Astro-Query: Her Saggo Fiance Got His Capricorn “Stalker” Pregnant

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Postcard from Venus

“Dear Mystic,

Venus retro huh?  So it isn’t just me freaking out about everything to do with my fiancee’s past and deciding I really don’t want to get married, marriage is a stupid concept anyway???

I was already divorced and sceptical (at just 33…Aquarian cheated on seems to find hard to forget and even want to trust again). We met when I was coming out of very difficult stage of my life.  So Me the Aquarian who had been the most solo of all her friends, was suddenly getting lots of attention from guys and loving it. Yep, this heralded the fun yet brief time of Me the Slut. Prob not best time to meet potential life partner. More so for him coming out of an even darker stage where he and his wife, pregnant with their second child, separated. He (being a Sag) was suddenly entwined with a crazy Dutch Capricorn girl. Like really crazy. Stalker-bunny-boiler material.

And we meet.  Making a television show in the Maldives. I am really having lots of  fun. He ends relationship with the Dutch Bunny Boiler days after meeting me and proclaiming love at first sight. The Dutch Capricorn Stalker starts stalking me and him at work and hotel until production becomes involved and asks I i want to press charges….regretfully I said no…

We become entwined and I feel like he the man who completes me.  But there is good news on the way…..Saggo is apparently extremely fertile and Dutch Capricorn Stalker is pregnant (he says she lied to him and tricked him..who knows)…..with freaking TWINS. So he has wife at home with brand new babe, his Dutch Capricorn Stalker pregnant with twins….and me who was finally enjoying life again for first time in 3 years  thinking totally What The Fuq

I say enough. Too messy?  Far too complicated for an Aquarian who can’t trust nor deal with complicated human situations anyway. And not that I am moralistic (well maybe a tad) but what kind of man does that? Really. The show ends. He still proclaiming to love me goes home to try to calm the shitstorm with his wife and new baby…..Unbelievable…she actually let him back?? I forget him and move on….first time in my life in my own cute little apartment..I am making an amazing doco and even have a job I kind of enjoy….

6 months later another tv show shoot starts….I dread it but need the $$$. Of course he is there and did I tell you he is the most attractive man I have ever met? He starts pursuing again….wearing his wedding ring this time. I SO stupidly blindly attracted to him and really really love our conversations….how awful am I ? yep felt heaps of guilt (thanks to good catholic upbringing) about `poor’ (she isn’t poor she is a total Scorpio bitch) wife with the kids….He explains they not together at all, just living together for the kids, been going to counselling but he sleeping in caravan and not allowed in the house. What??! No comprende….move out then methinks!!! What with the ring then?? I at that stage thinking I independent free woman and going to have a good fun time with this guy….(so selfish huh? but I was just turning 30 and the whole month of Feb was mine to party away)

Yeah, I think I really stupid but kept seeing him. Then I really fell for him. Hard. Harder than ever before. He promptly moved out of his caravan and we together all the time. Divorce follows and now three years later we have started our own business, gotten engaged and both have a really nice relationship with his kids (the australian ones, the Dutch Capricorn Stalker has been scarily quiet lately…But now I am suddenly stalked by doubt…I  see him as pathetic and horrible typical man with his brain in his dick and me as an awful selfish home wrecker….their home was already wrecked long before I on the scene but still wonder what kind of man really??? We have dark stages sure but as far as I know him  he is totally forthright (even about bad shameful things) and the most loving giving guy I know….but the Doubt. What do I do? Can I marry this man?

