The Magical Properties Of Salt

pile of organic salt on black background

The Magical Properties Of Salt. Few realize that salt is a powerful substance in magic and witchcraft. It’s a potent protector and energy clearer. Salt is insanely shielding. Especially sea salt. Nearly every single culture considers it protective.  Voodoo, Pagan, Hindu…Various ye olde lore has it that you can put a line of salt across your threshold to keep those would wish you ill out, put in a circle around you to do a spell ‘in private’ and sprinkle it in all corners of your house/a room.

Bathing in salt (Dead Sea Salt is incredible, so are Epsom Salts) is a powerful purification ritual – you sleep deeply & peacefully afterward. It sounds so daffy, but it really does seem to lift negative vibes.

In Flying Star Feng Shui, one of the most commonly used cures for the notorious ‘5’ star is a glass bowl full of pure water and a handful of sea salt.  Check the monthly Feng Shui updates to see where the Five is in your house. 

And then there is the classic chucking salt over your left shoulder for luck.  Salt scrubs cleanse your aura & obviously, exfoliate. Salt is also widely used in ghost-busting & exorcism work.

Don’t believe in the magical properties of salt? Try putting a line of it across your threshold and see what happens. You’d be surprised at who stays away and the interesting revelations that flare up in the next 48 hours.


Witches Salt

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u did good


salt has a lot more energy any comments


Have you seen the amazingly beautiful salt lamps. Some are electric & some you just put a tea lite in. The glow really glows. Sometimes i lick it because i can. A large egg shaped one cost hundreds but the light & benefits excellent. Put salt all round my ground floor apartment after the after the nasties looted & will sure as be doing it double time with the new house. Have done beach the last few days in our Indian Summer with golden rays & crystal clear ripply water wading in the shallows. Clear & Cleansed from the meltdowns… Read more »


I need protection! Am dousing my home, my phone and myself with high iodine salt immediately!


i have some lovely pink murray river salt
although i wonder if its vibe is too negative?

swimming in the ocean is the best meditation i know.


UP, yes idonine deficiency is a major problem for women leading to hypothyroidism. you can buy iodine supplements now because of it. but you’re right, seaweed etc is naturally high in it.


Lets not forget iodine, every year hundreds of thousands of children in 3rd world countries are brain damaged from low iodine intake. The crazy thing is that one bag of iodine to a ton of salt would solve the problem, but unscrupulous traders go light on the iodine to save a few cents. Ive been told by some health professionals that low iodine levels cause a large percentage of medical problems for a lot of people. Do your self a favour, don’t rely on iodised salt from Coles, and buy high quality iodine from the health food stores, it could… Read more »


have a look at this site its a massive problem

unpredictable pisces

most seafood is naturally high in iodine. and seaweed too i think, for the vego’s. a la japanese food.

iodine deficiency is thyroid problems no?


I just got some of the Himalayan salt last week, and have been drinking a glass of water with a spoonful of the sole every morning. It doe smake me feel better!

i just ordered an iodine supplement on friday and am eagerly awaiting its arrival!


i dont exactly know how it works and frankly i was sceptical when my naturopath suggested doing this as i went to her with big energy drains but i thot well whatever ! i did ask if it wore the crystals out in the box ? i t sounds right unpredicatable pisces ! she also said that she thot of epsom salts and other crystals as gifts from the earth. i wonder if this phenomena can be measured scientifically ?

unpredictable pisces

could the salts be providing the balance of negative ions to the positive ions in the atmosphere created by high electro-activity etc. can measurably improve atmosphere (measurable on physical level, presumably acting on meta-physical level too..)

unpredictable pisces

that was meant to be a reply to bubble…


dont know if this helps – if u get a box of epsom salts and put it near or on your computer it absorbs the negative energy. i dont know how this works but i have tried it and it did work as i was sitting between a very big computer thingie and a very big virgo thingie (sorry !) and so being stuck between the two was unfortunately very draining for moi. 🙂


Oh how I LOVE using salt. My fave find at the mo is Himalayan Crystal Salt. Superbly wonderful for cooking, bathing, cleansing ritual and all manner of cleansing rooms, crystals, doorways etc. The idea of doing the doorway thing is a very very very good one. If you don’t want anyone to see it pop the salt under your doormat with a strong intention affirmation to keep anything unbeneficial away from you and your spaces.
Salty salty goodness, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Protective Salt always reminds me of the Winchester brothers in Supernatural!


yummy yhr winchester brothers


ahh, i meant ‘i knew some of it but *not* all’. 🙂


thanks for this mystic, i knew some of it but all. i’ve always loved salt in cleansing- whether a swim in the ocean, an epsom salt bath or the sprinkling of salt across the doorway. it has a tangibly powerful effect.

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