Astraea – The Star Maiden & Virgo

Fernando Gallego

The “maiden” of the Virgo symbol is Astraea the Star Maiden. She is linked to Virgo but also to Libra, as she was the Goddess of Justice.  In Greek mythology, she left the Earth (in disgust at the inequity) and was transformed into the constellation of Virgo. Her name literally means “maiden of the stars.”

“…The Age Of Gold was the first age of the world, without hardship or toil for those who dwelt on Earth, and was without crime. The most recent age of the world, full of troubles and evils, is called The Age of Iron, but perhaps it would be better to call it the Second Age of Gold, for many of its troubles began when gold first tempted humankind to wickedness and war. through the Ages of Gold, Silver and Bronze.


Astraea – the goddess of justice – still remained on Earth, but when the Age Of Iron began, she found she could stay here no longer. Now she shines down from the sky as the constellation Virgo, the virgin. 


Astraea once carried a pair of scales with which she weighed up the rights and wrongs of any dispute. Now Astraea’s scales shine close by Virgo as the constellation of Libra…


Astraea, whose name means Star Maiden, was the last deity to leave Earth…”


Mythology – Myths, Legends & Fantasies


In Ancient Greek & Roman parlance, they say that the return of Astraea to Earth heralds the arrival of the Golden Age. So many cultures have the idea of some deity coming back & beginning a fabulous new age whether it be aliens, Mayans, Christ, King Arthur, Astraea or other versions of the Divine Feminine.

Aphra Behn, the successful playwright and spy, used Astraea as one of her code names.


Image: Fernando Gallego

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“Virgo Rising with Gemini Midheaven is still very much the astro-signature of a writer….”

Ooh, that’s me! 😀

Very timely realization, as I re-committed myself to writing for 2013.

…Leo Sun in 11th and my Mercury in 12th, conjunct the asteroids Hekate and Isis. Seems like that’s relevant to the writing thing.


“Bitcherel”? lolol You crack me up. I just Love you Mystic.

You need your very own dictionary …

“Mystic Ds” …. A Visionary Dictionary!



Hmmm. Virgo ascendant and gem midheavean here too. Perhaps that’s the something I’ve been looking for – my next reincarnation. My bro was a talented writer and when he died I promised myself I would finally start. Maybe this is what the dammned venus retro has been trying to tell me, LOL – well, all this thinking has to have some benefit. Damn, it’s got me thinking again.

FA darling, always thought you should write. Soooo eloquent.


Sorry, computer crash erased stuff, including name.

fallen angel

Thank you, our now identified Blossom. What’s your sun again?

I think a little scribbling is in order for you, yes? Considering that the venus retro is helping you revisit creative instincts laying fallow… and one has to start somewhere.

Says she who hasn’t exactly 🙂


Taurus sun. The problem I have FA is that I think much faster than I can write, type or speak. Always tripping over my words and coming out with creative amalgams of normal words in my haste. Makes for an interesting vocabulary! Now wondering if all this venus retro slowing down is trying to tell ME to slow down. Think before I speak. Speak more slowly. Reframe ideas in a way that other people can understand rather than the pure, unadulterated form straight from my mind. That would actually help with the scribbling. I always advise peeps to jot down… Read more »


I just LOVE the mythology of the returning deity (winks at Uber) and the accompanying new golden age that comes with it. Having Aqua in the midheaven draws me to the aliens returning concept. There’s loads about it in the lead to 2012. One alien channeler Blossom Goodchild, predicted a few months back that the aliens would be having a bit of a fly over the major cities so I sat outside waiting in vain to see the Martian salute … but nothing except Channel 7 helicopters .. hehehe … later when she re-channeled to find out “where the [email protected]!ck… Read more »

fallen angel

prowlin, your post made me think of me and my devotions as a child. By day, I scoured the salt-dry empty lot next door, hoping the glitter in the rocks meant a diamond in the rough. I did this too when we were living in the crowded inner city and all I could go by were cracks in the pavement. I think of this as an early inkling towards the plutonic, the desire perhaps to transform something so mundane, and well, regular to something more. As if it were simply the introduction of “I” into the equation that would catalyze… Read more »

