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This pic makes me think of what would have happened to Winona Ryder in Heathers had she grown up and become an architect. BUT anyway, the Astro-Sun-Sign Query Du Jour is Smoking. Do you? Would you? Did you? Could you?

Smoking is technically sort of Mars-Neptunian as it is an addiction but there is probably MORE to it than that. I don’t but I did once. Yet this is not a forum to air hideous health issues. It’s bad-bad-bad. My Gemini G.P. puts it up there with wheat & dairy, lol. It’s more whether it goes with any particular sign or astro-signature.

I know several Scorps and Aquarians who – honestly – go from Vipassana for ten days & then straight to some inquity hole of shame for a smoking binge. One Aquarian male claims that it is important for his chart “to earth him.”  As he has hardly any Earth in his chart. I have also a girlfriend in love with a Scorpio Ex-Commando who takes icy cold showers, eats things like grapefruits and prunes for brek with black coffee, abuses laxatives if he feels “fat” and smokes as if the world would cease to turn should he stop. I surmise that they are also both signs who HATE to have the government telling them to do anything. They’d think it a conspiracy & you can get into an argument during which the Scorp or Aqua chain smokes and heatedly points out shit that The Government has done over the years.

My ex The Uranian (Aquarius with Moon conjunct Uranus in Libra) tied it in with his Bolshevik stance but only if they are rollies. That – to him – is like an important distinction. I know a Scorpio woman who thinks it doesn’t count so long as it is after midnight.

But the hardcore habitual smokers tend also to be Capricorns – they’re not doing it in insane Scorp-Aqua style from-the-health-spa to the local shame-hole. They’re moderate & secretly think that what they’re doing is somehow still a form of being suave. This is totally anecdotal…Least likely; Librans or strongly Libran types. They’re too scent-aware to hack it.

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100 thoughts on “Sun Sign Survey: Smoking

  1. Yes, I smoke, and I also use the ‘earths me ‘ excuse. Its my only addiction other than sex and a variety of illegal drugs, and I roll my own, so its much healthier !

  2. I have struggled with ciggies for years, I stopped for pregnancies, anxiety pangs, high blood pressure, I should not be smoking and even with all these ailments hindering my health I still end up having a puff and then some. Is it a Gemini thang? Maybe Im easily led? dunno. You are so right about Capricorns, ex-cappie had what could be called an affair with smoking: when, where and how. He would hold it like he was royalty or some aristocrat, sucking the life force out of it till it caved in right down to the butt. It was sickening to watch even for a smoker and he just luuurrrvvved it.

  3. I had never smoked cigarettes (and had been hardcore anti-smoking) until I moved to Canberra last year. Now I am friends with some “social smokers”. I limit myself to one or two puffs per outing (yes puffs, not whole cigarettes).

    I am partial to the occasional (read once a year) cigar though. Was introduced to them by a Cypriot colleague, who used them as part of his seduction technique when trying to get me to have an affair with him. I had no intention of sleeping with him, but quite enjoyed the cigar.

  4. P.S. As far as addictions go, I have one of those great canvas bags from Elizabeth’s Bookshop that says “it is not my only addiction, but it is the one of which I am most fond”. This certainly doesn’t apply to smoking for me, but definitely to books, wine, chocolate and great sex (in no particular order)

  5. Am nauseaus contemplating it. Have never ever smoked, despite the fact that everyone else in my family does, and have always found even the slightest suggestion of smoke makes me feel ill. Unfortunately I’m seeing a Gemini who said he was a non-smoker, then confessed he was a reformed smoker and now says he smokes ‘very rarely’ and that he’s not addicted to the nicotine just the ‘ritual’ yet every time I see him I can sense, smell, taste that he’s been smoking, despite his mint gum and showers. Its absolutely killing my libido.

  6. I WAS a smoker, on and off – obviously not during pregnancy or breastfeeding but for slenderising afterwards (I know, dumb dumb dumb)… Mercury in Gemini in the twelfth house opposite Neptune in Scorpio in the sixth house – this is the aspect of addiction and deception.

    Finally quit about 6 years ago by taking up serious meditation and de-brainwashing myself re the ‘benefits’ of smoking. To tell the truth it was something I was ashamed of anyway as never a good look on a mother so that when I became a single mother I became frightened of appearing anything like one of those poor bogan women shuffling along behind the filthy stroller in frayed jeans (too long for them) and Kmart shoes with a fag in thin-lipped mouth, greasy hair stinking of tar and the kids all asthmatic. YUCK. I know, I took my addiction out by pulling the class argument.

    CUB is a libran and he smokes, but mostly only when drinking/working and channelling his sadge mars. He does have a remarkable sense of smell, in spite of all the abuse he gives his nose!

  7. I smoked from 18 til 35. I found it really really difficult to give up. I’d decide on a date and then get up and smoke twice as much on that morning. How I did eventually give up was on a Yoga Chi Gung retreat for teachers in training. The first one I went on I gave up while i was on it but I came back and smoked just as much. The second one a year later I must have worked through whatever emotional blockage or issue because when I came back I no longer wanted to smoke. I just didn’t.

