially in the next week. They’ll go you.

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70 thoughts on “Happy Full Moon Revelations

  1. hey re the moon yesterday I was all weird and spacey and one of my workmates asked how I felt I just blurted out I feel like the spirits of my ancesters are surrounding me, like it’s really crowded in here or something.

    WTF is up with that? Is it the moon?

    she’s lookin at me funny now and today told me straight out she was a christian – what do youi say to that? Congrats on being a follower?

    • o and I mean came RIGHT out with it – brandishing her faith like a sword of truth. Like I care who you worship down there on your knees – and does she think I’m possessed now? haha

      People who believe in a book always seem to need to let peeps know. Like those peeps who drive with the baby on board signs. Book on board.

      • jeez you’d think she’d be cool with spirits and all – those religious types pray to them all the time – jesus, mary et al. AND archangels, the works…

        maybe you could say…”im so sorry, my condolences, has the doctor said when it would clear up?” or something like that…if you were being cheeky etcetc OR just ask her what the spirits of your ancestors have to do with her christianity . seriously – make like an aquarius and just ask in a reasonable manner . hopefully no shitstorm ensues 🙂 and if it does, make even more like an aqua and remain impassive then just ask “yes, but why?” ..then sit back and enjoy the show

  2. This is the best bumper sticker ever:
    “Jesus Save Me From Your Followers.”

  3. I’d love to own the t-shirt!
    Recently I’ve come to the conclusion that Jesus is alright in my book but he needs to leave his groupies and stalkers at the door.

    • O yeah – if he was around I’d probably want to have a cup of tea and a chat / shag – the guy could levitate – imagine… but the hangers on are so eager to share and I’m just not interested.

        • OOOOOOO I love king missile – are you familiar with “I am a sensitive artist” ? and the cheesecake song…. here is he now

  4. Sun at 22 degrees sag!

    i KNEW something other than the full moon was making me wig out. liberation is a huge theme for me right now…

  5. O yeah – if he was around I’d probably want to have a cup of tea and a chat / shag – the guy could levitate – imagine… but the hangers on are so eager to share and I’m just not interested.

  6. Ages ago I got a series of ranting emails from this dude I called God’s P.R. Guy. he had mis-read Saturn as Satan & so deduced that my references to Saturn Return had something to do with the anti-christ…

    • I used to live downstairs from a guy who thought he could channel jesus – he used to have really loud sex with his front door open and he had a total disregard for any kind of authority – jebus on his side you know? gave him ideas above his station lunatic.

      • totally – he had no fashion sense either and a weird moustache i was always a bit put out by that – you’d think the messiahs vessel would know something about style.

        • it’s amazing what people think they can get away with in the name of god/jesus!!

          • you’re crackin me up UP – I know – jesus would go the goatee if at all wouldn’t he?

    • the great Satan’s Return! That’s hilarious- I love it!
      Saturn’s energy can be rather “evil” at times.
      I can’t decide if Saturn or Pluto is trying to do me in right now. Or both.
      Themes of liberation (boheme lifestyle la vida loco) vs. security (oppression job).
      I am choosing freedom.

      • isn’t saturn kronos and he actually is some kind of demon? I’m not big on the greek and roman stuff but I thought there was some kind of link to the devil and time…

        • I am not sure he is a demon but a Greek god also known as Cronus.
          Goya painted him as a ugly demonic old man with crazy eyes “Saturn Devouring His Children.” pretty creepy nightmarish stuff.
          Sounds cool I wanna investigate and research this more!

          • o that’s weird I think I was looking at that picture in the Beauty book yesterday i wish i could find it

          • i have found my book – I was looking at the very painting you speak of yesterday after scrutinising james dean – Chapter 9: Cruel and gloomy beauty. I wonder if appreciation of cruel and gloomy beauty is a saturnine trait. The marquis de sade is also mentioned in chapter 9. Is there a house in the chart that is associated with adventurous sexual pursuits? Is that a dumb question? or is it planets that dictate.

          • What is the name of this book/ sounds col.
            Cruel and Gloomy Beauty…hmm this sounds like a question for MM.
            Would it be Uranus- (Strange) in 8th house? I am taking a wild guess here.
            That painting is absolutely frightening it gave me a nightmare that was pretty powerful- and I have ran into tht picture several times since in every book I pick up- Hero with a Thousand Faces- Campbell and another Campbell book.
            Just odd three times!

          • i know and odd you should mention it to me who had just seen it for the first time – the book is INSANELY beautiful superlatives are redundant it is so full of all the kinds of beauty there could possibly be it is called On Beauty A History of a Western Idea ISBN 0436205173 (merc in virgo drives me to give you isbn) edited by Umberto Eco – he is a writer whose words I encounter everywhere i think there is some kind of beauty for every sign in this book and therefore wholeheartedly recommend that everyone find a copy if they can! ;o)

          • hey scorp have just discovered it’s a coyote book and is also known as The History of Beauty if you are in the usa

      • did anyone else know til today’s SMH that the jewish celebrate the Sun returning to a particular point in the sky every 28 years? something to do with where the sun ‘started’ when the universe began 5,762 (or thereabouts) years ago

        • Its supposedly the day, a wednesday, that the sun was created. The universe was estimated by the rabbis a few thousand years ago to be approx. 14 billion years old. Read recently the latest calculation by top physicists 13. 8 billion, pretty close

          • mmmm what’s .2 billion years between friends?

            have you seen this thing that shows you what one of the random statistics of the GFC looks like?


            i don’t even know what it is it represents any more just how crazy big it looked. I am impressed by its enormity whatever it is.

