Astro-Beauty: Hair Neurotique & Why Leos Are Jealous Of Aquarius Hair Qi

Ornate avant garde hair styles

These hairstyles are reminiscent of both Japanese art nouveau AND crop circles which is so fabulous & modern, if slightly unwearable.

Leos and this is totally true, are obsessed with their hair. I will never forget the first time that my Leo-Ex, soon-to-be father of my son, explained to me his (at the time) Redken ritual.

Five products in space-lab style packaging. One man, not yet 25 & living off being a music reviewer + free drinks/food at gigs/gallery openings…yet able to miraculously afford N.A.S.A standard hair care.He was the first man i had ever known (my first Leo!) who could emote about his hair in 20 minute monologues.

Yet, irony of ironies, it is often the opposite sign to our Leo – Aquarius – who have the most iconic & culturally influential hair. I am thinking Farrah, Jennifer Aniston in Friends, Axl Rose, John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, Oprah, Bob Marley & even Christie Brinkley. They are all hair icons. Amongst other things.

Name one Leo Hair icon?

They’re so jealous of Aquarians hair Qi.

John Travolta doing his hair

So Leos are the most Hair-Obsessed, Aquarians have the most Culturally Iconic Hair and Sagittarians are the most likely to wear their hair long if-they-can & no matter what.

I am actually also interested in what sign/astro-cliche/transit coincides with people’s most fussy and neurotic hair phase. Over-ornate chignons adopted to please some controlling weirdo, insane hair extensions and/or an addiction to bleach that would rival the upkeep costs of any cokehead.

Images: Top – Nicholas French – Bottom – John Travolta, Saturday Night Fever

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Sea Lion

I’m an Aquarius with Leo as my rising sign, so there’s that XD As long as I can remember, I’ve been OBSESSED with my hair. I hate it when other people touch my hair – so much so that I haven’t been to a hairdresser in years. I’ve learned how to style it myself, never cutting off too much (like most hairdressers do in my experience) and styling it whatever way I want. When I was a teenager I had the craziest hairstyles (I’m talking sci-fi and fantasy movie stuff here XD). These days I often go for vintage updos… Read more »

Double Happiness

Venus in Leo and I now realise I have been obsessed with my hair all my life! Naturally super thick and dark blonde which has turned to the bottle hahaha I had my fun in the eightes and have been everything from blue to orange with a touch of the asymmetrical, a black crop was a bad idea for a bit my fav was platinum now keep it looking flattering and natural but heightened sexily blonde with a kind of woodgrain effect (I know…) had my baddest hair day EVER last year when in a badly light local place that… Read more »


Well aware that this is an old topic, but I wanted to write some things anyway. Leo Sun/Aqua Moon/Cap Rising (Venus Virgo if you’re keen) I am hair vain, and hair casual at the same time. I constantly change the cut, and colour, but I never really do anything with it — I’m a wash and wear kind of woman. Admittedly, though, I’ve been known to spontaneously do something drastic — dye it teal, or shave it off in my bathroom. It’s a sort of satisfying madness. As far as the quality of my hair goes, it’s a nice colour… Read more »


Aquarius here with Pluto rising on Libra – i have a huuuuuuuuuge amount of voloptuous wavy hair that puts every hairdresser in despeir if working on clock, usualy when i’m under scissors they’re never done below 2 h with me, lol XDD


Nice to note though that said ex and I are on very much speaking terms. a year or so down the track he’s with a much more suited lady and asking me about MY sex life!! who’d a thought. Sometimes your best mates turn out to be your ex’s.


ahhh ‘scuse the typos, always there…dunno if that will ever change!


