Erich Von Daniken Is The Ultimate New Age Aries Dude

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Erich Von Daniken looking at a tomb wall

Yes, Erich Von Daniken – the original New Age Dude & populariser of the theory that our ancestors were actually astronauts (including the Mayans!) is 74 today & he’s still on it!  He’s SO Ariean, part Don Quixote, part iconoclastic questioner of the status-quo, scourge of scientists & stunningly indefatigable.

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52 thoughts on “Erich Von Daniken Is The Ultimate New Age Aries Dude

  1. I’m not familiar with Von Daniken but this reminds me of In Search Of, the tv series, which from what I’ve read is actually based on the book called Chariots of the Gods. Not sure if its the same as on the Youtube link…

    I used to watch it everyday at 4PM with my stomach in absolute knots at the prospect that OUT THERE were things that we had mere hints of. Like the Easter Island monoliths stalwartly facing the sea, or the crystal skull..

    I also absolutely loved Carl Sagan, not surprisingly, a Scorpio as well as spent a lot of time determined I was going to be an archeologist. Mummification was my thing, dusting a mountain of sand with a pastry brush wasn’t though.

    Still, what I finally concluded about my fascination regards the Outer Space, and the vast universe, is that it merely reflected the vastness of my own inner space, and that regardless of how difficult it is to prove, the two will always be connected.

    Maybe charting the stars is really just charting our hearts.

    • In case anyone is interested, Mu Meson Archives are screening The Mysteries of the Gods”, documentary portraying the ancient astronaut theories of Swiss-born researcher Erich von Däniken, in their August program. Narrated & hosted by William Shatner (of course!)

  2. I am not endorsing the gent but just LOVE that pic & that he so Aries with his insistence that everything links back to these fabulous astronauts who did basically EVERYTHING of note…His take on the bible is that it’s basically a UFO manual….

    • The hebrews had their flying vehicles too. Its called Merkabah..Ezekial had one, we all do, just got to know how to get it up and running. Merkabah philosophy is really interesting. The other biblical reference to flying vehicles is the story of Deborah, the first female general of the hebrew army. They were about to get wiped out by Sisera who had about 3 or 4 hundred thousand troops to the hebrews 50 thousand. Deborah called in the ‘kishon’ vehicles and they pretty much wiped out Sisera and his army. The israelites were definitely touched by a higher force, the ideas and technology evident the Torah were too far out to be anything else.

      • o i didn’t realise the merkabah was your crew david – i collided with these “theories?” many years ago with some interesting outcomes. Is this a purely jewish thing or did ezekiel hook up with any other beliefs? Hebrews are into sacred geometry and the spiral of life in a similar way that the sufis are?

        • You have to remember the islamic and Judeo scenes have always been connected. merkabah philosophy is Judeo and is a whole separate strand of mysticism that is quite hidden these days. I love it and find answers to the great questions in this philosophy. I have been building my merkabah for some time now…

          • right so the thing I always wondered was where will you go? I saw some weird stuff I’ve never been able to really work it out. It’s what makes me believe there are other frequencies happening simultaneously that are sometimes visible depending on how your eyes / soul are seeing at the time. Like there’s layers of knowledge and existence – this is hard to put into words. Like every possible outcome is happening all at the same time and there is no such thing as a linear time sequence. And if you have the cypher you can travel.

          • O and I realise this may be your posse’s secret knowledge – and it does make me wonder if I have actually had a collision of sorts with some members of your posse without knowing it – so just let me know if it’s secret judeo’s business.

            But it would be awesome to find someone who could tell me exactly what it was I saw. I would really appreciate it – Websites to look at maybe? That oils one was interesting – the thing with the whole chosen one deal (and I’m not giving you grief at all – if anything its a compliment that I feel I can talk to you abut this so please don’t take it the wrong way) is that it means it is difficult for peeps who aren’t followers of your god to grasp what exactly it is that you guys believe and the only real access to information is the news and its never the good news.

            It gives the impression it’s all just about fighting over some land and some ancient beliefs that may or may not have any place in the modern world – this impression is not the sole domain of your belief system – the big 3 have all got it going on in one way or another.

            I lived in a Jewish suburb for years and it was an interesting experience for many reasons. If I were a different kind of person it would have been very easy to be a hater. There was a good deal of idiosyncratic behavior that was difficult for the uninitiated to fathom. That was just on a mundane level. I hope it doesn’t make you uncomfortable that I ask you these Qs but how are peeps meant to empathise if there is no exchange of knowledge or acknowledgement of common ground?