    I’ve never craved another cigarette. there were no withdrawals, no social habits that niggled when I went out. I can hang out with my smoking friends with no issues. I’ve been smoke free for 3 years ago now.

    As part of studying Chi Gung I’ve looked at the energy meridians. The lung meridian is the meridian most affected by smoking. This is related to grief. So in short, smoking represses grief.

    (Sun Cancer, Moon Cancer Mercury Cancer, Venus Gemini, Mars Aquarius, Virgo rising)

    • So in short, smoking represses grief.

      Ne’er a truer word! I tried to give up a few months ago and cried from the moment I woke up until about lunchtime when I thought, ‘fuck this’. Thought I’d have to go on anti-depressants or summit in order to stop . . . (crying). Don’t really want to, quite like my grumpy, self and find anti-deps in the past have made me feel quite off-centre.

      I did real Alan Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking a few times, and found it helpful and inspiring. Would prefer not to smoke/stink.

  8. I am not a smoker. I was a vocal anti-smoker person. Then in my work i had to second hand smoke all the time. I’ve come to associate it with relaxing. I just went to thailand and smoked up a storm and really quite liked it. That beautiful rush with the inhale…. Left the smokes in thailand though. I will miss them.

    • Funny. Am a non smoker here in Australia (flirted with it socially as a youngster but nada for years) but when I’m in Asia (go about every second year) I smoke up a storm.

      Hate smoke here, hate the smell, the taste, the everything, but there I refuse to feel guilt or shame and enjoy it immensely. Its like I let myself off the hook there but funny thing is never ever crave them here. Wonder what it is in my chart that could influence that behaviour? Nothing major in Cap. Oh though have Scorp ascendant and Aqua moon.

  9. Fifteen years ago, every 3rd person i saw for massage was a smoker.
    Always asked as the breathwork techniques would cause their hands
    to spasm & bodies vibrate.
    Nowadays i don’t even ask as it’s so very rare.
    Smoking is a sign of not getting enough breath. Watch the pattern of
    Did smoke in my early years so i am sympatico & also said ‘it earthed me’.
    Never heard that reason before from anyone, David & Myst.
    Was told in 70’s by elder white haired ‘guru’ that smoking kept angels away! He was from
    Tabacco itself is not harmful if used in ritual as in American Indians peace pipe. The chemicals in
    ready made especially el cheapo’s is the killers.
    The lungs & grief really correspond as resumed for a while when Mother died but only
    Black Russians & Cartier, figured if i got lung cancer could hit them up for a bracelet,
    instead i smoked the bracelet….and ring……and brooch…..and watch. Silly me.
    As Mel Gibson said ‘it’s harder to give up than herion’ (or was that Mickey Rouke’s quote)!
    Greeks & French are heavy smokers, europeans in general in fact.
    Pipe Dreams……….Walter Raleigh has a lot to answer for:)

  10. I mainly smoke when drunk, outside, at night, surveying the street with friends who are trying to rediscover some panoramic “I own this city!” kind of vibe.

    Smoking’s good for posing, thinking or arguing. I don’t see it as an everyday thing. I also lean much towards the roll-your-owns as making the cigarette aids in laying the foundations of a conversation between two people who have broken away from a party for a D&M.

  11. I totally wasn’t going to comment on this one until I saw the bit about Caps at the end, and it’s spooky. You’re right. I don’t smoke, normally, but I did in college. I was a social smoker, I guess. But then I became a regular smoker, smoking in my apartment, and stuff. After I quit, I still had to fight the urge to smoke socially, and sometimes failed. There have been times when I just said “forget it” and smoked for like a week because of some special circumstance, like being around a ton of writers who all smoked constantly. Now, I normally don’t like smoking anymore, and if I don’t *need* it, it just makes me feel sick. But I have anxiety issues, so sometimes when I get really upset at work, I end up having one. That’s pretty rare, but getting more common as my job gets more stressful. I don’t particularly like the taste of cigars, but I totally secretly think they’re sexy and cool.

  12. Libran and love it – don’t do it anymore but I LOVE the ritual of it – rollies, pipes, cigars, blunts – whatever. Loved it with a coffee, while talking on the phone, as a way to procrastinate, as a way to bond with others, as a way to marry liquor to something. It goes with stuff you know?

    Never did it in restaurants or in other people’s houses – had rules and regulations about it – boundaries of decency for the benefit of others.

    Still roll other peoples sometimes just to smell the fresh damp tobacco. Caught myself stroking the logo on someone’s marlboro llights at their desk the other day – erotic long lost lover styles. Someone saw me do it and I felt ashamed. The pictures of dire illness on the carton is def a turm off.

    I can’t stand the smell of it though – the stale smell on people – it’s like they’re decomposing before my very eyes. I will get off the train and get the next one and be late for wherever I’m going rather than mouth breathe to get by if there’s someone near me who smells of it – the death smell not the usual mild stench that it gives. The mild stench is the smell of weakness and desire to me. It’s human. The other one is when you’ve sold yourself to the devil and he’s permeating.

