The Best Love Guide Is 2000 Years Old & Penned By A Piscean

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Ovid book

Today is the last day of solar Pisces for the year & birthday of the fabulous Ovid;  (43BC to AD18)

You can read his awesome  Art Of Love online.   Amazing how stunningly relevant and funny something written thousands of years ago can be. There is a cute little Daily Mail article on hs beauty & love advice here.

“If I heard a voice from heaven say “live without loving”, I’d beg off. Girls are such exquisite hell. When desires slaked, when I’m sick of the whole business, some kink in my wretched nature drives me back. It’s like riding a hard-mouthed horse, that bolts headlong, foam flying from his bit and won’t answer the rein –

…Or being aboard a ship, on the point of docking, in harbour, when a sudden squall blows you back to sea: That’s how the veering winds of desire so often catch me – Hot Love up to his lethal tricks again. All right, boy skewer me, I’ve dropped my defences, I’m an easy victim. Why, by now Your arrows practically know their own way to the target. And feel less at home in their quiver than in me. I’m sorry for any fool who rates sleep a prime blessing and enjoys it from dusk to dawn…Night In. Night out.  What’s sleep but cold death’s reflection?

Plenty of time for rest when you’re in the grave. My mistress deceives me – so what? I’d rather be lied to than ignored. I can live on hope….”

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52 thoughts on “The Best Love Guide Is 2000 Years Old & Penned By A Piscean

  1. Oh, the ache of desire for something that always ends painfully – how well he puts it. I am feeling this pull to someone like that so strongly today. Resist! Resist!

  2. That damn flicker of hope in the soul that creates a momentary forgetfulness of all that has gone wrong and propels us into another affair. Gosh if I had a dollar for everytime I wished it had stayed out after a heartbreak or disappointment to be free of the despair… but what a ride!

  3. Well, i just don’t care anymore…have become o Bride of Christ.
    Giving heart not Head.
    Yoni’s gone to sleep til next incarnation.

    • You know by making that affirmation, men will be all over you very soon, you are the tricky one x

    • wow Pegs, that’s tempting fate. I said exactly the same thing back in December and now it’s all happening and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier

  4. I felt the sun hit aries today, what a difference a day makes, feel like my old self is returning, now for the new moon in aries, merc in aries, venus to start moving forward in aries, yahoo, its fire season !

  5. I second that….the energy of fire to cleanse, burn the past, the root chakra (Ha it’s survival)
    The Kundalini.
    The fire dancers of Tahiti, dancing the flame, breathtaking so to speak:)

    Wooosh………blow air on it David…..the fire breath meditation.
    Thanx for reminding me, this is a ideal time to work with that very powerful energy.
    Have you gone to Stuart Wilde’s site yet?

    • Pegasus,

      What is your take on Stuart Wilde? Years ago (like maybe nearly 20 by now) he did a talk and autographed one of his books for me.

      I hadn’t heard his name in years. He hadn’t struck me as terribly enlighented as his work seemed very astral to me, but maybe I was wrong. Things do change over time…

      Only had a moment to peek at his site…Might return later….

      • The book by Wilde that I have “The Force” (which I didn’t see in my bookcase anywhere..) was apparently published in 1984 and that sounds about right.

        • i had that book in the 80’s too and have left it and Stuart back there. I’m into Eckhardt Tolle now.

          • I like Eckhardt Tolle also. He’s like the simple version of Seth as far as the format and how he explains it. Hopefully others will find his work valuable as well, but I do often wonder about the actual energetic transformation one may or may not have under gone, as enlightenment is not just about the thoughts/feelings or such but is a merging of Soul and personality, thus enlightening the physical body..

            “The Secret” is regurgitated Seth “knowing you create your reality is the secret to creativity”…

            Stuff comes back around in new ways because the consciousness of the planet changes and needs the info. differently…

            A teacher once said to look at the consciousness of the times when certain things are written as it will not be the same several decades later but some or many truths will remain.

            He said Seth was nearly enlightened but not totally as well and so I don’t hang my hat on just him or any one teacher but what has gone on inside, personally….but the info. has been helpful…

          • Sweetpea, i agree with you that stuff comes back around in new ways. I’m not sure that Eckhardt Tolle would have resonated had i read it 20 years ago. I did a lot of new age courses back in my 20’s and have read many books but everything is finally falling into place for me now. I guess i had a lot of growing and learning to do before i could fully absorb the “truths”. One can read all the books in the world and still not be enlightened – that comes with experience. And of course the learning never stops.

    • yay for the equinox… celebrated with one last piscean nite out with that CUB – fringe festival comedy, too much wine, dancing etc…at once stage I had five good looking men in attendance, and felt like a flower covered in bees… then I was in bed pretty much exactly as the sun crossed the aries point.

      • Well, TA, regarding flower and bees and such, it is springtime afterall!



      • TA I did something similar last weekend with our local wine and food festival. I went with masses of family and had made all arrangements so’s not to drive etc but only had two glasses of wine but I danced and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Then drove everyone home and was breathalised for my efforts. The look on the young cops face was wonderful. I’m sure he thought he’d caught a live one but it barely registered. He was so obviously stunned I got a fit of the giggles and drove away still giggling. If the cops looking for me to catch me next time he won’t be able to find me as I was driving daughter and son-in-law’s Prado and they don’t live locally. No men though, my new taurean’s all I need. I hope you had as happy a time as I did.

