Walnut Flower Essence Is Pluto Juice

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There is no ‘cure’ for Pluto transits; you evolve on through them. But Bach Flower remedies can help, in particular, Walnut.  It is recommended for “freedom from limiting influences, making healthy transitions in life, and the courage to follow one’s own path and destiny.” It is essentially the ‘change supporter’ from that range. 

I love this stuff so much. They call it the tie-breaker.  I don’t know how flower essences work but they are in the same family as homeopathy and cell salts. There are untold ranges of flower essences but the only ones that have ever worked on me are the original flower essences created by Dr. Bach.  And Walnut is so effective during Pluto transits that I call it Pluto juice.  It seems to alter your psyche so that change becomes less fearful and more desirable. Or, perhaps it works as a subtle reminder that is time. 

Change is most scary when it feels somehow against the natural order of things. And of course, some changes are unbidden or not favorable. But when it’s Plutonic and evolutionary, this particular Bach Flower remedy works a treat.

The Walnut Tree has long been associated with witches and was also sacred to Astarte, the Assyrian goddess of War, Sexuality, and Fertility. There was a famous one in Italy, so renowned for its magical potency that an oppressive bishop had it cut down. Its roots were said to reach into the underworld, very Plutonic.

Image: Fiona Louise Larkins


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Oh wow, I’ve been so obsessed with walnut lately. I have been picking up walnut shells on every walk I take, the perfect owl 🦉 Head looking ones seem to represent wisdom, and the ones broken in other forms look like geometric riddles and I have felt like they are trying to tell me something. I have a huge box full ofthem. Sometimes I take them home and a baby slug walks out . Lol. I am going to spend more time listening to them.


Walnut is my Leo sun-leo rising-Pisces moon cat’s remedy. It’s the only thing to settle his frayed nerves after a night of raping, pileging & garden mafia deals.

Even Kings have feels.


…….I’d add Sweet Chestnut to the list. Works to bring light to the darkest of Plutonic transits. Unlike Gorse, which is for plain old hopelessness…… Sweet Chestnut is for those all-avenues-have-been-exhausted moments, blackest of blackness. I’ve tested this out extensively. 😉 Plutoboy will corroborate, no doubt……..
Walnut is one of my faves, though. Need to re-stock, have gone through yet *another* bottle of late.


I take Sweet Xhestnut.
Heart’s ease


just wanted to say thanks for posting this entry, MM

because of this entry i learned of bach remedies and i requested some for my birthday which is happening aug 9

i got them yesterday! bless my sister 🙂

i am trying walnut, water violet, and a seven-remedy one which includes mimulus, hornbeam, crab apple, and agrimony, among others.

i’m excited most about the walnut/pluto juice!

the reason for that is because i’m currently right smack in the middle of a pluto conjunct rising sign situation (pluto conjunct moon as well)


Sister Ray

This stuff is great! I once took it everywhere with me whilst I was going through my first big hard break up. One day during this time I was crossing the border back from the US to Canada my friends and I were stopped and searched for drugs. My bottle of Walnut was tested and I was arrested and held in custody for about 4 hours while Canada Customs insisted it contained meth amphetamine. For a few short hours I thought it could be quite funny that Walnut Bach Flower made me feel better because it was speed, until I… Read more »

Sister Ray

This stuff is great! I once took it everywhere with me whilst I was going through my first big hard break up. One day during this time I was crossing the border back from the US to Canada my friends and I were stopped and searched for drugs. My bottle of Walnut was tested and I was arrested and held in custody for about 4 hours while Canada Customs insisted it contained meth amphetamine. For a few short hours I thought it could be quite funny that Walnut Bach Flower made me feel better because it was speed, until I… Read more »

fluid feline

Mystic thankyou! This is exactly what i need right now with the Pluto transit to my nodes (conj SN). My health store has it in stock and will get it today. Doing my child free dark moon weekend with Women Who Run With Wolves, a crate of mineral water/limes and journalling. (Even better the moon is in my 12th house this weekend) AND now with some pluto juice to help with the getting of “Freedom from limiting influences, making healthy transitions in life, courage to follow ones own path and destiny”. You really are an angel Mystic, thankyou. xx


