Sun Sign Survey: Which Sign Do You Have a Sexual THING For?

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And here we go with more helpful research; Which Sun Sign Does IT for you? I don’t mean launch into a homage to your Official Sig-Other or reminisce re your most officially important relationship. This is actually a sleazoid question. Venus IS applying to a hard Pluto square, yes?Β  Soooo, out of ALL the signs and over ALL of your sexual history, which Sun Sign are you most likely to have a THING for?

Aries men are my TYPE & statistically i have racked up a disproportionate number of them + Leos.Β  Aquarius men are my thing ever since Uranus began to cross my Piscean Venus early last year. But the stupid sign that i have the THING for would have to be Gemini men. Oh Lord. I was discussing skiing – for some reason and i don’t actually really ski – the other day and had the most visceral flash of this Gemini Ski instructor i had a THING with yonks ago. It’s hard to define the THING. Instant lust, obviously, and also something weird that occurs in the first few moments of meeting that could be most easily classified as w.t.f. And I know it the moment i meet a Gemini man, his spacie little flaked out eyes & all.

Sun Sign THINGS amongst my friends: Not-The-Typical Virgo has a big THING for English Leos, especially bon vivants. It has got to the point that if we go to a party and there is a loud Pom type opening a bottle of champagne & laughing Leonically, I clutch her arm.

Saggo Fascinator goes ape for Saggo Yachties & outdoorsy types.Β  She especially likes them when they’re literally off to Patagonia the next week. All the sex, chemistry and yearning but none of what she calls “the nonsense.”Β  Libran Comedian (male) has an insane thing for coltish looking Virgoan fashionistas. Scorpio Sex Academic has a thing for Libran men who resemble the elves from Lord Of The Rings….I could crap on for yonks re this but will now….

Citing YOUR Sun Sign please, which Sign do you have a THING for?

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94 thoughts on “Sun Sign Survey: Which Sign Do You Have a Sexual THING For?

  1. Cancer women…not sure why, maybe my mars in cancer, they just do it for me every time.

    aries sun gem asc gem moon venus taurus mars cancer jup sag sat cap

  2. Aries men. I love their rude bluntness. You always know where you stand. I am a fish with Venus in Aries!

  3. Aquarian men every time. I like a challenge πŸ˜‰

    Sun taurus, jupiter aquarius, uranus trining sun, mercury, venus and mars.

  4. My love life has had this amazing Double Pattern thing. A karmic effort to make me pay attention? Dunno, but… it started with 2 Librans… know now they like the ego massage more than i gave it to them, but now don’t have the patience. Next was a pair of Aquarians… knee-tremblers but they don’t hit the sack that often after they put all that effort into getting your knees to tremble, so am letting them make others knees wonk. Most recently experienced Aries 1 and Aries 2, in french and then british versions, and both took me, literally by surprise. Oh yeah they do, and then they just change their minds and wham on someone else I suppose. So will be definitely wary of them from now on. Am sooo attracted to Scorpios, but all that confusing intensity with perculiar puritanism just scares the hell out of me. Currently confused but delightedly so by a pair of Leos!

  5. I totally have a thing for muscled-up outdoor-worker type of guys. Just looking at their tanned back muscles sends me weak at the knees. Not sure about this but I have read (here ?) that you are attracted to the same Moon (in the opposite sex in my case) of your own sign. Sure works with my man anyway !
    He is virgo moon, libra /scorp cusp sun.
    I am virgo sun, cancer moon and aquarius asc.

  6. i am aqua, virgo rising moon taurus

    big soul connection libra
    lust taurus or sag
    depth longing and brain tingle scorpio
    wtf capricorn
    hee hee but no no leo
    eeeeek! pisces

  7. Love saggis – i am a taurus but have moon and neptune in Saggi in the 7th – the fire my world – all that grand philosophising, grand schemes and visions of adventure

    I love the challenge – not taking a moment of my shit! constantly firing me up to evolve beyond the garden/the kitchen/my comfort zones

    (and yes my love is a saggi…with jupiter, neptune, mercury, sun in a fun little stellum in saggi)

  8. Oh Lordy, its Cap Scottish men for me for sure. They make my toes curl and brain go boing like Zebedy! Remember Mr Squiggle?? This is from experience I am talking. Hmm…methinks I like Scottish men as my Scorp is a Scot too! It must be the kilt and sporran!! Can’t wait to get my hubby the whole kilt get up. My Scorp can be fun too when he is interested…….and can be quite quirky and inventive! I sure like the Capricorn gymnastics though! : >

    The funny thing is I initially had a thing for the the tall, slim nerdy type, then went for the fit muscly type, but still intelligentsia. Then I settled for my Scorp who is the muscled-up outdoor-worker guy that tamberlain spoke about. One day Mystic, when you have time and I have squillions, I would lurve to have your services as my Personal Astrologer- you know like to the Kings and Queens of yore and have you map out all the patterns to make sense of how the sands have blown in my hour glass to date.