            Righto now I’m off to work out what’s transiting my 9th right now.

          • Yes, the merkabah is a time machine in a way. More a 5th dimensional light vehicle. If you can imagine, for exploration of the 5th, one needs a cocoon and propulsion system. Your also right to say that linear time is an illusion of our level of consciousness. The merkabah allows one to rise above the time line as such and have a peak at other points on that line. The whole point of these explorations is to learn responsibility. Outside time, mind can manifest its every thought, immediately…so you can imagine how much trouble an irresponsible mind could cause.
            Down here we are given time to see how our thoughts pan out.

          • AAAH thanks david that resonates – so soz another Q – no pressure but you seem to know and no-one else ever has – do you think if a person was not of any particular secular faith but were spiritually oriented and naturally inclined to clairvoyance or clairaudience it would mean they might see or hear all kinds of (not sure what to call them) deities or figureheads of all kinds of different beliefs that have happened through time if they were to have a merkabah experience?

          • Being born a particular faith has no meaning in higher realms. I could go on here about reverse racism etc. but one thing is clear, religion has little to do with these matters, never did. Religion is purely a social control mechanism. To answer your question all demi gods as such are related, like the different faces of the same spirit. Merkabah philosophy is understanding that no one piece of land or temple is holy, every square inch of the planet is holy. The experiences you mention are of course possible and i would say probable for any one who is a true seeker. These dieties seek us out also, we are there feet here. All I would say to you is that most reasonable ‘modalities’ have recorded the experiences of ‘sensitives’ down through the ages. You may be another in the line. Start recording your experiences for your own sake. Believe me all the pieces start to come together a bit later in life and your own records will be necessary at a later date to make sense of things. TRUST YOUR IMAGINATION to guide you, its your main tool in progressing and dealing in these realms, your only one really. Your imagination will eventually develop a language that allows direct communication with other realms.

          • i’m not really sure how to thank you – a surge of relief and waves of emotion have come because I have finally been given answers that help me to assimilate some stuff – i have a lovely notebook with an owl on the cover the note taking starts now.

          • any time NNB, one more thing, there are very easy exercises to improve vision and vibrational rate. If you look at the spectrum that is ‘visible’ to the eye, according to science it is a small fraction of the full light spectrum. You can increase the spectrum available through simple eye exercise. You will know the exercises are working when you start to notice odd movement of ‘spectral’ light appearing in your vision. This spectral light is then modulated by your ‘frequency’ to appear as ‘objects’ or ‘faces’ etc. These objects are the beginnings of the language that will allow communication with other beings who reside at these higher frequencies. The frequency increase is ‘glandular’ based. Or chakra based (same thing). To increase frequency start by ‘toning’ with sounds that you move to these glandular points and vibrate. This is like your own’ beacon’ that will attract the right energies. Do this with your eyes open in dim light. You will start to see. and just to finish now, one needs a guide, ask for one, they will be there and make themselves known to you. They are 5th dimensional beings, not gods, angels, devils, ghosts etc. They are quite like you and me just a touch more advanced. Just as we have programs to assist those in 3rd world countries , they have programs to assist those seeking to enter the 5th dimension. Remember what I said before.. the key to this dimension is being fully aware of the responsibilty of your own ‘thoughts’..once one can control there own thoughts they will be allowed into higher vibrational knowledge. The beginning to achieving this control is through an ability to be ‘neutral’. This will all make sense soon. Remember to ask out loud, with an open heart, good luck NNB x

  3. he goes on a bit about ezekiel i think – that bible – what an out of it book i mean really, whatever you believe that’s a book to be reckoned with. There’s another guy called david hatcher childress – i think he’s the one indiana jones is modelled on or maybe that’s a romantic rumour i’m liable to fall for those with ease – he talks about vermana shastra – the indians have their own flying machines / ufos in their books.

  4. Holy THING DavidL – I see these things nearly every night. I don’t mean DREAM. I mean SEE. eg; in my room recently a feather floating in mid-air, with crystals moving around it in the shape of the DNA helix…have been told it is hypnogogic personality type, shared by all sorts of peeps in history.
    And I find that they are such distinct symbols & creatures as to be profound. I mean, they’re so not random, not a neural dump situation. Hey how you getting along with that birth info, lol?

