Sun Sign Survey: Your Best Mate Is What Sign?

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Alana Zimmer and Amanda Laine

So, what is the astro-dynamic like between you and your Best Mate???

Best Mate can be past or present but you ideally know his/her astro…Is it a classic Saggo Best Mate breezing in and out telling Scorpionic you to chill the f. out?Β  Staunch Taurus? Is your Best Mate an officially compatible sign with you? Not that i believe in sun sign compatibility – as such – but it’s interesting…

If you’re a total astro-fiend, what sort of transit did you meet Best Mate under?Β  Or, are you a creature who does not believe in the concept of a ‘best’ friend because you are friends with the entire universe sorta thing? And, is your Best Mate a classic representative of his/her sign?

If you want to really roll with Retro-Venus, honour, mourn or bitch it up re an ex-Best-Mate.

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44 thoughts on “Sun Sign Survey: Your Best Mate Is What Sign?

  1. Oh my two darling best friends are both Gemini’s. I’m Taurus sun/Aqua moon/Scorp Asc and I adore both of them, BUT they also drive me to distraction. One can’t stop talking about herself (we have spent ten years talking about her, needless to say we’ve never run out of conversation) and the other is anti social stay-at-home-BORING to my party gal (and will not be dragged out of the house more than a couple of times a year). I wonder if my Venus in Gem is the clincher for us as besties…

  2. i’m an aries, lib rising, scorp morn, cancer MC. i’m pretty sure the only earth in my chart is merc in taurus… best friend since day we met is very virgo. we have a v aries/virgo dynamic going on sometimes, oh the judgment but it’s a quality i lack completely, and what would we do without each other… i have a couple of caps & taureans v close too. and a couple of cancers.

    but i must say, there’s something oh so special about the friendships i have with other aries gals. sporadic perhaps, but deep & instant, nourishing and soul true. i am extra nostalgic about them. i have aries in venus conjunct sun! ha ha.

    sorry mystic, is it the lib rising or jupiter in gem??… was i meant to talk about one friend?? πŸ™‚ i’ve talked about 9! but v virgo is official bestie.

  3. oh for ever I had a pride of Leos. Big enough egos to deal with juvenile scorp razor appraisals, i found. I finally got that out of system and stopped collecting them, and stopped the razor thang as well.

    I find for Work – aries, great go-getter colleagues, no BS. For home – cancer – nesters; for getting on the razz – pisces, (drink like a fish, go figure); and for serious debrief and organisation – my virgoan psychology mate, of course. Oh yeah, aquarians for talking BIG PICTURE and plotting revolution in the pub. Oddly, never had a scorp mate, beign one myself i prob know better!

  4. I’m libra and she is an aries. i have more fun with her than anyone!

    i get annoyed because she can be selfish and reckless and is very competetive.
    she gets annoyed with me because i am constantly moaning over sag boyf. she thinks i am too girly and sentimental

    but we love eachother to bits

  5. Saggis are closest. Oldest and best pal, since the age of 9. Always the one to make the effort to keep friendship going when things were tough, for which I am truly grateful. Emigrated last year and about to go and visit for 3 weeks to hear all about her new life.

    Newer pal but equally close, and in same country. Hit it off instantly, giggling in a meeting. We’ve both been through some hard times – someone I can really talk to, who “gets” me.

    Used to be surrounded by aquarians, mostly men. Met a lot of them in my early 20s, so may have been the uraninan thing going on. None of them really liked parties, nor do I, so we were always off doing odd things, schemeing and putting the world to rights. And they all knew the words and dance moves to Grease!

    Current and nearest is a double virgo man, with tons of leo. I described him as the life and soul of the party who has to make sure the canapes are neatly presented first. Also pretty close to a gem at the mo. These two have been very supportive lately.

    Thinking about it, what they all have in common is a sense of fun and silliness. I adore the saggi silliness and aqua offbeat humour. I suppose they all bring out my latent qualities, which have trouble surfacing unaided. I’m Sun/taurus, moon/cancer, ascendant/virgo. No sagg at all and only aqua is jupiter. I guess they fill a gap.