    I am a Sagg, Scorp rising. Moon in Gemini, Scorp in Venus.

  9. The reverse of davidl – love Cancer men and I always thought it was my Mars in Cancer… (Libra Sun).

  10. Hey scaprico, yes, yes, yes, you have hit the nail on the head dear girl. Scorp men have that maddening “confusing intensity with perculiar puritanism” and yet it just scares the hell out of me.” It makes relationships very trying as you sense lust but you get the chastity belt in reverse! He is also so suspicious of other men and believes the worst, all perverts out to get their “penis wet” he says. Totally gross and uncouth words methinks. The latter irritated my daughter as of course she sees her male school mates as great friends, not penis wetters!

  11. Scorpios. For sure. Someone told me this was because I was a Taurus rising (and I have certainly attracted a disproportionate number af Taureans, whe tend to irk me by thinking that buying a lovely dinners and wine they can dictate their wishes to me. Uh-huh, bot this little Aqua)

    Am very happy the intended is also an Aqua though – so much less drama than a Scorp and just as experimental πŸ˜‰

  12. oh goodness…saggi men. the ones who are leading wilderness treks, bronzed, laughing, cracking jokes. im hopeless for them. and yes, we are *not* obviously talking relationships! they just have the goods, gorgeous inspiring always off to somehwhere exotic to teach windsurfing or how to empower yourself. loooove them. but yes, a disaster as a ‘boyfriend’ etc…

  13. i HAD (past tense, oh i hope it’s passed) a thing for librans. I’m a sucker for beauty.alas. deadly

    i fell in love with 4 librans in a row in the space of a couple of years, Their b’days were 17/10, 7/10, 7/10, 17/10. I was looking for the last one, It took me a while to find him (his g’friend prior to me had my b’day, of course).

    Universe, ARE YOU LISTENING? I Have learnt all i need to learn from Librans. Please please please free me from the Venusian allure.

    I love sagges. Doesnt everyone? sexy and fun and free. I have sag rising and sag in venus so no rocket science there. But i have never been intimate, shall we say, with a SAG!

    btw loving pluto in cap. My colleague is giggling in the hallway. It’s her 50th b’day. She woke to a free bowel scan offer from the government in the post. Apaprently we don’t hold out for regal telegram now. We get 50th Bowel scan celebrations. Lord help us.
    fibre anyone?

  14. my men have only been of certain starsigns- aquarius, aries, pisces and gemini…aries to fight with but get along with beautifully, pisces for relationships, but actually having a thing for, would have to be a toss up between sleazy gems and intellectual aquas..not to categorise gems as sleazy but those that caught my attention were, and they are the only sign that could pull it off! however it usually turns out the sleaziness was all show and they are actually caring underneath it all etc. the aquas always leave me wondering!

  15. Virgo Sun, Scorp Rising..

    Type is most definately Taurus, they make me feel so loved and secure etc… BUT the sign I have a huge sleazy want for is Sagg. I dont know what it is. They just turn me on. Purely sexual.. I love to chase and I could never “catch” a Sagg.

  16. Pisces sun sign…I have been through ‘stages’….Gemini men, Leo men and then Taurus men.

    Currently trying to avoid all the above.

  17. I’m a gemini, aqua rising, libra moon, and seem to have a thing for Libran blokes and Sagg ones – they tend to be the ones that take my breath away

    The muscles, the outdoorsy vibe they have and their infuriating way of not giving a shyte. Well, guess it infuriates my mars in cancer… :)

  18. Virgo men make me weak at the knees as well as good looking, skinny, geeky effeminate guys. I’m repulsed by muscley/footballer/sporty types.

    Saggos and Geminis are fun but wouldn’t have a relationship with them – too many bad experiences.

    Moon in Sag, Venus in Libra, Mars in Virgo. Cap rising

  19. Aqua men are dead sexy. Great fun in the sack. But, man are they hard work out of it ! I’m a Leo.

  20. Same here scorpalicious … Virgo men always have this immediate, intense effect on me. They usually are highly intelligent and have this particular look that I go for – choir boy that might secretly want to do unholy things behind the church alter. Can’t work out whether I want to debate philosophy or just tie them up – probably both! However it never works out – their nit-picky tendancies drive me insane.