    • i tried to rationalise & believe the scientific theories about types and categories it would have been so much easier that way but they could never fully explain the myriad of experiences that were had – with witnesses usually which helped to assuage the fear/suspiscion of madness or illness – the science is always flawed in some way simply believing it’s true and walking with it seems to be the only way to harness it what the bleep

    • soon mistress, soon…(doing my best Peter Lore impersonation)…I love the sound of your visions, we will have to compare notes..using your eye muscles draw the image closer, or move your minds eye towards it, they’re gateways you know..

        • HEY davidl thanks – wheels have turned – and you are now a border collie? I don’t think I’ll be in these parts again so take it easy x nnb is ova and out

          • Im back NNB, channelling Barack on capitol hill, tell me, how are the adventures in consciousness going ? x

          • there’s been a blue light that comes it seems to indicate the truth is being spoken and some ancient wheels moving – behemoth and looked like they were made of stone and then a man all in white with a little white hat like a sheikh – he looked like he was meditating. There was some mad heart chakra stuff too – is it wrong to talk about this?

          • not at all, the wheels within wheels are like a test pattern, they are training your vision, the blue light is good, quite a high vibe your attracting, can you maintain the images with eyes open or close ? of course the outside light must be dimmed in the beginning, soon you will be able to see these in full sunlight.. this being is your current guide, ask him to reveal his true self, ask to see his face, its going well..the other thing to begin is ‘toning’ while in this state. Move the sound to different chakras and vibrate that position, the images will become clearer. Toning is basically finding a note and holding it, moving it and playing with it. Not OM, I will explain why later. If your interested I can send you some hebrew to intone, then you will be really cooking, good luck, speak soon x

          • how funny as is my way I made what you said what I wanted it to be in my head and have been thinking for the last few days you have been channelling Borat! Somehow it makes more sense that way… LOL

            the wheels were 3 D one horizontal and one vertical – it wasn’t mandala esque more Metropolis they kind of spun faster sometimes and looked as if they became a solid and not 2 things. But it was flickery and not 100% there all the time.

            Sometimes eyes open. What’s the deal with the hebrew words? Are they sacred words? I mean obviously but is it ok for people who aren’t jewish to use them? Righto toning – roger wilco.

      • i realise you’re talking to mystic but this is good good u have made me feel like so much less of a tripper than i did. i see doorways usually i stopped doing this years ago because i didn’t know wtf was happening and i didn’t want to mess with it until i did – some wacky shit happened arms through walls etc but a few weeks ago the symbols came back of their own accord – mars & uranus transiting 9th house i remember now there was a trick with the eyes. excellent it’s time for an astral adventure. i don’t know what it’s called but there’s an ancient woodcut of a person with their body kneeling on the earth and their head through a veil of stars looking at the layers of the universe. My dad gave it to me to colour in as a child the “events” always reminded me of that. sweet dreams to both of you.

  5. David and NNB, thanks so much for your string. I have just been reading it quite by “accident” and am blown away by the aha moments.
    Sorry to jump on and interrupt you guys but can I please ask you some qu’s as well David?
    When you say toning, is that like the sanscrit thing where each chakra has an associated sound? So toning that sound will clear that particular chakra?
    And with Merkaba, ages ago I ran into something on the web with the same term, teaching a meditaton with a symbol. Is that the same thing? It seemed out there at the time but recently it popped back into my brain and it feels like time to revisit it and understand more..

    David would you be ok with me taking on some of your suggestions as well?

    • Here I was thinking that NNB and I had found a secret corner on the site…and there you are TAG. Of course that is not a problem at all. Toning was taught to me thru the hebrew tradition. The words intoned are the ‘names of god’. I believe that sanscrit of course has its own toning tradition where Om is used to clear chakras. Toning has incredible health benefits also. The method I use is called the ‘middle pillar’ meditation. I can follow up with the hebrew names used at the points if you like.

      NNB, the heart chakra is of course the thymus gland resident in the middle of the chest . This is the biggy for healing and love projection.
      When intoning at this point use the name ‘yeshua’ . by stimulating the thymus by toning or ‘tapping’ (literally tapping the chest) we stimulate the innate ‘fountain of youth’ within out bodies. The thymus is the gland that produces t cells and is usually starting to shrink by the age of 20 or so. Toning or tapping and toning, keeps it alive and stimulated. it will take years off your body clock.