    When I gave up I felt like a dark shadowy figure had stopped lurking behind me. And I never realised how it smelled until I stopped. I wish someone had told me.

    Libra sun – scorpio moon – neptune in scorpio in the 6th

  13. i find it gross, never was even tempted to smoke, though tried it a couple of times to see what i was missing out on. nothing, it appears! was a bit jealous of the smoking posse thing that would go on out side pubs etc for a while, and i do ‘get’ the ritual element of it. but it seems illogical to me in terms of health and also (i admit) i see it as a bit of a weakness. of course i have my own weaknessess! but smoking aint been one of them.

  14. wow- Mystic totally nails it! Capricorn here (aries rising cancer moon) and smoked for years -A LOT. I’d get up in the night to smoke, just absolutely adored it. Finally quit in time for Libra boyfriend who loathed everything about smoking and smokers.

  15. Cap sun, Libra rising, Cancer moon.

    Did secretly for a while after a friend gave me a smashing silver ciggie case one birthday. I hid a soft packet of ciggies in my room and filled the case when I went out. Felt tres dapper handing them out via a silver case to only a very select few. But that was a “social” thing.

    Then along came the fabulous share house. Three girls who loved the wine and ciggies and pizza nights in the courtyard. These became a very regular occurance. Libran flatmate – who was born without a sense of smell – hated the imagined smell it would leave on the furniture so ciggies were absolutely banned inside! I realised I was getting addicted.

    Got into theatre. Smoked SOOO much as it was always a very practical way to meet people. Met so many wonderful (and famous!) folks when I ducked out of the green room to have a ciggie. I guess there was something “forbidden” about it, sexy even… and yet I never admitted to being a smoker because I thought it sounded “tacky” and I really did HATE the smell.

    Then I got a bad throat infection around my Saturn return and was so paranoid and guilt-ridden, I believed I had throat cancer. So I quit. That’s it. Over. I didn’t have throat cancer at all, but it was enough of a scare to get rid of the nasty burning smelly sticks. I’d been smoking for about 8 years at this stage. Saggo boyfriend didn’t want to quit. He eventually got his Dr to put him on some dodgy pharma medication which turned him PSYCHO but eventually got him off the ciggies – until he found cigars. VILE!!!!!

    Oddly, on some men, the smell of tobacco is quite intoxicating… Tres masculine. But oh the health issues. I just COULDN’T date a smoker now. I would just say no… although the libido says “yes please!”. How odd. My Libra rising is messing with me.

  16. yep, I smoke, moderately and rollies. Can’t stand the taste and smell of taylor-mades. I never smoke in my car or non-smokers areas. It’s my pleasure in my own space and time. I gave up for 5years then started again after my sister was killed so could be a grief thing but after the accident my house was full of smokers; late husband, 2 brothers, daughter and son-out-law, a nephew and quite a few friends. I’d had a city trip and back, walked back into a wave of nicotine and gave in. I haven’t really tried to give it up since. Late husband was a pipe smoker and even when I wasn’t smoking never found the smell offensive. I’ve found reformed smokers seem to have probs with the smell though my son-out-law (ex-smoker) will follow me out so’s to enjoy the smell of mine.

    Cap with neptune square sun and venus…no mars connection

    • Started smoking at high school as a rebellion thing – everyone who was cool was doing it. In those days the school bus was full of smoke. For years, only smoked socially – could do packet on a night out – then not smoke till the following weekend. Could never light up first thing in the morning. Gave up when met ex-hb at uni 18 years ago – he hated the smell and I was already becoming ashamed of the whole smoking thing – healthwise etc. Just gave up with no relapses – never smoked since.

      Leo sun in 6th square Scorp Neptune in 9th (Gave up during a Jupiter transit to my 6th house sun), Mars in Kataka in 5th trine Neptune in 9th.

      • hah only just read back up, if you know what I mean after posting …have to laugh at the comment…’everyone that was cool was doing it..’

        I did met most of my good friends through those years behind sporting structures or detention.

        Also able to give up smoking for lurve…although relapsed a time or two.

    • this is an interesting one!

      i used to smoke, like chesh, moderately and rollies. but for over 30 years, and never even tried to give up, couldn’t contemplate it or life without it, I bought the whole damm story and all the excuses which i now know is just the addiction convincing you that you have to stay addicted.

      one day the switch just flicked, my beloved non-smoking clean living brother died (brain tumour, takes the brightest and the best) and i sort of thought f*** it, i hate this, i’ve got a 10 year old, how can i tell them anything with a fag in one hand and a whiskey in the other!!

      so pissed off to a health resort (spoiling myself), put on the patches, discovered the endorphins of exercise and loving myself for achieving something i thought impossible!!

      yea , haven’t looked back, there is not one thing about my life that hasn’t improved since i stopped smoking but i reckon you’ve got to not think of it as giving something up ‘cos if you do you will white ant yourself and start again at the first stress, you’ve got to put nice things in its place so there’s no sense of deprivation!