    Leo men and I have always been hot between the sheets. Piscean men I feel I’ve known my whole life even if we only met 5 minutes ago but it’s usually more platonic in the end. I’m soothed by the Taurean male energy just by sitting next to one – then they go and open their gob and say something crass which wrecks it all!

    Crab/Gem Asc, Sag Moon, Venus Crab, Mars Aqua

    • I’ve always assumed virgo men would be finicky and want to bathe after sex, and refold the bedsheets crisply straight away. …..

      Am i wrong? should i be ditching my virgo prejudices? I guess they would never lose your number.

      my last partner had venus in virgo and that really was not for me.

      • Not in my experience – but they do have a hair fetish. As in – a preference for no hair. Anywhere … if you get my drift. Well except for on the head. Quite frankly I’ve found them to be incredibly kinky once you get past the fusspotting about rules, strict codes of conduct and hair issues. LOL

        • Ha! well the hirsute issue counts me out anyhow! Im of the fecund armpit genus. and elsewhere. No wonder i’ve never been hit on by a virgo : )

      • Virgo…..”I guess they would never lose your number.”

        That’s cute plutonicfemme

      • I don’t find Virgo men all that finicky when it comes to sex but venus in Virgo – DEFINITELY! – they would be hyper-critical and fussy. Any sign with venus in Virgo would come across more Virgoan in relationships/sex than a Virgo because Venus is where you look to glean info on their romantic nature

        • I hear you loud and clear. My venus in sag. It was an awful clash, especially as person in question had lib sun, gem rising, and was all “free thinkin'” on the outside. it was really a horrible situation, when i look back, that was impossible to pin down in any discussion.

          ok so maybe i can keep my virgo prejudice to venus placement.

          • my fave Virgo boyfriend had moon in Aqua, Aqua rising venus in Leo. He was super, super smart, funny, interesting and loyal to boot.

            My worst romantic situation was a Sagg with moon in Taurus, Venus in SCORPIO. He was possessive and jealous and i’m sure he hacked into my email account. I will never date a venus in Scorp again. Too intense !!! Although i’m a scorp i don’t like intensity – it freaks me out.

            So yeah, Venus = important. When i meet someone i’m always more curious about their venus than anything else.

          • DOH God I’m stoopid … I don’t need to ask that flippin question – I just dumped one with Aries Venus. Think big ears. Eyeore. *grin*

            But yep about the Venus Virgo – one of my Virgo blokes had the Virgo Venus as well and was exactly like that. The other one had Libra Venus and was the hair obsessed one.

  21. :) scorpio women. well used to… then transitioned through aries ideologue types and now it’s more earth signs.

    having a thing with a gemini and, typically, it’s not working at all. they are deceptive, even when they like you. perhaps moreso, even.

    prob most healthy relationship was with a pisces.

    sun – virgo, moon- gemini, mars – sagg and venus = libra

    • Am capricorn w/aries rising, both venus and mars in aquarius, so i don’t keep them around long enough to find out their sun signs!!
      tho’ the men I admire and “get” best are aquarius

  22. The ones that do it for me and make me want to just live in a shack and be soulful together – i don’t know their signs. they’re just little friends i meet along the way. unfortunately they’re not the ones i necessarily want to jump into bed with. They have the soul of a poet, are close to nature, happy with solitude, strong on the inside, have their own passions, intelligent and are capable of extreme wierdness and creative moments – them and others. what sign is that?
    Mystic, is “men” a sun sign? πŸ˜‰ i don’t stick around long enough after the sleazoid moments to find out about signs…

    it’s probably the bloody pisceans that do it for me i suppose.

    Saggigal described why i just want a sagg man to fall for me… *whammo* a lifetime of fun, freedom and adventure.

    scorps: it feels like it’s all about me, but i think it’s actually all about them…

    Virgo: prowln cat, you have described exactly what it is about virgo men that i like. the brains! the dedication! the perveted sex appeal! the cute stubble! the mental games! but no sizzle?

    maybe i can narrow this down by seeing which sun signs don’t do it for me (as much):
    Leos (ego?..effort),
    Cancer (so intuitive, caring but never tried one),
    Cap (love caps in every other way but i need more passion / emo)
    Libra (wtf)
    Gemini (conversations and madness great, but no 1+1 connectivity so far)
    Aquarius: no clingy shite (a pro and a con). embrace wierdness. see Gemini…
    Aries: the energy! the verve! the chutzpah! phew!

    signed, verbal pisces

    • *chuckles* yuh well I s’ppose getting handed a thesis on “the most appropriate and efficient way in which this relationship will work” turns the sizzle to a sozzle. My Saggo moon/Gem Asc starts yawning and deliberately breaking the rules just to see their mental circuits spazz.

