Sun Sign Survey: Homebody Or Gadabout?

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Nominating your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign are you a restless & nomadic style creature or deeply devoted to your home-nest-castle reality?Β  Astro-fiends can go for it and note their Jupiter & 9th house scenarios as well.

Apart from a mega-youthful stage when i’d go anywhere with practically nothing & little care where I slept, i am a shockingly devout homebody. It has to do with being able to exert control over my environment (Mars-Pluto-Uranus in Virgo), having my first child when i was young & Jupiter in the 4th house. That’s a grounding influence.

And just some sort of primal love of my land/village. BUT i have Moon in the 9th…the only real manifestation of that is that i live in a landΒ  not of my birth. But note that benefics (Venus, Jupiter) in the 4th house have you loving chez you more than you would if – say – Saturn were there.

Is the astro-cliche correct that Sagg is the most ludicrously travelled of all? Are you already plotting your next destination or do you really not give a merde?Β  I know a Kataka married to a Saggo; he’s constantly away & mad for it. She gardens, cooks & decorates + is amazingly canny with the $ and so far (about a decade) it seems to work. She likes him not to be ‘underfoot’ all the time. He likes the freedom & then to come home to lavender-reeking sheets + real food.


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40 thoughts on “Sun Sign Survey: Homebody Or Gadabout?

  1. “I live somewhere within a 250km radius of Byron Bay” is what I tell myself and although I have moved twelve times in eight years, I still haven’t settled.

    When I do “stay for a bit”, I love being at home.

    So Homebody with a Gadabout habit?

    Pisces Sun/Scorpio Moon

  2. India………..going to India next or so i tell myself.
    Flying off is just not as much fun anymore with all the restrictions
    it entails & $200 for passport before going anywhere!! The leaving (and arriving) tax!
    Always found ‘elsewhere’ to be my favourite place:)

  3. Virgo Sun, Sag Moon…

    Lived in Wellington, New Zealand for about 18 years. Auckland, NZ for 5. Melbourne, Australia for a year & a half. Now in New York City. Last year I counted how many flights I had taken in 2008, think there were around 30. I frigging LOVE TO TRAVEL & do it more than almost anyone I know (with the exception of my friend the motivational speaker).

    Of course, Virgo girl loves to plan everything to the nth degree, like researching hotels, getting good deals on airfares, working out things to do once there, but I am also prone to spontaneous travel, it happens a lot.

    But I definitely have my homebody tendencies. As an only child I love my own space & after a while of constant socialising & rampaging, I need to withdraw & spend time alone. (Also I’m a writer so it’s compulsory for my productivity!) I have worked from home & totally loved it for the past 2 years, & am very into decorating my environment, scenting it, making it beautiful & inspiring. Always have plants, flowers, new art to hang, scented candle to trial, etc. & my life (diet, exercise, etc.) goes totally out the window when I travel, so being home is really good & necessary for me.

  4. nice collage pretty

    ok uranus conjunct sun in the 4th house – dreamt of living in gypsy caravan as a child, never given up on the dream. Moved 20 times in one year as a child – this was not by choice but luckily my astro i think helped me to adapt – the adults I hung with made some dumb choices but don’t ever tell them that!

    Until i met the aqau cap who likes routine and being settled and i like him so hey presto! I had not lived in a single house in my adult life for more than a year. Never used to unpack my boxes because what was the point? I was never at home anyway. Only appliances i owned before meeting aqua cap was my haridryer and juicer i didn’t even use glad wrap come to think of it now I have some – and a roll of tin foil. Would like to live in a house boat – a teak one that is riddled with colourful sea charms and one that is seagoing – again not near somalia. Want to move right now. in fact, I’m outta here.

  5. Leo sun, Kataka moon in 5th, Venus Gem in 4th and Jupiter in Toro in 3rd, Fish asc, Nept Scorp in 9th. Love my home environment/town, live a suburb away from where I grew up (apart from a 3 year stint in PNG from 2-4 years old). Also love visiting Sunshine coast/hinterland but truly boring travel history. One OS trip to Europe in my early 20’s – remember being homesick. Do like to be out and about in familiar places but home is my retreat/nest. Have Sagg MC but that is more of a mind-travel/expansion/sharing thing for me I think.

    • nice symbolism / metaphor / whatever – we will find this cat on the couch. Is that your cat or some random cat – i LOVE your cat and would def come home to it.

