The Sexy, Psychic and Basically Eerie 8th House

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The 8th House is the spookiest sector of your astro-chart. Oh well, that’s arguable. I guess anywhere where Pluto is placed could count as well. The 8th house is akin to Scorpio/Plutonic energy.

It’s traditionally associated with (and this in alphabetical order straight from my Rulership Book)Β  astral experiences, autopsies, collection of debts, executions, genitals, graveyards, heirlooms, hemorrhoids, hidden things, life after death, life force, mysticism, occult matters, passion, rebirth, rectum, reincarnation, sex, the soul, venereal disease & wills.

In ye olden days, people with crowded 8th houses would get a shocking schtick from astrologers way less open-minded & tolerant than we are today.

Strong 8th house types (people with the Sun, Moon or a plethora of planets in the 8th) are super-strong extremophiles. They are often drawn to extreme environments; emergency rooms, brothels, being a depth psychiatrist, whistle-blowers, undercover detectives…They have huge powers of regeneration, secrets and strong e.s.p. re any of the above matters.

Look to your 8th house to see how you are tenacious & psychic, sexy & a survivor. Mars, Pluto, Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn all have affinity with the 8th house.

On the most shallow level, if you – or someone you are interested in – has a loaded 8th house, sex is like a super-important primal drive, all chakras a go-go. Ignore or diminish that & well, this ain’t someone who’ll stick around just for the thrill of bickering in Ikea with you.

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124 thoughts on “The Sexy, Psychic and Basically Eerie 8th House

  1. jupiter in aries in 8th. Pisces is on the cusp. I am so extreme. one way and/or the other. I go big in the 8th house departments.

  2. I have Venus, Pluto and Uranus in my natal eighth house. Venus conjunct Pluto, and Pluto conjunct Uranus. Your line about bickering in Ikea made me laugh out loud. It couldn’t be more accurate. Thank you.

  3. I suppose the spooky stacked in my 8th House is very… very real and transformational in my daily consciousness.

    I have come to love the eerie and anything strange or unseen. For many years that was not the case. I was terrified of what I felt inside, lived in subconcious fear of what I could not understand beyond reason or logical thinking. Thinking rationally never did propel me forward. It stagnated me.

    I now understand how beautiful the unknown truly is. It is astonishing to feel psychic energies which now heal me, thanks to my intensity of will to penetrate any fears created and perpetuated from our unconscious egg personality.

  4. Well I have very crowded eighth house, I’ve done much research for many years, at least 5 maybe more.

    I have mars, neptune, venus, uranus, vertex, north node in Capricorn eight house
    saturn, sun, moon, mercury, lilith in aquarius 8th house, with the moon being cusp of 8th/9th house.

    Chiron is in the 2nd house opposing those planets.

    Can anyone give me any insights? My Midheaven is Pisces 9th house

    8th house is definitely a heavy and psychic house.

    very Karmic.

    I have alot of karma with scorpios and taureans.

    <3 love love

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  6. Hello!

    I was born with Neptune in Scorpio in my natal 2nd House. It opposes Venus in Taurus in my 8th House.

    I would love to hear your insights on this combination and key notes on how to rectify the financial difficulties I have been experiencing my entire life.

    With immense gratitude,

    • I have the same opposition only on the 5/11 axis.

      If I were you I would get a consultation from Mystic for your concerns. It took me at least a decade to understand my opposition.

  7. Wow, great to find this page.

    I have a stellium in the 8th in libra, with my moon, mars, pallas, saturn, and pluto (all, except the moon of course, are retrograde) and jupiter in scorpio. My moon and mars are conjunct, as well as mars and saturn and saturn and pluto, and a wide mars pluto conjunction.

    I feel that the 8th house is a very complex and multifaceted house. Apart from a house of (possible) transformation, I also understand it to be a very deeply psychological house (psychic even).

    I am only now (at the age of 30) becoming aware of what these energies have meant in my life, looking back. I’ve always been acutely sensitive to my environment and to other people’s energies, psychologies – sometimes I don’t get a break and it’s like being an antenna that you sometimes desperately wish to switch off. I also have an almost exact trine between pluto and mercury so it makes it all more intense.

    I’d love to know other people’s experiences about this specifically. And how do you learn to settle comfortably into this kind of existence? Always picking things up, absorbing thee energies, even when you get tired of it?

    There must be a gift in their somewhere… I’m still waiting to find it πŸ™‚


  8. I have pluto in scorpio on the cusp on my eight house(which is in scorpio.) My sun and jupiter trine my pluto, and my neptune is sextile my pluto. I am somewhat new to astrology and don’t know exactly how all of this fits together, but I think this eight house is unbearable sometimes! I always felt very strongly that I came to heal the family “curse”-no joke. Somehow I find myself at the center of HUGE family upheavals and dynamics even though the role I usually play is the innocent bystander ha ha. I always feel like people are staring at me and I intimidate people without meaning to. It is very upsetting sometimes because I don’t know what to do with myself. There is a terrible feeling of not belonging when I I am seeing things differently than others. When I try to deny my feelings, it just leads to self destructive tendencies . Im also an extremist about sex and relationships-for me its all or nothing.