no name brand

I used to wish on a star that was outside my window – only on special occasions – would pull curtains apart middle of night and talk to it. Later found out it was venus. Had a fascination with maths equations called prime factor trees and would draw really huge numbers on my window and then reduce them to their prime factors whilst wishing on this lovely star for some reason the maths was part of my mantra don’t know really what that was about. The star always made my wishes come true – never failed – which is why… Read more »

fallen angel

What a lovely tale! Kind of half beautiful Mind and the Tale of La Estrella kind of thing… isn’t it wonderful to have memories like that, (there’s my Kataka showing)…

It also makes me sad though to think that most kids in modern settings wouldn’t follow the urge to reach out to something like a star..whereas you obviously claimed it for your own. I sometimes think that half the battle of anything in this life is really just feeling like one belongs. To someone or something.

no name brand

YES! i do so belong to venus – when i saw beautiful mind i immediately thought of the prime factor trees. You’ll be pleased to know I am able to function in the day to day world with ease – no anti-social latent genius vibe has emerged either ;o) What is la estrella?

fluid feline

Being astro-fiend since i was about 14 or 15, I do show my children the stars and moon phases, take them out of city lights at times and subtley teach astrology. My 11 year old aqua daughter is totally interested and my leo son is only interested in such things as “your chart tells me you love music and to write”, which he does, so he just smiles. Whereas I find my daughter is researching my books and online. My daughter also very interested in astronomy (space travel gives me the creeps) – but that’s an aqua for you (scorp… Read more »


I love this entry. Often it seems Virgo gets the shaft of horoscopes always the do-gooder or a nit-nick. Almost destined to be the cinderella of the astrological archetypes while the others get to go out and play.
This brings out a whole new dimension to Virgo/Virgin energy.
thank you!


Yes, scorpion_tongue,

I had felt Virgo gets picked on quite a bit, because, well, people say they pick…Maybe I was a picker too as Draconic Sun and Merc are in Virgo.

This is neat though as my oldest has Virgo rising and Gem MC. She did have to write a paper to get into college and was accepted. I wonder if she’ll do any kind of writing eventually?


I have sun and mercury in Virgo too.

Virgos can be hypercritical.I am afflicted by it and hate it!
I guess not a very exciting or mysterious trait, but it’s good to read about other positive and mystical aspects then the obvious boring ones. 🙂

fallen angel

Yes, I concur darlings. Isn’t it just drastic? Virgos being made to sound like the scrubbed up school nurse ALL the time.

But what was that saying? Which I think is true btw… that Virgos are actually Scorpios with their legs crossed?

Scorpbot should know… hee hee

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

Oh dear…FA, that saying you wrote, wasn’t it Mystic who said that? Btw, that might explain why I keep crossing & uncrossing my legs then. 😉 Didn’t mean for that to come across like that…never mind, legs crossed or uncrossed! Virgo Sun with Scorp Ascendant.

scorpalicious robot

HAHAHA… yes it was Mystic.

scorpalicious robot

hee hee indeed. Well with mars in Virgo i have a list of all my lovers and their signs and a tally of which sign i have slept with the most – purely for research of course 😉 It occurred to me one day that one sign was missing – Aquarius!! – the last and only one. He was also the worst, i guess i was more excited about completing the astro wheel than looking for any chemistry. This was years ago though during the wild Pluto in Sag years which was conjunct my moon.

fallen angel

Uh-huh, sure Scorpalicious. Hee hee… I LOVE the analysis of lovers past via astro wheel. Mine clearly delineates between those Strictly for Play (Aquas and Saggs) and those for more Serious Consideration (Toros and Scorps). What can I say, I know what I like?

