Saturn In Virgo & The Aquarius Supermodel

vintage supermodels of the Eighties

Why even THINK about when Saturn was last at this point in Virgo?

Because Saturn is all about Time…His Greek name is Chronos from whence we get all manner of time-linked words…Chronological. Chronometer, which is the correct name for a watch…Probably even Crone. So every now and then, it is good to check in to Saturnine cycles – they are like those of Uranus; Seven years…Seven, fourteen, 28…

IF you are old enough, the last time Saturn was at mid-Virgo was August 1979…Thinking about another time, but similar in the Saturnine sense, can trigger fantastic insights….

Gia Carangi was on the cover of Cosmopolitan…

Born in late January 1960, she was an Aquarian supermodel & an openly lesbian one at that – in the 70’s, it was harder – & ultra-charismatic, even by the standards of mods and doomed icons. Some fashion peeps say she innovated modelling by kinetic style of posing et al. That sort of thing is so arguable. Sadly, she was hooked on heroin by the 80s and dead of AIDS at the age of 26, in the late 80s. Her fave song – this is so 80s – Don’t You Forget About Me by Simple Minds was played at her funeral, Angelina Jolie won a Golden Globe for playing her in Gia & it took Cindy Crawford years to shrug off the moniker of “baby Gia.”

Gia astro; Sun, Moon & Mercury in Aquarius, Venus, Mars and Saturn all in Capricorn, Uranus in Leo trine Jupiter in Saggo – charisma to burn and she basically did burn it all up. Neptune in Scorp squared all the Aqua stuff & such a sad “lower” Neptunian end (drugs) to all the beauty and glam. The emo pf the fan-sites, net culture & v-clips of her etc is extraordinary. She is SO the Gen X version of Marilyn. Not in the sense of actress/lifetime accomplishments etc but in the love-for-doomed-young-icon-of-generation sense. It’s just that Gia was not of the Boomer (Pluto in Leo) generation…They really laud their icons. So if you went to a kitsch shop, you’d imagine Elvis Presley, Marilyn and James Dean actually were the last lot of passed slebs we ever cared for.


ANYWAY – a Saturnine psych query if you are up for it…and if u are old enuf – what did you Leave Behind or Cherish in 1979 that you could now reclaim? As Saturn is sitting on this point for the next few months before opposing iconoclastic Uranus, this will be a productive thought session, if  you can manage it. And  if you born post-1979, think re where your family/industry was at then…pre-You! The good thing about pondering Saturn shite? It works. She is also such a beautiful and poignant reminder of people who pass far too soon through something so presumably avoidable as damage from drugs.

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16 thoughts on “Saturn In Virgo & The Aquarius Supermodel

  1. I was a few months shy of being born…. Am currently going thru my saturn return, funnily enough in virgo… in my 6th house… Am a gym junky now, after several years collecting weight and stagnating to the point I developed allergies. Am 3 weeks away from my first triathlon, get frequent acupuncture, and have a naturopath… Nora you are so right – I knew it was coming, looked at my life, looked at my chart, and dived on in. And I am so much the happier for it. Now if I could just nail this running caper……..

    • Hi postmod, I actually ran my first (and my last) marathon around 79, your post reminded me. Hint 1, lots of vaseline between places that rub (thighs, upper arms) Hint 2 take your time, the only result you want is to finish, Hint 3 have a buddy to do it with or find one on the day, hint 4, after the race, don’t jump straight into a cold pool ! ooowww that hurt, my balls were stuck in my throat for hours ..

  2. I wasn’t born until June 1980, maybe my parents were enjoying 79′ with the one child they already had around that time. In unfortunate circumstances they both passed away when I was young, so I can’t ask them what was going on for them. I am sure they were doing the usual life chores & hopefully thinking around that time… maybe we should try for a girl?

  3. Saturn in Virgo 7 degrees…
    I gave birth to my youngest son during my Saturn Return in 1979. So when he just went through his first Saturn Return I was going through my second. It was a bonding experience between us, both struggling with Saturn in Virgo. So I remember very well what was going on for my first Saturn Return: I quit drinking alcohol, went back to college and didn’t look right or left until I finished my BA, got very serious about doing what was good for myself. Started an organic garden when I got pregnant and was eating fresh veggies when my son was born. A good time all in all for me, hard on everyone else around me.

    In preparation for my second Saturn Return I began when it was Saturn square Saturn, 7 years prior: working on my art, began teaching online for free, started my website, knowing I need to be ready for my second Saturn Return. I’m glad I did all that because when Saturn went into Virgo I felt… ah good, let’s run with this.

    It’s better to grab a surf board if you know a big wave is coming, than have the wave hit you on the back of your head while you’re picking up sea shells. Preparation for big transits is the key to not only surviving them but thriving on them. IMHO.


    • Nora, my son was born on my Saturn Return and I on my mothers. When we were in a room together there were THREE Saturn in Scorpio ppl–very intense.