GFC top tip – You can make your own essences too – the bowl needs to sit in the sun for 1 hour and be decanted into a sterile bottle with some brandy or whiskey. The process involves use of all 4 elements – earth air fire and water and is totally magic. Some peeps recommend meditating with the bowl but I was never that into it – I did mine in the outback and am prone to sunstroke so I hoofed it back to the cabana and left the kangaroos and emus to look after it. You can do… Read more »


They work because of law of similars – the plant will grow in a certain environment ie: rocky (therefore needing deep roots), bleak and desolate, maybe with beautiful delicate little flowers that have adapted and become tough due to environment. Therefore this plant will have a “vibration” which is the harmonic or frequency of its life force (everything has a vibration – deepak chopra ahoy). The remedies are made on the site the plant grows, not touched by human hand if possible, cut so they fall into a bowl of water which is a remarkable carrier of vibration or frequency… Read more »

scorpalicious robot

Thanks for the tip on the book OB. 🙂


Involuntary noise came out of mouth when I saw it was you who said that SR – it wasn’t a laugh so I can’t lol it about. There is a section esp for you on robots/artificial intelligence/ghost in the machine – you work with macs – have you had that thing where the mac wakes itself up as you think about going and sitting at it from across the other side of the room? I had one machine that did that – and another in a job I absolutely hated that would crash as soon as I stood in front… Read more »


O am guessing you work with macs :o) maybe u don’t…

scorpalicious robot

OB – I DO work on macs and have only ever worked on macs. The mac start-up sound is heaven to my ears. I would go absolutely NUTS if they ever changed it. Love the sound of the paper crunching when the garbage is emptied too. It’s the little things… hehe No, i have never had a mac wake itself up, would love to wake up with it though… can’t bear to part with mine when it’s time to sleep. There was one girl i worked with who went through 3 macs in a year. That’s beyond coincidence. She was… Read more »


:o) yes of course re the replicants – you make me smile.

scorpalicious robot

I miss you. 🙂


I know – it’s crap and it’s totally reciprocal – seriously who knew you could feel like someone is your friend even though you don’t even know them – my friends are all militantly anti online networking so it’s not normally a part of my life really. But the thing is I don’t trust myself not to absent mindedly rant re something that should be secret. I have been warned I’m about to be so awesome at what I do that it will not be able to be ignored so I feel like I need to cover my yet to… Read more »

scorpalicious robot

oooh, i would love to know what you’re going to be so awesome at and if you DO change your nom-d, am i allowed to say “is that you OB?” I do love a mystery.


You know that silent choking laugh that won’t come out? Thanks – you freak – the mystique is that you never tell, you feign indifference and ignore, skim over etc. I’m guessing whoever the new gal is won’t answer – this convo is totally scorpio moon – no wonder i feel like a cloaking device so I can return and chat – being that my moon is in scorp too.


o god I had a sudden panic that you may not realise freak was meant affectionately – as in Neil Young and let your freak flag fly or freaks and geeks – u know????

scorpalicious robot

Of course i knew you meant “freak” affectionately. It’s not the first time i’ve been called that. Hehe. 🙂


I just read up on Dr. Bach on the tag…. Seems when going through a state, he would do just that OB…find a corresponding flower for the treatment…What a wonderfully in tune gentleman he was (emotionally). Just yesterday I had a patient who says she smells olives when I work on her. She was complaining of fatigue, the mental just behind her as she’d just done her second graders report cards. Yet, she had been through two situations where young men had been killed on motorcycles and she’d done funerals. A cousin had had a heart attack. Olive corresponds to… Read more »


bizarre, love the synchronicity- i just went and bought a few new bach flowers remedies yesterday. i love them, and always deliberate and choose specifically. yesterday’s purchases were Scleranthus which is good if you’re in two minds, need help deciding what to do, which path to take, and Water Violet, which helps you stop being aloof when you want to be close. But have used Walnut many times, though i never connected it with Pluto it makes so much sense! and, after all, i did ‘discover’ these remedies during my lengthy pluto transit.