I can relate to drastic changes post break-up. Went to get a trim for my normally blonde shoulder lenght hair just after a v.freeing break up. I found myself in that salon chair saying to my dresser, just take it all off, all that old dead hair – all the past. Walked out of the salon with dark chesnut, a symetrical, big chop. It felt so liberating and did indeed very new. Upon seeing my ex, he made some snide comment about, new hairdo (in fact I think he sensed the power in my change). Now am growing all the… Read more »

Ram tormented by Librans

I can relate – SR. i am Aries Sun/Libran Moon/Cancer Rising and as soon as I starting working fulltime, my pittance of a wage went on hairdressers! I was every colour available, long, short, punk, slick, permed. And I loved it. Now, I am pretty much low maintenance, free flowing or pony tail. My Leo son is absolutely obsessed with his hair. It is hilarious! My Libran daughter loves her long hair and is right into the Rapunzel thing. My Sagg hubby had long, curly hair when I met him, and he grieves that his former glory is thinning by… Read more »

scorpalicious robot

I’ve been ever colour under the sun except blonde, have tried many styles, including a Bo Derek beaded hair-do and a spiral perm back in the 80’s. Had long golden brown hair in my teens then chopped it off in my early 20’s, grew it long and dyed it jet black during goth years, then went really short (during saturn return i think). And i’ve been short ever since. I’m extremely low maintenance, never blow dry it or even brush it and only wash it once or twice a week. I like stylish sexy, messy bed hair and sometimes cut… Read more »


So very interesting, fascinating even. postmodscorp, are your parents still together? ?? I hope so, they sound like an awesome twosome…. Mystic, you are too faulous for words.


Aqua-mad mother has iconic hair…. a mane of tawny curls… a bit of aesop hair goo and she wafts around looking gorg. Makes me spit. Sagg dad hasn;t cut his hair since 1984…. Keeps it in a plait, he also hasn’t shaved since about 1976 – I suspect I’d walk straight past him if he ever denuded himself of hair….. Scorp me morphs between straightened corporate look, and bohemian flicks and waves. Buying a hair straightened changed my life. I was finally able to achieve hair happiness. As for major transits, I cut my hair V short for my 24th… Read more »

venus a-go-go

This is truly a bit of a downer… so if you are up and happy, don’t read this:

My Fish Magician Hairdresser made the following comment the last session I went to when I said that I just wanted to cut off all my hair. He told me that the last thing a person does before they kill themselves is go and get a dramatic haircut. They want to change so badly… then they don’t even recognise themselves and it tips them over the edge.
Can’t quite work out whether he is full of it or not…

scorpalicious robot

might explain Britney Spears shaving off all hair just before going into rehab


wow, venus, that’s heartbreaking. i’ve never heard that before, but i have heard something else, which is far more positive- drastic changes in hair cuts/styles are very connected to major growth/evolution of one’s self. yes, sometimes prompted by negative events/feelings (such as post break up/divorce), but mostly it happens almost subconciously. one starts just thinking, ‘god im sick of my hair’, or ‘hmm, might actually try something new for once’ and think its all about image/hair cut (the obvious thing) but REALLY is their new self emerging, just through an accessible, easily exhibited aspect of themselves. i have noticed this… Read more »

scorpalicious robot

i’d go with your growth/evolution theory for sure. I often think to myself ‘god im sick of my hair’ or ‘think it’s time for a change’


I’m a Gemini and I got hair ISSUES! When I was young, I was complimented on my hair by hairdressers: really fine but a LOT of it and it had wavy texture. Now that I”m older (36) and have had myriad health issues that have affected it (mono, depressed immune system, underfunctioning thyroid), it’s impossible. Thinning, dry, graying, won’t hold color. It’s the bane of my looks, I tell you. Doesn’t help that I have an Aquarius mother with a fabulous dark mane of hair, and a Leo boyfriend with another fabulous mane. He never cuts it and it’s thick,… Read more »


i’ve noticed a few posts on underactive thyroid on this thread- applicable as it affects hair so much- and i have some knowledge in this area. underactive thyroid can be treated really easily by conventional medical means- medication- but is also extremely responsive to natural therapies. it’s often unknown that thyroid issues are related to adrenal exhaustion, esp. as it relates to women. anything to rebalance the system- both emotionally and physically- helps enormously. acuptuncture is amazing for it, as is chinese medicine (herbal mixtures, specially made up etc). plus, addressing it as a condition stemming from being exhausted emotionally/mentally… Read more »

Pisces Goat

This is late, but thankyou Pisceanness for agreeing with my theory!