Confused and Guilt-Ridden Aqua…”

Dear Confused & Guilt-Ridden Aqua,

Oh how I love television peeps, I truly do. I think you are experiencing the Saturn-Uranus opposition. The voice of Uranus is saying how cool is this? He’s handsome, hot and individuated. You are soulmates. You do awesome work together. Who gives a shit about bourgois conventional crap dude? And Saturn is saying ‘get real you home-wrecking idiot. He is a proven sleazebucket and by marrying him you create a vacancy. And then  you will get to be the boring bitch wife at home with the baby whilst he ponces around impregnating his stalkers and telling everyone what a bitch you are at the tiki-tiki bar every evening…’

You know? BOTH voices are valid. And both are insistently loud at the moment. And of course Retro-Venus forces us to examine our past relationships. Especially retro in the no-shit sign of Aries.  I had the most sweetest Cancerian Moon sooky-goo-goo insight that is almost too cloying to share. But i thought that all the men who have ever loved me, really tried and totally loved me. Maybe imperfectly and all that. But that even the Uranian did, despite his ultimately succumbing to the Neptunian side of life. And i was so touched by this insight. I sound like i just reek of lavender oil, I know.

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44 thoughts on “Astro-Query: Her Saggo Fiance Got His Capricorn “Stalker” Pregnant

  1. Thank you CC. I don’t want to be the one advertising for those porters for my baggage!! I do believe that everyone deserves to be happy. Even those of us who have made monumental life changing fuq ups…xo

    • And if I may add to CC’s wise words which sort of chime into my post’s theme above…

      Even though Venus is retroing over my Sun and SN (the past), last night I had a dream in which the last words I heard were about “turning the soil”.

      Sounds like good advise….

    • blessings C&GRA, all I can add to any of this is that we love who we love, and the joy of it is in the loving, come what may – stay tuned to the present and all your doubts will vanish in the revelation that love is the only thing that’s real – the rest of it is just ‘story’. xx

  2. Eek!!! Thanks CC. I wasn’t expecting any comments or nada and have gone into total defense mode 🙁
    It was a messy situation. I think I the one now who has most trouble to let go of it and embrace now coz feel guilty for getting involved in first place. I feel like so selfish because finally met a man who just so right for me and went with my heart rather than my head….now my head still making me pay for it.

    • C&GRA, the only possible way to build on what you already have is to draw a line under the past and look to the future, ground yourself and let the baggage go. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Banal I know, but if you really stop looking backward and accept and embrace your destiny, all the crappy stuff melts away. Enjoy the NOW!

  3. Woah C&GRA!!! That places a different slant on things. If he’s all things wonderful, why the confusion and guilt? I still think the mother of his child doesn’t qualify as a stalker. He must have hurt her pretty badly for her to want to hang on. To brush off an obvious relationship as a “mistake” when a child is part of it seems a bit callous. It probably was difficult for her to accept that she was redundant. Surely having been hurt himself by being asked to leave, he would be careful not to cause the same sort of hurt. I don’t give a rats what happens to adults in these situations but have seen the consequences too often of so-called “thoughtless” selfish rebound relationships and the child is his flesh and blood. Hasn’t he heard of condoms?

    • Oh Boy!!! First up as we know there are 2 mothers of his kids….The first one (ex-wife) asked him to leave home when she pregs…she not a stalker at all. The 2nd one was very unstable girl who desperately wanted Oz residency and kids. has been revealed she tried to do the same to other guys too. Do you not think women are capable of getting themselves pregnant even when condoms are used? And trust me she became a stalker well before she knew she pregnant.
      Jeez…I confused and guilty because I was think i was selfish and I feel bad for the kids. The “Bunny Boiler” wants naught to do with him, not even child support, she wanted to get pregnant and did.

      • OK, I wish you peace. I’m judgmental because I’ve worked with too many rejected women and have heard too many justifications. Brightest Blessings.

  4. hmmm….wo!! first up hee hee Uranian & Plutonic Virgo re porters for his baggage, image makes me smile….and no its not the main way I see him (dick in brain stupid male), only when I get the guilts and he trying to be infuriatingly positive a la Sag. Mostly he is Fantastic. I know& he knows he has made some insanely profound fuq-ups but from what I gather everyone involved knew exactly where they stood and the preggers Scorp wife had first asked him to move out Bunny Boiler followed. I love people who can be honest about their faults and mistakes and admit and move on.
    To clear something up Bunny Boiler was always C-C-C-Crazy but not stalking until their failing relationship totally ended. Sag was very hurt being asked to leave home by preg wife and acted thoughtlessly.