    • hey TAG :o) yes it’s lovely and peaceful here like the reading room at the library away from the hoi polloi. Would love to hear how your adventure goes too. Was the stuff you saw about drunvalo melchezedek? and the flower of life. One of my friends was right into it and gave me some instructions and I followed them and everything went a bit mental – like a door was opened – the door David is explaining to me now. At the time I was also given a vial of white powder gold which seemed to amp things up too. Is Flower of Life the same thing as what we are talking about David or a different flavour of the same thing?

      • Melchezedek (enoch) was a priest of the ‘one god’ who resided in Salem, now jerusalem. He taught Abraham the concept of monotheism. In more modern practices Melchezedek is recognised as the key being in spiritual care of the residents of planet earth. You may be interested in a book written in the 70’s called ‘The Keys of Enoch'( written channelled by James Hurtak). Its quite advanced technically but pieces of info found in it are extremely helpful. Haven’t heard of the Flower thing?

        • flower of life seems to be the same thing but with the new age toppings and maybe some tom hanks / da vinci code sprinkles – that’s my layman’s interpretation after some skim reading on the net so def to be relied upon for accuracy lol – if you google the dude it tells you about his angle. All the different paths lead to the same place in the end don’t they?.

          Ok so re the hebrew stuff davidl – I’m not jewish – is it ok for someone who isn’t jewish to use these words in meditation or whatever it is I am doing with my spare time? I do have respect for your crews knowledge tho – is that enough? a few days after you offered to teach me some that shape of the sephirah (at least thats what I think that’s what it was after some googling) appeared and spun around a bit in front of me – in the 3d styles again. There’s been some stuff happening kind of like holograms as well. Other times and places flicking up around me – last week the train carriage filled with pink light and then at the next stop an amazing man got on and we chatted for most of the journey like we had known each other forever – it was bizarre and familiar.

          What effect will the hebrew have on this stuff – will it help to contain it? or will it spiral and grow ? – I’m not very good with routine I have to tell you that before we begin I’m a boundary pusher and am easily distracted by tangential conceptual thinking lol – so I may not be a very good student xxx

          • Its so fine to use hebrew. As mentioned before its a language developed for this purpose so will speed things up considerably and attract the right kind of assistance. The hologram thing is great, you can view and absorb or enter the hologram like a gateway. Just remember we are working towards clear contact with 5th dimensional information. This dimension is ‘inner space’ as opposed to outer space. The hologram is telling you that all the information of the whole image exists in each light point. By entering the light point or the ‘dna’ of the image we are entering the 5th.
            Its good to do these exercises at the same time each day, early morning or late evening, whenever really. In my experience after about 18 months the experiences went up a level to total colour real time projection and the ability to remember the activities taken part in. If you are seen as being able and clear enough you will be ‘recruited’ to assist in the work on this level in ways that will become clearer.

          • o god this is where I go cold on it david – being “recruited” etc – I’m not so much of a joiner – more a traveller or an observer – a no strings attached kinda girl. The western occult tradition- which shares elements with your beliefs (my ears have just started having weird tones in them like a piano being tuned as I typed this!) is the one I have been most drawn to throughout my life. But I’m not much of a team player – I am loyal to what I think is the truth not people or groups of people or their tribal beliefs or dogma etc. What Mystic would call coyote energy. Re the “recruiting” what does that mean? Not wanting to seem rude (sincerely) but I I feel reluctant.

            That feeling of unease aside the points of light thing makes total sense. I’ve seen something like this with the “strands” of light before.

          • LOL, by recruitment I mean to assist others, one of the lessons of course is that we are all one family, all on the same team. Helping others to ‘see’ is a natural progression to being taught. Now Im no evangelist, but this little discussion we’re having is one way i can be of assistance and pass on a little of my own experience. There is nothing tribal or dogmatic about it quite the opposite really ?