I feel like the difference in leo and aquarius hair is that leos are more interested in having good hair (the ones I know wear it big or wear it sleek and face-framing) where as aquas want cool hair. I can say as a sagittarius that the hair thing is on the dot for me. I haven’t had a haircut in over a year and the only reason I get haircuts is because there is a specific range of lengths that my hair looks good without styling. Two of my close sag friends style their hair like crazy though (or,… Read more »

unpredictable pisces

i have learnt the hard way that if i leave my hair alone, it leaves me alone. i can’t even be bothered having it cut other tha once every 6 months. any neuro-hair madness is related to straightening it to the point where my friends don’t recognise me…hehe. probably some sort of capricornntransit, as i have always called my straightened hair ‘Corporate Hair’. my hair has always wanted me to be a rock star, thereby negating the need for stupid bobby pins and headbands, blowdrier, and hairbrush to control crazy natural curls.


Tori Amos, a Leo, is going wild with her hair lately. See ‘American Doll Posse’ and the five wigs for five different characters.


A Leo hair icon? I read it HERE in your own blog!

Tina Turner! The icony-ist hair there is!


isnt tina turner a saggi? i always thought so… and yes, what a mane.


Oh. Apologies if that’s so…could’ve been a post about Leo rising then. Hmm. It was definitely a Leo/Tina combo though.
Tina Turner was always what I was going for when I teased my hair as a kid.

Aqua Ramette

I’ve got thick, curly hair which is reasonably long, but certainly not in the pre-Raphaelite spectrum described by Venus a-go-go or Blossom. Rather it’s just big. Pure and simple. I don’t colour it and I certainly don’t own a blow drier or straightener, or anything like that. I just use a bit of product to counter any frizz and I get it cut every eight weeks to give it a bit of shape. Although I don’t spend long on it, I guess I’m pretty hair obsessed – I had to embrace the fact I was never going to look sleek… Read more »


With Leo moon, saturn, mars and midheaven, OBSESSED with hair is a very apt description for me. From as young as I can recall, all I wanted to be was a hairdresser, until I got to high school and something or someone instilled in me the notion that I had to do somthing more stuious! I still wonder what would have happened if I had followed my child hood dream? All I ever wanted was a head full of wild curls, not the fine blonde whispy lot I was given (which I don’t mind at all now, as it’s low… Read more »


I am a scorp but I have gemini asc and my sun mercury and uranus in the 5th house, mars cusp leo virgo

and I am totally obsessed with my hair and its more like a mood indicator for me than anything

I bleach my hair
as white as it can go, I like a really clean white blonde. I will rather go to the hairdresser than eat if I have to.

In the hight of my pluto transits I had half black half white like a cross between nordic hell and creulla deville


I’m a Scorpio but my Leo Ascendant TOTALLY rules how I feel about my hair. By thirteen I had looooooonnnngggg hippie waves, at fourteen/fifteen I was chopping it off, dying it purple, spiking it, getting bobs, orange streaks, etc etc…then at seventeen I embraced its natural texture and have kept shoulder-length, VERY voluminous waves and no dye. Though I don’t technically “do” anything to it–no blow-dryers or curling irons–my friend once said I had a “high maintenance way of being low maintenance.” I shower, put no-frizz-yay-curls stuff in it, then either pin or headband my bangs down a little bit.… Read more »


pisces goat i actually agree, thinking about all my pisces friends, all have fine hair but curly. no matter how much i straighten my hair (and its not very curly at all), a bit of a wave ends up kinking out!

Pisces Goat

I LOVE these hair comments! Mystic and all of you, they are truly genius! Not too sure about transits but I went through massively fussy hair stage when I was 36 (born March 14 1967) so not sure what that was to do with. What I have noticed about Pisceans is we tend to have fine hair, curly or at the least a bit of a wave, often a lot it (even if fine) and if there’s not a lot, we can make it look like there is.


everytime i go to the hairdressers i immediatley hate it, hide under a hat until a week later when i miraculously ‘love it’??? hmm i dont like to do too much to my hair, am definatley not a big hair person at all- however my fave hairstyle is a sleeker than sleek high pony tail that screams (to me) control, or else a big messy bun if i wish to appear ‘carefree’. loll about sags being long haired. can so see that.

