Aquarius Men Are Like Count Duckula

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Count Duckula

Oh how I love Count Duckula – his official job title was Dilettante but he was also a failed farmer.

“Powers/Abilities: All the traditional vampire powers. Additionally, Duckula could be revived even if destroyed by a means that would normally eliminate a vampire for ever. Castle Duckula could teleport itself and it’s occupants anywhere in the world instantaneously, though it would also automatically return home at dawn, Transylvanian time, whether the residents were back inside or not.


History: “Castle Duckula, home for many centuries to a dreadful dynasty of vicious vampire ducks the Counts of DUCKULA. Legend has it that these foul beings can be destroyed by a stake through the heart, or exposure to sunlight. This does not suffice, however, for they may be brought back to life by means of a secret rite, which can be performed once a century, when the moon is in the eighth house of Asparagus. The latest reincarnation did not run according to plan…”

He is an Aquarius!!!! Note: Cartoon characters birthdate always is their first appearance.

I love how surrealism-absurdism-dada, whatever – snuck its way into the early cartoon world. More here

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22 thoughts on “Aquarius Men Are Like Count Duckula

  1. I loved this show, yet for some reason never really heard the eighth house of asparagus reference..

    I loved/love that he was a vegetarian.

  2. I always thought that the character of Count Duckula on his own show was so different from the character on Dangermouse because the one who appeared on Dangermouse wanted to star in his own series, and he finally got to do it, playing the other Count Duckula character. So maybe the character as he appears on Count Duckula has a different chart than the one from Dangermouse, who is an actor playing him. Or maybe he just gets a new chart every time he’s destroyed and revived.

    Igor was a favourite character of mine. He had the best lines. Once, he warned Count Duckula about the possibility of man-eating plants by saying “I fear they may be anthropophagous.”

  3. I sent the original post to the Aquarian. His response was complete bemusement. He said he thought it was funny that I found it funny, but the only bit which provoked a smile was the asparagus 8th house.

    I think he is the Aqua archetype. But then I am an absolute sucker for aquarian men!

    Has anyone come across Vlad the Drac, the vegetarian vampire who faints at the sight of blood?

  4. Ive never seen this show, which surprises cause I love all those characters. Just this morning was watching tele with the 5 year old. On came Wilie Coyote who described Bugs bunny as ‘rabicus idiotus delicioucis’ , cracks me up.

    • I have never seen this show either David but do remember Wilie Coyote which was on every Saturday morning growing up. The lengths he would go to get the road runner…

      We did have a cereal “Count Chocula”…does that count? (no pun intended)

      “Moon in the 8th house of Asparagus..”

      I will never consider my 8th house Moon quite the same again… Somehow now it is covered in cheese…but a sauce…

  5. My Gem father had a cartoon mind. If he saw a bird that he couldn’t identify he would make up a name and add quebacabeacus…..anything from asclepius quebacabeacus to haemorrhoidus quebacabeacus depending on where his mind was at the time.

    • “haemorrhoidus”

      Very amusing CC! 🙂

      Gotta love that Gem mind….

      I say it’s my Cap moon that saves my Aries but it’s my Gem rising that saves them all…

  6. An Aqua/Uranian type was recently suggested as an appropriate romantic match for me. Watching Duckula could be valuable research. Thanks Mystic.

  7. I loved Duckula too – he was always chomping broccoli sandwiches.

    I have been studying Buddhism lately, aka watch re-runs of Monkey. That show is pure gold.

    Kids TV & movies really are the best. I recently watched Madagasgar 2 & have a huge crush on King Julian – now *there’s* Aqua-Leo gone mad!

  8. I was raised semi-Steiner so didn’t have tv but just read Duckula in comics and there were only a tiny few…Did he even make to tv?
    Aello, I have loads of Aquarian men – you need to have a good strong Uranus transit or boof up your natal Uranian traits if you want to lure them in. Was it ME who suggested a Uranian for you?? I don’t actually believe in looking for a type, as such…

    • Hi Mystic – No, you’re off the hook for that suggestion. Another astrologer that I follow… (Why do I just feel like just confessed to cheating on my hairdresser?)

      As far as transits go, would Uranus in the first squaring natal Sun do it? I’ve ‘got’ (?) an erratic but intriguing Gem-rising Cap with a Venus-Uranus conjunction in Scorp/5th on the go at the moment. Previous man-of-interest had a Venus-Uranus opposition…

      Seeking someone with a particular planetary nature is a new idea for me too, but hey, if I meet a caped vegetarian duck, I’ll pay a little more attention.

      Cheers for your tips as the full moon approaches. Much appreciated.

    • hehe… i went through a goth phase too but got bored of wearing only black and actually enjoyed hanging out with different kinds of peeps. Don’t you just love South Park’s frequent send ups of Goths – hilarious!

  9. oh i think every scorp had a goth pahse? surely? thank god it was short lived in my case! mind you, can still crank up early nick cave when need be.

    • oh yeah… still love Nick Cave and have leftover goth sensibilities but not the lifestyle or the fashion/persona

      • So you think Nick Cave is the poster boy for anyone with significant Scorp, sun, moon or rising?

        Becausee there is something in the slow beat of ‘Henry Lee’ that calms me more than rainforest twittering music. Lately it’s been my sing a long in the car song.

        Which if I think about it overlong is pretty dark.

        • well yes… Nick Cave has venus in Scorp!

          ‘Henry Lee’ is a lovely song LL. And PJ Harvey (Libra) has moon, merc AND Venus in Virgo. Nick being a Virgo has moon in Virgo as well. They were such a great couple – so much astro synergy! Apparently the relationship was too intense though, according to PJ.

  10. Love the ‘Dilettante’ job description, too.

    I think I will adopt it, along with my new style persona: ‘Bohemian Cougar’

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