      i detest self help books but have to confess that i think Allan Carr’s was the defining thing that helped me give up. its not a physical thing, it’s a head game IMHO.

      i now find the fact i smoked quite incomprehensible! don’t miss it, never miss it, suffer no deficit!

      mind you, i stacked on the weight something chronic, got obese and then had to tackle that but after giving up smoking i had the skills to lose weight, easy as, LOL!

      taurus sun, cancer ascendent, virgo moon

  17. I LOVE the smell of tobacco…. hmmm.
    Smoked for 12 years – nearly a pack a day. My record was two and half packs in one night at a dance party. Loved my ciggies with coffee, with bourbon, chained-smoking on the phone, after sex, during sex… *sigh*. Miss the bonding experience of smoking.
    My vanity made me give up about 5 years ago, became a social smoker then avoided going out altogether – became too hard to have a drink and not scab a ciggie off some stranger.

    My body doesn’t crave nicotine anymore but i still love the ritual and if it wasn’t so unhealthy i’d still be smoking.

    Capricorn rising, neptune in Scorp 10th house, Venus in Libra, Mars in Virgo

  18. Smoked as a minor rebel thing as teenager. Smoked excessively till I met the father of my children. Knew he disliked it greatly as he had been brought up by smokers. Found the first ciggie of the day with a coffee the hardest to give up. Something in corrupting the purity of fresh new air made that first inhale so much sweeter. Did manage to give up though.

    However a couple of years later I reached for ciggies when something really stressful happened. ie Virgo natural sister telling me of the years of abuse she endured. Chainsmoked that afternoon. Reverted to smoking when I had a drink in the other hand.

    My Aries natural mother died of lung cancer. My Virgo sis, Scorp brother and Cancer brother and I after a harrowing couple of days cleaning her house out, stood in kitchen smoking and drinking champagne Virgo Sis and I contributed and then bourbon the boys bought.

    Soon after this I ramped up health attitudes and went vegan. Took serious amount of vibrational remedy drops. Smoked not at all. After about 6months I went to local Irish bar and had two puffs off a rollie. Was sick, literally in bed for two days. Have had no desire what so ever for any ciggie since.

    I have a Pisces aunt who has lived almost exclusively on St Moritz, dark brandy chocolates and dark black coffee. Until her 78th year she was in perfect health.

    Sagg daughter with Cap moon is presently smoking. In her words ‘I busted her smoking’, at the end of one of her friend’s funeral. He had committed suicide and was revived at the scene and then went through about 6 weeks of life support.

    I try hard not to be judgemental about how people (including my loved ones) treat their bodies…(gawd knows I’m not perfect) so said to her as an adult she knew the risks and hoped she grew out of the need for them. Also mentioned did she remember a time when I had reached for ciggies not in position to be hurling stones.

    I find now that I feel rather ick if someone random is walking along with ciggies and come across a cloud of stench. However if with friends and they’re considerately standing aways some, not too adverse to scent. Boundaries again probably.

    I have Leo sun, Taurus Rising, Scorp Moon and Cap in ninth house.

    • Sagg daughter with the cap moon also smokes only rollies. You can tell she likes the production side of it too.

  19. mmm… used to smoke tobacco socially years and years ago mostly when was out on the piss in my early 20’s..
    but was more into the wacky backy than anything else… and that was a dance that lasted more than a decade.. v hard to give up

    haven’t done anything for about 6 years since got hardcore into the meditation/reiki/yoga side of life… realised what effect it actually had on me and went more or less cold turkey…
    can’t stand smell of either anymore… and the tiniest whiff goes right to my third eye and hurts!

    gem sun, libra moon, mars cancer, uranus conj moon, aqua rising… not sure what astro info you want/ is pertinent?

  20. I have been fuming since i was 16, over 10 yrs that is scary.
    I am sun cancer moon sagg mars scorpio…..Hmmm this post has made me think of quitting….??

    • hate it, hate the smell. hate the, almost cough,,,,but better than than bigger jeans

  21. Great pic Mystic – Absolutely loathe cigarettes only because of the poisons they are impregnated with – instantly ruins (for me) one’s sex appeal – can’t stand the stench which cannot be masked.
    I remember one of the young male teachers at school who was famous for his malodorous combo of BO, cigarettes and brut 33 – you could smell him coming – some girls actually found him uber sexy.
    Enjoy mull on occasions but prefer water cooled inhaling (nargilehs/ hookahs) without added tobacco BUT my weakness is always a fine Cuban (cigar that is) which I allow myself about twice a year (TT I hear you) – must be accompanied with a top shelf cognac and heated conversation (once again the shared ritual).
    HATE the taste and smell in my mouth morning after which lingers for about a day no matter how much brushing, gargling or mouthwash I use… disgusting.

  22. I smoke basically exclusively at the casino and realized one day that those are some damn expensive cigs! Haven’t been to the casino in over a week so haven’t had one in over a week. Two partial packs in my desk drawer here and some evenings think I might step out on the patio for a cig. But get waylaid here at the computer and forget about them or am just too tired in the evenings as work long days… Never smoke in car.

