Cherchez Le Grip…Again

siberian landscape

The Darkest Darky Dark bit of the Dark Moon CAN feel a bit like this; icy & rocky yet – because Mars is in Aries & there is a lot of brilliant new worldly stuff building – you are able to stand on the edge of a barren cold cliff and evoke primal bliss, power & genius.

So far – so good. But please do not forget the last day of the Dark Moon before it is new is also SO auspicious for uncluttering. Saturn is in Virgo for a while yet. Transcendence IS in the detail, God actually is next to clean & there are infinity number of house-witchery reasons to keep a real clean house.

Soooo…the old news, dead wood (old newspaper is symbolically dead wood, did you know?) and maybe even the chair if it is cracked, unstable or has poor Qi for some reason you can’t specify BUT if gives you the shits. Cherchez Le Grip! Before the New Moon! Again. Yes, it’s a cycle.

old yellowing newspapers in pile

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88 thoughts on “Cherchez Le Grip…Again

  1. I chucked the pearl and silver ring the Double Bull gave me for Valentines in the sulo bin last night. That was back in the days when he wanted to shack up and power cruise around Ikea together.

    Anyway I had this hissy fit of all hissy fits after a very annoying texting convo with him last night and just hurled it in there with a few expletives for good measure.

    Does this count as de-clutterisation? I’m toying with the idea of fishing it out … worth a bit … oh I don’t know! BLOODY MEN!

    • Prowlncat….. Maybe you need to declutter yourself from HIM and his baggage. Turfing the ring may be symbolic of this. Fish out the ring and put it in a treasure trove that you don’t delve into very often.
      When the Virgo Poet and I were going through a tummultous time I did this with a lovely little rose quartz heart-shaped pendant that he gave me. I didn’t want to wear it, but I didn’t want to turf it just then either.

      I think you need to have a serious face-to-face chat with Mr Bull-derdash along the lines of what Mystic outlined yesterday, but p’raps toned down a tad. Talk about your expectations of a creatively joyful and forfilled life. His prior experiences are blocking you being able to build it with him. Tell him to build a bloody bridge and get over it or you’ll build a bloody bridge and get over HIM!

      Why is it that lots of men wallow in having had their heart broken. Its almost if they enjoy this self-perpetuating victimhood. Show me someone over 30 who hasn’t had their heartbroken and I’ll show you someone who has only been half alive. Like, we’ve all been there. Next!! Get on with the show!

      • That’s pretty much how it went Ms M.

        Said to Mr Bull-shite that this limbo dance was getting F@!CKIN DREARY and had gone on for long enough, so was he in or was he out? He did the whole Moon in Libra wafty wafty blah blah so I told him to grow some balls and in the meantime I was going on a hot date with the Aquarian Italian Stallion on Friday night.

        HA! πŸ˜‰

    • Fish it out and donate it to Vinnies. That’ll make you feel angelic and vengeful at the same time.

    • Take it to a pawn shop, sell it and give the cash to the next busker or beggar you see. Is far better revenge than just chucking it out. I did that with my engagement ring, though i did keep some of the money for champagne + a vibrator.

      • I think that’s excellent budgeting, LS! Charity vis a vis Pleasure, only a Leo πŸ™‚

      • I was going to say sell it and use the money to fund your new buisness, But I like TLS’s idea better.

        • now that thought DID cross my mind … but I’m a sentimental ol’ crab ya know. Well …. when I’m not feeling slightly homicidal that is! πŸ™‚

  2. Is that throwing the baby out with the bathwater type of throwing?
    Texting hissies happen, how can you really say what you need or want to
    in limited amount of space.
    Go get get that beautiful ring out before they cart it away. Expletives suffice:)

    I have uncluttered so much it’s Zen-Japanese!
    Nothing left to toss. So steamlined & clean.

    • hehehe … yeah I did have a momentary sensation that I’d regressed to about 10 years old when I did that pegasus *blush* … and I did fish it out of the bin this morning. It had a bit of old pizza stuck to it but oh well. *chuckles*

      Well he may be a gormless tosser but the ring is pwetty. I shall let it sit out in the moonlight next full moon and clear all the crap energy.

    • “Nothing left to toss”

      You could still toss your cookies Pegasus (if your tummy gets upset :))

      I gave a pair of diamond earring studs to my daughter who gave them to her daughter.

      After all the trouble I went through with Pisces, the diamonds just weren’t big enough…If a seven year old can wear them you know they were rather small…

      I’m not a bling/material snob, but I had broken up with him anyhow…

      In the past, sold my middle eastern gold/gifts when I’d needed groceries, gas and pay bills.