      • NNB that’s actually a painting I found in some art gallery in New York (via google from home of course). But I do have two burmese cats and my boy Max looks just like the one in my avatar. My girl Ruby is a chocolate one, yin and yang, they are the best. Labradors of the cat world but much lower maintenance. (Leo sun in 6th house – pets)

        • aaah interesting my sister has something in her chart associated with domestic animals – that she will have almost human relationships with them – she has had 2 cats in her life and they have both lived longer than normal – 20yrs – the 2nd is still alive and i think he’s mid teens – it’s an interesting thing to see in in the chart because it manifests in the most simple way – in that it’s not a lesson to learn or whatever just that she will always have pets. It’s nice to ponder the less ground breaking aspects of the chart sometimes.

          • That’s quite amazing. I have heard that burmese are the longest living breed, however by word of mouth I have only heard of 18 years, so perhaps your sis has extra special gifts with cats/pets especially if they are not burmese. I always theorised that because burmese were so devoted and loving they lived the longest but maybe you can dispute that.

  6. i’ve got a love/hate relationship with my homebody tendencies. my sagg sun, aries rsing, jupiter in gem love expansion, new places/faces, adventuring, and ive done plenty of it in my time. but have had to reluctantly admit to myself that gypsy i am not. i only like said adventures when there’s a stable home to come back to, and a cosy space to retreat to when im not as into go getting around the place. i think this is capricorn in my 9th, more structure needed as i get older. my aim now is balancing these sides of me, and making peace with the fact i no longer want to just head off on my own backpacking for 12 months, which used to be so personality defining for me. i also have saturn in the 4th, which for me means i need that stability, and that i have strong ties to family, tribal things.

  7. Complete and utter homebody. Hate large crowds – would go to every function in jeans and t-shirt if I could – my perfect friday night is a good book, a glass of wine, and some rufus wainwright on the stereo.

    But having said that, I love to travel and I have no problems moving cities/countries for work. But when I travel it’s for extended periods – I like to feel like I’ve really lived somewhere and become immersed in the culture – I hate the ’15 days in Europe’ type of travel. Also, for me, the old saying that “home is where the heart is” really applies – anywhere that I am surrounded by good books, great music, photos of loved ones & momentos of past travels, and have a comfy arm chair, that’s home!

      • See this is why me finding out a little bit more about astrology has been helpful…finding out about my Taurus rising has me more at peace with the heavy attachment to my own home/space. I love to travel…and also would rather submerge myself into a place than flit…

        I also have a huge love of contrasting textiles. 1930’s style dark chocolate velvet couch, crisp white cotton sheets, books, momentos of past travels…good lighting to read by…um a lot of pretty mirrors…great garden.

        Am refining stuff to absolute beauty/function as know I’m moving in the next few months.

        Leo Sun, Taurus rising, Scorp moon

          • yeah you called it nnb.

            I like to think I’ve got the best of both worlds…when I travel I travel very light. Managed well with just a small carry on for 3 weeks in the states…would very much like to live somewhere long enough to get the local flavour rather than the flit.

            The other aforementioned world, the one of textures, light, my warm nest, relaxes and grounds me to want to launch off into the new.

            I think I also have aspects of castle mentality about my abode though…I’m very fussy about who gets to share it, even for only an afternoon. Once you’ve made it past the moat, you’ll be welcomed whole heartedly…but it takes a bit to get the pass.

          • i too have a moat and we share similar astro if I remember rightly – my home is def my castle now I have settled in with aqua cap. He showed me what home is all about.

  8. Sun in Sagg, Moon in Aries, Pisces Rising (I’m getting quite good at this though I have no idea what I’m talking about): am a dirty stop out and love to travel but also love my home and my two cats, who do keep me from straying too far. I chafe at that. Love ’em, wouldn’t want anything to happen to ’em, but I do worry about them and that they’re being looked after and when they’re gone I won’t be getting more – I want to be able to pack up and go when i want.

  9. I’m like typical taurus. I love being at home. I love working from home. I love entertaining from home. My favourite apartment ever was one I found in Summer Hill Sydney. I walked in and it had a feature wall painted my favourite colour, polished floor boards AND those groovy wood slat blinds and within my budget (very unusual in Sydney). I knew it was “my place” immediately. Even got a discount on the rent. Well, I did bargain.

    Crowds, traffic, noise, hustle bustle, too much group activity all leave me stressed and exhausted in large doses. I need my quiet time to regroup and find balance. Weirdly enough I know still manage to know a lot of people. I do get involved in a bunch of people oriented stuff. Uni … don’t need another degree, it’s just for the hell of it. Spiritual groups. Latest is a girl choir. When I do travel – it’s to move there to live as well. I don’t just go on jaunts for the sake of it.

    That all being said my life has been punctuated by many radical moves and changes of locale. Not all of which I’ve been particularly thrilled about at the time. I blame it on a schizo chart. Cancer Sun/Venus are no doubt where the love of home comes from. But Gem Asc/Saggo Moon and Aqua Mars all conspire to make my life a bit haphazard and chaotic – me not your typical Crab nor do I live a typical Crab life. No earth either! Or anything in the 4th house!