    Never had an aries, libra or cap friend. Can only think of one pisces and leos and crabs have never been close.

  6. im a pisces with aqua rising, my best mates are everyone! winner is scorps-love their intensity, yet they are also a few scorps ex best mates that i JUST CANNOT get along with more than any one else…? am very close to pisceans for their openmindedness but i have a bit too much earth to be total converts…love aries becuase you can fight with them and be bestfriends again five seconds later.

  7. i have a few different groups of friends:

    my girlfriends who are solid, gorgeous earth mothers, the ones i click with straight away (whether new or old friend), are always Virgo. im surrounded by them and always have been. i find they ‘get’ me and we share often a completely ridiculous sense of humour. im not sure if virgos and saggis are supposed to get on so well, but we do.

    ive had soulmate friendships with leos and aquarians, which often dont last particularly long- i met alot during the pluto in sag transit- where you know we meet, basically intense beginning of the friendship, inevitably later on down the track have a ‘break up’. they have often been the ones who encourage me to be my truly individuated self, go on adventures with me, offer complete belief etc. but fizzle out. still friends but it doesnt remain the intensity.

    my fave female playmates at the moment are aries and saggis. usually, i admit, i find that i can only take aries women in small, exciting doses (they appeal to my aries rising, but often need time out from that too!) as for saggis, honestly, these women get me before i even open my mouth. especially post pluto in sag its like we look at each other with instant recognition.

  8. Cancerian has bestie/oldest mate who is Scorpio, it’s possible to go to really dark places with her and she’s not scared. Another close mate is a Leo, but she’s also married to a Cancer so I think she’s learned to get us, plus she’s ultra chilled out and confident, all the time. Also have heaps of Piscean lady friends.

  9. I am Virgo Sun, Scorp Rising, Moon and Venus in Leo.
    not sure of the specifics of my pals but I have three bests.
    Have known them all as long as each other

    Taurus – We have so much fun together just doing absolutely nothing, I love it. She cooks me awesome food and I clean her apartment. She is so loyal and loving and caring. Rarely goes out and whenever I crave wholesomeness she’s the one I turn to.

    Taurus – So loyal, we can have fun going out or staying in. He would do anything for me and is always looking out for me. We crack each other up.. pretty much the same as fem taurus only more drama queeny. Both the taurus and I have such a love for music and we will sit for hours talking about and listening to it.

    Pisces – Love hate relationship. I hate her so much yet love her soo much. We are crazy when together. Love all things bad and induldge way too hard. We’re bad influences on each other. But if we hang out in moderation we are beautiful best of friends.

  10. Bestie from the past have come and go.

    One was Leo, as are most of my old mates from Sydney days. I have leo in saturn, mars, midheaven and moon.

    Somehow, also seem to attract Cancer girls into my life and bond closely with them. Have no cancer in my chart whatsoever but last three close GFs are Crabs. S’thing about their softness mixed with a hidden steely strength, I admire. They have dark, slightly peverse sense of humour like mine too.

    Oh and two very close GFs have been aqua.


  11. forgot to say, am Aqua sun, Leo moon and Libra rising.

    Most of the males I bond well with on a friendship level have been either Leo or Aries.

  12. My longest lasting best friend is a Taurus and we are entirely different: she’s a momma and suburban housewife, I’m a single city-girl. Have had more Taurus friends than I can count but she’s the only one who’s lasted, and one Capricorn who was entirely self obsessed and wealth/materialistic, too which I believe was a big part of why we didn’t last. My fave friend ever was a Scorpio guy who seemed to totally like me just the way I was, have always wondered why I didn’t try to make him my boyfriend but probably wouldn’t have such fond memories as I believe he was a bit of a heartbreaker, too, and then we just drifted away from each other. PS: funny thing to me about all this is that my South Node is Taurus and my North Node Scorpio -always wonder if I should be looking for more Scorp friends.