    Told my Mom that the casino is the only place where a girl can have a drink and a cigarette and be left the hell alone (unlike say a bar for example).

    Never the less would never dream of smoking during business hours as with massage would find that horribly offensive myself. So yes, my little casino side is my secret side….Cab and cigs…oh horror!

    Agree with you TA as I was brought up that a women standing on the street corner with a cig looks cheap. My Leo Sun and Moon Mom would have kicked my butt. Perhaps it is my Cap Moon that restricts me from smoking but only in the most “appropriate” of environments. Never thought of that Mystic! Interesting! I was the girl in the high school bathroom bumming a puff but would never have a pack myself for fear Mom would find them…

    David, I have no connections for the “other” smoke here. Can you Fed Ex?
    :) Ah, so many fun and funny memories. Everything was so funny when high or my way of looking at the world became so unique (to me!!)

    Just had a cop patient today that is in so much pain he wishes he could smoke weed but said he’s afraid they’d “piss test me”.


    On some occasions I’ve smoked too much at the casino and had a tobacco hangover or like you say the taste(and headache!) lingered for quite awhile. This is where the sauna comes in handy as gets rid of all kinds of evils…

  23. I don’t smoke and never did. Though I tried valiantly ONCE and got caught so spectacularly red handed by my Mum (who smoked) as I was doing that ironic raise of the eyebrow, sexy pursing of the lips as I drew it in.

    It’s not like I have amazing will power, but with both Piscean parents being smokers my lungs were done for and I developed asthma. Probably because the Grifter Cap sister I shared a room with was fumigating it quite amply.

    I don’t hate smokers at all, Le Scorp smokes but wot makes me pause is how intense it will get when there are obviously emotional issues prompting it. At least examine it once in a while.

  24. SweetPea, glad to hear your not a holy roller. Have always thought my vices put me
    in touch with my clients & not be a Holier than Thou’s who i met in the massage colleges.
    Used to say to them ‘you have forgotten the holes/wholes in holistic’ as they draped, covered,
    pushed up your knickers & placed towells everywhere.
    It was like ‘for fuck’s sake-take them off’! My thoughts were that they were drawing attention
    to the areas they were so keen to avoid & making the client feel bad about their bodies.
    Medical Marijooana is a God send, le pharmacie du bon Deui. It is a tisane in Jamaica for
    respiratory problems (asma & bronchitis) but ONLY drunk not fumed.
    All in moderation. As our Ruthie O quoted or originated: name it, claim it & tame it.

    • I think so Pegasus. I was once told that if going to smoke, spend time out in nature as it realigns one naturally. And as well had been told about the Nat. Americans using tabacco in order to strip the aura during initiations.

      My ” casino secret side” with Cap Moon. Probably cuz Moon is in 8th

      I only tell here because noone knows me…Casino is on Nat. American reservation. The ancestors are with me probably…

    • am still struggling to regain lung capacity Pegasus – gemini rising peeps often have shallow breathing but I was a ballet dancer and trained to dance hours and hours on end but since late twenties suffered from constriction around chest and lungs – thus meditation and breath awareness crucial for me. I don’t blame smoking but rather realise I smoked to avoid dealing with some issues in this area.

      your work must bring you into contact with so much human stuff – emotion, trauma, etc! How I wish I had the courage!

  25. Quit smoking 2 years ago, it was a breeze. Never felt an urge, even people (Leo, Virgo, Libran & Pisces) I knew & worked with who had been smoking for 20 years or more began to quit after they saw how easily I quit. Had some stressful situations to go through & still no desire was ever present.
    I’ve also been told the lungs represent the grief which has been present in my life since I lost my parents when I was 11.
    Since I’ve quit I’ve had a lot of lung related illnesses & feel the grief more so. Interesting connection.
    I also have a big strong Cap friend who has battled the smokes ever since I have known him & recently quit in the last week…again.
    It has only been in the last 2 weeks that I have felt the strongest desire creep upon me, It has been a shock to me to think that now 2 years later I am even thinking about it, I’m not much of a drinker & I love exercising but it’s weird why now! something must be up!

    Sun, Moon & venus in Gem with Sag rising Merc in Cancer…. Cancer!
    Mars virgo & Nept sag

  26. I’m a Libran and have wrestled with smoking for the last 17 years – I don’t smoke at present but when I smoke I seriously smoke. My grandfather also a Libran smoked from the age of 13 to 65, he died of emphesima.

  27. I live with a Libran- Scorp that smokes rollies, he’s too tight to buy tailormades but bums everyone elses. He’s smoked since his parents owned the town pub at 8 and regularly since 12! I think he’d be one of those that would smoke even if he had emphysema.

    I gave up 9 years ago and never looked back, only embarrassed when he bums smokes.

    • alice and Savannah,

      My grandpa died of emphysema (smoking) and was an alcholoic to boot. So, I gotta be careful with my vices and chose them wisely if going to do them.