          • thanks for posting that link davidl (ps happy birthday!) . I also notice a quote in there:
            “The Messiah will come if we will all be good…”

            I spose the problem is that everyone has a different idea of “good”, innit.

          • whose problem? how good? in whose opinion? some say i rule i eternally and keep it IRIE while others need to surrender their power to a “higher” being outside of themselves others say live and let live and others say turn the other cheek and then there’s the eye for an eye and so it continues who is this messiah you speak of and how do you think he/she will change things? it’s interesting and seldom explained on the news the background to the belief systems behind the pictures we see every evening. Maybe this is not the place… I often wonder if the striving to attain the moment of his / her arrival is the thing that keeps it all going

          • that statement “The Messiah will come if we will all be good…” really pissed me off. There is no bloody Messiah! get real! But i guess everyone has a right to their own opinions.

        • i suspected this of you :o) your immediate desire to investigate / research something new hinted it to me i love this site i am learning to recognise patterns and see how the planets manifest.

          • So far of the astrology blogs sites, this one resonates with me. MM is hip.
            I cannot help but research. I think I missed me true calling.

          • lol o aye matey i parlay pirate too – sometimes i accidentally end up dressed like a buccaneer god know how but it all comes together on the day and then I walk about feeling mutinous and devil may care – your true calling is always calling lovely – you might pick up the phone later on, it’s not over yet.

  7. I also knew a guy who thought dolphins were the artists of the ocean and they created coral as some kind of frivolous diversion – same one I was reading the pluto let it go post while having unsatisfying skype with. That one must go. He doesn’t believe the GFC is real and there’s some other stuff that you know, rang warning bells for me. time to kick those previously amusing presently aggravating types to the kerb.

  8. What a coinkidink! There was a big fuq off container truck, we’re talking the kind you can run laps in park outside work today with the following in Big Bold Red Letters – “Jesus is your Savior not a Swear Word”.

    Holy Cow eh?

  9. NNB, can you believe it? I once uttered that in bed. You know, the inadvertent, “Oh God”. And actually had a boyfriend correct me, saying “No, it’s..”

    Bastard thought he was being cute. He kinda was though…haha

    • haha that def kinda is – otherwise you wouldn’t have been there right? :o)

      • Me, nooo! I’m just there for the conversation he he… HE was a Sagg. Funny as Hell!

        • oh they’re smart i like them – that is of course a sweeping generalisation but I’m going with it. You’d have something to talk about after good god was finished.

          I just remembered a funny thing from my childhood – there’s some kind of hymn about put your hand on the hand of the man who stills the water – not sure how well known it is but anyhow I heard this thing when I went to church after staying at a friends place and I thought they were singing put your hand on the hand of the man who steals the water – and I then spent years – truly – believing we all had to be on the lookout so we could put our hand on the hand of the man who was stealing our water. This lead to all kinds of questions like is it just water or is it anyone who steals anything? That day in church left me with more questions than answers let me tell you.

          • You mean like the way I thought that traffic lights were controlled by people who worked underground and viewed everything above via camera… I blame Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for that one!

          • so there aren’t peeps down there? I thought the tv peeps were real until my dad took me to a hologram exhibition

          • Well because I grew up in Asia where TV runs on a completely different system than anything British, I thought for yonks that Europeans were all thinly squashed elongated people because well, that’s how they came off the screen.. till I met one and they were quite disappointingly normal and proportionate. Drats.

  10. All this Jesus talk makes me want to share this Easter related question I was asked… What dish would you take to the last supper..?

    • Well the last supper was a Passover ‘seder’, so some parsley dipped in salt water would be appropriate. Easy !

      • As there were several at the last Sup, I vote for a variety like a pot luck, so if dish is lousy hopefully noone will notice….

        Come to think of it, I’d bring the wine…


  11. BTW … happy full moon to all (watch the dipsomania chickens 😉 ) and I saw somewhere that it’s davidl’s birthday too – so happy birthday to you daveo. And since you are an Aries and I’m just a Cancerian wuss at heart, make sure to do something wild and bizarre at your party just so I can continue to live vicariously whilst beavering away at this bloody damn website I’m designing whilst trying to ignore all the Scorping and the lack of shag-opps with anything closely resembling a human!!!

  12. There’s a little work of art called “the last session” that I actually prefer… anyone know it? hehehe

  13. Woke up just after midnight (Oz time). Of course jumped on computer. What’s it all about?? I have no planets in Libra (8th) but trans venus in 2nd about to retro into 1st. Can’t stop reading this site – WTF?? Soz Mystic it’s fabulous!. I think the full moon was exact around midnight. What does this mean? btw I answered you re the Madonna/Whore thingo.

