Sun Sign Survey: Which Sign Do You Have a Sexual THING For?

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And here we go with more helpful research; Which Sun Sign Does IT for you? I don’t mean launch into a homage to your Official Sig-Other or reminisce re your most officially important relationship. This is actually a sleazoid question. Venus IS applying to a hard Pluto square, yes?  Soooo, out of ALL the signs and over ALL of your sexual history, which Sun Sign are you most likely to have a THING for?

Aries men are my TYPE & statistically i have racked up a disproportionate number of them + Leos.  Aquarius men are my thing ever since Uranus began to cross my Piscean Venus early last year. But the stupid sign that i have the THING for would have to be Gemini men. Oh Lord. I was discussing skiing – for some reason and i don’t actually really ski – the other day and had the most visceral flash of this Gemini Ski instructor i had a THING with yonks ago. It’s hard to define the THING. Instant lust, obviously, and also something weird that occurs in the first few moments of meeting that could be most easily classified as w.t.f. And I know it the moment i meet a Gemini man, his spacie little flaked out eyes & all.

Sun Sign THINGS amongst my friends: Not-The-Typical Virgo has a big THING for English Leos, especially bon vivants. It has got to the point that if we go to a party and there is a loud Pom type opening a bottle of champagne & laughing Leonically, I clutch her arm.

Saggo Fascinator goes ape for Saggo Yachties & outdoorsy types.  She especially likes them when they’re literally off to Patagonia the next week. All the sex, chemistry and yearning but none of what she calls “the nonsense.”  Libran Comedian (male) has an insane thing for coltish looking Virgoan fashionistas. Scorpio Sex Academic has a thing for Libran men who resemble the elves from Lord Of The Rings….I could crap on for yonks re this but will now….

Citing YOUR Sun Sign please, which Sign do you have a THING for?

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93 thoughts on “Sun Sign Survey: Which Sign Do You Have a Sexual THING For?

  1. I gave up my passion for dodgy pisceans.. mad chemistry

    there was an early 20s phase of first week sagg’s
    but I am also quite fond of sagg cap cusps

    Now I am a magnet for virgos but I try to avoid anything with too much Libra

    Bond quite sisterly with aquarian men but cant stay for too long

    Side note: I thought as a scorpio woman that pairing up with another scorpio would make fabulous kinky wild emo connection but no, its not at all. Funny.

  2. Interestingly, I had a spate of “affairs” with Aries men when I was very young and inexperienced. My innocent pixie Gemini self must’ve drawn them in to me. Oddly enough, I was still a virgin and was never actually deflowered by any of them. An Aquarian claimed that honor. We connected on an idealized romantic plane.

    My super-lust instant chemistry connections are usually those brooding Scorpio artist types or the eccentric bon vivant Cap types. Can’t resist either…both are bad for me in any sort of long-term sense.

    Right now I am crushing HARD on two different Cancer men. Must be a maturing thing, they never used to appeal to me before. But these two are super-charming and flirty. Don’t come off clingy at all, probably because they are already surrounded by women. Sigh….

  3. Oh, and OF COURSE I had my Libran man phase. Two long-term boyfriends in a row were Libras….they were both brilliant, agreeable, romantic, yet oddly…had a lot of problems connecting to people. These two in particular were also VERY high-maintenance…very hard on themselves AND me. Not fun…blasted out of those 2 relationships very emotionally-drained.

    So now I’m with a sunny, confident Leo…ahhhhhhhh, room to breath! The only thing I have to deal with now is that fiery temper. But at least making up is fun. 🙂

  4. Give me a hot Capricorn any day of the week. I’ve never slept with any but by golly have I lusted after a few! There’s something totally irresistable about them! I reckon I could go a few days without surfacing from the bedroom if I were single and had half a chance 😉

    Thought the thought of an adventurous Gemini is quite fun too 😉 For a one-night fling.

    (Mystic did say this post was not about reality so am being totally fantasy island here – I wouldn’t actually trade my Taurean wife in for anyone)

  5. Taurus girl= Scorpio Male, anywhere in sun, venus, ascendant…need I say more??

    Aries men for me, mentally emotional messed up. Cancer sun, rising, momma’s boys that need to save face, needy, charming, tragic, great friends though. Libra anywhere, whining, complaining, drama, draining, neurotic, INDECISIVE and yet sweet, noble, lovely hard to let go. Saggittarius man, talks a lot about self, in love with self, but free like me. Virgo too anal.

  6. libra here – it’s all about the aqua males, you know. they have it – that spark. not surprisingly, they represented about 80% of my dates, affairs and relationships. i am not sure there is any other sign for me, lol

  7. I am an aries.

    I have been known to hook up with virgos, unintentionally..I tell myself never again, and then I do it again. Funny, smart, but hard to tie down. Arguments always arise. However, after the relationship ends we become decent friends.

    I have dated a few aries men. We both have creative minds and don’t ever fight. To in my face though. I always end up running fast and far away. I always abrubtly leave every time. They are always to hurt to be friends.

    I have dated libra…bad bad bad…bad opposites don’t always attract. Lie, cheat, lie, cheat…lie…argue..lie…However, the boyfriend that really helped me in times of need..even if he really didn’t want to.and normally he didn’t want to.

    One leo. Very sweet, easy to talk to…but very lazy and nosey. I was the one working on the car because it was to cold outside for him.

    The so called love of my life…Gemini. He had a habit of dissapearing .We are still in contact but no longer together. Both of us connected on an overemotional level, lustful, creativity flowed. He lied alot however…his personalities always kept me on edge. However, we rarely faught. Only person I dated that truley made me feel comfortable being myself.

    I dated a couple Scorpios. They always creep me out, lol. I like being close to someone but sometimes the closeness seemes like a creepy stalker pervert. They are better off friends..awekward friends. Very open for disscussing most anything and in a relationship give you your freedom.

    I just recently met an aquarian. Havn’t known him for that long but I feel like it’s love at first sight. Very romantic, funny, handsom, creative down to earth. There was this almost magic aura around us. I have felt this way a couple times before but when we hung out it was instant smiles and almost perfect days everytime. He once asked me if I loved him, I took it as a joke and said, “I don’t know u that well yet.” At least I think he was joking. My friend, capricorn, thought it was kind of a odd statement. However, one day he stopped texting and or calling out of no where. Then after a week was like hey..which I thought was odd. After reading more about aquarious I think it’s just a space issue. Which I totally undersand because I am the same way. We have plans for hiking soon. We will see what happens..

  8. I am a Sorpio woman. I have a THING (in the pantsular region) for Leo men.
    I can’t explain it. Also Taurus men. But they are my opposite sign, so that’s understandable.

  9. I’m a libra, asc capricorn, moon scorpio. The signs that do it for me are earth signs, specially taurus and virgo. Even though a libran, I can’t live without emotional safety, so air and fire signs are dangerous. And water signs are just boring to me, too much feelings and no action.

  10. Saggo men!! I’m digging how many chicas on this page have commmented saying the same… hehe I am saggo w aries rising and leo moon so fire fire! Although over the last year I have had quite a thing for some Cap guys… don’t know what thats about!