      Girl had to do what she needed to do. Hang on to it prowlin and get at least something out of it for you!

  3. Random query Mystic, when does the moon go from Taurus to Gemini this weekend? Am getting a massage and would like to keep it in T moon..cheers. Is there a site I can look at in future for this query?

    • aquaCAT go to – the home page lists where all the planets are currently. Also you can buy moon diaries with exact times; Mystic gives awesome relevant movements in the Daily Mystic too. According to my moon diary moon doesn’t go into Gemini until 7.03 am on Monday 27/4 AEST. So total taurus moon weekend. I love the taurus moon time. x

      • Forgot about that CC – I have Mystic’s book too, just have my moon diary always with me for appts etc. Thoroughly recommend Astroscape book, very spot on esp when you read your rising sign.

  4. Well I’m decluttering like a good Saturn Returner. I let go of someone I’ve been carting around for 20 years this morning. He is gone. Gone gone gone. I even have all these fond sort of loving memories bubbling up now the shit ones are dealt with.

    Was thinking of joining you prowln and chucking the few books he gave me but figure they are a nice token of the fact he did love me, just was fuqued up and damaged. NOT MY FAULT. Seeya dude!

    AND I’m decluttering on a literal level to oust Roger the Mouse. Go Aries, go, go, go Aries! Go dark moon… you get the picture. Woo I’m a one girl astro cheer squad today! Things are looking up!

    • Gemmarose is GO!

      20 years but?? … that must have been hard for you. Mind you I find it nigh on impossible to let people go … well ok men … well ok toro men, oh ok and virgo men. No actually just men.

      • He was a French Taurean (my Mum’s husband). Like you prowln holding onto people for far longer than I should is my specialty. It was kind of easy in the end. Had this great dream that I met him (20 years down the track) and was like ‘Huh I’m taller than you now’. That wasn’t all there was to it but it was pretty powerful to realise it.

        In honour of my day I’m changing my name to gem le taureau. Because today I took on the French Taureau and won. Ooh I’m all cocky like a rooster!

          • Thanks lovely. You might need a little pic to go with your profile now prowln’s done it. I made my name a link to a hot go-go dancer you should check out.

          • That is a very hawt go-go dancer…

            … I have kinda grown accustomed to my green squared thingummygigger… not sure what other picture to put in there…

        • I’m dyyyyyyyyyyyying to know what exactly the relationship was to the French Taurean that’s your mum’s husband but am a bit too afraid to ask ….

          • He WAS my Mum’s husband. They broke up when I was nine. My Stepdad I guess. Nothing ‘Days of Our Lives Mother and Daughter Romanced By Same Man’ or anything horrific like that. Just a bad tempered fool who gave me the gift of crippling self doubt by blaming me for him being such an angry arsehole. Merci beaucoup dude.

            Mais il est maintenant terminΓ©e (aka thank fuq thats done and dusted then).

          • Well thank Pluto you got rid of that soddin uphimself cheese freak maniac … I betcha Roger the Mouse buggers off now too. It was all about cheese! Those French.

  5. Well, the darky dark bit is truly unfurling. My Lovely Libran sister who is en route from Asia to moi in LaLa where we were off to proceed to Chicago has just rang me as she was checking in, literally hissing. Can you imagine?

    A Libra hissing?

    Anywho, turns out the Virgo BIL (her hubbo) who she was meeting in Chicago decided to bunk rooms with another colleague effectively giving THEIR time together a la the Windy City the 86. Like wot is up??

    Hence the cold frozen deathly hand of ghosts past (childhood deeply steeped in adulterous behavior from male adults in family) is now reaching for us both. She has vowed not to speak to him while… they are in the same country they have BOTH just traveled to.

    How I feel for her, knowing only so well wot I’d been through. Even if there is nothing behind it but sheer thoughtlessness (is a Virgo capable of such unless by design?), it raises a riot of pain I am sure. And she is adamantly compartmentalizing so as not to ruin her holiday here. But is that really possible?

    Of course, to make this entire thing even more interesting, whilst there I am doing stuff with her in the daytime (as Persphone did with Ceres) then staying with Le Scorp in the evenings (and back to you Pluto) somehow managing to keep them apart as she is still appallingly angry at him for wot he did to me and the thought of having to apologize to her fazes him. This is so fekking mythic, it’s disturbing…

    So yes, please let’s usher in La Luna Nueva por favor…

    • sheer thoughtlessness from a virgo male, I think not! This sort of behaviour from experience often means there’s an ulterior motive and it normally is a professional suck-up i.e. giving his room to a superior, scoring brownie points etc

      • Touche! CC, the proverbial nail is probably holding its aching head right now!

