The Leo Academic’s Wife

 fashionable rich woman in kaftan

When, how, why and would you wear a kaftan???  If not in THIS life, what is the imaginary life in which an ornate kaftan would be appropriate. This character – above – looks like she’s been married a long time to the professor of physics she met when she was a budding student & he her tutor. And now she’s about ready to bust out.

There are some amazing images of people such as Liz Taylor & Richard Burton/the Getties lurking about in exotic places, rocking their kaftans. But in real life, they can look purely as if one is emerging from a sustained bout with carbophilia. I think Leos look wonderful in kaftans. They have the august presence to carry one off, no matter how ornate.

The academic’s wife, above, to me looks like a Leo only with Capricorn Rising so she’s kept her hair restrained.  A real Leo would set off that kaftan with BIG hair. I’d say that she secretly sets her husband’s lab rats free because she can RELATE to them only i am not sure that even imaginary Piscean physics professors have lab rats. She thinks he is having an affair with a student – as, after all, that is how she got him off his original wife – but the Piscean physics professor is actually working on a secret Radonics machine.

Anyway, kaftans? And no, I don’t mean things you put over your bikini at the beach. I mean wear out. Or to lurk around sulking outside your husband’s lab. And if you DO wear a kaftan in this life or a parallel dimension, what is the hair, scent and makeup policy?  The Leo Academic’s wife just reeks of Bal A Versailles which he complains ruins his experiments it’s so strong.

Expensive Perfume

Image: Cindy Sherman

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i am a leo sun, cap moon (cap ascendent) and i love this look!

however, i would wear my hair as wavy as i can make it (i like big hair, but am sadly losing more hairs all the time). but i do like the hair here!
love the color of the kaftan, the earrings, the makeup! i usually do my makeup that way. black liquid liner, red lips.
good call mystic 🙂


Oh I am *so* glad that Camilla Caftans got a mention! Truly lux with built-in bling, short caftans wear over jeans & boots in winter, or with killer heels in summer. Long caftans wear with bejewelled flats & lots of bangles in summer! Oooohlala…plus they are ever so kind to bloated bellies! Tres glam to rock out a BBQ in a short leopard print caftan & biggggg black sunnies & patent black stilhettos & a giant floppy hat …very dramatic (and it’s okay to claim it’s your BBQ “casual”) Yessss, I Pisces girl & gen Y! ps J.Lo does good… Read more »


oops, that should be babe!


Actually, if there’s anywhere to capture a drug lord, it may well be here. We’ve already had our own global terrorist secret service undercover sneaky people saga right here, and there are various types drifting around, including a Brazilian who could well be the prototype for the fantasy outlined above (total baby, hairy rich husband, several boy babies, alas no kaftans but if I had a body like that I wouldn’t be covering it up either…) So maybe, just maybe, one of these days I will bag my own wealthy, hairy, dodgy husband and then I will move into Kaftan… Read more »


loved to read the kaftan stories – definitely an iconic piece of clothing For many years I had the most gorgeous torquois blue silk kaftan to the floor that floated and moved with my body – I would always wear it with absolutely nothing on underneath (i was 19 and heaps into yoga so everything looked great) a sweet french boy used to call me his ‘angel bleu’ when ever i wore it – it was so exquisite – i owned it in a very light on earth time in my life – years later i would wear at home… Read more »


Taurean Alchemist, we share kaftan fantasies! Right down to the drug lord details. Here in the Middle East I regularly get about in the local version of a kaftan, but only in the privacy of my own home as they show a bit too much (!) figure to wear in public. The local version has a long back which trails on the ground – legend has it that this is to sweep away magic star-dust that a wicked and devilishly handsome sorcerer once used to entice women to follow him….the kaftan was the husbands’ revenge. These ones are gloriously kitsch,… Read more »

taurean alchemist

wow seabird – you’re living the dream 🙂 here’s to you getting that private pool sometime xx

cheshire cap

I own an ethnic kaftan brought home as a gift from Indian travels by a boy-pal way back then. Even after many tubbings and more years than I like to admit to in the blanket box, it still smells like a weird mix of cow poo and some eye-crossingly pungent incense.

cheshire cap

but sacred cow poo

Ãœber Virgo

We DID miss you CC. Your grounded Capricorn sparkle. xx


I would LOVE to be able to swan around in public wearing a kaftan. I actually looked at getting a traditional arabic men’s one for the summer just gone, but balked at the 25 pounds postage from the UK.