Nancy Boyd

This is a great thread! I love all the connections with walnut and the brain. If you want to learn more about flower essences, I have some good explanations for you here: http://www.danceswithflowers.com/faq/ . Walnut is excellent for transitions of all kinds, but when you want to break habits the one you’d reach for instead is cayenne. It’s like a roto-rooter (and pretty much matches Plutonian energy in that sense. If you’re wanting to get at the root of deep or hidden problems, then you might want Black Eyed Susan. And the Australian Bush flowers are, as you mentioned, very… Read more »


I find it interesting to think because its easy to forget, that these essences are living beings…Devas…No wonder they are so healing and such a blessing…

taurean alchemist

oh yeah, synchronicity, like RLP I pulled a little bottle of bach flower remedy out of a corner of a draw today – Wild Oat… there were only a few drops in the bottom, so I decided to sow them all at once, lol.

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

ps PLUTO Juice – hilarious!!

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

only today pulled my Walnut essence from desk tool kit (pens, sissors, USB sticks, postitnotes, Walnut essence!) & placed infront of screen – channeling this post maybe? in past quaffed Walnut in times of rapid transition / challenge / uncertainty to FAB affect (or is that effect? LOL).


jacaranda flower essence is similar – also recomend for breaking old patterns.

I grew up on rescue remedy – i had no idea it was a ‘magical’ preparation, thought everyone had it like arnica cream and savlon.


Me too. My Mumma always had it on hand, like pawpaw cream and teatree oil. I have some next to my bed for bad dreams and those nights where sleep disappears from worry. And I’ve never heard of walnut but off to get some tomorrow. x


we also had the pawpaw – i still do. My dad used to coat his hands in it to draw out tiny splinters from work. when i travel overseas i am reminded that pawpaw ointment and tea tree oil are very aust. and totally foreign to most other places.
In the UK tea tree oil retails for an enormous sum – mmaybe 15 pounds. Bottles of the good stuff are always good presents for my family there.


I was given walnut by a chiro / healer about 25 years ago when going thru a really tough time. It worked really well. The other magic around walnuts, is of course their connection to brain function. Not sure if thats because they look like little brains ?


Walnuts are also brilliant in pesto…… Much nicer than pine nuts IMHO


I imagine a “pea” essence remedy for the brain would be interesting too…LOL… “If you have a pea brain, sniff three times or put under tongue…” 🙂 I have not tried the flower essences per say and am not familiar with the walnut essence but will have to look it up now. I like what Mystic says about how it helps one to transition…. “The walnut tree is also helpful in making a transition from one state of affairs to another including major changes in life circumstances.” This is crazy as I used to live in a historical neighborhood here… Read more »


“Walnut essence is fantastic for Pluto transits in particular”

Oh and good grief, was going through Pluto sq. Pluto…

Mighty intense that one was…


I make the walnut/brain connection too – and it is because they look similar. Like affecting like and all.

Never tried walnut essence myself, but keep rescue remedy in my bag. Skeptic me says the calming effect is due to the alcohol base but such a miniscule amount cannot explain the increase in serenity. Magick indeed.


Bush Flower Essences are magic…. Having grown up in the australian bush – I seem to tune straight into the power of them.

I must say tho – for all of that, give me Rescue Remedy for the big shocks. Works a treat.

Leonine Librarian

My Sagg daughter has a male Aries friend that slips rescue remedy into water when friends come calling with troubles. Just leads them to the kitchen table, gets them a glass of water/rescue remedy and then sits down to listen.

Taurean Love Expert

I love flower remedies. They don’t work for everyone, but when they work, they REALLY work. And if they don’t work – no harm done.

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