    • i have NN in scorp as well- i get addicted to people of this sign. like literally, i LOVE them. they’re generally amazing people, my mom, my cousin, my leo ‘friend’s younger brother who is A BAJILLION TIMES more fun to talk to than her, any day…..they’re just generally amazing a mon avis. I think they think I’m a flakey dumbfuck, but i really dont care, i’ll take it

      • ahahahahahahah i dont check before i comment- they’re just so ‘generally amazing’ i forgot i said it twice.
        oh. now i feel like i’m giving them too much credit. i *HACK* love my own *COOOUUGH* kind * AQUAAAAARIUSSSS* too they’re fantastic fantastic people. there. all balanced out now πŸ˜‰

  13. hey aquarpio, that’s interesting, never thought of the nodes role in all this. my north node is in libra, yet have relatively few librans in my life. will have to explore some possibilities…

  14. I’m a Cap, and my first best friend was also a cap. I’m Jan. 15, and she was Jan. 12. My first boyfriend was a Jan 21 cap, and that didn’t last long, but we ended up being friends later. My best (gay) guy friend in high school was Jan. 25. So, i guess I’m compatible as friends w/ other caps, but not romantically. Right now, my close circle of friends is primarily caps (4 birthdays in 1 month!) but my husband is a virgo… still has the earth sign sensibilities but different enough to balance me out. We have the same basic priorities, but the things I’m neurotic about don’t get to him while I think I’m able to offer him a better understanding of other people/social situations.

    • oh yeah the gay guy friends. the best! I have mass affinity with taurean gay guys. instant and long lasting. Must be something to do with taurus in relationship sector (as scorp)

  15. I’m a gemini with sun & moon & venus in gemini & scorp rising.
    Longest serving friend is a taurus. We have floated in & out of each others lives for over 14 years. Very different animals but I think it’s the our senses of humour that really keep the relationship alive. I have tried to find it with others but its never the same. Our relationship could not of survived if we were ever serious about anything, in fact at times where we had to behave like adults it’s been weird.

    Have always had great friendships with other gems, feels like a natural bond with them. Maybe its finding the other twin….

    My best male friend is a big strong Capricorn & we seem to share a parallel universe. Often when we meet up we have had similar experiences to share. Its always funny.

    Sags are great friends & have been fortunate enough to have a few in the past.

  16. Boy best mate (known him since 1985) & ex girl best mate past both scorps. Boy best mate is Scorp, Scorp Rising, Aqua Moon.

    Partner is a Leo, sister Aqua – I’m good with ‘fixed’ obviously πŸ™‚

    • I spent many years attached to various Scorp besties thru school years and uni and eventually married one. Also Librans. But now after the Uranus opp/Sat over natal Uranus/Sat opp and huge upheavals etc (including ditching husb and being betrayed by Aries BF) have moved on to soul mate friendship with Sagg sun/Leo moon and I’m guessing Pisces asc (her daughter has Pisces moon). And more great Aries girlfriends. Am always socially attracted to Geminis and Librans but not that soul connection as I get with Sagg and Aries. Have good platonic friendships with Aries/Leo sun males.

      I have a Taurus sun sister and brother-in-law, and always have the best long lunch days with them that go long into the night, we could talk for days (they both have a lot of Aries and Sagg planets too). (My Jupiter in Taurus in the 3rd perhaps).

      Leo sun, Can moon/mars, Pisces asc, Gem venus, Neptune in Scorp square my sun (must have learnt my lessons by now, so no more Scorps); Virgo merc conj pluto/uranus in 7th opp Pisces sat conj asc.

      • PS I do know other good scorps so nothing against them in particular. I think one of my lessons with scorps is due to scorp neptune square my sun and my pluto in the 7th. Didn’t intend to offend any scorps!