    FA re earlier blog, I have north node and mars at 0 and 3 degrees Cancer, so am experiencing Pluto too – but while scary (esp in dreams) I welcome the phoenixing too. Life can get boring when humming along; for me that’s when the anxiety levels peak, I need the depth somehow, just makes me feel alive. Maybe pluto/uranus/merc in virgo in the 7th?? Several years ago, life was sooo boring, little did I know what was coming but still prefer all the drama and stress in comparison, feel like I’m heading where I need to go, if that makes sense. Happy Full Moon.

    • FF I dunno why but I really relate to what you said up there in your post. I got told “boredom is the hallway between what you’ve just let go of and what is coming to pass” … not many embrace limbo with grace … drama feels more comfortable than the unknown

      hang in there … maybe pray for help and guidance?

      • prowlncat (love that name) anything is better than boredom – agree re not many embrace limbo with grace – to me it kinda feels like what hell may be, limbo, boring etc. Life is difficult and has been very shitty for a long while but can see the light now and feel evolved; but looking back I do prefer it (unpredictable) to calm boring life, if that makes sense?! I really feel like I’m living as I said above. Can remember perfecto life feeling bored, fake, desiring something but I didnt know what. I really “know” what’s impt now and that feels good.

    • Hark, FF! Fellow Pluto Dweller welcome to the halls of Hades! I am SOOO getting wot you’re saying about the boredom, not that I’m some kind of inveterate drama wh*re, is not that at all, but one must feel engaged no?

      Was expounding on this at dinner the other night to my darling Frugens, gorgeous gay Dutch men who make me think of forbidden things as well as the fact that I am ill-equipped for them obviously – soz got distracted, but yes, I was making my point that is v easy for most peeps to feed into the trad beliefs without understanding the meaning for themselves.

      Am not dissing the beliefs in themselves but the drone like submission to a life of formula. You see it everywhere. People want short cuts, they want the cliff notes version, YOU in 20 words, preferably less. I think wot Pluto has given me is the inveterate fuq-it attitude that comes with galloping astride life in abandon, whether in the fullness of joy or the debilitation of grief.

      It comes I suppose, when one becomes the embodiment of a cautionary tale no one wants to live. But one’s life, is well one’s own. And I have learned through all this to stop having to explain myself. NO, I don’t know wot will happen next and NO, I am not espousing my situation as a philosophy so that I may one day write some pithy self-help book about how loving a Bigamist improves one’s skin (it doesn’t btw, but exercising madly to distract one’s self does).

      I have north node in Pisces at 0 def, Pluto in my FIRST house – dunno if it means anything but it is the ONLY planet on my chart that goes past 2 degrees, everything else is at 0 to 2. Hmmm. Anyone?

      I also have Jupiter in Libra in the 2nd house, Uranus in Libra in the 1st, and Chiron in Aries in the 7th. It all screams meaning via relationships, doesn’t it? There goes the white picket fence…

      • Slightly spooky timing…The Ramones, ‘The daytime dilemma (dangers of love)’ just came on my ipod.

        • Oooh, LL. For me it’s been everything Phoenix. That word keeps on popping up everywhere!

          And today when I was steeling myself for yet another day of Scorp at Large, I was listening to the Beautiful South’s We are Each Other, and there he was.

  14. All the way with sweet FA

    “Am not dissing the beliefs in themselves but the drone like submission to a life of formula. You see it everywhere. People want short cuts, they want the cliff notes version, YOU in 20 words, preferably less. I think wot Pluto has given me is the inveterate fuq-it attitude that comes with galloping astride life in abandon, whether in the fullness of joy or the debilitation of grief.”

    I have no idea what pluto is giving me its square my sun and trine my mars at the moment. My pluto is natally strong too I was freaked about the sun thing but wise mystic said some things that have made me take it by the balls and I just feel better and better about my path and the world with each passing day. In the linear sense of the time space continuum I realised I’ve only just begun and this is when many of my age give up so I figure up up and away in my beautiful balloon.

    • Yes, make good friends with them balls NNB! haha.. really is quite fun when it’s viewed that way.

      Just think, with Pluto, your beautiful balloon doesn’t just have the ability to go up, but you can engage reverse flight as well! To the depths, you know. Now I’m going to mention this because the Divine M did yonks ago and it so became a vision for me to focus on whilst all this merde was flying… you know like how the navajos used to stare into the far off sky while they clamped their teeth down on a piece of wood while birthing a child. Same thing, except you’ll be birthing YOU.

      Ladies & Gents (if any) I reintroduce once again, Inanna! From the Gods of Change by Howard Sasportas. My copy is dog eared and has traveled with me to at least 5 countries.

      Yes, it’s freakish but it is the pressure that builds the diamond. And you are to be it, pure, glittering, beckoning and a wonder of nature. Able to withstand long and gravid silences, even that of your soul’s to emerge strong, beautiful and flaming with light!

      At least I try to remind myself of this when the day is nothing but just utter sh*t… 🙂