    Scorpionic Gemini is rising for me

    Davidl you right i shouldn’t call ex-wife a bitch but don’t be too sympathetic…she kind of mother who thinks young kids (6 yrs) need a TV in their room and nintendos and cheerleading is of better value than gymnastics or ballet and that even tho little girls fav colour is blue she always dressed in pink..thanks for your nice judgemental comments tho 🙂

    CC he completely supports Scorp ex-wife financially and has kids more than just fun weekends….I too originally thought he just a Sag like many others I have met who cannot tolerate responsibility and ditches women as soon as they impregnated…when it comes to the aussie kids he goes beyond his duties and responsibilities and the kids absolutely adore him…

    Thanks to Pisces Goat I too like to believe the past is the past. he never been dishonest with me and after 3 years we still have best connection of anyone I ever been with. i have never met such a kind nor considerate person who has the capacity to continuously ladel out such vast dripping quanitites of love and affection.

    Thanks for your comments…

    • Good luck to you C+GRA, you sound like you have sorted it out and Im sorry for being so judgemental..your added detail here re: his ability to show you love and affection is great and his complete honesty is admirable, and someone who is mostly fantastic is well worth holding on to. Your ability to overlook his fuq ups is also something that means a lot to the health of any relationship. Best regards.

      • Thanks Davidl 🙂 I feel all defensive now!!
        I was just having a freak out and kind of regret writing about it now! I think I judge me and the Sag harshly enough without more people who don’t even know him judging him! Thanks for your regards tho

        • Good to find out more about the situation CGRA, & that you do view him in more than just that one way. I am sorry if what I wrote sounded terrible, I am, I ought to have waited until more details came up! 😆 Right, here’s one Virgo who’s sick & tired of details!
          Also good to know that he does support his kids in more than just in a token way.
          So you’re good to go then? 🙂

  5. I’d run the absolute fuq outta there!!! Got ‘stalker’ pregnant!?

    Like TLE said, this man has so much baggage…

    I would add, this man has so much baggage jobless peeps are pronto applying to be HIS porters!!!

    Also: “I see him as pathetic and horrible typical man with his brain in his dick…” – is this the main way you see him? Or just one of many? Coz if it’s the main thing, then it wouldn’t be too much of a guess to assume that there’s little or no respect? Does it/how does it work for you if there’s little or no respect for the male you’re in a relationship with?

    Wishing Venus Rx in Aries to be ultimately beneficial for you Confused & Guilt-Ridden Aqua…

    • I don’t know about “I’d run the absolute fuq outta there!!!” Confuse and Guilt ridden Aqua seems to already be aware that the Sagg is Piss-weak. What concerns me is that if she’s carrying these doubts before marrying him, the doubts aren’t going to go away. Some men passively encourage the doubts because it creates a tension in the relationship that feeds their ego. To always doubt and never completely trust can be soul destroying long term.

  6. Oh this is so loaded, but I am oddly happy that for once my story of Le Bigamy has actually been eclipsed. Tada!

    I say that with all feeling sympathy and concern dear Confused Aqua. And with my Moon in Aqua I am completely understanding the lucid logic mongering a la is it this shit or that shit, wtf moment.

    I would also reckon that the sudden doubting brought on by a lull in the drama and your yet unresolved guilt for what you see is your part in this story. You are also coming down from the high arc of all that to a plateau of constancy which you may now feel can be threatened by behavior he has exhibited before.

    Having said that, I do agree with the Divine M. Both voices are valid, and though it seems to be horribly impractical to note, it is true that one of the gravest lessons in this life is finally comprehending that how another loves you is precisely that. NOT how you want X to love you, or how others think X should love you. Much as we think that even WE can comply with another’s idea of how love should be expressed, I am sure we fail in some way.