  17. i love this topic…for once i will keep my post short……ish

    I LOVE VIRGOS male and female. my favouritest people and best girl are virgos. they love my louche, insane side but they also make sure i keep the details under control: no bra straps showing (when they’re not sposed to), help me with my (massively overdue) taxes etc…
    i can be as trivial or as deeply personal as i like with my virgo girl and she’s cool – I do think however this might be because she has some serious scorpy influences and can handle the intimate conversations
    * I have the most crazy fun with saggies, without fail
    * love my aquas. lots of family are aquas. none of that judge-y rubbish.

  18. Virgo sun, Aries moon, Libra rising.

    Almost always strong bond with Pisces women. Sometimes tense, sometimes just exactly what the doctor ordered. Oldest closest female friend is a Pisces.

    Also very close to some Librans. My mum, one of my oldest friends, and one of my favourite colleagues.

    Aquarian women are always super helpful, but not close. The connection is always closer with Aquarian men – no relationships – just VERY strong connections.

    Oh yes, and then Scorpios – tough, but influencial.

    Close men friends? Other Virgos. Hands down. Above all others. Then the Aquarians and Taureans.

  19. Leo sun, Virgo moon, Libra rising

    My best friend from all the way back is a total Libra, and I find that I’ve befriended Libras left and right now that I’ve taken to asking people’s signs more.

    I love my dear Taurus friend. She’s a bit mental sometimes, but we both are very passionate types and enjoy our silly girl talk.

    And I still stand by my pack of Leo guyfriends. πŸ™‚ They need help, and it gives my motherly Virgo moon a chance to shine out.

    I’m also good with drawing Cancers out of their shells, but nothing horribly bestie level status.

  20. My first human best friend was a Libra, all throughout primary school. She was a rock for me during my parents’ split & all the mayhem that ensued afterward. The only bump was when I had a Libra boyf & they would just shamelessly flirt in front of everyone. Is it a Libra thing? They just can’t help it? It’s not that they wanted to go out but it seems any Libra within each’s vicinity & flirt ON, bam! It’s as if all the Libra stereotypes re flirting were fleshed out for our viewing bemusement. Quite funny in hindsight! πŸ™‚
    She had Sadge moon, Virgo Mercury & Scorp Venus, she could handle intensity.
    The next bestie I can think of, very very fondly, is a Cancer male. We met in high school in Dusseldorf, total kismet thing I think. What a beautiful person he is, inside & out. He’s Cancer sun & Cap moon, no idea for rising. We both have Mars in Gemini, so it was always, & still is, verbal fun galore! His Jupiter Leo is on my MC & Uranus is on my Ascendant. That last detail probably explains how we’ve always been able to be ourselves, no judgement, just hugs if needed. πŸ™‚ He could be moody, I could be moody. He kept my secrets, I kept his. Just realized his True Node is pretty much conjunct my Sun.
    He didn’t go to the airport when I left Germany & I was brokenhearted. Finally found out years later the reason why when the Cancer shell decided to open up about it. He still calls me from London pretty much every year. Haven’t met up again since I left D’dorf, which was 15 years ago, but we keep planning! He did go to Sydney early this decade, but didn’t come down to Melbourne!!! Shock horror… I’m hoping next year will be when we meet up again.
    We give each other shit AND hugs! πŸ˜†

  21. speaking of mates, if there are any adelaide peeps here who’d like to come – I’m having birthday drinks on may first… email me for deets:

    I always had a taurean best mate, but lately that has not been the case… I attribute my flock of taurean friends to an eleventh house Taurus sun… also for years I’ve had had a great Leo girlfriend who is SO much fun to be with (although on many occasions I’ve had to go have a lie down and a cold flannel afterwards). Her sun is at my Sun/Moon midpoint, her moon is conjunct mine in Libra. I’ve occasionally referred to her as Leo Ex Best Friend, but we are friends again so she needs a new alias.

  22. she is capricorn.

    also lots of taurus friends, and scorpio peeps.

    me aries sun, rising taurus, cancer moon.