    • Mystic has a thread here somewhere about how if you have planets in the 8th your life is not the norm as far as experiences, etc.

      And yep doll, someone gotta heal the generational karma. Usually a strong soul will come in to do the job that others have not done.

      • Thanks. I’ll try to find it. My pluto is at 15 degrees scorpio as well. I guess this is what makes life interesting;)

  9. My moon is in the 8th house, which is also in the sign of Leo. It squares mercury (10th house under the sign of Libra). It also trines mars (4th house under the sign of Aries). And I don’t if this aspect is as potent as the others, but it sextiles jupiter. Jupiter happens to be in my 6th house under the sign of Gemini, which is also my Asc ruler.

  10. Got Saturn, Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn in the 8th house :). If you really want a trip my sun, mercury and juptier are in taurus in 12th house XD.

  11. Sun/moon/mercury/Chiron all in the 8th house here :). Definitely makes life interesting!! Constant profound change.

  12. I am a Scorpio in the 8th house my Rising Sign is Pisces and My Moon Sign is Cancer I am triple water sign known as the psychic trinity and with my Scorpio Sun in the 8th house makes me very psychic. My psychic abilities have grown stronger as I get older.

  13. I have Pluto in Scorpio in the 8th House? Does this make it stronger as the planets and signs are in their ruling house?
    I have an extremely high sex drive and I am curious about the universe and death etc etc. I adore the occult, I have always been fascinated and with a desire to learn more all the time.

  14. Actually a lot of my signs are in their ruling house, Aquarius in 11th house, Sagittarius in 9th, Capricorn in 10th.. etc etc.

  15. I have Chiron in Taurus in my 8th House. Also Chiron is the singleton in my chart, the handle to my bucket (all other planets/asteroids in house 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12, only Chiron on the right hemisphere).

    Chiron is associated with early wounds, and Taurus is an earth sign, associated with the root chakra — so working through basic, safety, infant issues is a big one for me in feeling secure and worthy.

    I have dad issues that effect my sexuality, going right back to my in-utero time and my mom’s emotional state while she was pregnant — generally in that my dad thought women were value-less unless they had something to offer him (the flip side of that being that he only thought people loved him for his money or something else he could give them) so I’ve spent a lot of my life proving my value in non-traditional gender-role kind of ways and do not have an easy time being soft and receptive.

    My partner, has his Sun and Jupiter in his Sag in the 8th house and it’s so true what you say about sex being a non-negotiable.

    This area is definitely our biggest obstacle, but also, I see has the most potential for us to learn from each other and grow. The death of my father, a little more than a year ago, has freed up a lot of energy towards this sort of growth and learning πŸ™‚

  16. scorpio in 8th house cusp. steamy approach to sex. sexual obsessions

    intense desire for death or transformation sometimes.

  17. Sun (Leo) Moon (Cancer) Mercury (Cancer) ALL in the 8th House, Pluto in Scorpio. Scorpio rules both my 11th and 12 houses. And Mars in Capricorn. Pretty much ruled by my 8th house. I’m an intuitive astrologer who read tarot before I could read the written word.

    I find myself most drawn to Karmic astrology. Origins, particularly one’s soul/Karmic and Ethnic Origins are my thing. I love investigating, researching, discerning, analyzing them, in myself and especially other people (8th House is the house of OTHER PEOPLE’s RESOURCES. And your Karmic inheritance & debt are resources). You’d be surprised how many answers you find when you consider the(your) source (physical and spiritual).
    Sex = Transformation. The more stimulating, the more pleasing, the more POWERFUL the exchange, the more Complete the Physical/Spiritual/Emotional Regeneration/Transformation. OMG I completely agree with the 8th house as “extremophiles.” THIS IS SO ACCURATE. ITS CRAZY. And when you combined Extreme Environment with Extreme Sexual Fireworks you may find yourself in the midst of another 8th House/Scorpio rule phenomenon, OBSESSION.

    8th house people, there is always Beauty (and knowledge) in the Darkness. Don’t be afraid to bring it to Light. In fact its part of your mission to. πŸ˜‰ *Bless*

  18. Eros in Pisces in the 8th. 0_o Makes a lot of sense — I’ve got a lot of SEX! in my chart (which explains a LOT), and this must be where the more sensual/dirty/deep/mystic side of my sexual nature comes from (the aggro, fun-loving side is prominent in my Mars-Venus conjunct in Aries in the 7th)\

    I’ve also got Pallas in Pisces in my 8th. I’m an astrology newb (but I’m bingeing/absorbing quickly and obsessively — Pluto in Scorp in the 3rd? I get a scent for some new skill/piece of knowledge/info and I am ON the trail until I’ve got it scented out!) Still pretty unclear on how a lot of the asteroids figure in? Would Pallas in 8th be more about seeking out seedier, occultish, under-the-surface wisdom? Learning the Tarot? Morbid fascinations?

  19. Well, should I be worried? Three signs in 8th house: Leo, Virgo and Libra, with 6 planets – Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. πŸ™‚

  20. I have 5 planets in the 8th house including sun, saturn in same degree, and moon and jupiter all are in 8th & Neptune is in 8th as well