Scare-Devil: Flower Of Euphoria

Happiness, Astrology and St Johns Wort is a thing.

Obviously I am not a mental health professional & nor do i prescribe things…But i love St Johns Wort – and any naturopath/herbalist/up-to-date doctor could tell you all about it.  It has been renowned as a cure for melancholy since ancient times & there is loads of info on the Wiki…

I think it works like mad. There is a really cool tea of it that can take me from frumpy-sloth to radiant euphoric within about 2o mins of ingestion and I don’t really know what St John’s Wort is FOR exactly but it feels like magic potion; protective and with a cool red tinge like something a hero in a fairy tale would carry in a small emerald vial for when one needed courage to face some dark lord.

I send my herbalist mental by just demanding it without a consultation. And then i just tip the tincture into water and glug it. I feel  like i know when i need it. BUT – I am clearly bats & it IS actually really good to take it under supervision.

And – this is NOT on Wikipedia but it’s SO cool;  The older name for St John’s Wort (which comes from Christians trotting about, loving the flower so much and honouring it with the name of their fave protective saint) is Fuga Daemonum – Scare Devil. And the generic name; Hypericum comes from “hyper” which is Greek for “over” and “eiken” which means ghosts.

Astrologically, the great medieval astrologer & herbalist Nicholas Culpeper had Fuga Daemonum as being of the Sun/Apollo/Sol.

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Tommie Casimiro

he use of St. John’s wort dates back to the ancient Greeks. Hippocrates recorded the medical use of St. John’s wort flowers. St. John’s wort was given its name because it blooms about June 24th, the birthday of John the Baptist. “Wort” is an old English word for plant.;^”.

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Thanks for this info as my bro’ Aquaman takes the pills regulary, always offers me one, always say no.
He is a big big drinker afterhours & weekends, so shall be warning him about this & his liver.
I’m sure one should talk with a naturopath or herbalist before self prescribing.

Taurean love expert

I take the tincture from May-September to counteract my SAD tendencies. I get it from Newton’s chemist in the Sydney CBD… a few drops morning & night keep me from getting mopey when we get a long run of grey weather. It does counteract quite a few prescription meds, because of the way the liver processes it. I’m not a medico, but have been told it’s important to check with your prescriber about any meds you are on before taking St John’s wort.

cheshire cap

My herbal says that the name comes from the Knights of St John of Jerusalem who used it to treat the wounds on Crusade battlefields. The French call it tutsan from the old french toutsain or heal-all.

taurean with the HMBOTS

CC, you’re back!!!! splendid, i’ve so missed you and i kept sort of thinking what would CC say. you’ve got into my head, LOL!

cheshire cap

😆 poor you T with the HMBOTS, it’s confusing enough for me behind my eyes so maybe sharing the space behind yours, we might make some sense of it. xx

taurean with the HMBOTS

giggle giggle!!


so..Fuga Daemonum? Kind of like “Fuq the Devil”? I like that. Perhaps i will use it on the bad guru who is telling me that my beautiful son is under the influence of a bad elemental and needs me to let him (the B.G.) ‘cleanse’ him.

venus a-go-go

Its really potent… taken on the wrong day the tea can make me vomit and a surgeon friend says that St John’s wort also counteracts the effects of the contraceptive pill (not sure how it would be that).


St John’s Wort is great, and certainly a lot better for you than chemical antidepressants. A warning though – the tea is probably fine because the dose would be low, but the pill form should only be taken for a specific period of time, no more than 6 months, as it has a pretty heavy effect on the liver.

Ms Motown

Oooh, whats the name of the St John’s wort tea? Sounds great. I’ve never had much luck with it in pill form. But mostly, my malaise was caused by life turning shitful. You know the drill. Leaving an abusive alcoholic husband. Catholic guilt about having “failed” at marriage…..

But I totally lurve the idea of a tea that can take you from sloth to euphoria in 20 mins. Sign me up. Mystic, what’s the brand?

taurean alchemist

oh, I love that Blossom!

23rd June, by the way, is Midsummer or Summer Solstice… the Sun over the AP/0degrees Cancer. Some vague memory is now triggered about the precession of the equinoxes and how in primordial days the summer equinox was indeed in Leo… must go look it up now.

hypericum is under Saturn according to Alchemy, so am now completely confused.

fallen angel

Oooh, the day after my bday. I love the Summer Solstice and how it makes everything so witchy poo. When I first heard that term, it made me think of the season as fruit ripening to roundness full of promise…like a dark beautiful and balmy night.

I’ve never used St. John’s though have recommended it to friends, but my quick fix (thx to this blog!) is the epsom salt bath. Something about soaking in my own miniature ocean sets me to right..

Handy to know that there’s something out there suitable for scaring the devil…

taurean alchemist

not sure it really scares the devil, Angel… bought some liquid hypericum for the CUB for his bouts of the depression. He’s still here.. although no longer depressed.

fallen angel

He has bouts of depression??? Soz Soz.. I can’t help it.

I suppose it makes sense considering half the stuff our men do is anything to numb the pain.


Oh Myst, I love it when you do plant posts. Reminds me to get out my plant books, old friends. Gerrard used it to heal deep wounds. Culpepper says “It is under the celestial sign Leo, and the dominion of the Sun. A tincture of the flowers in spirit of wine, is commended against melancholy and madness.” Geoffrey Grigson’s The Englishman’s Flora is a mine of nomenclature: Hypericum perforatum is called Balm of the Warrior’s Wound in Somerset and Touch-and-Heal in Northern Ireland.”Magically, … it is one of the most famous of European plants … The vigil of St John… Read more »

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