Beautiful Taurean Surrealist

Lee Miller modelling

Today is the birthday of Lee Miller, the Vogue covermodel turned intern & Muse to peeps such as Man Ray & Jean Cocteau to surrealist photographer and then genius photojournalist. Her early life was horrid. She was raped by a family friend and contracted a vile venereal disease:  “I looked like an angel but I was a fiend inside.”  She was one of the first photographers to document the horrors of the concentration camps & reveal them to the outside world.

Lee Miller bathing in Adolph Hitler bathroom

This famous pic is of her in Hitler’s bathtub, after just such a harrowing journey.

The Carolyn Burke bio is brill & the book by her son, Anthony Penrose is sooo moving.  He says he did not understand the totality of her until after her not-so-easy demise. Heaps of her pics are at the Lee Miller virtual archive.

Her astro is here;

Libra Rising – the beauty & the free lover, classic.

Mars-Uranus the iconoclast in Capricorn and a Grand Trine with the Sun in Taurus & Moon in Virgo.

Venus-Saturn in Pisces in the 6th (health) square Pluto in Gemini…that awful childhood health/rape curse.

Mercury in Aries right on her Dsc so a big-mouth urge to rant off & tell her truth powerfully opposing the Libra Rising looks & desire for harmony.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune (just like is gonna happen soon in late May!) in the sign of Kataka (Cancer) on the Midheaven aka career point so a true visionary & destined to influence/alter our collective culture and the Anima Mundi…aka World Soul.

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Ãœber Virgo

What an amazing photo with the Venus on one side of the tub, the Fuhrer on the other and the Uber femme avec jackboots in the middle. Total Art.

And WHAT a chart to match a fascinating life. Love these fantastic women, MM.

cheshire cap

Three soap containers? Poppa Bear, Mumma Bear and Baby Bear? Goldilocks too

soz just being cap…..She was amazing!

Ãœber Virgo

The 3 soap containers did kind of freak me out CC. Hitler in the bath, that’s a hell of a thought!

fallen angel

Hmm. One wonders if that early horrible experience was what made her so unafraid of communicating darkness as part of what’s real. It’s so heart warming to read that she had a zest for life and that she was committed to living it so fully.

That comment about her son…I think most of us can say that about a parent, no? Because we tend to think of them in certain dimensions that we don’t really see all of them till the distance of death allows us to. What a beautiful woman!


I could get deep with that FA as although my parents still alive, have faced my mortality in these past few years as they get older and so do I….

Meanwhile, will say that I enjoyed the bathtub in Germany whereupon after two hour walk in forests and over hill and dale with trusty green apple for sustanence in hand, took a nice long bath in German tub and did a nice sweat…

Just don’t make ’em like that in CA…

fallen angel

It’s great though isn’t it? Its like suddenly you have sympathy for how they had to deal with YOU whence one was a child sort of thing… it rounds up the relationship like the cycle of lie.

Your walk sounds enchanting..and the bath positively seductive. I had one in Bali years ago, where they filled it with flowers and oil and bathed me after a massage.. bliss.

cheshire cap

don’t think I’d fancy Hitler’s tub

Ãœber Virgo

Perhaps she peed in it


I was thinkin’ the Fuhrer might have put the pix there as perhaps he liked to look at himself clothed in full military attaire while taking a soak.

Didn’t like to see himself nude because of his little wee-wee and that when he did “hiel Hitler” in the mirror, it did not salute back…

He nearly sent wee wee to the gas chamber for that…



Thats so true FA as realize my Mom is so much more vulnerable than she ever was. I’m in control now…I can see how some could abuse that…

I did not have flowers and oil nor a massage nor did I go to Bali…but all are on my list for one day and in that order….

Well, starting with Bali backwards…

fallen angel

I kind of have this weird feeling of honor as I got to know my parents as individuals, you know? It’s like finally seeing as you say, their frailties and realizing, wow, YOU raised ME?? I can’t even raise a fork at times, haha… Bali is a must sweetpea, funny story…I am half Chinese and half Latin, and as I traveled in Bali once they heard me speak they would ask if I was American…so of course, I would say, well, yes I guess. The Balinese would go, “But your face, your hair????” And I would solemnly shake my head… Read more »

scorpalicious robot

half Chinese and half Latin huh… sounds hot FA! 🙂


Mystic- I have a question about the “Venus-Saturn in Pisces in the 6th (health) square Pluto in Gemini…that awful childhood health/rape curse.” Is it possible to read a native’s chart and see if they have a tendency towards violence, and/or rape? This could be good knowledge for self-protection. I’ve been reading about forensic astrology and it is a fascinating read. On websleuths an astrologer predicted that a Caylee Anthony would be found around her home near the weekend of December 12th and it was true. Hence, it really sparked my virgoan/scorponic curiosity. Lee Miller’s early life story saddened me-that’s a… Read more »

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