          • haha thanks for putting my mind at ease – i twitch when I hear things like “recruited” and other crusading related words! Have no problem with sharing the knowledge with others later if they ask so I figure I will carry on in my pagan way and check in as it evolves. The hologram was super detailed more of it I say :o)

  6. Yes please. What I love is that your string has been here for a few weeks and I only locate it today after a particularly strong reiki share yesterday where all of this stuff mentioned came to the surface with another layer of clarity… beautiful really
    Yes, reading your string I felt a little like a voyeur feeling I had to ask permission 🙂

    I’m on a meditation at the moment which stimulates the heart chakra, I like the idea of tapping along with the toning. I’m going to incorporate that, thanks heaps. I’ve been getting the blue “truth” light flash like NNB and peripheral whisps of light/movement sometimes. At night with eyes closed I can see the room through eyelids and shapes/nebulous areas of energy. So will need to start asking for more information about who guide is and what I’m seeing, at the moment its first peeks… Always enjoy reading your posts, thanks again for free flow of info

    • Seeing the room thru eyelids is a great sign. While lying on your back in a dimmed light, play with the spectral light, those little coloured specs of light that are eminating from your chakras and filling the room (with eyes open, steady and relaxed). These specs can be modulated by your thoughts and eyes to create a projection screen a few inches above your face. This screen is the point that images are projected onto and where communication takes place. Moving your mind thru the screen a tunnel or apperture will appear, at the end of this tunnel you will see an opening, move to the opening but not thru it, just have a peak.
      Remember this is all about creating trust and a ‘language’ between you and the guide.

      • Hi David, hope you don’t mind me joining in. Since I first saw this thread I’ve been reminded of my night activities that I stopped 5years ago. I started again last night& almost immediately I began to experience the vibrational hum, the seeing with eyes open/shut. Lots of purple hologram type shapes & the tunnel. I kept asking for a guide but couldn’t make out anything other than …. weird faces looking down out me. Started to get stronger & pulse – I never know whether to forge ahead with my mind’s eye or let it come down to engulf me.

        I wanted to ask about the chest tapping/toning. What is the right ‘procedure’?

        • “I never know whether to forge ahead with my mind’s eye or let it come down to engulf me.”

          Forge ahead and hold your eye muscles still and relaxed, you will be able to see out the other end of the tunnel, the faces are checking you out, seeing who’s knocking on the door..
          The toning is quite simple dont worry about using names etc, just use ‘vowel’ sounds. eeeeeeee, ooooooo,uuuuuuuu, aaaaa, mix them up, hold them and breath steadily, things will stir up when your holding the right tone.
          The tapping is simple also, just take your middle finger and tap it in the middle of your chest (quite hard), (thymus gland), ask it to wake up, develop, keep growing and healing. Tap 2 or 3 times each day 20 or 30 times ..

          • Thanks so much for the info David. Last night I decided I was just going to focus on sleeping & the minute I closed my eyes it all started up. Quite immediate & strong. I opened my eyes & the walls, the ceiling were non-existent, I was in this black void with the purple energies. Everything was quite dark, is that normal? This went on for 20 minutes or so & didn’t progress any further – began to feel that it was going nowhere & what exactly should I be progressing to?

            It’s my taurean impatience 🙁

          • it takes time, the toning will modulate the purple specs, shape them, make it more interesting….what you are experiencing is very healing by the way, beautiful x

    • If I confess I haven’t done my homework will I be on detention??

      I haven’t done anything as I’ve just been wanting to tune off & sleep.

      Interestingly, I had a clairvoyant/tarot reading last friday & the first thing she said to me was “tapping. they want me to tell you how to tap” so have been doing lots of shirley temple steps! boom boom tish!

      I’ve been tapping during the day when I remember but haven’t been doing any night work

    • Nooo David, that’s Anonymous with a capital A. Makes a huge difference;) OBs head must be spinning!

      • Now who are you Bill, are you Anonymous then? or is that you NNB in another guise..
        By the way did you read in a recent thread that when the word hebrew is used Myst gets anti semitic emails ?

        hebrew, there take that your zombies !

        • Its actually better in the day, with a darkened room..its often hard at night cause of tiredness and falling asleep in the middle of the practice. Interesting with the tapping, you have made contact, haven’t you!

          • HE BREW *insert kiwi accent*

            I was quite super jazzed when she brought up tapping. Has been so long since I’ve delved into all this….I’ve always done it at night & when I found myself in a relationship & living with someone…well….I had ..ahem …other things to do at night. So switching off became second nature & even though i’ve been single for over 3 yrs now…I don’t know why I’ve never thought to kickstart it till your posts above. You’ve awoken me 😉

            Will try during the day over the weekend

        • Nah, just an observer. But your Anon really does have an initial capital. I hope Myst just deletes the raving bigots.

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