Was the Aqua just way too random for you? In my experience, its a bit like having a conversation in the middle of an electrical storm. Lots of black outs with random bolts and flashes of light…interesting though. Oddly enough, I always found the Aquas I encountered to be extremely good kissers.

scorpalicious robot

we know what you like FA… 🙂

umm… no, the Aqua was not too random, i can handle randomness. There was no passion or connection on any level, no flashes of light either. Not surprising considering it was an experiment. It was kinda like “oh, you’re an Aqua… cool, let’s go!” My moon in Sag gets me into a lot of trouble… or adventure?… hehe.

fallen angel

Scorpbabe, I’m a gonna-go with adventure! But how funny that you used the word “experiment”, I felt very test-tubey the entire time I was with the WHU (Well Hung Uranian).

Am sure you can tell from the moniker why I had to do my research… hee hee


“Virgos are actually Scorpios with their legs crossed? ”
I like this!



fallen angel

Uber, how very elegant! But gasp…that’s me, Virgo Rising with a Gem Midheaven, and Mercury in Gemini in the 10th House. This is so inspiring, it makes me wish I could take a week off NOW and do nothing but write. Hmm. I may just do that. I love this, Divine Mystic. And may I just say, you saw my Virgo Rising miles away even before I was able to unearth the document to prove it. So inspirational..I feel very dusted with gold right now. Even if I am SOOO relating to the ahem..women who did not marry but initiated… Read more »


I’m not surprised either … you’re a very good writer.

fallen angel

Gee, thanks prowlin.

Perhaps that should save me from the other career option? hee hee…


I don’t see why you couldn’t do both eh? 😉

With Gemini Midheaven you’re the ultimate multitasker…hehehe

fallen angel

SEE, now where were YOU when I went in for high school career counseling?! I am so digging that dual career thing.

Am serious, it would be like my gift to generations of women, the training of skittish young child-men into full fledged worthy supplicants to women whom they shall all treat as Queens of Venus.

AND they would have good grammar as well as the art of conversation… hmmm (rubbing palms together)…

scorpalicious robot

wow FA – you must feel like a glistening golden angel right now! There’s gold underneath them sooted wings.
I do recall Mystic picking you as a Virgo rising before you found out. I’ve said it many times i’m sure – you’re a natural with words and the astro just confirms it. How cool is that!!

fallen angel

Thanks Scorpbeauty! I know, the Divine M is amazing, yah? And to think I was angsting over my long lost birth certificate and Mystery No. 2041 i.e. the time of my birth.

Now, how to turn them gold bits into actual coinage in real time currency…

Ãœber Virgo

You’re mercury had to be strong in your chart FA with your way with words. The precision, the fluency, the effortlessness. You could easily go pro.

scorpalicious robot

so could you Über!

fallen angel

Oh, thank you Uber! Right now I’m covered in seminar grime, but I’d really rather do something a bit more soul provoking than talking about toxic chemicals. The Divine M has been on me about scribing, she’s amazing no?

And so are you btw! When it comes to Precision and cutting elegantly through a swathe of BS, you’re laser like. I could think of a few peeps, nay, an entire company that could use your Uber Sense.

Ãœber Virgo

Virgo’s new name is gorgeous, Mystic. Thank you so much. It’s like an early birthday present.

ps, my given name means star.

taurean alchemist

yay for The Star Maiden ! my Virgo daughter has Esther as a middle name – meaning star.

having Virgo on an angle (Gem rising, Virgo IC) am completely down with all that…

fluid feline

“Virgo Rising with Gemini Midheaven is still very much the astro-signature of a writer”. My 8 year old Leo son has Virgo asc with Jupiter in Gemini in 9th house close to Gem MC and Mercury in Canc in 10th, also Neptune in Aqua in the 5th – and he loves to write. In last year’s NAPLAN (National testing across Oz) he scored an arrow off the page for the writing testing i.e waay above average and beyond the banding listed for his age group. And as we are in Qld our kids have one year less education than the… Read more »

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