      • i understand… :) i think I often refuse to operate to specification (not even consciously, i just do it) simply to see where / how the system will break. It’s good to know the weakest links :)

  23. Gaaaaaaaaargggh (wipes drool off lip). SCOOOOOOOOORPIO’S. Am a Taureau like the loverly TA above and seems we share a taste. Oh those Scorpio boys. Mmmm. Totally dangerous, but knee weakeningly gorgeous.

    Have Scorp ascendant, Aqua moon and Gem Venus so have loved a selection (Cancer, Virgo, Scorp, Saggi) but the most lust worthy was the Scorp. I can pick them by the way my brain turns to mush (well, actually it turns to naughty things) when I meet them.

  24. Capricorn men and Virgo men. They have to be smart – when it comes to intellectual capacity, I’m a size queen.

  25. First love and last love both Pisces…

    Guess that says something…

    Ar Sun..

  26. Capricorn, Aquas = instant lust. Gemini and Saggis most fun and best btw sheets. Run a mile from Aries and Scorps (after bad experiences). Have great friendships with male Bulls but never lusted for them.

    Pisces asc, Gem venus, Cancer moon/mars, Leo sun, Merc/Uranus/Pluto conj in 7thin Virgo.

  27. Not sure if I have a fave, but cannot bear scorpio men as partners! Very strange, as I am a scorp, and a massive proportion of my girlfriends are also scorps, but the guys I find to be too intense, and as someone above wrote so well, ‘It seems to be all about me, when it is really all about them.’ (not directly quoted) I am too sunny and upbeat for their moodiness.

    • Upbeat Scorpleus, totally agree with you – cannot bear Scorp men. It’s okay though, more to go around for peeps who DO like them… hehe.

      Do you know your moon/venus/rising ?

      • it *is* interesting as to how these signs play out through the genders (and i say that with full recognition that male/female doesnt directly corespond with ‘masculine/feminine’)… ie, the scorp thing, do women and men manifest it differently, or is it just down to how its balanced with moon/venus etc as scorp.robot suggests? (and im inclined to agree…)

        just interestng as im totally not into aquarian men, no offence to them as people, but certainly not attracted to them. yet love my female aquarian girlfriends, and aquarian females in general. it may be my aquarian moon (they ‘get’ me) but just weird that that doesnt translate to lusting after the male variety.

        the other weird thing for me, with my more slezaoid attraction to saggi men, is that the sign i attract most is cancer men and i have NO IDEA why. its totally strange but they are the ones most smitten… i have virtually no water in my chart so its always struck me as odd….

        • perhaps that’s why saggigal. You have no water so perhaps find it attractive in others. An astrologer once did my sister’s chart – she’s a Leo, all fire and a few earth planets – virtually no air signs. The astrologist said “she’ll probably be very attracted to air signs”
          Yep – she married a Libran.

          • i meant that i attract them to me, not that im attracted to them as such… as i said above, i generally am attracted to saggi men!!

  28. Aquarian and Capricorn men. Attract the Aquarians like flies, but when they come up for air, they run like hell. Mutual fascination with Capricorns, love them, admire them, can’t understand them, wish they understood me (but they don’t). They trail after me, and I after them.
    Gem Sun Aqaurius Moon Taurus rising

  29. Scorps definately the Scorpio of the male species.

    Especialy the hyper-intelligent, A-type personality, out-there mixing up at big end of town ones – totally my opposite, except of course the hyper-intelligent bit :) In the end though I can never cope with the sub-text and the hot and cold come-here-go-away-no-come-here-again head games. A few years back there was a stream of them one after another.

    Am totally over fellow Librans – married to one for yonks and a long-term relationship a year to two ago.

    Now happily mated with a lovely, slightly whacky Piscean.

    Libra Sun, Virgo rising, Cancer Moon, and Venus in Scorpio

  30. I’m a Libra sun/Sag moon/Capricorn rising and I have a thing for Pisces. Or perhaps they have a thing for me? Both of the guys that I really fell for were February born Pisces who were a bit girly looking. The first had an Aquarius moon and the second had a Scorpio moon.