I saw Elle McPherson online swanning around the Marie Claire awards in a blue one last week she looked great AND she had big hair.


on a totally unrelated note i got ‘told off’ by the server here for ‘posting too quickly’. How can one press ‘submit’ too quickly…? And why did i feel so chastened from a…server?


I got that the other day, and the site has been a bit slow lately. But I was impressed by the politeness of the message. The server was so NICE about it.


I have a yahoo account, and when it bounces an email it says ‘sorry it didn’t work out’. I love that!


that’s a wild narrative mystic, i love it.


I have childhood memories of my parents at 70’s Gold Coast barbeques….

Wall to wall kaftans. Every sign of the zodiac.

Meanwhile we (kids) would dig tunnels along and under the beachfront (a’ la’ Hogans Heroes)…..WTF?

My aunt Ethel (a Scot) favoured the kaftan teamed with horn rimmed glasses and a cuban cigar.


Hehehe that’s my fave kaftan image so far!


considering i have been eyeing off burqas for a while as the solution to ‘what to wear’ plus bad hair days, I think the kaftan might be hitting the spot.

it would have to be a delux embroidered, very classy one for me to contemplate though. Currently i am wearing a lot of long op shop dresses, but I caught sight of myself and thought I looked home schooled. A fine line to tread the old stately robe-tropical tourist-sack-flds-burqa continuum.


Absolutely love the kaftan fantasies / realities here and although I don’t wear kaftans al la originale style I definitely would in my fantasy life.

A whole wardrobe in fact – one for every occasion – made of the sheerest silk, hinting at my marvellous breasts and strong thighs and finished off with beaten gold wrist and ankle cuffs.

Wild beasts would sit at my feet and accompany me in the wake of my kaftan…

cheshire cap

I think I could waft round the house in a Colin Heaney silk one with a glass of bubbles


welcome home Chesh, we missed you x hope you had a great holiday

cheshire cap

thanks David, I enjoyed all and it was a huge learning curve 😆

Typical Taurus

I’ve been known to go to fancy dress parties in pyjamas* and I keep a pair of slippers under my desk at work, but even I wouldn’t wear a kaftan (and can’t actually imagine any parallel universe in which I would).

Love that Taurean Alchemist has the fantasy down to the finest details – such a Taurus – if a fantasy is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly!

*hey, it was a movie themed party, and Jodie Foster wore pyjamas in Panic Room!!

taurean alchemist

::::taking a bow::: 😆

fallen angel

Fishgirl, wot a coinkidink. Because the only person I know who donned kaftans AND harem pants with abandon was my beloved Mum, also a Piscean. She loved vibrant jungle green, intense colors and accessorized with abandon. To this day, when I hear charms tinkling nearby, my head goes up expecting it would be her.. Her signature moment was when she swept into my private Catholic school on Parent’s day, long dark hair full in curly waves, leaf gold sandals, a jungle PRINT, and I mean, it was a photo of a jungle rendered on to silk, harem ensemble with dangle… Read more »

The Leo Socialite

I know a very elegant Leo – not me – who wears designer ones to cocktail parties, pr things and private school functions along with oodles of bling and – i swear – bal a versailles. It is a distinct perfume, that thing. I mean, it reeks and it says that the lady wearing it has a very opulent inner world. This woman is on the larger side though. I would say an Australian size 18. But she looks fab and holds her own in rooms full of skinnie minnies. I got given one by my ex-mother-in-law just after i… Read more »


I think my African male would be interested in her… 😉

Does she have an email address? No, perhaps she’d better not give it.

taurean alchemist

oh Leo Socialite – I love your orange kaftan and mysterious latino aura… perhaps you and your argentine piano-virtuoso can visit my Brazilian hacienda some time?

Ms Motown

Wasn’t Penelope Cruz smokin’ hot in Vicky Christina Barcelona? Funny, I have hated all woody Allen’s movies since Husbands and Wives bnearly 20 years ago. But I just lurved that movie. worht a second look, I reckon


As a Pisces, i favour ambiguous daywear (which also doubles as nightwear) and Mystic you are giving Kaftans a bad name with this pic!!! Maggie T i admit did not do much for their rep either (esp teemed with the slicked hair) Check out the Camilla kaftans here: AND there is even one i love called the ‘Medusa’ which i love! Camilla too is a piscean. I think they can look great if you are fit and bronzed and feeling ‘zen’. I have one i sport when i’m in really hot places as they cover you and you don’t get… Read more »


Those ARE totally cool Fishgirl. Thanks for the fresh perspective as was in a seventies rut there (do remember….some of you may be too young!)

And never heard of him before David but googled…..