      In 1979 I met my ex-husband. He was married to his first wife and I was living with a Saggo SCUBA diver. This is so Venus Rx to recall!

      Saturn in Virgo is in my first house–All kinds of new things on the horizon. I must say, second time over the ASC is fantastic–Insights, joy and fulfillment!


      • Kim:

        I can’t imagine three consecutive Scorpio Saturns, all related, in the same room together. You got us trumped. LOL My son has Saturn in the first house as well. It’s interesting that you mention that. I’ll have to share your post with him.

        He’s a Pisces so it does cause some need to find balance. It’s so funny, in public he’s very put together, neat and tidy, at home he’s a slob. On his Saturn return he realized he needed to tend to some of the Virgo things, eat right, get organized, clean up his crib.

        Thanks for the note, I can’t get the image out of my head, your mom, you and your son… all Saturn in Scorpio. Intense!

      • Kim, you made me think of my great grandmother, who was married at 14 in Baghdad, she had her first child at 21, next 28 next 35, all seven years apart.
        I knew and loved them all when first the oldest died ,then 7 years later the next and 7 years later the last.

  4. I remember being totally confused about who was attracted to me around then, lads my age weren’t really interested in me but males older even a LOT older (eeewww then & still eeewww) would pay me attention.


  5. in August 1979 I was 4 months old. My mother was recovering from almost dying of peurpal fever, and also prob quite depressed as she tried to suicide during the pregnancy. she had(s) no family in australia. We were living on kangaroo island, i had already been hospitalised for insomnia and B12 deficiancy.

    Poor mum – no wonder she has been weird this week.

  6. how weird, my parents met in August 1979. I was born 3 years later. now some interesting details: the moment they met, my mother was having Saturn-Moon conjunct, when i was born, Saturn was conjunct her Venus.

    • Why not? I mean, i am sure. I used to have a nurse neighbour who worked for a plastic surgeon in marrickville. he did hymen restoration for people who – how can my mercury in aries put this tactfully? – came from cultures where it was VITAL that you rocked up to the wedding night as a virgin. The lady, that is.

      She said they did loads of them. A bit of lambskin very lightly tacked across and with a theatrical blood capsule that would burst upon impact. But for you, maybe you have some sort of symbolic renewal. Denise Linn has a thing where you stand over a cauldron with sage smudge sticks smouldering and let it waft up…inside for purification. Apparently is native american custom

      • I can’t believe people even do this in this country, is ridiculous. Not everyone bleeds the first time, what do they do, have seminars for boys on virgins!! This is Australia, not Iran.

        I left school at 15 in 1979 against every teacher and my parent’s wishes. I was a fuq u kind of rebel then. Always fell on my feet and managed to work for many fab mentors who in the end directed me to night school and eventually uni at the ripe age of 24 where I excelled. I can always remember from 1979, my English/History teacher insisting i do academic stream senior (she always gave me A’s). All I wanted to do was hang with my surfer group and my aqua boyfriend. Later I became so much more Saturnine (Natal Sat conj Pisces asc; but Pluto was transitting my 9th house conj Natal Neptune – of course in Scorp), this is when I met my controlling Scorp whom I married and had 2 fab children with. I graduated with first class honours but in retro was never happy. Only now after huge trauma and retrospect (Sat/Uranus opp 1/7th opp natal Sat/Uran opp in 1/7th that I feel I am my real self with my real soulmate friends, if that makes sense. So for me big link to 1979 is that , as many colleagues/friends feel I should write/create for a living; maybe the message is this time I should listen, when I didn’t in 1979!!

  7. August 1979? I was just about to finish school and looked forward to new beginnings; Uni and then going and serving humanity in the Middle East, African continent etc with the Peace Corps. I cherished my sense of ” there is a solution, this is solvable” attitude. I did not want marriage or kids or guys for that matter, was too busy planning adventures!

    Mystic, I felt a shiver run up my spine and the hairs on my arms stood up when I read your words on Saturn. Your words, ” She is also such a beautiful and poignant reminder of people who pass far too soon through something so presumably avoidable as damage from drugs.” made me ache with saddness, as you know my Scorp is battling this very same demon. Yes “presumably avoidable” for some but it seems not for others. I cannot understand the whole thing, the self destructiveness. What a waste of Gia’s vibrance…what if…. I think.

  8. one of the best years of my life, first overseas travel, (middle east, europe) with a bunch of great friends , we got together this year for a 30th anniversary, they are still my best friends. Its funny how little people change.

  9. “IF you are old enough, the last time Saturn was at mid-Virgo was August 1979”

    I had just gotten married the year before. Was going to go live in the middle east with my mid-east husband but times were too unstable.

    Anyway, Gia was gorge. Learned how to do my makeup off of the covers of those magazines back then. Loved the movie with Angelina. She did a good job.

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