    What’s *really* great is that I didn’t know either one’s birthday for awhile after starting to like them and have known at least 3-5 other people who I got along with quite well only to find out later they were Pisces as well. I only put the pattern together a few years ago.

  31. I’ve had immediate connections with other Leos… I like to think of it as a sort of pack mentality. πŸ˜› But in the end, I usually turn them down.

    Librans on the other hand… I think it’s my libra rising that does me in with them.

  32. Taureans always blow me away with their physicality, good taste, desire for comfort, and sheer and utter dirty sexiness. Taureans are always rather bossy, however — and a Taurean never takes no for an answer, very difficult to break up with if they’ve decided you’re it. Taureans can also be kind of lazy about calling. Geminis are hella fun. And I’ve had amazing relationships with Virgo men, they are special. Always kinky beneath that geeky choirboy front. (I guess being one makes me biased.) But for the last year I have been plagued by a set of Librans, all boys, all absurdly beautiful, all with birthdays around the same time. Librans are such slippery elven creatures — lots of romanticore talk, diplomatic and so very attentive, but it’s hard to ascertain how they really feel about you. Apart from my current, that is, who is the most grounded Libran I’ve ever met. Maybe that’s his Virgo ascendant showing.

    I am Virgo Sun/Ascendant, Venus in Leo, Mercury in Libra — at least I appear to know how to talk to the Librans.

    • hey twice the virgo, i love your description of taureans, not a little truth there i reckon, LOL!

      but i’m with mystic’s mate, not-the-typical-virgo, my HM is a pommy Leo, totally eccentric with it, almost archetypal! (i shall have to tell him taureans never take no for an answer, perhaps we like a challenge, any comments other taureans??)

      (taurus sun, cancer ascendent, virgo moon)

      • I’m taurus sun, cancer moon, virgo ascendant.

        No only means no if WE say it :)

        I have a very low boredom threshold – always looking for a challenge. Never got on with Leos, but currently surronded by them and we’re doing OK. But they are awfully good fun to flirt with, including the gay men.

        • i’m starting to understand My Taurus a bit better with these comments…other than the food and sex elements of course which are front and centre (ahem, so to speak)

  33. Oh Gawd, need I even say it?

    Obviously, Scorp men. Am ruined I think. Even my male gay best friends are Scorps…you know, scorch me tender, scorch me true…

    But truly is not just the sizzle. Is the fact that I live in One Pluto Place, the Depths, Hades and frankly, they seem to be the only one who inscrutably nod with wordless understanding, as if to say, I UNDERSTAND the shite, baby..


    • awww FA that’s one helluva piece of real estate. ………………………..

    • hey FA. How the hell are you? (pun intended). You’ve been away for a while.

      • Babes, I had been abducted by Seminar Mania… so non stop slogging writing boring crap about regulations makes for one very very dull angel. However, presentation was a success and bosses stunned at public speaking abilities.

        And by stunned, I mean looking at me as if I grew another head, or wing as it may be. Have missed the blog ever so…

        Yes, do you like my elegant address? It is THE one recession proof piece of property ever, but does require that one be essentially fire proof to live there, when in full flame. Or able to sustain sub zero temps when flame off. Or at the very least not vibe insane over extremes…

  34. However I did go through a solidly Taurean phase where all my significant people were Toros…friends, lovers, pets, you name it…

    I seem to bring the stalker out in Leos and Virgo men, not that they are naturally, but is the resulting effect a la moi. And though I am totally baffled by them, Aqua Men seem to like me, in that curious robot kind of way? Like hello, little singed be-winged creature, how sexy is the Exorcist??

    • toro/scorp… same same – inside every toro is a seething scorp waiting to pounce and inside every scorp is a loyal faithful toro waiting to be noticed…

      • HOW ever so true is that lovely TA! Yes, and the same penchant for structure. So essentially I have been dating the same man turned inside out, is that right? haha

    • Anyone a virgo is interested in brings out the stalker in them. We don’t mean it, we just throw ourselves into whatever we’re interested in! I always feel like a stalker when I find someone interesting, because I remember all the little details from our conversation. Whoops!

  35. Sun and Rising: Kataka
    I used to have a ‘thing’ for Leo men. I am cured of that now… But, Scorpios for sure, and lately a perverse interest in Aquarians.