    Of course, this is no justification for staying if one is patently convinced it is not the place to be. But just that at some point, its like asking someone who can only speak Italian try to express an eminently Swedish sentiment. It doesn’t translate.

    The only thing to do is to see if you still get their meaning and they yours. And if that is enough for who you are and who you are meant to be? Mind I didn’t say forever, for life gives no guarantees.

    Respect your journey and put a halt to the what ifs. See where you are starting with an acceptance of how you got there, and don’t let your feelings scare you. Let them be so they can dissipate and leave you with whatever all else is asking to be looked at.

    Your experience will inform you slowly but surely.

    • Must confess to also being happly to be usurped in the complicated bigamy stakes 🙂 That is QUITE a story. I like it though… Perhaps because I seem to have stumbled into a meandering phase of life where nothing is quite as was expected, and many relationship routes seem not only possible but reasonable.

      The come-down/ 3 year mark seems consistent and reasonable – a fair and timely progressing from the soulmatey high. Surely the only thing to do is to go oh-so-carefully with one’s gut?

      Good luck!


    • angel, I applaud you 😀 – how truly Innana-like you are these days, ascended from the underworld in all your wise and tempered glory… I’d hug you but you’re too amazing to do anything but admire. xx

  7. Hey Confused Aqua…have you or he ever seen the stalker’s twins? Somehow this bit sounds like bulls..t. As in the stalker is suddenly ‘pregnant with twins’. Yes and have to agree, unless he’s REALLY dumb he would have picked up the stalker signs but continued to shag her anyway til she was ‘pregnant with twins’. If she actually has had these twins, is he really the father?

    On the other hand, all that aside, a past is a past. And after three years together now, you would surely know him well enough to know whether his good qualities make up for his complicated history.

  8. Oh dear unpredictable piscean, I was so stressed by work mania (mixed with panicked escapism) I had not considered the impending rear ender – I will try & give extra pats to my (many) friends & loved ones having birthdays this weekend.

  9. Oh I hear you dear mystic. It’s the outlaws who make the most spectacular messes and show their love in the most twisted ways always. They do/did all love you in their own way – who are we to constrain their way of showing / coping or project our idea of what love really is on them? That’s the key to love – and just as importantly forgiveness and compassion – we’re all just trying to get along and some of us express love in really fuqd up eccentric / cliche’d / socially unacceptable ways.

    when I was at high school there were 2 boys who had a crush on me and their way of showing it was to fashion a home made explosive (yes, love and rockets) from fireworks. They stood at the top of our driveway at dusk and shot it at my house. My mother was sitting on her bed facing the drive and the bloody thing was coming right for her – a total trailer park boys moment – skidded down the side of wooden white house, leaving a burn mark there for years – a souvenir for me. I was promptly grounded because it was obviously all my fault and those stupid stupid boys ruined any chance they (n)ever had of a romance with moi. But I reminisce now with fondness – and wonder which remand centre they are currently inhabiting / whether they share a cell – you just know it’ll be that or they’re world famous scientists won’t they? That kind of spirit can never be tamed haha.

    I’m betting you had fun with all of them and longevity is no guarantee of quality in matters of the heart. I’m feeling you as ylang ylang more than lavender maybe with a splash of sandalwood to bottom it out :o)


  10. The getting the so-called stalker pregnant bothers me. If he bedded her enough to impregnate, she could hardly be a stalker.

    • so wise cc.

      “gee she freaked me out so much I fell into bed with her…” ???

      not sure how he would go about explaining that one.

    • I agree CC, the stalker bit is the worry, besides a few other things…like calling the ex wife a bitch etc…. still pondering this one, but on first impression they seem made for each other, both seemingly as unattractive as the other.

    • seems to me he gets his women pregnant then can’t wear the responsibility. I feel sorry for the other women, pregnant with his child and absolutely no emotional support or commitment to mother or child.

