Cherchez Le Grip -the Moon is in CAPRICORN

Christy Turlington athletic

Way before another Capricorn – Kate Moss – did cheekbones, uber-work ethic & iconic fash images, there was Christy.

And she surely influenced The Gwyneth so far as her publicly avowed turning toward macrobiotic, yogic purity & cleaner living PLUS preaching about it schtick.

Note also the tight, no-nonsense work-will-set-you-free Saturnine ponytail: perfect for getting down to some spread-sheeting, a workout or a quick shift down at Madame Butterflies sans fuss.

Anyway, the Moon is in Capricorn now so even though the Mars-Uranus in Pisces rages away, the Moon is practically ON TOP of Pluto & so cherchez le grip – individuate & all but be ruthlessly pragmatic.  Really helpful as the last dregs of Venus Retro threaten to drain some peeps common sense via sentimental nostalgia.

Remember the entirety of the ‘pearls before swine’ cliche;

“…Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you….”  Matthew: The Bible

Image: Christy Turlington: Super-Capricorn

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27 thoughts on “Cherchez Le Grip -the Moon is in CAPRICORN

  1. Well you just mentioned my 3 least favourite modules/actors. Kate, Gwyn, Christy do nothing for me..Im into ‘exotic’ nuttin exotic about those 3, never liked tip top white sliced bread.

  2. And you loathe Carla Bruni too. WHAT is going on in your chart re Capricorn? And Libra? Oh – i get it – you don’t like cardinal sign women? Or you sing the praises of the unsung secret beauties?

    • saturn in cap maybe, they just seem a little ‘anglo’ if you get my drift, not that there’s anything wrong with that !, its just that dark and mysterious is much more my thing, like you image on the site…love it

        • aaaah now you need to find a woman who likes a stoic man who lives by the ocean – the enigmatic silent type – like yours.

    • Can see another use for Christy’s rope,

      And if Carla Bruni doesn’t do it for you,

      style, poise and pure sex


      Hand it in.

          • none, exactly…so WTF would you know about how sexy a woman is ? and anyway whats your problem with me bull, whats the chip on your shoulder, is it that Im a male ? sitting all alone ? eating a 2 litre tub of icecream ? on your fat arse ? PO and stop sniping me OK

          • dearest davidl, don’t let ol’ stinging bully get to you. Maybe he/she is just craving your attention? When someone snipes or carps at someone else it says way more about them than it does about the object of their sniping.

          • No one really knows the rules of attraction… and if everyone was into the same thing, there would be alot of people out there not getting any lovin’…

            … and that really wouldn’t be fair, right?

  3. I think Christy is the most beautiful woman in the world, even more amazing now than in her 20s. Regal and pioneering before all the organic/yogic stuff was cool. Check out the shoulders and the muscles in her arms and legs! Fabulous.
    I think Kate is a bit of a coked-up slapper these days, although still workin’ hard (and love her perfume despite myself) and Gwyn is whiny, but obviously works hard at her bod. So there is something to admire about all 3, but Christy was, is and always will be the bomb.

  4. yeah i like the christy image too, not as most beautiful, but definitely inspires me re: yoga, healthy living etc. love the look of a healthy buff serene lady. and i adore gwyneth! i know i know everyone seems to loathe her these days (or perhaps always have) but i really like her, and dont get the antagonism. i mean ya ya shes a bit dogmatic about her lifestyle and still dont get the kids name thing but come on! compared to the actual gazillions of brattish young women ‘celebrities’ gwn actually seems to have some substance. my fave though, have to admit, is kate winslet. will take curves and real womanishness over all the dieting/stark look any day.

  5. Kate Moss has a work ethic???? I thought her job decription was to run around shagging drug addicts and flogging her name to department stores in order to generate some royalies since she’s not good at much else, or has anything to offer except for being a human coat hanger. Christy Turlington is about as interesting as watching a corpse decompose – which is what I think her career has done. I cannot imagine this woman knowing one end of an AutoSum equation from a Sort/Filter command.