    • FA – all the squares/opps going on with the cardinals, Aries Mars, Cap Pluto to you and your sis’ Cancer/Libra suns?? Not sure but wish you well with it all. The Virgo’s got the Sat/Uran opp too.

      PS in earlier post noted your profound words re divorce etc – if you didn’t read it – tears, but good, thankyou, have printed for inspiration when i descend into the emo depths. x

      • I just did FF, you’re so welcome! Goodness, when I got divorced I found myself in a club I didn’t really know existed. Like as I shopped for furniture for my new place, once peeps heard I was moving due to a divorce they were so sympathetic and offered me discounts!

        Not that I can offer you one right now πŸ™‚ But it is such a universal experience that people who’ve gone thru it want to put it behind them, yet when you see someone standing in the fall out like you once were, you just know how hard it is.

        Thanks for the info on the squares, I dunno what this is going to churn out… Le Scorp is Gem Rising/Cancer Moon and I feel like I should be reporting something called the Plutonic triangle to some authority!

  6. I have been framing precious posters… to stop them from dying. Focusing on the stuff I want to keep, to help me sort out my shit.
    Focusing on the positive, i guess… the bits and things that i like about me… then i can get rid of the rest…

    … then hopefully get some new stuff.

  7. Yo – actually, I am now going to include the time for each Moon Ingress (when the Moon goes into a new sign) in the Nightly Scopes and for each timezone.
    ie; the ones i use so that hopefully everyone everywhere can get a handle on it: L.A, New York, London and Sydney
    I was doing it but only New, Full and major Voids.

  8. don’t u think it would be cool if there was an ex-lover’s gift tip ? where u cd go to drop off all the painful presents of the past and they could be recycled ? i let go of some stuff recently – a bottle of perfume v expensive the shallow side of me which is really quite deep didnt want to give it away because of what it cost …. but then i said to myself give someone else the pleasure of using it. i gave it to the sambos but how much more pleasureable would it be to take it to the lover’s tip ?

    • bubble, i often give stuff away on – if you’re in Oz.
      Too lazy to advertise on ebay. I love making peeps happy. I see it as good karma. At first it was a first in first served policy but then i had peeps begging to have the item i was giving away. Now i wait for a few hours then give it to the person i feel would most benefit from it.

  9. maybe at this tip the items could be karmically cleaned in some sort of way – i have things i’d like to let go of but i dont want to just thro them out and i would feel odd getting money for em and i wonder if passing them on to someone i know passes on the vibe.

    • I think you are onto a brill business idea bubble. A sort of karmic cleansing gateway to give good, but tainted, things a new life. Demand would be HUGE. Astro recycling.

  10. I went in for some emotional decluttering. Just deliberately spoke with a former very good friend that I had a falling out with when she did not take my withdrawal from her employment well at the nearing the end of Saturn in Leo. For a long time I’ve been extremely pissed about words exchanged…hurt et al. Today just thought fuq it. Life is too short.

    Had light breezy convo…somewhere in there is a trust in myself that even if suddenly she grew two heads, belched fire, or well the aquarian version meh…it would be alright.

    To be perfectly honest she’s not someone that I trust for any deep connection, but the bleh, the almost repulsion reaction I would feel when I thought of her, has been nicely decluttered.

    • LL – I too have just had decluttering experience with Aries GF. For some time have felt taken for granted/used and rashly txted her last weekend that I was over it, and received a txt back about me being demanding (?! wtf). She has fulltime cool career and I have been ferrying her boys around for years plus giving many hours of free childcare and tending her animals when she is away (often). And I’m not a neighbour (live more than km away). Anyway, I phoned her last night to apologise re the delivery of message (txt, yet that’s how she mostly communicates with me). Said I should have set my boundaries way earlier before resentment sunk in. Wished I hadn’t bothered as felt violated as she was being a cold bitch about it all. No breezy convo as such LL, but hope my kharma is ok as I felt I did everything I could to set it straight.

      • FF from what you’ve said your whole declutter has been a quicker turn around. From hurt and pissed off to breezy convo took about 18 months to pull off for me. It takes me ages to get truly pissed off and then bloody ages to get over it.

        Also in my personal Aries interactions…that cold bitch response can also be a defense mechanism. Very la la la fingers in ears, I’m a glacier you can’t hurt me…Also in my experience once boundaries have been established in a new format it equalises 95% of the time. That said that 5% exception has been bloody.