  23. My best friend is my sister – so have been best friends all her life (she is younger) I’m a Gemini with lots of fire and air in my chart, she’s a Libra with strong Scorpio tendencies & Aqua moon. She’s hilarious, adorable & i can call her any time, she’s supportive, sweet and talented. There are times when she can be strangely distant but 90% of the time she’s pure affection.

    Have weird, short-lived, intense relationships with Cancer women which get ruined by bitching. But I still like the intensity of their friendship, when we’re on the same wavelength!

    Male friends are usually Gems, (argumentative, stylish, cool) Scorps (funny, same obsessions) & Aries (go-getting, enthusiastic, really friendly).

  24. I’m a Scorp sun with Scorp rising and Gemini moon, and my best friends are always PISCES! I love fish people.

    Second best are Virgos, I guess. But more tension there, even though often romantic tension. πŸ˜‰

    Lots of love to all, am madly in love. πŸ˜€

  25. best mate Sagg, totally no judgement on either side, took 30 secs, has lasted 35 years, always knew he wants only the best for me and I for him.

  26. I don’t really believe in BFFs, people tend to come and go so much in life. But, I’m a Gemini/Virgo moon/Aquarius rising and just realized that my closest girlfriends have been Virgos and Aquarians…matching my moon and ascendant! With Aquarians, it’s all eccentric and creative fun and adventure with great conversation too! With Virgos, we appreciate each other’s values and judgments and don’t seem to piss each other off as often as others piss us off! Great, solid, helpful friends and gentle creatures.
    Strangely, I have also had lots of very close Pisces girlfriends…we’re not really supposed to mesh that well, but somehow we do on the spiritual plane. Tend to attract and be attracted to Scorpio girls too…we usually are fast friends and then it tends to burn out quickly. I usually find them to be wayyy too sensitive and wayyyy too selfish. But so charismatic!

    I love other Geminis, but sadly so many of them seem to want to be competitive with me. ..both too used to being the center of attention, I guess. We either hate each other or bond instantly.

    I love Librans, but get along better with the men. The women are too wishy-washy, passive-aggressive for me. And the love of my life is a Leo, and he’s my best friend too!

  27. My very best friend is a Lib (very libby), i am Lib rising – i’m sure this helps… But apart from that, all of my really close friends (male and female) are Scorps, and they each reflect a completely different aspect of me…
    There is always a Taurus in the mix, they tend to come and go a bit. I hope i keep the one i’ve got at the moment though, she’s brilliant!
    Was very close to a Cap for many many years, but we had a massive falling out about 5 years ago at Xmas and have not spoken since. No regrets though, was obviously just time for us to part.

  28. Wow. This is fantastic. I have a Cancer Sun, Aqua Moon, Virgo Rising. For moi, I went through phases.

    Phase One – Every Best Friend was a Toro. Even the Lovers. That officially ended like 6 years ago bringing us to:

    Phase Two – Only attracting Scorpos.

    However, I married a Cancer (with Toro Rising), count several Scorps, a Cancer/Leo/Sagg/Aqua/Pisces amongst my litany of best friends, and have dallied with Aqua/Sagg men for fun saving the Toro/Cancer/Scorp ones for the serious business. To me it seems to be a feeling of solidity that I get from Toros and Scorps as lovers, whereas my friendships are far more fluid allowing for more variety, I think.

  29. Astro Cliched, i know, but for me Aries, Leo, Saggo’s & Gemini’s (polar opposites) do it for me.
    Another cliche, having Venus in Cap, had a run of Cap lovers in earlier years.
    Men of my own sign drive me bonkers (& vice versa i imagine:)
    There was a Real Moment in Time once when in a room with 3 other Dec.8
    aquaintances, a total ‘whooosh’ of energy!
    Never bonded with water signs at all…water puts out fire.
    Bestie is CowGirl, she gives me security & support, has exquisite Good Taste, keeps me grounded.
    And Virgo’s try us both nutso with manipulations, the afflicted ones only.
    Never married or had sprogs….forgot…. or was never in one place long enough.