  36. I have ALWAYS been melted by saggi men, so why did I marry a Gemini?

    am with a sagg now and it has been heaven. The love of my life was a saggi and we are still connected even tho he has gone up to one of those stars he pointed out to me many moons ago. I think he sent me my current sagg just so I wouldn’t fret for him.

    I’m pisces with Leo rising with lots of other pisces in my other planets.

    This line has been fun. xx

  37. Aries for sure. I married one! They are a recurring theme in my life. Runner up goes to Virgo, very strong attraction. Taureans and Caps are OK, but fail to remain interesting. Air and water signs don’t seem to do it for me, and not interested in Sag men or Leo men.

    Cap sun, Pisces moon, Scorp rising, Venus in Sag.

  38. Oh yes, am with Ms Motown when it comes to Aquarians. Leo rising, Uranus conjunct Venus, so perhaps not surprising. With the latest one, it was almost chemical, even if he was being annoying or didn’t look that hot, I just needed to smell or touch his skin and that was it…

  39. Taurus physicality is chemically addictive but too conservative

    Gems are a delightful mercurial ride on a clever carpet (but I’m a Piscean so as a match there’s just way too much mutual recreational fibbing going on)

    Hello Aqua w.t.f?

    Never again Leo!!!

    Cancerian men are “the thing” but the weeping?

    Never had…..but Scorpio?

    Pisces (Sun/Asc) Leo (Mars) Aqua (Venus)

  40. Hmmm…looking back at my string of serious dudes there haven’t been any repeats! I’m a Scorpio with Leo rising and Venus in Libra…most frustrating “relationship” was a Saggo of course, most intense/explosive was a Libra, most obviously thinking with parts other than the brain was a Leo.

    The two men I feel most soulfully connected to–but no physical attraction whatsoever, which sucks because we harmonize beautifully otherwise–are both Geminis.

    Taurus men I find incredibly physically attractive but they’ve always been super-aware of it, which kills it for me.

    Hopefully this Pisces I am crushing on will be much better.

  41. Ahem.. Gemini here

    Had a thing for those beautiful Cancerian folk – fell madly for them but it never worked out. Why am I attracted to these people when it actually doesn’t work? Still quietly optimistic, maybe that’s the problem.

    Virgo’s- surrounded by them in flocks actually.

    Love Aries sign- it always seems to get overheated very quickly, inflamed maybe.

    Taureans- best friends

    Pisces- seem to always have one around me at anytime

    Aquarian- longest running relationship, we have lots to talk about maybe too much actually

    Love Sag always attract them at a party, best time ever with a sag around

    Caps- much love for them

    Scorps- beware of the lure it’s always there, exciting

    • Mandy, speaking as one from the tribe of Kataka, perhaps our men folk with air rising or moon in air signs will do better for you?

      I find it tempers the emotionality… I am Virgo Rising with an Aqua Moon, Cancer Sun, Venus in Leo. And find that my Aqua moon tends me to be uncharacteristically logical in emoting though no less intense.. a Gem would appreciate that I think.

      • I agree & yes appreciate that. I am Virgo Rising with Gem Moon, Gem Sun & Venus in Gem. Maybe too much Gem going on?

  42. Over the years I’ve just had a lust type…with mixed assortment of signs…on a lust basis it’s like eons of german genes seek same…although I’m not currently blond.

    Men of the tall, blond,cheek bones you cut your finger on, craggy…mmm shoulders, must actually have a bottom and if also have brain with twists and turns…am sunk. Have found this basic visual pattern in Taurean, Cap format.

    Will broaden horizons beyond initial attraction to include men of many different shapes, colourings and sizes based on brain/humour. This is when it gets to the Scorps, and Librans.

    Find leo men easy. heh…yes well on all sorts of basis, but still also easy to understand…do not get caught up in their games as can outgame them…so they’re fun…mostly. Do agree with Leoine that there is a bit of a pack mentality.

    Oh yeah, Leo Sun, Scorp Moon and Taurus rising which begs the question TA if there is a scorp seething within each Taurus I quiver to think what is going on in me?

    • Also have venus in virgo which does tend towards a quirk or too involving framing lust worthy man in white sheets, but I think the rest of my chart negates any need for neatness between them…the sheets that is. Do like a man that clean up well…although a bit of scruff isn’t a bad thing sometimes too.

  43. I’m sun and moon and a few others in Taurus, Aquarius Rising.

    Ah, married to a Taurus whose face I will never tire of, and always keep a few platonic Taurean men close.

    Dreadful time with not one, but two mofo Aries men (drug f-ed musicians). What was I thinking?