      As far as bumming smokes. I truly am irritated when someone asks for a cigarette when I’m at the casino. I have been generous but addicts don’t know how to say “thanks”, you know?

      I had to buy mine, now, go buy your own…(or win some damn money…)

  28. Libra, Aqua asc.

    Never touched the stuff – can’t understand why you’d fork out wads of cash for the return of bad breath.

    Was much more tolerant when younger – parents smokers, first few house mates smokers. But once I lived totally smoke free I couldn’t believe the difference – could distinguish subtler smells.

    Now living in a country where smoking is allowed everywhere – hate how I smell like a pub despite only going for an afternoon coffee, hate how it interfers with appreciation of food, hate how it makes any expensive, seductive perfum totally redundant.

    And clear, clean air is so precious. Not worth messing with, IMHO.

    • Well, bad breath or not, I enjoy a smoke but admit that when I didn’t smoke and my ex husband did I did not like kissing an ashtray. Am single now and not kissin’ anyone….

      When in Europe could not believe (as you are pointing out in another country), how much people smoke. In Germany, there was a horrendous cloud over our dining area one night as the girl behind our table and everyone else was chain smoking. Here I did smoke occassionaly and yet I could not tolerate that amount. We had to leave and have dessert elsewhere…

  29. Omg! I have to agree with this post. My mother and younger sister are both Aquarius and chain smoke non-stop. I’m a Scorpio and don’t deny I have a habit, but I tend to be more secretive about it 😉

  30. Still battling with my addiction after quitting for 6 years, just relapsed again last Sept. Had most of my right lung removed 5 years ago and truly believe I am insane…Virgo sun, aqua asc, cancer moon.

    • Congratulations Tamberlain!…

      Was concerned on how I was going to respond to your first post as that is serious. You saved me with “currently not smoking”.

      God Bless…

  31. Taurus sun. Late starter. Last one still smoking. Elderly buddhist pal very worried about my smoking, always tries to reason with me. Reason has nothing to do with it. Every time I’m told to stop I redouble my efforts! Never smoked much, but a couple of years ago medics had a real go at me. Now on triple the number I smoked before they started.

    I have HUGE problems with authority – mars in cancer square sun, mercury, venus, semi square chiron. Tamberlaine – I understand doing something which you know is bad for you; I’m my own worst enemy that way.

    All the aquas I have known who smoked never let on to their parents. Happy for me to smoke in front of the parents as it covered up their secret!

  32. Oh yes, never met a ciggie I didn’t like :) Struggled for years with the dreaded weed – both types – but am now drug and (mostly) booze free execpt for constant relapses with the cigs.

    Funny thing is that I don’t smoke at all during the day, it’s a most ugly habit in the workplace – people skulking off to the smokers corner and then stinking up the office with the residual waft as they walk in and smoker-breath when they talk to you – yuck!

    The thing that most puts me off is the spectre of ending my days with an old-lady-smoker-face. Do you remember that actor – Florence something was her name – who played the character of Lizzie on Prisoner? She was a prime example of smoker face – NOT a good look.

  33. My Scorpio mate is a heavy smoker, rolls her own, anyway she reckons that the world was “gentler” when “everyone used to smoke”.

    I tell her that the world is not “gentle” anymore because we’re all too busy tweeting, texting, emailing……

  34. aries, scorpy moon, i always had to be first! so started young – altho weed first and my scorp mother always warned me “don’t put tobacco in there you’ll get addicted” quit weed at 16 and well… i wish i listened. i only have a couple per day, and at the moment so unmotivated to quit (tho i feel the mars in aries health jag may kick in shortly!). i’m quite good at quitting, not so good at staying quit. a boozy night and my rebellious streak often bring me back.

    lib rising tho, so v diplomatic about where i do it – never at work, rollies only, try to smoke in the wind so i don’t stink, would never smoke and then get close or kiss someone, unless their of the same filthy proclivity :). also v sensitive about smoking around non smokers. detest the rudeness of many smokers. HATE the smell of tailors. i am typ lib rising, very scent sensitive and still have strong sense of smell.

    v interested in the amount of taureans who started late on here. one of my besties a taurean and he was healthy as, runner, sexy fit bastard and then he took it up at like 25 and we were all so amazed. now he stubbornly sticks at it!

    • fuck it! unless *they’re* of the same filthy proclivity. damn i hate when i public typo!

      • Bloss babe, I went hiking over mount something in Fiji aside a Liverpool copper who smoked like a chimney, and at the end of the trail towards the beach, everyone else was out of breath. I stood there panting, while his ciggie hung off his lips and he festooned my head with a scuba mask and sent me on my way into the deep end.

        I swam off while he was yelling at me saying, “I’ll be right in just finishing this fag.” Seriously.

  35. Virgo sun, leo moon, scorpio asc – eat healthier than anyone I know, drink a heap of water – then drink strong black coffee and enjoy 4-5 rollies a day.

