Understanding The Pisces Woman

How to understand the Pisces woman? Understand that she can flip from one mode into another with no loss of focus. She is good at transitions. What’s more, she’ll sense when it is time to make one well before most people pick up on it.

But do they go around boasting of their precognitive skills? Rarely. The Pisces Woman likes to appear laissez-faire, verging on stupendously bimbonic, mega-vague & naff.

Mermaid in the bath On the inside, they are more like this.

catwoman_colourThe Pisces woman is intense, edgy, a bit dark and determined to come out of even the worst stink reeking of roses. She is more like Scorpio than many give her credit for. Some say Pluto is actually exalted in Pisces. The Change God was discovered too late to be included traditional planetary exaltation system. But it gives a hint to the true nature of Pisces.

Where you have Pisces in your chart is where you are cheerfully both sinner & saint, damned & exalted. It’s where you can make miraculous seeming morphs with apparent ease.

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I always tend to put other people first like my children, family & friends & feel like i can protect them from harm, suffering & hurting also i make my rules, tolerate but dont take no nonsenses while im capeable of love & when its time to take u out of my list its over but i wont hate you.


Ahahaha. This is so me.

I’m working as a phone receptionist for a company, basically taking calls from people interested in buying our product. My task is to persuade them to make an appointment with a salesperson.

It’s surprisingly hard… unless I put on my ’empty headed receptionist’ act. Then it’s like shooting fish in a barrel: “Oh, I don’t know a a lot about the pricing, but I can put you in touch with one of the guys that does.”


“laissez faire, verging on stupendously bimbonic, mega-vague & naff” Oye vay … they don’t have to be a female of the Piscean inclination to be like that!!!! I’ve had fishy folks around me my whole life … first love, ex husband, best friends (a couple) and my daughter – who is a freakin Double Fish, with moon in Gemini! (holy crap). I adore them none the less and find amidst the lazy, bimbonic, mega-vague phases there is a deep, soulful, connectedness about these folks that makes me love them even when I want to strangle them! They inspire my unconditional… Read more »


think pisces woman as super vague/bimbomic externals v. super kick ass woman inside is in fact quite capricorn… why are we always underestimated and taken for to nice and for a ride til you just go grrrrrrrrrhhhhhhh NOOOOOOO! have just got to know a pisces woman much much frighteningly better by looking after her 4 children aged 13 -21 recently, and believe me, the super kick ass woman lurks very close to the surface ALL the time… they do NOT like rivals to their superbdom or even suggestions even though they say they welcome them… and pisces can do a… Read more »

Ãœber Virgo

We’d probably get along quad fish, seeing as my darling Uber Pisces girlfriend’s stellium nearly exactly opposes my Virgo stellium. I have to say I’m fascinated and a bit confused by her. She’s almost all water with no air in her chart and only MC in fire and Pluto Uranus and the n node in Earth. She’s one of the most pragmatic people I know, doesn’t go in for any Neptunian naughtiness (unless chocolate counts), and rarely plays the bimbo card. Although as stated above, when she does, it has quite an effect. No naff card either. She plays Handel… Read more »

quad fish

Uber,,, do we work in the same engineering office? I have Sun, Venus, Merc & MC pisces. Cancer rising, what am I doing in an engineering office keeping track of drawings, status and revisions??? I don’t even balance my check book!!!
Love this site, been peeking for awhile, best banter/blog w/no drama/asses I’ve ever stumbled across.


right there with you on that one j-joy- i seem to spend a lot of time lately saying ‘i don’t know’.. wishy washy fishy and it makes me feel bad


wow – those comments gave me goose-bumps, as I always worry about the down side of being a fish – melancholic, maybe alcoholic, so it was surreally brilliant to be reminded of the good stuff – thank you


So with you on all of this. My experience of Pisceans (mainly the women here, I seem to collect them) is that they all do this peaceful, benign press on themselves. It can take any form at all – slightly daffy eccentric, laid back hippy, bimbo, whatever. Underneath they are built like super heroes. They GET STUFF DONE. All of the ones I know are clean, efficient, driven, no-nonsense, super smart, straight-shooting forces of nature. To be honest I’d never go head to head with one. I feel more strongly about this than with any of the traditional war-mongering signs.… Read more »

Ãœber Virgo

One of my oldest friends has a Pisces stellium (sun Asc Merc Venus Chiron) (Moon in Cancer) and there’s nothing remotely bimbonic about her. She has zero tolerance for bullshit (a trait I’ve noticed in other Pisceans), and that may explain how she frequently comes up smelling of roses. Either that or her liking for fine French skincare. She works in the contracts area of publishing where apparently she kicks tail. At the same time she is endearingly unselfconscious. At a very hot Qld XMAS party once, she slipped daintily out of her shoes and stood in the melting ice… Read more »

Ãœber Virgo

She had me fooled!

Honestly, I thought she was being bimbonic in the esky. Then there were the men with their mouths open, including her BF now husband.

Are Virgos the most naive sign?

Ãœber Virgo

Oh, and she is THE most organized person I’ve ever met. Two kids and all. Last time I stayed with her, she had me helping with the grocery shopping, wheeling the trolley etc.


Thanks… even though I’m a guy, I’ll take this on board, especially the smelling like roses bit. Mx


I remember a Pisces girlfriend who always insisted on getting in the bathtub whenever she came over. The other thing was this strange ‘Marilyn Monroe’ thing she had happening, all breathy, blonde and bimbonic like a 50’s hollywood starlet. She was a total whacko but my god she was hot. lasted all of 6 weeks and when it was over she put on this over the top final scene of Wuthering Heights type performance…I found out later she had another guy the whole time, this funny little arabic guy who looked like something out of a bad gangster movie. When… Read more »


I have Pisces rising and can be so scarily Virgoan sometimes! Especially with food and cleanliness….

venus a-go-go

I am currently feelings disappointed that I have no piscean intrigue in my chart. AT ALL.

… bah…

unpredictable pisces

i suggest you enjoy the lack of piscean intrigue while you can, Venus a-go-go. are you suggesting that you are one of those direct decision-making types? who always has time to blowdry their hair in the morning and look fabulous? on time for appointments, likes their day job, reliable? i’ve always wondered how they do it 🙂
see, grass is greener.

(forgive me for being awfully presumptuous about your life – i mean it in a good way)

venus a-go-go

I like your presumption… but seeing as I am a shift working who had to get up at 4.30am to come to work today, leaving no time to blow dry my hair and just had someone walk past me saying ‘Wow, you look like you got up early’… I am not sure the grass is terribly green.

… I think I was a little late also….

unpredictable pisces

hahaha my sincere apologies then 🙂 4.30 is not an hour that humans should rise, in my opinion. 4.30 p.m. maybe.
sleep well, when it happens!

no name brand

mercury conjunct MC in pisces at the moment – talk talk talk about uranus / saturn things that have never been given a name before and seeing a dove rise out of a lion rising out of a coyote wolf creature all soaring or running across my field of “vision” in the same direction superb

taurean alchemist

so what you’re saying is that inside every Piscean is a Virgo? 😆

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