Sun Sign Survey: Smoking

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fashion model smokingNick Knight

This pic makes me think of what would have happened to Winona Ryder in Heathers had she grown up and become an architect. BUT anyway, the Astro-Sun-Sign Query Du Jour is Smoking. Do you? Would you? Did you? Could you?

Smoking is technically sort of Mars-Neptunian as it is an addiction but there is probably MORE to it than that. I don’t but I did once. Yet this is not a forum to air hideous health issues. It’s bad-bad-bad. My Gemini G.P. puts it up there with wheat & dairy, lol. It’s more whether it goes with any particular sign or astro-signature.

I know several Scorps and Aquarians who – honestly – go from Vipassana for ten days & then straight to some inquity hole of shame for a smoking binge. One Aquarian male claims that it is important for his chart “to earth him.”  As he has hardly any Earth in his chart. I have also a girlfriend in love with a Scorpio Ex-Commando who takes icy cold showers, eats things like grapefruits and prunes for brek with black coffee, abuses laxatives if he feels “fat” and smokes as if the world would cease to turn should he stop. I surmise that they are also both signs who HATE to have the government telling them to do anything. They’d think it a conspiracy & you can get into an argument during which the Scorp or Aqua chain smokes and heatedly points out shit that The Government has done over the years.

My ex The Uranian (Aquarius with Moon conjunct Uranus in Libra) tied it in with his Bolshevik stance but only if they are rollies. That – to him – is like an important distinction. I know a Scorpio woman who thinks it doesn’t count so long as it is after midnight.

But the hardcore habitual smokers tend also to be Capricorns – they’re not doing it in insane Scorp-Aqua style from-the-health-spa to the local shame-hole. They’re moderate & secretly think that what they’re doing is somehow still a form of being suave. This is totally anecdotal…Least likely; Librans or strongly Libran types. They’re too scent-aware to hack it.

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98 thoughts on “Sun Sign Survey: Smoking

  1. yep this cap still smokes and is has and will still try to stop…… not good for me….. and not many friends do any more….. any tips help welcomed…. dont like the idea of patches… already sensative to most drugs and think patches may make me ill but sick of coughing and wasting money

    • i think that what you are saying is the addiction talking, why on earth would the patches make you ill. you may well be sensitive to most drugs but the patches are just nicotine and as far as i can remember from long ago research, nicotine is not in and of itself a particularly bad drug, (in fact can be very good!) it’s just the delivery method that’s bad!

      so my tip is/are: read Allen Carr’s book, focus that famous cap stubborness on the problem, make the whole thing a project, do lots of nice things for yourself like massage and other rewards, (not food!), do heaps of exercise, hard driving sweaty exercise and after a very little while you will start to feel so much better physically and emotionally that that in itself provides motivation.

      ring the help line too, everything helps, even stuff you don’t normally do, open the mind, go to yoga!

      tell me to p*** off if all that is too irritating, LOL! good luck!

      • Patches are evil! They just get you addicted to a product created/marketed by a pharmaceutical company.

        I quit after 14 yrs on & off – pack a day/rollies etc. Never used patches – the thought of them makes me feel ill. Friend who used them said she had nightmares at night when she had them on.

        Acupuncture/chinese herbs was what helped me quit for good 2 yrs ago… and now as much as I very, very infrequently want to smoke, I just can’t, makes me feel sick.

        Libra sun, Taurus rising +Taurus moon.

        • I was hospitalised on the patches when I used them – they made me hallucinate and vomit wildly. They’re wickedly strong I found.

  2. I love this photo- I too have it clipped out in my image file for art inspiration.
    Wiona Ryder rocks- she’s a bit kooky, tomboyish and gorgeous, a rebel and a bit naughty like a pixie (stealing! oh no!).
    But, love her energy.
    I don’t smoke but my alter ego thinks she does.
    It’s glamorous for photo shots and film- just sexy to watch beautiful film-noir movies with smoking femme fatales.
    I don’t judge if others smoke- I am a big girl if it offends I walk away.

  3. Capricorn with Scorpio rising, and Mars and Neptune conjunct in the first house.

    Smoking is soooo bad for you! And not in a good way. Anyhoo, I covertly smoked from around 21 to 26. Didn’t smoke when I was pregnant. Took up smoking about a year later, since my husband did as well. We smoked rollies. Of course it’s an important distinction! For the last few years, I have been quitting for around half the year. And smoking the other half. Seriously. It is much harder to quit when you have a spouse who smokes. However, I am now resolved to quit for good, and have done so for a short period of time. I think it will stick this time because I’m not relying on hubby for support this time, and we’re not quitting together (unless of course he wants to). He is atrocious at taking it back up again and secretly smoking – and he’s an Aries! So I have emotionally detatched from his smoking.

    I have Mercury in Capricorn and have read that a person with that placement should not smoke. As opposed to everyone else who engages in this obviously healthy activity. : )

  4. i have head the saying ‘when you smoke you are never alone’ as in the cigarette is your friend.

    i smoke once in a while and if i buy a pack never smoke more than about 10 (over 3 months) before i throw them away. i go for months and months without touching one then have a little upset somewhere and might have a couple. last major breakup smoked almost a pack a day for 6 weeks or so, barely touched the sides….mind you i was mostly just lighting it and then staring at it, watching it burn as i was lost in thought flatmate smokes like a chimney and it puts me off…so dependent!! I think that’s why i’ve never taken it up full time – i hate being controlled, by anything.

    some people wear smoke better than others. the stale beer n ciggies smell makes me want to retch. especially when the N&D smell like that. i hate that my beautiful sister smokes.

    mars in aqua / 8th, pisces sun, venus aries, moon in cap if any of that helps


  5. Really interesting the grief thing that everyone is mentioning. I didn’t some for years and years, couldn’t even bring myself to inhale, didn’t bother all through years of college and social drinking. Wasn’t the smug non-smoker at all, never told anyone to stop smoking around me, but was inwardly pleased that I wasn’t addicted to anything, and I didn’t feel like I *could* get addicted. Fast-forward to now, parent died, my longterm relationship died, I’m back at college and had a major depressive episode, nearly suicidal. Took up smoking. Don’t do it every day but 2-3 most days, half a packet sometimes. Think the grief thing is a major factor for me too. I wonder why the connection??
    Um, I’m scorpio with scorpio moon, taurus rising, mercury & venus both in sagittarius, mars in pisces.

    • ps. am still not addicted, yet. but then i’m a scorpio, ha. If I get addicted it’s ‘cos i *choose* to be. lol.

    • The grief connection is the heart chakra. Smoking artificially feeds/stimulates the heart chakra thru the lungs.

      • wow, i never knew. Thanks for shedding the light. It makes a lot of sense. I always smoked more when i was heartbroken.

  6. And those who can see chakras say smoking creates black/dark energy around the heart

  7. I think that is why when you try & quit, you can feel sometimes really angry. All those emotions have been blocked/suppressed by smoking and then when you stop that, they naturally come out to purify the heart chakra.

    I am normally a very peace loving gentle libran and finally quit a couple of years ago after smoking for over a decade. Years ago once when I tried to quit, I punched a hole in a wall I had so much angry stuff suddenly come up. Totally out of character for me. But felt good at the time!