        • sounds wonderful CC! I love that you bewildered the breath test!

          and so sweet that you have your new taurean :)… taurean men are the best!

          oh well, I’m really enjoying the honeymaking right now – still strangely attached to the CUB though – he’s really changed/grown and is treating me so wonderfully, not to mention bonding with his little dung bug (and what mother isn’t a sucker for the sight of a man she loves playing with his child?). Could just be Venus retro (and I do have Venus in Aries so this is like a triple ‘venus return’ transit for me), then again, CUB and I have lots of interesting synastry, including the old Saturn (his) conjunct Venus (mine) which means it takes aaaaaagggeeeess to get to know each other. Or something like that.

          Life is good anyway 🙂

          tra la la la… ooh, a bird just landed on my shoulder, a butterfly in my lap…. 😆

  6. David, does that make you an incendiary devise and no longer a heat-seeking missile?

  7. Davidl – as in suffer to love.

    And yep I felt the sun change – out of my molluscy sun sign into my ascendant. Great combo with Mars in Pisces. I hit the gym in a boxing blaze of glory. Viva Ram.

  8. Lies and ignorance………. boring, I did have a chuckle though. Amazing that this book survived

  9. SweetPea & Dreaming Robots, Stui better looking than Tolle, half Sicilian
    and very very naughty much more Warrior energy than snaggy, & LOVES women.
    Says Goddess energy is coming bigtime to bring redemption.
    I like than plus he’s a pub person who’s watched The Matrix 56 times.
    Being a Sag, how can i help loving a man that does airport like i used to.
    Being in the sky was just my favorite place to be..inbetween countries.
    Him, i’ll renounce my vows of chastity. In fact i might do a Britt & send
    him a photo.
    I like that with the Louise hay seminars, with Deepak & Dyer, he was to be found
    in the Casino at interview for Golden Age rag, in the Casino with a Jack Daniel.
    Total Scallywag…………….sees things we don’t…..astral IS scary.
    What would Ovid think?

    • Well, it certainly sounds like he’s real as on last Easter Sunday I was at a Casino…With a glass of wine…

      Heathen, I am… 🙂

      • p.s.,

        I have looked back over pages here but can’t find where Mystic mentions (and has a link to click on) for aerobic type music….Fast versions of some pop stuff for the gym.

        Anyone know where that might have been?

          • Thanx Scorpalish. Didn’t see it there but meanwhile found some new music anyhow… x

          • hey SR this months wired mag has article about robots and whether they should be given rights – get thee to the newsagency – and yes it is me so you don’t need to ask do you ;o)

          • hey nnb, how funny…. i KNEW it was you before you even said it!
            You did say i would know. I shouldn’t have doubted that i would.

            The neural pathways are exploding right now! I just had a coffee in the park under a big tree and bird poop missed my flat white by an inch then a ladybug landed on my face! It’s a definite sign of good things to come – 4 sure!

            Right… off to the newsagency i go! 😉

          • is that you OB ? thought no one else would notice hey, back to the drawing board with that cover…

  10. Alchemist…what IS that pheronomey perfume you wear & can i have some:)
    Truly, Girlfriend, you must have the sexiest ovaries of all time.
    Is Ovid where ovaries got their name & why are our special bits named
    after men. Graffenburg for god’s sake!!!!!
    Can’t believe your Mum’s still visiting, long visit. Still she gave you
    an interesting name to thank her for.

    • well Pegasus, maybe its pheremones or maybe its my new outlook on life, who knows!? (maybe we make extra sexy hormones when we are joyful??)… since the detox I’ve felt great!

      and yes..its true, I’ve got sexed-up ovaries 😆 jokes abound about how I have eggs that chase sperm.

      Ovid does sound rather egg-ish, I’ll check on the etymology…


      • thankfully I haven’t had to worry about the eternal egg and sperm race for years…..that’s true liberation 🙂

      • I think spermatozoa is a wonderful word….rolls of your tongue like montezuma 😉

          • I read somewhere that the x chromosome has many more combinations acids features etc. also much longer.stronger. while the y chromosone is less featured but is a Palindrome

            (A palindrome is a word, phrase, number or other sequence of units that can be read the same way in either direction.

            I know there are a few witches and goddess’s here but are there any genetic scientists out there who can confirm this ?

          • In 2003, researchers from MIT discovered a process which may slow down the process of degradation. They found that human Y chromosome is able to “recombine” with itself, using palindrome base pair sequences.[11] Such a “recombination” is called gene conversion or recombinational loss of heterozygosity (RecLOH).

            (from Wikipedia’s entry on the Y chromosome)

            david, Bryan Sykes has written a very interesting book on the Y – ‘Adam’s Curse’ in which he claims that the Y is in danger of extinction…

          • 😆 with your sexed-up ovaries TA you’ll need to be careful or zygote might be more than just a word

          • I read somewhere that the Y chromosome’s endangered by the earth’s rising estrogen levels

          • thanks for that TA, although possible, Im sure no one would like the world without the Y, or maybe we would be better off ?

        • Rambunctious is another of those wonderful words…sort of like David when he’s not being lambsy

          • “Im sure no one would like the world without the Y, or maybe we would be better off ?”




            Loved Coldplay’s X&Y…one of my fav’s…

  11. Awesome Ovid…god I have been in cold death’s reflection far too much this year…time to be blown back to see.
    Your new website is spectacular.

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