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So, His Holy Hotness is getting a divorce. I used to totally adore him but went off HHH sometime around What Women Want , that religious movie, his hideous anti-gay/anti-sem rant when arrested driving drunk but whilst trying to find a suitable image to illo this post on Astro-Mel, i began to like  him all over again.

BTW: Speaking of Gibson’s artistic cred, has anyone SEEN Apocalypto? I wanted to see it for all the mythical themes but was put off by hearing it apparently horrendously gory. Like the Christ movie he made.

His astro-deets are interesting…Capricorn Sun with Kataka rising (those goo-goo eyes) & Moon in Libra. His Moon is natally square his Sun and Pluto is now squaring the Moon, before moving onto the Sun in a few years. So it’s catharthis central chez Mel, especially so far as it relates to women. He’d feel like he HAS to be real emotionally, authentic & all. Some say the dipsomania over the years a mask for gayness but there is currently a “mystery brunette” (female) being cited in various media.

Pluto is also right now trining his Jupiter in Virgo. This whole thing is going to somehow wind up being very good for him. He’s got a super-determined & success-driven Mars-Saturn in Scorpio but it has been dissipated a bit by Neptune in the last few years. Neptune transits can be religion, psychic awareness, haute art etc. Or…The internet’s full of pix of a recent-Mel boozing it up in what look like suburban bars all over the place. And I’d rather post pix of His Holy Hotness in full heat mode than his ghastly mug shot.

Finally, Uranus is moving up to his Midheaven; there this year and next. Career genius or the potential of it and a radically reinvented  public image. Note that the Saturn-Uranus opposition was across his IC-MC axis and at the same time that Pluto squaring that make-nice/put up with crap for the sake of official harmony Libran Moon. Cancerian/Kataka Rising & Cap Sun would not want to break up the family either.  So…what Uranian genius will His Holy Hotness come up with? Uranus on the Midheaven does not equate well to religious bigotry nor closetted ANYTHING.

Mel Gibson Gallipolli

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25 thoughts on “Astro-Mel Gibson

  1. oMG its excrrrrruciaaating reading about famous peeps Uranus-MC transits, while mine just confuses the dang HECK outta me.

    HHH is indeed a spunk, always adored him… Kataka rising (as well as his Catholic upbringing) may explain that bushel of offspring yes? Apparently all born here in Adelaide.

    • Alright, I admit it. I was cynical. I wasn’t actually quite sure how Mel was making it work with the kids and the wife, AND the religion plus Hollywood. This is an industry that thrives on making you everything that you’re truly not, so I always had this weird inkling that he was either just so devoted to family life, or doing something to ease the pressure.

      Still, cynic or not, I was kinda hoping he was the last person I’d hear ever go through this..

  2. Oh gawd, Mel in Gallipoli. Be still my heart, I had to be carried out of the cinema sobbing when first I saw it in … was it 1982? Bloody hell. And Mark Lee, who I hear still looks amazing, unlike Mel – the booze and LaLa Land have taken their toll. When I showed Gallipoli to a Year 9 history class at Cairns High – of all places – in 1998, they virtually rioted at the end (very upset with Poms). Another great early 80s post-MM Mel movie is The Year of Living Dangerously (the book also sensational). Amazing Javanese inspired soundtrack, some tracks by Jean-Michel Jarre (I’ve never been able to find it 🙁 … I think Oxygene was also in Gallipoli? Anyway, yes he was beautiful then, no wonder he was chosen to play a particular white Australian male archetype in both movies.

  3. Make that Vangelis wrote part of the soundtrack for The Year of Living Dangerously. I finally (doh) googled it and the Javanese inspired track is, apparently, called L’Enfant … This has motivated me to go after it 🙂

  4. Mystic i LOVED Apocalypto!! It’s an amazing movie and HHH is a great director. It’s no where near as horrendously gory as Passion of Christ. I have a pretty strong stomach and love gore but even i couldn’t tolerate the relentless and gratuitous gore of Passion.

    On a completely different not but kinda related – music legend Phil Spector was finally found guilty of murder. He’s a Capricorn too (26 Dec 1939), although not as good looking as HHH and off the rails for many years.

    • Hate to be mean, but oh good gawd no Scorpalish, Phil Spector is a disaster, and the hair….

      Even I don’t use that much hairspray, if at all!

      Little woman hating twerp! Freakazoid….Deserves what he gets…

      Mother issues no doubt as he has been violent with women many times. Too bad he did not get help as besides my rant, there is a problem…

      • oh Sweetpea, i completely agree with you – he’s vile !!! I never said i like him… eeeuw!