Matthew Minerva

i’m a sagittarius and my hair is really long and wavey – lol much to my fathers disapointment! – I think its because most saggo’s are very laid back and excuse the generaslizing phrase “Hippyish”. but yes WE CARE FOR HAIR! *staring at the moon tonight*
Matt x
ps. i think i might put a streak of blue in my hair – my dad would flip lol 😛 but i’d love it 😀

venus a-go-go

I am a wash it and leave it kinda girl. Had ultra long hair till my teens. I overheard some lady say that I would be a heartbreaker with hair like that (pre-raphelite waves that I could sit on) and I promptly cut it all off. Imagined that it would be all punky and spikey, but my hair had the audacity to have a series of naturally tight ringlets/curls (grecian styley). I hate my curls so much I would try to cut them out, bleched my hair and dyed it red (normally black). Learnt to embrace the curl. Have a… Read more »


Wow vagg, very similar here. Hairdresser would not cut almost waist length curls in one go – had to be done in stages to minimise the shock. Then went crew cut – but it is the damned wave you get with curly hair when short. Mullet risk too. Hate the primping so keep it very short so I can wash and go. Swim every day and life is too short … Admit to dyeing – haven’t come to terms with my calendar age yet 🙂

venus a-go-go

Snap! Totally not a primper… and also swim pretty much everyday (where would I be without my cap)
I keep on wanting to cut all my hair off, but my hairdresser wont do it. At all. He tells me why would I want to have short hair when I can wear it up and have options.
He is a Fish Magician. I gave up having _any_ control over my hair… small price to pay for free:)


It was the headaches from the weight of it – so thick. And the hours it took to dry. Good enough reasons for me!

taurean alchemist

oh go go – love the alchemy products – all of them… smell so good and so gentle on hair.

am interested in forgoing hair elastics and using combs etc (my oldest daughter has mastered this but I am too impatient in typical gem rising manner and need to get my ponytail just so in super-quick time).

how inspiring this astro beauty thing is Mystic xxx

Leonine Librarian

Oh saw an Aqua friend the other day who seemed almost resentful of receiving hair compliments…really amused me.

When I said,

‘Hey your hair is looking extra fantastic…’

She grumbled,

‘People have been telling me that all day, must be the $2 organic conditioner I bought.’

Then she told me where to find it ‘cos even grumpy she’s a good woman.


I have a tendency to cut, bleach or dramatically dye on any eclipse which is close to any of my major planets.
Only know this because i looked up a stupid drunk bleaching of my dark brown hair in 2001 on an ephemeris (boyfriend at the time said it looked like i would charge 50c for a blow job, hahahahaha) and it was a day off from the eclipse on my virgo moon.
Just sayin’.


My Leo girlfriend once said to me (Aqua), “I can always tell what mood your in by your hair”.

These days my hair is effected by a sluggish thyroid, which makes it very dry requiring a boring amount of care. I look like Sideshow Bob before it’s made manageable with NASA type products. I wish it was like it used to be wash and leave it.

Leonine Librarian

My daughter who has called herself spazzy aqua extraordinaire…I just call her Spazzy A now…anyways she has this innate hair arrogance. Perhaps willed to her by her two Leo parents(poor love). Her Dad has extraordinarily thick hair…it gets a bit James Brown if he doesn’t watch it…and well my hair is also thick, but fine. Not as in I’m sooo fine…fine in consistency. Anyways she also is pretty darn spiffy at doing the do. She seems to be able to do very little to it and it’s bloody brilliant. Except for this one time she dyed her hair after getting… Read more »