    • Virg sun, Sagg moon here, & totally with you. Some of the time I eat 100% raw, filtered water, no soda, no dairy, etc. etc… & then I lash out & smoke Marlboro Reds. Rebel rebel!

      I just feel like if you’re going to do something you should do it ALL THE WAY.

  36. I smoke. which is amusing cos i constantly told my virgoan father to stop smoking cos ‘it would kill him’ when I was young and an early teen. At 18 I started travelling in the UK. It was my first livign away from home experience and I started smoking my dad’s brand of tobbaco, cos it smelt like home. I lived there for 4 years, returned to Oz and gave up till my grandma died. Then took it up with a vengance. Am now down to 1 a day. My quite time before bed, if you will.
    I have never, ever smoke in my living space and I hate the smell of stale smoke, but do like the smell of tobacco.
    Taurus sun, Libra moon. Scorp Asc… etc etc

  37. God damn it. i grew up on a hippy commune and got addicted to the nicotine in joints. talk about the ol’ mary-jane being a gate-way to harder drugs – there ain’t nothing harder than tobacco. Numerous dalliances with it, including a period in my ealry tweinties when I reached for the Marlboros before getting out of bed (ughh, shudder!) but aprat from that short-lived time I’ve never been strongly addicted to them. Can smoke for three months then not again for a year. Currently in what I hope will be a permanent off-season. Strongly relate to the idea of lungs and tobacco use having something to do with grief, as I am just in the middle of major grief -merde-sorting and the urge to smoke has weirdly gone right out the window.

  38. I don’t smoke in the shower.
    Mercury conjunct Mars in Pisces trine Nept in Scorp

    • I am always impressed by a persons ability to smoke in the shower…

      … I refuse to share the bathroom with them tho…

  39. I love smoking. Have since I was 11. I once read that tobacco is an aries plant. I have been trying to give up for the last six months and this week decided just to keep smoking until outrageous stress levels drop a bit, then try again, this made me feel much better. I only smoke a few a day, but they are lovely… I also do hate the after smell on fingers, hair and clothes….

  40. sun gemini. sport swimming. I smoke

    heard that gemini’s (ruler lungs) adore smoking, that’s me. I love my lungs, that lovely huge capacity that allows me to tear through water (cancer rising)

    but weakness and coolness and nervous chatter make me smoke.

    All the new laws banning smoking are good. The less everyone smokes the better for me.

    and, can’t watch Mad Men (tv show about advertising) without being appalled and enthralled by the amount of smoking, that was our world people

    • Mad Men rocks trixie. So smart and stylish, and with dead set hunk in lead role. The smoking and the sexism give me chills. I wasn’t alive in the early sixties, but it reminds me of the way things were growing up a decade or so later, and how a LOT has changed for the better.

  41. I smoke … I LOVE smoking. I’m polite about it though and blow upwards in company. Or just go off into my corner since you’re better off being a rapist axe wielding serial killer than a smoker in Aussie society these days.

    I roll my own. As far as I’m concerned Dr Pat is medically prescribed. I use filters and stuff and rarely catch a cold, or get sick or cough. If I didn’t smoke I’d be clinically insane. It’s my circuit breaker, meditational device, stress reliever. I will NEVER EVER give up.

    That being said I can’t abide tailor made cigarettes. They really stink, feel poisonous and give me a headache when I very rarely have one.

  42. oh and of course Aqua mars and Saggo moon which make me want to thumb my nose at anyone telling me anything about anything when it comes to … well pretty much everything.

  43. I miss it dearly, but it also goes with that bottle of whisky and those bars and that fabulously seedy(yes me fish)existence i had for about a lovely decade, studying film and working three jobs, lots of really cool friends and that existentialist angst….life be different now, perhaps i dont miss ‘it’ so much as the whole intensity of ideas and submergence and probabally very unhealthy enmeshment with a bunch o freinds,….different kind of intensity these days, dont think i could have one if i wanted too- had some energywork done a few months ago and the practitioner said it was like clouds of soot rising off my body, and as above, definitely the grief thing…

  44. ….and yes tee hee…saggi partner does buckets of liver cleanses, teaches chi-gung, goes on retreats etc, and still happily sucks down a packet o tailories!

  45. yep this cap still smokes and is has and will still try to stop…… not good for me….. and not many friends do any more….. any tips help welcomed…. dont like the idea of patches… already sensative to most drugs and think patches may make me ill but sick of coughing and wasting money

    • i think that what you are saying is the addiction talking, why on earth would the patches make you ill. you may well be sensitive to most drugs but the patches are just nicotine and as far as i can remember from long ago research, nicotine is not in and of itself a particularly bad drug, (in fact can be very good!) it’s just the delivery method that’s bad!

      so my tip is/are: read Allen Carr’s book, focus that famous cap stubborness on the problem, make the whole thing a project, do lots of nice things for yourself like massage and other rewards, (not food!), do heaps of exercise, hard driving sweaty exercise and after a very little while you will start to feel so much better physically and emotionally that that in itself provides motivation.

      ring the help line too, everything helps, even stuff you don’t normally do, open the mind, go to yoga!

      tell me to p*** off if all that is too irritating, LOL! good luck!