        Sounds like you’ve tried to communicate as best you can, with empathy and integrity…time to just let it be and see whether your friendship can morph to incorporate new insights, or it just fades…also sounds like you’ll be fine with either outcome.

        Can totally understand that hindsight reaction of hmm coulda shoulda woulda set boundaries before resentment set in…I’ve noticed for myself in the past it’s taken ages to build to a point that I notice it is an actual boundary…and then it’s a fine line till I get resentful. I wonder sometimes if the resentment is part and parcel of the ohh so that’s where my boundary is discovery lesson. I’m sort of accepting of my own process now and concentrate more on trying to establish a new boundary without any major flareups. I can control my own reaction most of the time these days, and understand that often for me to change things to suit me, the other person is not always going to like that change. Sometimes they’ll ignore what I’ve asked for because often I was making things extremely easy for them…it’s really developed my assertiveness overall rather than the less favourable frustration inspired agg responses.

        • LL you got it in one – so profound, I totally feel free of it, think it really is her issue now and if she wants to be distant/cold then she really was using me and our childrens’ relationshops were secondary. Her moon is in Cap so there’s the pluto/mars thang again. Thanks LL xx

  11. ok hadnt heard about freecycle might give that a go ! thank u ! maybe i could think of some sort of fluid all these items could be dipped in – a sortov spiritual cleaning like u are saying blossom. πŸ™‚ why is it that friends falling out can do as much damage as lovers ?

    • Surely Myst could concoct something wondeful – she knows so much about housewitchery.

      Friends? As a taurau, friends are for life. Take great care NOT to fall out permanently – takes so long to trust them in the first place!

      • I grew up believing this. The friends for life thingo…Acted accordingly. Have since found that sometimes it’s good to just let go.

        • Nice to see you LL. I agree – people & life change – it is good to let go sometimes. I like to see people as processes not static objects. I read a nice saying the other day that: a man cannot step into the same river twice because the river is not the same river and he is not the same man. Liberating.

          • oooh that’s a wonderful saying Nat. It’s going in my notebook.
            And might i add how lovely your new gravatar looks. Love the yellow flowers – what are they? And is that a house in the distance?

          • thanks robots. thought it was time for a seasonal change of flower. These are snap dragons. The structure is a rotunda. I took this snap in one of my favourite little parks in Aukland on a particularly lovely day. The snap dragons were magnificent. I remember fondly the gardener at my first primary school showing me how to make a snap dragon flower talk – he was a huge old bloke with big hands but so gentle – it is one of my (few!) fav’ memories from school. They are a very easy flower to grow – Imperial is a nice variety, which self seeds & has a ‘clean’ perfume.

          • snap dragons of course! the name failed me but i do know how to make them talk… hehe. Have you been watching the wonderful “Around the World in 80 Gardens” series on the ABC? It’s sublime!!

          • o nat i so miss auckland parks – do you do albert and myers? You can walk almost the length of the city through myers without being near a road or a car.

          • there’s an amazing one near dundonald street in eden terrace too – hippies grow food there – or they used to.

          • Hi Nat nice seeing you too. I totally concur about people being processes not static objects. I like to approach the majority of friendships and relationships as being fluid so that comment about the river and the man being different really resonates for me.

            Your snap dragons are sweet. I used to grow them as a little person along with nasturiums as they were easier to play with. Action flowers.

          • robots, I really wanted to see the Luis Baragan gardens in that show but fell asleep for that part (ie. the first 20 min!). I’ve heard others say its more focused on architecture/design than about the plants per se.
            nnb, I don’t know those parks – I’ll check them out next time.
            Nigh-night all, its time for me to fall asleep in front of the tele πŸ™‚

        • Oh no, I didn’t mean it was a policy – just an observation of what happens. Yes, new people always arriving and leaving, but the old, true blue peeps I can rely on for anything, seem to have grown with me. Very few. Maybe it is degrees of friendship – they are like family. Make a concious effort to try and repair damage when it happens That said, struggling very hard to find anything to make me want to maintain contact with sis in law – apart from her kids.

        • It’s the old adage about some friends being for a reason or a season or a lifetime

      • Also implicit in my comment is that it is good that we all have a variety of experiences with friendship…for some the build up to trust, for others easy acceptance, and yet others friendships that burn bright, and move into different forms or just release…or other stuff that I have no clue of…

        • i had the same beliefs LL, until i had a massive falling out with an Aqua friend when i was around 30. Big learning curve for moi. I try not to get too attached these days… people come and go and i just enjoy it for what it is. I have moon in Sag in 11th so i’m used to the revolving door.