The only truly hair obsessed peeps I have known are Venusians … Librans or with serious Libra on the side; or Taurean in which case they either have a massive mane or none at all. Same goes for Leos. Leos seem to have either big hair or no hair. I’ve not known them to get all 3P0 about it though. I have big hair which I put down to 2 x Leo parent genetics. It’s only long because it looks so crap short (think neo-anglo-afro) or requires excessive styling/cutting which I can’t be bothered with. Unless I have to frock… Read more »

taurean alchemist

I think you may have a valid theory there Prowlin… tau sun/lib moon so double venusian – am not exactly obsessed but must admit it is imperative to have a good hair cut and a good stylist is essential. My children’s hair must be ‘done’ or they aren’t leaving the house (I insist). Have never been one for outrageous cuts or colours. Did have a period of blonding in an attempt to be less ‘scary smart’ but it didn’t really put me in touch with my inner bimbo as much as worry me about the potential long term harm to… Read more »

taurean alchemist

actually, am off to ‘wash and leave’ my hair – am feeling experimental… will it curl? oh and I have a Virgo friend with whom I have the same conversation with over and over – like this: me: Hi hon, you look great – your hair looks wonderful her: you think so? I’m not happy with it, just got it cut the other day and I had to go back again and get it done properly, it was just not right…. blah blah blah. me: one of these days I’m going to say ‘you’re hair looks great’ and you’re going… Read more »


That’s the thing TA … Venusians have this extreme sensitivity to balance, form and that which must be “pleasing” to their senses. I think for the Taurus it must feel right, for the Libra it must look right. Your Cancerian/Aqua Rising/Leo Moon oldest is using her hair for attention (all crabs LURVVVVVVVV attention) and the Aqua rising is basically saying love me for me. Aqua’s will use absolutely anything to differentiate themselves. They don’t purposefully try to be eccentric .. they just are! … which is probably why, as Mystic pointed out, they end up being iconic. They really don’t… Read more »

taurean alchemist

lol, all good prowlincat… yes gemini rising multiple Sadge has Sun in Sadge conj Jupiter etc – stellium in seventh house. She is classic Sadge in that she’s tall and lanky and will give anything a go.


cheshire cap

How’d the ‘wash and leave’ go TA?

taurean alchemist

I couldn’t do it Chesh… have discovered I am a compulsive groomer… 😉


happy hair = happy me. i have venus and moon in leo and was introduced to my much-loved hairdresser by my aqua moon friend who has consistent fabulous hair. i’d much rather keep my beloved paule than any other professional, doctor included!

i was almost convinced of mystic leo/aqua hair theory until i realised my dad is aquarius. would taurus rising cause practicality to kill iconic?


i’ve pretty much always had long hair, never put anything artificial in it really (the odd product, but mostly like it un-gunky), and love the 70s-esque look of long, wavy etc. i often wear my hair in a pony tail. yep, complete cliche i think 🙂

cheshire cap

no, just sagg. Saggis like their hair natural and uncomplicated and often loath the feeling of product. My sagg stuff over-rides my cap and I’ve worn my hair in a longish bob for years. I cut it myself as too many hairdressers in the past have seemed to think they know what I wanted. I colour it because I don’t want to be a salt and pepper redhead. I love it free flowing and clean.

Leonine Librarian

My sagg daughter with the cap moon is very particular with her hair. Has expressed herself strongly since the age of four about just how it should sit before willing to leave the house. She started off with that almost bald look till at least 12 months old…just really fine hair. Then it morphed into this white blond surfer chick look. Couldn’t do anything much with it as she’d run howling from the comb. She looks back in horror at the early years. Then at about 3 she developed this need for piggy tails and black patent shoes. Then from… Read more »


well, I’m a piscean who has been nearly every natural and unnatural hair colour under the sun (last time I saw my natural colour was when I was 12, also the same year of my last hairdresser’s appointment) and has an emotionally fulfilling but destructive habit of cutting/dramatically re-styling my hair. It’s quite short right now (recent breakup and consequent life upheaval). I need to be strong and throw out my scissors. or maybe my fringe needs a trim…

cheshire cap

Princess Margaret sure had the hair thing and Jackie O was a Leo from memory


mystic, you could so get into trend forecasting for fashion/design, youd be fantastic at it

check out li edelkoort

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