    If this is as good as it gets with Saturn or Capricorns ….

    But for fuq sakes what about actually interesting Caps such as the most gorgeous women ever: Helena Christensen who has gone on to champion something positive (other than herself) such as breast cancer, or Diane Keaton, Mary J Blige, Annie Lennox, Tracy Ullman, Janis Joplin even!!!

    • I’ll second that about Helena, even tho I love Christy, Helena was the be all end all of the famous super models for my money and she still looks amazing – not looking v happy tho, not much luck with blokes after Michael H?…

      Even tho Kate seems to be way wrong at the mo, I look back to those old photos of her, when she was with Johnny Depp and still fresh and am amazed at how beautiful she actually was – even despite the jutting shoulder blades.

      And I love Gwynnie. She does seem to cop a lot of flack, lately specially… but I just think that’s peeps jealous coz she’s stunning, talented, educated and married to a hot rock star… Tho, any bets on how long it will last? For some reason Chris doesn’t look that happy to be married to one of the biggest stunners on the planet? What is it about blokes who get the gorge girl and then few years later are over it?

      As someone I know’s ex husband once said “for every beautiful woman in the world, there is a bloke tired of fuqing her”….

    • I used to have thighs like that – and I was so warped I still thought I was fat – at 18% body fat – will never forgive that personal trainer – he is a very sick man. How unhappy I was, working out like an athlete (as my physio pointed out at one stage – you train like an athlete; I just looked at her like she was mad ( I had an achilles tendon injury due to too much running and 3 body attack classes per week. I thought I was invincible and just looked at her when she told me to stop all that type of exercise for at least 2 months!! I did learn thou, and life changed dramatically but think the exessive exercise was merely a symptom of deeper problemo with husband and life situation. Have learned that with Uranus/Pluto/Merc in 7th house I needed to be totally self supportive and not under anyone’s thumb. Tough but true. We evolve however painfully at the time but I think life would be muted if we didn’t , we are after all, humans, blessed be us all.

  6. I love cap work ethic. I can’t always master it (ongoing battle with piscean procrastination ethic) but have the moon-in cap flashes i.e. when you set to, vroom off you go. Nothing matters but getting it done, getting it right, getting it under control no matter what it takes! Alternative method of achievement is teflon-desk it to someone else who knows what they’re doing.

  7. ok I admit … Janis is dead. But might look like Christy now and sure as hell would still sound better than her even from the catacombes of Hades.

    Heads up: the pic is deep etched which automatically removes .5 – 1 kilo. Black and white is good for showing definition and always makes one look sleeker than in colour. The lighting angle is from left to right – again to enhance definition but gives the illusion of sleekness due to gradation of light. She’s also been lubed up and astute Photoshop work applied to create muscles that she probably doesn’t have.

    I would have thought Capricornia in Pluto was about success in a gut wrenching honest way. Gorm, guts and can survive on barbed wire fences for dinner if required. What about Paul Keating??

    ok … he’s not very pretty no matter which way you angle the lighting …

    • what about Patti Smith!!!! She’s my role model. I once read that she hadn’t brushed her hair in 20 years… liked her even more. She rocks!!

      • if you like Patti then you’ll love Abbe May … growlin, howlin cool blues cross punk chick that she is. I can’t find out her sign but she seems scorpionic to me …. with some earth in there

        • ha,ha just realized that sounded sort of desparate as in “does that qualify?” A la Patty Smith…

  8. Never knew where ‘pearls before swine’ came from nor the full
    adage. The BIBLE no less!
    One can’t make a ‘silk purse from a sow’s ear’ either.
    Both have kinda the same meaning & both favourite thoughts of mine at
    times of frustration.

    My Cap rising has no time for peeps that could work & don’t.
    Turlington’s Yoga Wear (if still avail) was the best ever.
    As with everything, i need the theory before the practise, loads of it.
    It’s so mainstream now, i doubt many do as it appears watered down & filtered.
    Nevertheless, i advise classes for men so as to meet flexible new agie women!

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