    Heart broken twice, both by Saggis, though years after the fact it came to light that both were actually adoring but terrified.

    Two Pisceans, one I almost married but luckily came to my senses as he turned me into a anxious, jealous monster, the other fortunately not the marrying type and even more fortunately lives 22 flying hours away because he still has the potential to make my head explode, a decade or so after the fact. There was so much chemistry going on there, people would actually stop and stare at us.

    To cut a long story short I feel deep, enduring love for Taureans (is that retarded or narcissistic?), but at the same time, Pisceans seem to have a strange mystical kind of hold over me.

  44. Femme virgo with virgo rising here, I have a terrible THING for geminis as well! I can’t help myself! I never want to have a solid relationship with them, but I love secret liasons with Gemini men and women! Perhaps it’s because we’re both so sneaky and easily able to lead double-lives. There’s one in particular, who always happens to be with another woman (which is terrible, and I recently broke it off for which I am proud of myself), but whenever we were together we watched 30s horror films and listened to Joy Division and romanced like an old gothic novel. Amazing sex with that one, too, I’ll certainly miss it.
    I also have a small thing for cancer boys. I think it’s because they’re so ready and willing to love everyone/everything and I’m so modest and hard-headed in that department. I feel like I can open up around them. Another love of mine are Aries women. All fiery and passionate and stubborn. Well, maybe it’s just this particular Aries woman. She’s going to college for theortical physics (which I find so attractive.), so we decided because of the long-distance thing we’d be better off staying platonic until we can be close to each other again. We keep each other motivated due to us both being so driven.
    Although, I think one of my favourite signs are Capricorn-Aquarius cusps. I can’t deal with straight Capricorns (because the young ones try so hard to please people, I feel like I never know who they are. I can’t deal with inauthenticity.) and I DEFINITELY can’t deal with straight Aquarians (every horoscope for that is right, once the novelty wears off, FORGET IT! They’re so flighty and unpredictable! My extra-virgoan ways cannot handle it), but somehow a mix of the two is pure perfection. Even if I disagree with a cap-aquar in the grand scheme of things we find a way to agree on it. It makes for wonderful intellectual conversations, and that’s what I’m really looking for. I AM a virgo afterall ;D. Win my mind, THEN my body!

  45. Oh wow, what a brilliant thread! Have really enjoyed reading all the responses here.

    Physically, I’m attracted to Geminis, Pisces, Scorpio & Librans (not in general but am currently in unrequited love with a libran who has a lot of scorp in his chart, think that’s why). My Gemini romance went wrong: was amazing at first, but he was too non-committal for me – am a Gem myself, but have Venus in Taurus so it’s a tricky mix. Plus Mars in Cancer & Leo Rising makes me a hotbed of mixed signals: but I am very appealing to a certain type of Libra man (not the type I’m attracted to, unfortunately.)
    Leos I feel an instant sexual connection with, 9 times out of 10. Conversation is easy & flirtatious with them, have no idea what they would be like in a relationship though. Scorps & Pisces really appeal to my Mars in Cancer watery sensitive tortured side. I am a poet, I tend to fancy poetic men. Totally into those skinny pretty types & NOT into the muscly masculine male either, unpredictablepisces! I get on great with Aries & Aqua men.

    On top of this, I always fall hopelessly for Cancer women. Stunning, brainy, sensual, emotional, they have me wrapped around their little finger and they really know how to mess with my approval-needing heart. Totally get the it-doesn’t-work-out thing expressed above, yet every time I fall for them.

  46. I gave up my passion for dodgy pisceans.. mad chemistry

    there was an early 20s phase of first week sagg’s
    but I am also quite fond of sagg cap cusps

    Now I am a magnet for virgos but I try to avoid anything with too much Libra

    Bond quite sisterly with aquarian men but cant stay for too long

    Side note: I thought as a scorpio woman that pairing up with another scorpio would make fabulous kinky wild emo connection but no, its not at all. Funny.

  47. Interestingly, I had a spate of “affairs” with Aries men when I was very young and inexperienced. My innocent pixie Gemini self must’ve drawn them in to me. Oddly enough, I was still a virgin and was never actually deflowered by any of them. An Aquarian claimed that honor. We connected on an idealized romantic plane.

    My super-lust instant chemistry connections are usually those brooding Scorpio artist types or the eccentric bon vivant Cap types. Can’t resist either…both are bad for me in any sort of long-term sense.

    Right now I am crushing HARD on two different Cancer men. Must be a maturing thing, they never used to appeal to me before. But these two are super-charming and flirty. Don’t come off clingy at all, probably because they are already surrounded by women. Sigh….