        • Oh yes, I know! As I was agreeing with you stating he’s not as good looking as Mel…I mean, not even in the same orbit… lol….

  5. Yeah, hot in Gallipoli.
    But I totally lost my mind for him as Fletcher Christian in Mutiny on the bounty… Oh lord, I can’t even speak right now without salivating…
    And even older Mel in Braveheart kinda worked for me…

    • Mel drifted off my radar more and more with the OTT movie, drunk driving and bigotry. Seemed a shame.

      Still, totally cute and would run away with for a day if not to just chat about the changes he’s going through and where his head has been. Uranus has been in my 10th for some time and would understand with a stroke of the hair, a gaze into the eyes, maybe even a little smooch…You know, to console and all as we perhaps hung out on a beach blanket….

      I got divorced when Uranus transited my 7th….

        • lol…. Yes, no one human has a right to be that gorge…

          Maybe it was his religion but was always sort of suprised that he had never (seemingly) cheated on his wife and was devoted family man. Was just talking to my Mom and believe it or not, my dad was gorge like Mel Gibson…dark hair, but green eyes. Just super handsome. Could have any women he wanted and later on he did confess that he ran around on my Mom ALOT…Was not particularly proud of it though.

          He’s an Aries too which made it all the worse….lol….

  6. APOCALYPTO brillo abfab sheer genius. Beware conflating the ART with the ARTIST. The Muse/God dwells in ALL of us, include rotters, cads, liars, murderers even – think Caravaggio. Rad rethinks re trad marriage, monogamy, INTERrealationships (nice typo, ta Freud) Aquarian Age stuff: change or be left behind. GoMELgo, sez I.

  7. That totally gorgeous man-star in Apocalypto!
    Agree was brilliantly mesmerising.
    Note that his ‘problems’ started same time as marriage breaking down,
    August 06.
    Alcohol does severe damage to looks & it seems to manifest much later in life
    & not at the time.
    Pity that 2 fun things like sun & alcohol wreak havoc on skin.

  8. I have serious Gibson-rage… I am totally mal-Mel, and horrified to hear he is a fellow Cap (although that does explain the HOTness…)

    Am finding some comfort in the ‘what-goes-round-comes-round’. Isn’t divorce extra extra naughty for the devout Papal pilgrim types…? That’s a one-way ticket to fire and brimstone with all those Homos and Jews, Mel…

    • ha,ha….that is funny Lexicorn and with Uranus he must be more confused than ever in a spiritual crisis type way (that isn’t funny really but I suppose if we judge others in that sense we should be careful what we don’t wish for? )

      Maybe he will emerge a New Age guru and/or perhaps, hang with Madonna or Tom Cruise…

  9. I just love His Holy Hotness. I have always known we shared the same birthdate (Jan 3 he in 1956 me in 1969) but now I see that we are both Cap sun, Cancer moon, and Libra rising…. is that cool or weird? lol
    Nah never even googled the man but just drool for him.
    Nut just gotta give some kudos to the transits ‘we” are having.. Aug 06 was when my marriage began to disintergrate, I too can have a bit of a battle with the lure of alcohol, wild days of partying, and sex.(I don’t go on anti-semetic drunken rants but have been known to whinge a bit about the poor Jehovahs’ witnesses……..)
    So I am blaming it all on Mel Gibson ! yep I must have “caught it off him”
    when I paid $5 at the Bowen Show in 1986 to sit in the drivers seat of Ford XC Falcon MAD MAX CAR!!,
    I sadly did not rub off the germ to make Billions of $$$

    • So in a sense, you rubbed bums with Mel Gibson!!!

      Had a ’67 Ford Falcon when I was 16! But no mad max, just mad sweetpea as I totalled it!

  10. Well the only physical attraction i have for Mel, is i’d like to punch his lights out…fuqing anti semitic, born again arsehole..and believe me if i saw him in the flesh again (use to see him around Coogee) I’d have a word with him..dhead..

  11. apocalypto WAS good…I can’t believe how much I liked that movie…but the anti-semitism is hard to get over…So his wife files for divorce on black thursday…same day judas sold out you-know-who…$500 million a bit better than 30 pieces of silver though…sigh!

    • Look there are a lot of anti semites out there..but not many who can promote the idea by funding weird churches that teach others to hate. I hope his wife just gets outta there with something, 50m would do anyone for life ?

  12. i can’t help feeling sorry for Mel; average people can make mistakes without it being trumpeted around the world, but not this guy…