Miss Piggy & Kermit Are Amazingly Compatible

Miss Piggy Kermit compatibility

Miss Piggy & Kermit are highly compatible – they really are. Taking their birth-dates, as one does for toons, to be their first appearances, we have Kermit born on November 10 1969 and Miss Piggy on October 18 1974.

She is a multiple conjunct Libran and looks it: Sun, Venus, Mars, Uranus and Pluto all together in Libra and yet squared by Saturn. She has also the Moon and Mercury (retrograde in Scorpio) trined by Jupiter…hence her idiosyncratic and yet forceful self-expression. One moment feminine mystique and the next a wanna-be martial artist. Neptune conjunct her North Node suggests a genuine pull toward performance and the arts.

Note that her big screen debut was when Pluto crossed this point.

Kermit has his Scorpio Sun on her Mercury – she totally gets him, despite the species difference. Their Venuses are conjunct and his Mars is trine her Pluto, also his Jupiter on her Sun-Venus. This is an OTT sexual coupling as well and his avant-garde Mars in Aquarius would be actually turned on by the differences between them, not minding the non-trad Frog-Pig thing + the height difference.

Neither of them have much Earth in their charts and so together, they could be utterly impractical. And yet so thrillingly and amazingly compatible.

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8 thoughts on “Miss Piggy & Kermit Are Amazingly Compatible

  1. this is my parents astrology exactly- except reverse dates for male libra female scorp…and in their case certainly highly compatible

  2. very amusing that neither Miss Piggy or Kermit have much earth in their charts – they have no legs!!!

    Have always LOVED Kermit. Would never have picked him for a Scorp though

  3. maybe he’s one of the sweeter scorps….or the dark side is v well hidden?

    i’m imagining them setting off on a journey to transylvania to visit The Count, on a bicycle and with only a bottle of strawberry juice and a plum to keep them going. Kermit would suggest that they pull up for a break beneath a rainbow for some supper only to have Miss Piggy dumbfounded as to why there was no fanfare and staff there to wait on them hand and foot… πŸ™‚

  4. I always loved Miss P’s heee-ya karate moves – don’t mess with the Libran babe!

  5. She was my first dating role model, which might explain a few things. πŸ™‚

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