          • Once upon a time I was loyal …to a fault. Frankly I think it was all a little too much. A bit too idealistic. Possibly too intense. I think I’m still fairly generous, with my time and self. I think when I was younger I flipped about trying to be fair about my own foibles that I sort of rosy hazed everything a little too much and extended some friendships beyond their natural term.

            I’m finding that my friendships are with people who have a strong respect for themselves and boundaries, mine and theirs. Nice diverse group of people. I have noticed in the last 12 months a few friendships that were draining have dissolved…am much more able to put forward my dreams…perhaps they are too.

          • I agree with both of u SR and LL. Have evolved to protect myself BUT having moon/mars in cancer and fish asc (albeit with saturn on guard there), have to say have been gutted by betrayals in friendships. I have evolved to be so much more selective but still at 42 was caught out by Aries sun/Can moon who felt like a sister/soulmate but was behind my back with hb. Lessons from that were life changing and toughening but I still welcome it all. What has to come, has to be endured I believe and I’ll be a better mother/person for it. And the persons who transgressed witll have their kharma to deal with whenever.

          • FF bloody hell. As I had Spazzy A up visiting for 10 days I think I missed a bit. Have noticed hints at diabolical marital stuff happening for you at moment. I’m sorry if I’m slow on the uptake…is this another Aries, or the same one that you helped out with kids etc mentioned further up the page?

            Also commiserations for betrayal… Have experienced some doozies, but not in that particular way…admire very much your ability to look for the positive in it.

          • Also FF if this is all too painful please ignore my query…got too absorbed in my lack of understanding and didn’t think before I typed and posted…

  12. i cd call the er enterprise .. – let go it lovie ! – and i could meet people in some sort of comforting outfit – a dressing gown of sorts – obviously quilted with all the understanding of the world in my eyes – we could chat and then the item could be whisked away sortov on a conveyor belt like at the airport. there could even be a furnace for people who just want to scatter the ashes of their past relationship relics in a peaceful place !!! yeah !

  13. also ! i am on a roll on the way out everyone would be able to have a new bottle of perfume to celebrate the new … i love perfume and always find it links in with something new coming my way – and for the hell of it a bar of green and blacks organic chocolate yum ! –

    • In truth I have been eyeing off a particular perfume…
      … I have been hunting for a new one for a while and its the only one that I have liked so far. Goes on very earthy (all truffles and such) and when it settles it become like warm honey… all sweet and a little sexy…
      But its Tom Ford. And costly… and I just can’t bring myself to do it…
      I keep on thinking that one day I will treat myself…

      • Do it lovely Venusian. You’ll smell good and feel pretty. You deserve to have something beautiful that makes you happy in your life, especially on your birthday.

      • Ven-a-go,

        Before I saw your post, mentioned down below that I received a bottle of Patchouli by T. Ford today. It is pricey, about $92-138/bottle.

        Was given by the most wonderful lady patient who is the mgr. of the cosmetics dept. @ Saks 5th Ave in Palm Desert, CA, but alas it is far to heavy for me. I do well with lighter stuff like unfortuneately now discontinued “Juniper Breeze” by Bath and Body works. Can’t tell you how many people asked me what I was wearing when I wore that…bank tellers, waitresses, people passing by for heavens sake…

        Patchouli reminds me too much of my P. Scorpio Moon! πŸ™‚

    • Wow Bub,

      Glad I saw your post. A patient just gave to me today, a bottle of..let’s see, still in my purse…

      A bottle of Tom Ford “White Patchouli”.

      I had thought the same thing today as far as maybe it being a sign of something new and that I should look up Patchouli in a healing essense type way. Seems fitting with current revelations about the P. Moon.

      Will do that now but gee, it smells like what my Columbian Psychic patient wears and have not been wild about that….Perhaps with different chemistry it will be different on me…

  14. The smell of Patchouli blasts me back to the seventies and every hippy customer in my music days.

    • Maybe I should wear it around the house for the healing properties, eh?

      “It is said to assist in grounding and centering the mind prior to meditation. It is also produces a strong connection to the earth as such is an aid to connecting with the natural beauty of the our planet.

      For the nervous system, patchouli incense helps to reduce tension, insomnia and anxiety. It is also know as uplifting fragrance that helps to soothe away everyday cares, and to bring about a sense of nourishment.

      It was placed between Indian cashmere shawls en route to Victorian England to protect the merchandise from moths. Without the smell of Patchouli the shawls could not be sold.”