      • Patches are evil! They just get you addicted to a product created/marketed by a pharmaceutical company.

        I quit after 14 yrs on & off – pack a day/rollies etc. Never used patches – the thought of them makes me feel ill. Friend who used them said she had nightmares at night when she had them on.

        Acupuncture/chinese herbs was what helped me quit for good 2 yrs ago… and now as much as I very, very infrequently want to smoke, I just can’t, makes me feel sick.

        Libra sun, Taurus rising +Taurus moon.

        • I was hospitalised on the patches when I used them – they made me hallucinate and vomit wildly. They’re wickedly strong I found.

  46. I love this photo- I too have it clipped out in my image file for art inspiration.
    Wiona Ryder rocks- she’s a bit kooky, tomboyish and gorgeous, a rebel and a bit naughty like a pixie (stealing! oh no!).
    But, love her energy.
    I don’t smoke but my alter ego thinks she does.
    It’s glamorous for photo shots and film- just sexy to watch beautiful film-noir movies with smoking femme fatales.
    I don’t judge if others smoke- I am a big girl if it offends I walk away.

  47. Capricorn with Scorpio rising, and Mars and Neptune conjunct in the first house.

    Smoking is soooo bad for you! And not in a good way. Anyhoo, I covertly smoked from around 21 to 26. Didn’t smoke when I was pregnant. Took up smoking about a year later, since my husband did as well. We smoked rollies. Of course it’s an important distinction! For the last few years, I have been quitting for around half the year. And smoking the other half. Seriously. It is much harder to quit when you have a spouse who smokes. However, I am now resolved to quit for good, and have done so for a short period of time. I think it will stick this time because I’m not relying on hubby for support this time, and we’re not quitting together (unless of course he wants to). He is atrocious at taking it back up again and secretly smoking – and he’s an Aries! So I have emotionally detatched from his smoking.

    I have Mercury in Capricorn and have read that a person with that placement should not smoke. As opposed to everyone else who engages in this obviously healthy activity. : )

  48. I loved smoking but haven’t touched one in over 3 years now. I did smoke for more than 20 years, then quit for a couple of years. I figured after that long I could have “just one or two” when I went out – WRONG! Within 2 weeks I was back to being a pack a day smoker. It took me years to be ready to give up again but now that I’ve done it successfully a second time I will never be able to even have a puff. I have a highly addictive personality (I’m Aqua sun, Leo Rising, Cap moon) and smoking is the one habit that I REALLY struggled to let go of.

  49. i have head the saying ‘when you smoke you are never alone’ as in the cigarette is your friend.

    i smoke once in a while and if i buy a pack never smoke more than about 10 (over 3 months) before i throw them away. i go for months and months without touching one then have a little upset somewhere and might have a couple. last major breakup smoked almost a pack a day for 6 weeks or so, barely touched the sides….mind you i was mostly just lighting it and then staring at it, watching it burn as i was lost in thought flatmate smokes like a chimney and it puts me off…so dependent!! I think that’s why i’ve never taken it up full time – i hate being controlled, by anything.

    some people wear smoke better than others. the stale beer n ciggies smell makes me want to retch. especially when the N&D smell like that. i hate that my beautiful sister smokes.

    mars in aqua / 8th, pisces sun, venus aries, moon in cap if any of that helps


  50. Really interesting the grief thing that everyone is mentioning. I didn’t some for years and years, couldn’t even bring myself to inhale, didn’t bother all through years of college and social drinking. Wasn’t the smug non-smoker at all, never told anyone to stop smoking around me, but was inwardly pleased that I wasn’t addicted to anything, and I didn’t feel like I *could* get addicted. Fast-forward to now, parent died, my longterm relationship died, I’m back at college and had a major depressive episode, nearly suicidal. Took up smoking. Don’t do it every day but 2-3 most days, half a packet sometimes. Think the grief thing is a major factor for me too. I wonder why the connection??
    Um, I’m scorpio with scorpio moon, taurus rising, mercury & venus both in sagittarius, mars in pisces.

    • ps. am still not addicted, yet. but then i’m a scorpio, ha. If I get addicted it’s ‘cos i *choose* to be. lol.

    • The grief connection is the heart chakra. Smoking artificially feeds/stimulates the heart chakra thru the lungs.

      • wow, i never knew. Thanks for shedding the light. It makes a lot of sense. I always smoked more when i was heartbroken.

  51. And those who can see chakras say smoking creates black/dark energy around the heart

  52. I think that is why when you try & quit, you can feel sometimes really angry. All those emotions have been blocked/suppressed by smoking and then when you stop that, they naturally come out to purify the heart chakra.

    I am normally a very peace loving gentle libran and finally quit a couple of years ago after smoking for over a decade. Years ago once when I tried to quit, I punched a hole in a wall I had so much angry stuff suddenly come up. Totally out of character for me. But felt good at the time!