  48. Oh, and OF COURSE I had my Libran man phase. Two long-term boyfriends in a row were Libras….they were both brilliant, agreeable, romantic, yet oddly…had a lot of problems connecting to people. These two in particular were also VERY high-maintenance…very hard on themselves AND me. Not fun…blasted out of those 2 relationships very emotionally-drained.

    So now I’m with a sunny, confident Leo…ahhhhhhhh, room to breath! The only thing I have to deal with now is that fiery temper. But at least making up is fun. :)

  49. Give me a hot Capricorn any day of the week. I’ve never slept with any but by golly have I lusted after a few! There’s something totally irresistable about them! I reckon I could go a few days without surfacing from the bedroom if I were single and had half a chance πŸ˜‰

    Thought the thought of an adventurous Gemini is quite fun too πŸ˜‰ For a one-night fling.

    (Mystic did say this post was not about reality so am being totally fantasy island here – I wouldn’t actually trade my Taurean wife in for anyone)

  50. Taurus girl= Scorpio Male, anywhere in sun, venus, ascendant…need I say more??

    Aries men for me, mentally emotional messed up. Cancer sun, rising, momma’s boys that need to save face, needy, charming, tragic, great friends though. Libra anywhere, whining, complaining, drama, draining, neurotic, INDECISIVE and yet sweet, noble, lovely hard to let go. Saggittarius man, talks a lot about self, in love with self, but free like me. Virgo too anal.

  51. libra here – it’s all about the aqua males, you know. they have it – that spark. not surprisingly, they represented about 80% of my dates, affairs and relationships. i am not sure there is any other sign for me, lol

  52. I am an aries.

    I have been known to hook up with virgos, unintentionally..I tell myself never again, and then I do it again. Funny, smart, but hard to tie down. Arguments always arise. However, after the relationship ends we become decent friends.

    I have dated a few aries men. We both have creative minds and don’t ever fight. To in my face though. I always end up running fast and far away. I always abrubtly leave every time. They are always to hurt to be friends.

    I have dated libra…bad bad bad…bad opposites don’t always attract. Lie, cheat, lie, cheat…lie…argue..lie…However, the boyfriend that really helped me in times of need..even if he really didn’t want to.and normally he didn’t want to.

    One leo. Very sweet, easy to talk to…but very lazy and nosey. I was the one working on the car because it was to cold outside for him.

    The so called love of my life…Gemini. He had a habit of dissapearing .We are still in contact but no longer together. Both of us connected on an overemotional level, lustful, creativity flowed. He lied alot however…his personalities always kept me on edge. However, we rarely faught. Only person I dated that truley made me feel comfortable being myself.

    I dated a couple Scorpios. They always creep me out, lol. I like being close to someone but sometimes the closeness seemes like a creepy stalker pervert. They are better off friends..awekward friends. Very open for disscussing most anything and in a relationship give you your freedom.

    I just recently met an aquarian. Havn’t known him for that long but I feel like it’s love at first sight. Very romantic, funny, handsom, creative down to earth. There was this almost magic aura around us. I have felt this way a couple times before but when we hung out it was instant smiles and almost perfect days everytime. He once asked me if I loved him, I took it as a joke and said, “I don’t know u that well yet.” At least I think he was joking. My friend, capricorn, thought it was kind of a odd statement. However, one day he stopped texting and or calling out of no where. Then after a week was like hey..which I thought was odd. After reading more about aquarious I think it’s just a space issue. Which I totally undersand because I am the same way. We have plans for hiking soon. We will see what happens..

  53. I am a Sorpio woman. I have a THING (in the pantsular region) for Leo men.
    I can’t explain it. Also Taurus men. But they are my opposite sign, so that’s understandable.

  54. taurus girl and here’s my story:
    instant animal attraction :capricorn and scorpio
    boyfriend material: i love my fellow taurus’s . love them.
    and scorpio men. my best relationships have been w/Taurus and Scorps.

  55. I’m a libra, asc capricorn, moon scorpio. The signs that do it for me are earth signs, specially taurus and virgo. Even though a libran, I can’t live without emotional safety, so air and fire signs are dangerous. And water signs are just boring to me, too much feelings and no action.

  56. Saggo men!! I’m digging how many chicas on this page have commmented saying the same… hehe I am saggo w aries rising and leo moon so fire fire! Although over the last year I have had quite a thing for some Cap guys… don’t know what thats about!