And p.s.,

Would absolutely suffocate with a synthetic kaftan unless very light weight like pictured on your link.

Where I live it gets to 120f. in the summer. Today was already 100f.

Typical Taurus

okay, just checked out the Camilla link, and could possibly be tempted by the onesie / jumpsuit type ones (they are much more aligned with my pyjama fetish – see below)…..but what is with the one called Marakesh?!?!?! that is a seriously awful photo!!!

And I’m all for hanging free, but the nipples in some of those photos are overkill 🙂


Well my fave caftans would have to be the stretch caftan made famous by Demis Rousoss, and of course the caftan worn by uncle fester in the addams family.

Lexicon Limbo

He certainly looked like he had a case of Bad Guru Syndrome!


Another memory – another reason to feel nauseous …


hey mystic god knows i love ya but the SHOE peeping out coyly from this monstrous sheath is the real worry ….


“monstrous sheath”…

Hysterical bubble…….

Yes, the shoe is quite the kind you get out of the coupon portion of the Sunday paper for the geriatric set (I do love the old peeps though and know it important to be comfortable)…

This gal is quite comfortable in convertible kaftan and shoe ensemble.

To top it off bub….looks like she might have on panty hose with those coy slides?

W/kaftie, Control Top not required….

Bella Ozfemme

what.. the delectable baby pink dr scholl?




Ditto. Kid in the 70s – yeuk then and yeuk now!

cheshire cap

I once knew a Dutch matron who only wore caftans and owned an inexhaustible supply. She wore her hair in a low sleek bun, chunky jewelery and always looked like a duchess. She swept into a room always making me feel like I should genuflect. It suited her. I can’t stretch my imagination to see her wearing anything else.

Bella Ozfemme

perhaps a tad, ta. But wait, there’s more?

taurean alchemist

oh yes, the kaftan provides ample cover for hiding beloved sons from their wicked drug lord father, who would groom them to take over his empire in spite of my wishes that they each follow A Calling.

Not only that, but in my younger, pre-wife days, I was an assasin and mastered the art of kaftan throwing and other nifty and dangerous moves to disarm my prey (not to mention ample pockets for knives, poisons etc). So I will protect my twelve hairy sons with that kaftan!


taurean alchemist

(cont..) make up is minimal… eyelash tint and lip gloss… and under the kaftan naked – because at any moment I may whip it off to dive into one of my five indoor swimming pools…in complete privacy of course.

in fact I have an entire wardroe of kaftans which are very handy as they are one-size fits all and cover many social occasions – in Brazil – and make wonderful maternity dresses (I have a dozen or so dark-eyed hairy sons)

too much?


Probably not too much TA, but I think about a half dozen of those hairy sons got lost under the kaftan.

Just think, with those sons, kaftan can double as a circus tent or in Brazil, can do carnival without even changing clothes…he,he

Bella Ozfemme

I suspect she is smuggling the lab rats out – possibly even the entire lab – under that hideous circus tent she is trapped in and from the look upon her cosmetically overhauled… face.??.. the rats are none too happy with the situation.

Say. No. To. Kaftans.


Honestly, while reading initially, missed the part where Mystic mentioned this was an “imaginary life”. Really had me going with the depicted woman and the professor, lab rattin’ affair he has goin’ on…he,he


Back in the Regan era, his wife Nancy had a campaign…

“Just say No”…

To various drugs, kaftans and sundry… 🙂


He he he he… Ha. *giggles*. He he he he. I love it.

taurean alchemist

ROFL… in my imaginary kaftan wearing life I am married to a Brazilian drug lord and thus no one is brave enough to tell me my floral silk kaftan is decades out of date and fugly…(lest the drug lord order an execution immediately) but for me its about wafting about the hacienda graciously keeping order while sipping somthing lightly alcoholic and non-fattening (and only in the late afternoon you understand) and generally being Beauty to my husband (alfonso’s) Beast. In taurean style my hair is long, lush and impeccably curled… perfume is understated and subtle – hermes caleche or the… Read more »


I imagined also TA that you were walking barefoot because on the Hacienda it can be hot, and the tiles are nice and cool on your bare feet. Kaftan doubles as a throw to lay on cool tiles after swim? Okay, I know….Get my own fantasy 🙂 Can’t decide yet but imagine perhaps a rotund African man waltzing around with a cigar and ice cube tinkling glass of scotch in hand. Like your dope dealer, he smuggles ivory but also like the movie “Elephant Walk” starring Liz T. who had not yet had a custom made kaftan, native animals scheming… Read more »

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