    Sometimes I wish I had a nice sensible Taurus on the Ascendant so I could settle down and dig in roots someplace. This free spirit business gets tiring I’m starting to find.

  10. Aqua sun, leo moon and libra rising. Leo in a few other planets which me thinks leads to being more a homebody in my den….but also love to travel…then love coming home.
    If am not travelling, tend to spend lots of time at home, reading, watching films etc. Think my flatmates wonder what’s going on as they are always out and about doing things. Am not one of those people that must be out keeping busy to feel like I am living. I enjoy my own company and love to mellow on the balcony. Some may think its being lonely, on the contrary I start to feel lonely when I spend too much time going out and around others. Someone once said, if you get your energy from being around people than you are most likely and extrovert, if you re-charge when you’re alone than more of an introvert.
    Think am more introverted but do like a good party and social life.

  11. Gemini sun Taurus rising Aquarius moon, I travel because it’s how i understand my world. I live in Middle East at present. I learn languages because I love them. My whole life is geared not so much to travel, but to understanding. I’ve been this way since existenstial crisis at 15. Currently trying to make a business that will help other people as well as satisy my needs. See the world. It’s so so beautiful and the people in it are incredible, and yet we all want the same things and that is what makes us human.

  12. Oh and the other thing I love about moving round – you don’t get too much stuff. Everything I own is beautiful, but there’s not much of it. I cannot STAND clutter or dust or carpets or when i can’t find something immediately. Love the houses here in the Middle East and in Africa, just sluice ’em out with water.

  13. LOVE this. Kataka sun, Aqua Moon, Virgo Rising THEN let’s throw in Saturn in the 9th house, as well as my 4th House in Sagg. End it with a twist of the 9th house being in Toro.

    Am not actually sure how that all plays out. Except I don’t live in the country of my birth, and never really felt at home there. I almost always still feel foreign here in LA, my closest friends are countries away, or FROM countries away, obviously Le Scorp is from England.

    I travel a bit for someone who doesn’t do it for work, and I can’t imagine NOT traveling at all…for years I did it because I felt home was OUT THERE vs in HERE… though after I figuratively moved my domicile into Pluto, I have actually felt more at home here than ever.

    But I think that has more to do with me owning myself vs a place.

    Still, I must be the oddest American who lives and works here but I don’t actually think I have any close friends who are really…they’re all either Europeans, African, English, Welsh, Aussie or Scottish. Even my bosses are Europeans.

    • I don’t mind to visit other places but it’s the getting there. In my case, it is the destination instead of the journey. Particularly if going over seas and stuck on a plane for 10-13 hours.

      It always sounds so she-she/poo-poo…..

      Europe, again?

      No dahling, you musn’t…

      And hotels. Just don’t care for them.

      4th house is ruled by Virgo with Pluto on the IC and the most transformative things that have happened are usually in the privacy of my own home!

      Then my sister, she has Aries Sun and Venus in 9th opp. Moon in 3rd.
      She is a flight attendant and has no qualms about traveling about, suitcases, hotels, etc…

      My Cap Moon likes routine which sounds terribly boring for an Aries Sun and Gem rising.

      • Forgot to add that with Sag on the 7th, my ex husband and last love were both foreigners. They made me feel like I went somewhere…. πŸ˜‰

    • hmmm … was born in Greece. May explain why never quite felt “right” here in Aus despite the fact that I’m pretty Ausified and when I lived in Europe a few years back nearly had a hernia at the bitter winter cold.

      • Greek , huh, I knew you had some serious attitude in your genes..the Greek Isles have always been one of my fave destinations, feel right at home there, the sun, sea, the work ethic.. LOL

        • moi? attitude? *flutters lashes*

          Athens born, a mega arm waver from way back, but compared to my full blooded Greek rellies I’m virtually a doormouse.

          • yeah, I went to school with quite a few greek boys and girls, some of my best friends, and I’ll tell you something, they are better as friends than enemies…my god some of them were huge, and how tough does a 13 year old look with sideburns and a handlebar moustache. Funniest thing though was how these big tough boys would become little wimps when their mothers who were half their size got angry, or caught them out doing something wrong.

          • oh hell yeah! One thing positive I can say about the Greeks aside from the food, the dancing, the music and that they love to have a good party – is that they have an almost worshipful respect for the ideal of “mother”. I think that’s sweet considering how disrespected the role is in our society.

