Astrology, Surrealism and Magic

Surreal Art Magical Boy With EggNo matter where you are in the world, the night of April 30 is deep magic, ten degrees of Taurus & sacred to many different deities. As the veils between worlds are said to thin tonight, you ought to be able to dream lucidly & with some element of prophecy or divine inspiration granted to you by morning. That there is a Cancerian/Kataka Moon waxing & in thrall to Promethean Uranus just helps the whole process.

Image: Leonora Carrington

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10 thoughts on “Astrology, Surrealism and Magic

  1. Awesome pic Mystic! I forgot I used to love Leonora as much as Frida back in my art student days. But I still love Chagall the best for all those incredible visual motifs. It’s like these artists created their own visual language based on dreams, impressions and feelings … really inspirational in a visually fatiguing postmodernist landscape.

  2. yes, thats so true about chagall, i was just looking at him with fresh eyes a few days ago. just now feels really GOOD. mayday. workers unite!

  3. Ah yes, this time last year I was dating the Uranian & he grew a weird beard to honour Lenin (?) and i copped a lecture-rant re the workers before he went off to incite a riot & get stonkered in Chinatown. I remember now. Am v.happy doing witchy-goo-goo this year. But yah, go the workers OF COURSE.

    • and dont forget 30 degree taurus is the place for pleiades, the muses of mortal influence and anti-divination.

  4. we’ll keep the red flag flying here!!

    AKA the union delegate wearing another hat LOL!

  5. hehe which reminds me of one of my favourite designers – Lissitzky, he embraced the “galleries of the streets” and did all this brilliant early Bauhausesque poster artwork. These days I guess it would be considered propoganda – “Beat the Whites with The Red Wedge” was his Bolshevik *stick it up your clacker* to the white Russians message. Purists call it a a metaphor, but to me it looks pretty obvious, like a big sperm impregnating an egg! How Saggo of him!

    But at least those dudes really passionately believed in something. They actually thought art, their utopian ideals and the new findings in science would change the world for the better.

    Maybe your Uranian needs to believe in something. I wonder if Lissitzky and his compatriots incited riots and got totalled on vodka in some innocent bar? Probably too busy getting obsessed by stationery and typefaces to bother …

  6. We had some friends visiting from Australia yesterday and went to Stonehenge and Avebury, talk about veils being lifted, i was seeing druids and fires and chanting and beltane fires, really beautiful, really trippy!

    happy sacred stones!

  7. After making a random comment yesterday about Taurean women being turbo charged by the Venusian weirding, I dreamed last night I was driving a yellow turbo charged convertible BMW. The turbo charger was a dial that looked like a peace sign. Turn the dial, get more acceleration etc

    Anyways was having fun driving the hot rod, but thought I was supposed to give it back to some dweeb of a guy. Then discovered, oh joy, the car is MINE! Then a man ripped off his clothes and threw them at me as if I was the female equivalent of Tom Jones.

    I rather enjoyed it.