        • is he one of those blokes who says he has a great relationship with his kids but really only sees them at weekends, plays with them then sends them home to the mother who takes the real care and responsibility seriously. Unfortunately kids often do adore these play-mate good-time blokes.

        • Do you remember what Charlie Harper (Two and a Half Men) said – ‘Sex with crazy chicks is fantastic – you just have to know where their hands are at all times’.

      • Cheshire Cap — you are right.
        She is not a stalker. She is a woman who was played by this frivolous Sag for sport and then got pregnant because she was in love. He basically romanced 3 (or more) women for fun.

        Kudos to the Aqua for being able to tie the Sag down. I actually think Aquas and Sags go well together…but this guy … is a huge risk.

        P.S. ..why does the Scorpio wife have to be the bytch? LOL.

      • Um. Hate to point it out but doesn’t take too much to get preggers. Sorry but if Dutchie wanted bambinos a brief passionate affair would do the trick (see Ram tormented by Librans quote above). I just got abandoned by my frivolous Sag so I’m not sticking up for the buggers but isn’t there a teensy possibility that sometimes unfortunate situations occur to good people? And my Sag was a great Dad, lots of fun (with his child to an ex partner), so maybe this bloke is too. Just a thought…

        • gemmarose,

          I’m terribly sorry to hear of your abandonment by your Sag. My ex would threaten “you lost me”…What an idiot.

          I even “fake” filed a legal paper with the courts stating “emotional and mental abuse and abandonment”. Boy, that certainly got a reaction fast. But I didn’t care about the reaction so much as that I had felt abandonded and went through so much. At the time I was just still so angry and hurt…

          Ah yes, Venus retro over my Sun….I only cry if I have a glass of wine and remininese (how the hell do you spell reminise?) in self pity. To be strong sucks so much!

          Yes, crappy, shitty things happen TO GOOD PEOPLE…Because you know why?

          Because good people can handle CRAPPY SHITTY THINGS…

          This world would be lost with out them….

          • p.s,

            Re-reading your post gemma, I realize you are somewhat on the side of the Sag. I understand. I was caught up in my moment there.

            But still understand the grief of it all..

            My brother is on his fourth marriage…Sag Moon. And, he is a good Dad…God Bless ‘Em…

          • pea
            reminisce. then it becomes reminiscing.
            i know that wasn’t the main point of your post but this is what i do..
            all the best xx

          • Oh sweet sweetpea. I’m not too sad, abandon was too strong a word but he did flit off into the distance, in a very Sag way, off to a new adventure. Lucky I dusted myself off and flitted off into my own distance on my own adventure! No hard feelings but like you sometimes the vino brings a few tears. Be strong sweet little pea, you’ve got good company.

  11. fk yeah TLE you and me have the same house arrangement. i’m so over it i’m in outer space. mind u with moon in cap 7th i’m always paranoid about my reputation. Uranus about to do a rear-ender (ahem) with my Sun as well so waiting for the mushroom cloud with that one …

    any i read the aqua;s messy story with interest. maybe because she has a way with words. nonetheless props if for nothing other than maintaing my interest past paragraph 1 (unusual for me who usually cbf with turgid love dramas) with her chaotic real life soapie drama fit for a bloodthirsty spanish TV audience …or something

  12. lol poor darling. Sounds like a right mess. I wonder where the Gemini is in her chart 😉 or his for that matter!

    [said with love!]

  13. Holy moly. I don’t envy poor old Confused & Guilt-ridden Aqua. That man comes with so much baggage it’s not funny. I would have run for the hills as soon as Cap-Bunny-Boiler was revealed, but I’m allergic to stalkers.

    My Uranus is in my 9th house, & is causing HELL with Saturn in the 3rd . Deadlines deadlines, work work work I’m OVER it. Plus Venus is retroing in my 10th, so I’m paranoid about my reputation argh.

      • Im fascinated by the whole easter island vibe. I see those faces in meditations sometimes, but they are alive, initially quite scary, but wise, powerful and caring

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