Zodiac Lady – Disco Astrology

Seventies Astrology Disco

Zodiac Lady got banned across Europe in the mid-70s due to it’s astro-references. Roberta Kelly is a peer/friend of Donna Summer’s.  This is totally fantastic; Such a buzz and I love the yellow sequinned hoodie thing – She’s a Saggo.

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7 thoughts on “Zodiac Lady – Disco Astrology

  1. as a fellow sagg can I say, how hilarious … sooo very funny … saggs can be such believers …. dededdededede deedeee deedee doo .. power from the planets … go girl

  2. really – banned? what do they think all that folk music about drinking down the moon and the cover of cosmic wheels by Donovan in the 60s was all about? Did they suspect hoodoo / voodoo due to the colour of skin I wonder? Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks got away with being witches why not this lovely lookin sheila? absurd

  3. I see Giorgio Moroder produced this album, now there is a musical genius.

  4. Was it ever on Sesame Street? Kinda has that vibe, don’t you think….? Brought to you by the colour YELLOW……

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