  14. Toro sun in the 9th. Jupiter in aqua. And nothing in the 4th, but it is sagg.

    Agree with much of what has been said already – love home, work from home, surrounded by “things”, need my space to rejuvenate, don’t get lonely. But …

    Moved a bit as a kid – lots of new schools. VERY shy so found it hard. Like to think I learned to make new starts that way. Then moved 16 times in 10 years so made a concious decision to settle, moved to the other end of the country, bought a house and got 2 cats. Got sooooooo bored and felt tied down. Moved nearer home, bought another house and kept cats.

    Work took me trolling around Europe for a couple of years, which I loved. Then lack of dosh kept me at home, along with 8 years of family crap. Late last year I reached crisis point and my response was to go away on my own for a couple of weeks. Never done it before. Language skills not very good, so was a bit lonely, but it didn’t put me off. Now suffering fom wanderlust, thinking of all the places I could go.

    I think my toro sun and virgo ascendant create the fear of change and the unknown, but very strong uranus in leo, trining sun, is pushing me to face the fears. I’m used to my life always being in tension, but this is interesting, and a good feeling. I’m probably a bit slow to learn the lesson, but it is liberating. I’m evolving from a homebody into a gadabout!

  15. Sagg Sun, Gemini Moon, Scorp rising, Jupiter in Aquarius and nothing in the 9th house, except it is True Node in Leo 28’55”. Not sure if this affects this?

    I lurve travelling and get itchy feet continuously. One my cherubs arrived I took them gallivanting with me too, much to the horror of my then Cap husband. I love my home and security etc but my mine is always wandering as to where next? I have travelled far and wide, not only in regards to other countries, but also into different worlds of lives and ways of being. Talking about clutter, I am a bit of a bower bird so tend to bring back unusual bits and pieces that form the fabric of my memories.

    I do feel restless and stodgy when my partner is quite happy to live like a potato. For me life in an endless discovery and at times my journey is interrupted by those around me who are more staid and sensible. Looks like my Scorp husband now is happy to travel, once circumstances are permitting.

    • Your lunar nodes are important SS. Is that what you mean? You’re seeing your Nodes at 28’55 in 9th?

      I would check into that and also regards to which node (north or south) is in which house.

      Could be a key as to why you are a body, out of body, whichever world….


  16. Moving house in 2/3 weeks THAT will satisfy the Sagg Vunderlust for movement.
    New house new world, maybe a Balinese Garden Hut & large stone waterfall drippy
    thing & recreate tropical lushness a la maison.
    And to be happy that i can do sea sand & sky at shack 2 hours away, anytime
    i want. Guess that’s enough to keep me here. (and a regular income:)

    But i want to die in Tahiti so my soul goes back to Hawaai….from Paradise
    returned to Paradise.

    ‘I was at the Airport when my Ship came in’

  17. Sag moon in 4th. I bought my mothers old house during the Pluto transit and spend a lot of time here as its also my work base. I travel a lot through work too, so both πŸ™‚

  18. Travelled a lot till I was late 30’s. Recently bought a house down the road from where i was raised. My parents still live there. It was like a huge circle. Aries sun, gem asc, mars cancer, jup sag. Where ever i am I need a desert or an ocean, preferably both, which was achieved once living down on the Sinai near the Red sea, love the contrast.

  19. almost overwhelmingly/obsessively a home body for most of my adult life to the point of literally never going anywhere (in 2006 my most recent air travel was in 1972 LOL!) until the last few years when, in a 180 degree turnaround all i want to do is gad about anywhere but home

    taurus sun, kataka ascendant, virgo moon

    Sinai near the Red Sea sounds gorgeous, Davidl!

  20. Being one of the cusp babies (neither x nor y) I am still in the sharehouse loop. Have kataka moon, which allows me to create a beautiful nest anywhere, but am very much finding my virgo need for order is frequently thwarted by flatmates who don’t share that need…. yay for negotiation skills…. On a happier note, my lust for travel means when I do escape the boundaries of the 9-5, I have a travelling candle on hand at all times, and when in Europe, I’ve learnt to always travel with the evolving picnic close to hand (thanks ma). Plus my virgo pops in again and ensures I always know where I am sleeping the next night, allowing me to gad about and explore… and never be stressed re food/sleep/scents. The three keys factors which evoke home!

  21. Virgo sun, Aqua moon, Gemini rising. Love to get out and about and see things, and have done lots of work-related travel to remote communities in central Oz for the last twenty years. Not alot of o/2, but plenty of interstae, mainly to see family and friends (the rellie run we call it). That said, adore my cat (a lilac Burmese – our last little old Burmese lived until 22! – a chocolate goddess), adore my garden – looking fabulous after all the rain we have had recently – and lov emy comfortable, colourful home. More interested in natural beauty than urban wonderlands. I guess that would be the lots of planets in Virgo. The neighbouring cluster of planets in Leo stops me being too boring I hope.