  30. I’m a Virgo. One of my closest friends, with whom I had a year long romance with that sadly ended due to distance, is an Aries. Her fiery personality gets me motivated and back on track during my nervous wreck moments, and I do my best to talk her out of her stubborn Aries spells. Two of my other (platonic this time!) girlfriends are both Virgos and we frequently go into long discussions about how Virgoan we are. Another two of my ladies are Pisces (technically one is a Pisces-Aquarius) and I honestly have no idea why we’re friends 50% of the time. Our relationship is based on me bringing them back to earth and reminding them they have to work and eat and coexist with other normal people and can’t live in the clouds, while they remind me I can’t be a tense mama hen 24/7, and sometimes I need to put down my to-do list and live.

  31. I am a Virgo with Aries moon and Libra rising (I am nothing like an Aries, but the other two fit quite well, and I am very Virgoan). I have two best friends, one of whom is also a Virgo with Aquarius moon and Cancer rising, (not like a Virgo at all, (I was surprised to find out there was no Aries in her chart, she acts like one) and a Capricorn with Cancer moon and Gemini rising, (also nothing like her sun sign, she is loud, eccentric and artistic). We are a bit of a strange bunch, but we’re pretty much inseparable.

  32. Me – Pisces with Aries Moon & Capricorn Rising
    mutable, cardinal, cardinal
    BF – Leo with Aquarius Moon& Saggo Rising
    fixed, fixed, mutable

  33. Aqua sun to her cancer
    i adooore cancers, they’re so….THERE. i dont have to worry about their overturning me or abandoning me or not caring to listen to my long bitch-outs. We’re not supposed to like each other- at all. but i always adore cancers, but my best friend especially. she has a lot of aquarius in her though, so maybe that makes us a bit more meshable?

  34. I’m gemini sun pisces moon with a saggo rising…my best friend is a crazy aquarius..really NOTHING I do surprises her or weirds her out…she on the other hand…lol she really supportive, detached enough to give me my space. Another very close friend of mine is a libra. She calms me down when I’m stressed or upset..and I help her decide which shoe to buy “The red one or the nuetral? I just can’t decide they’re both sooo gorg! ” We’re both party animals…Oh and then there are the 3 Leos in my life…can’t do without them they’re the life of every party, they always get drunk (unfortunately my pisces moon won’t allow me to ignore them when theyre in this state so I always end up playing mommy and taking care of them)
    Then theres the scorpio..she can be a bitch. But shes brutally honest and down to earth. We have battles.

  35. I love purusing these older articles…

    I am Scorp (sun), Leo (rising) and Sagg. (moon) and my best friend since college is last day Scorp (cusp), Gemini (rising) and Taurus (moon). We get along amazingly and have for over 20 years.

    My ex is Pisces and I loved his romantic soulfulness. I have recently split with him and it was quite painful…and still is.

    I am dating an Aries with Taurus rising and Gemini moon and let me just say “WOW”, what a difference. He is VERY forward and his reply’s to questions take me by surprise. (among other things)

    Childhood friends have mostly been Leo’s.

  36. I’m a gemini sun with moon in aquarius and libra rising. My closest female friends are one scorpio female, one aquarius female and two saggitarius females. Closest male friend is a gemini and I adore him πŸ™‚

  37. Im an aquarius and have dated a taurus for 5 years off n on and im still trying to figure out HOW and why? Both our ASC are cancer,or maybe its my scorpionic energy. I have my pluto in scorpio conjunct my sun and pluto in conjunction with my ASC.
    I also tend to always have a virgo girlfriend, they are the best! but i also find myself attracted to virgo men. I tried to figure this out and i think maybe its my cancer ASC wanting that control and grounding.

  38. I’m a Cancer female/Cap rising/Aqua moon. My girl BFFs I would trust with my life are mostly Taurus, plus a few lovely Aquas and Caps. Ditto gay male Virgos. Straight and gay male Leo BFFs. I mostly get along with all signs really well, but with a few standout adored very close family members as exceptions, other Cancers can work my nerves. For me, Cancer energy in particular must be kept extremely haute.