Gemini Men: Their Reputation Precedes Them

Gemini Man comic

Dear Mystic,

I am a waitress at a casino in Nevada. One night a customer heard me say something about astrology to someone and pops off with,

“I’m a Gemini. What does that mean to you?”

Without missing a beat I smiled and said,

“It means I might sleep with you but I’d never trust you.”

The Sexy Cap…

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7 thoughts on “Gemini Men: Their Reputation Precedes Them

  1. The Other Signifcant Guy in my life was / is pure Gemini, as is former industry ally. both were many different people at once. super serious / exuding genius to utterly hilarious & frivolous / so kicked-back its crazy!! both utterly charming tho could turn in a heartbeat into antoher person. witnessed industry ally reference another industry NBF one minute then referred to same guy as ‘that @#&*’!! knew our BFF had a used by date… does the subsequent ostracism. thus swings the gemini pendulum!

      • exactly ! and use comments like ‘just the other side of the coin’. One of my old gemini friends was constantly preaching in guru style about karma, health, meditation, spiritual values etc while selling heaps of the best goddam drugs you could get, making an absolute fortune while living for free on the floor of friends spare bedrooms.