Secrets Of The Celestial Alphabet

Esoteric art with woman, moon and stars - the celestial language

The Celestial Alphabet transfixed ancient astrologers, mages and witches. What is it and how can we harness its power today? In the olden times, the numbers and letters were magical creatures. Each had a mysterious allegiance to stars, deities, animals, plants, winds and various frequencies. Everything was connected.

“According to the Hebrew rabbis, the letters of their alphabet are formed from the figures of the stars. They are full of heavenly mysteries, both because of their shape, form, and meaning and also because of the numbers contained herein…”

Agrippa Von Nettesheim 1788

The Celestial Alphabet was also called the Angelic Script, and aside from being potentially magic, it came in handy as code. Spies and people practicing religions banned by the repressive state of the day routinely used esoteric symbols and I-Ching trigrams to convey complex information. The Norse Runes are another form of the celestial alphabet, as are the hieroglyphics of the ancient Egyptians.

Modern Day Chaos Magicians Make Graffiti Sigils Out Of Them

Modern-day Chaos Magicians make sigils out of them. Find a character, letter, rune or number that resonates. Doodle it, graffiti it or turn it into art. It can be a brand or a tattoo. Some sigils are wishes or intent written over and over, reduced to a single character. Others are planetary and deployed to affirm who you are and what you want.

You can keep an encrypted book of shadows that nobody else but you would ever be able to decipher; perhaps you could leave it for a witchy descendant in future times. Or find your symbol and make it potent. How? Wait for a good phase of the Moon – the Moon/Pluto Lunar Portal for example – and state your desires + intent aloud.

Occult Just Means Hidden

Mercury is the God of all this; many cultures saw his influence as the most vital. If you’re secure in mercurial realms, the sigil, sign, letter, rune or number that you need comes to you. You read omens as you walk around your neighborhood by day or dream at night.

Whether you’re studying the Kabbalah, astrology, numerology or I-Ching; the more you pay attention, the more the information flows to you. Remember: occult just means ‘hidden.’


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Lexicon Limbo

Thanks for sharing all this David, am really appreciating what I’m disovering


Ive had a thought about some references and I’d say that to get a good clear grounding in most of these subjects an author

Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan

is a great place to start.. he has translated many old and important texts. A relly good book of his to get a hold of is

Meditation and Kabbalah

but there are many of his works that are really good.

cheshire cap

but it gives one pause for thought and wonder how much L Ron Hubbard borrowed and bent from these teachings, non?

scorpalicious robot

yeah the mention of aliens got me wondering too.


In my view most ‘aliens’ are thought forms.

no name brand

how do we know the other daemonic visions like sticks turning into snakes the bible talks about aren’t thought forms too?

Ãœber Virgo

Borrowing and bending is a good description of Hubbard’s m.o.

L. Ron’s psychotherapeutic techniques were universally panned by the psychiatry profession back in the 1950s, so he refashioned them as a tax exempt ‘church’. Makes sense that a sci fi writer would shop around for an extra terrestrial cosmology. In his case minus the rich symbolic mysticism that gives Kabbala authentic spiritual resonance. But hell, a lot more profitable.


COnt: would say guidance is essential with this information, as in
how do you apply it in day to day dealings?
Sacred Secrets require a lot of visualisation.
I used to place a cystal on top of a book i wished to learn & understand,
then carry the crystal around as a transmitter. The crystal eggs work best
of all & wands.


UP………….absolutley NOTHING like Scientology as i know it…nada. David, those Acturians you sent really came. Ithink just knowing about it can activate the energy. My background is Sicilian-Jewish. The jewish part hidden & not practised but the name a giveaway. Brought up Catholic! And what do you do with this information when you have it? At least it convinces you there is an amazing after life. Noticed that names in The Keys are also in The Urantia…..Ancient of Days, Melchizadech & Metatron for example. About the Vatican, my Priest, when i wanted to discuss Enoch, refused & went into denial… Read more »

unpredictable pisces

i am FASCINATED! why am i doing a day job and studying some euro language when i could be learning about this.

but not some sort of scientology of the 13th century is it? like, i’m just checking…

singing seagoat

So David how is it that you were able to learn about gematria at a younger age? Where there some rogue rabbis teaching or did you seek the information yourself? As hidden as these things are it seems that mystical information from several religions (at least) are available when you seek them and in the end are not so hidden. Although perhaps not the case with this?


my father was not Jewish, and my mothers family were. They insisted on a strict judaic upbringing, From a young age 5 or 6 I went with my uncle to his lessons. They thought I was just sitting around , but i was listening. I attended classes with him off and on till I was 18 or so. They did a lot of ‘bobbing’ . Bobbing is when after you begin to read and discuss certain words, an energy fills the room, men start to rock backward and forward, 8 or 10 of them, really swinging, they are in the… Read more »


thats me above

singing seagoat

This is all so amazing, funny that another child could have just thought it odd and ignored it, daydreamed but you took it in. Does it feel strange to carry this amazing information around and not have others (at all or regularly) engaging at this level?

Along with all the fun, I just can’t get over what a wealth of interesting things and people arrive on this site!

Thanks for the extension


why is the mystical side of judaism not more overt? Well the reason is that the rabbis considered this stuff to be ‘mind blowing’ and hence not good for generally leading a happy settled life. It was meant for males over the age of 40 who had already established their financial and family security.Illumination by symbols and mystic processes peaked again in Spain during the 13th century, but the catholics pretty much killed all the rabbis or threw them out of the country and burnt most of their books. My family was one that got thrown out and went to… Read more »

cheshire cap

am reading The Hiram Key at the mo, yet another theory on the Knights Templar and a possible connection to Freemasonry. With their destruction on Friday 13th, it stands to reason that the priests grabbed some artifacts/manuscrips then.


There’s letters, 64 for the DNA-RNA codes, 22 letters for the Language of Light, Sacred Grids & something called Medical Astronomy. 76 sacred names are written in ‘The Keys of Enoch’.
Have been told you need to be 42 years old before a glimpsed understanding of such deep

The language of love & the language of light.
S O U N D S good to me:)


So interesting Mystic. You now have me blazing off on a research mission! I have never thought about the origin of letters very much (being much more inclined to numerals and their creation), so you have opened up an entirely new view for me. Love it!


I was lucky enough to have had quite a lot of training in gematria when quite young. The rabbi’s where heavily into astrology but dumped it a few hundred years ago when european judaism sort of took over from middle eastern. There are books still available that not only describe the stars, their patterns and connections to the alphabet but also the variety of communities that live on these distant planets. Hebrew is described as not only an earthly language but also a communication code with these distant communities. I could go on for hours about this stuff…


Please go on Davidl. Do you mean it is an intergalactic sort of communication or in a way forging some sort of interplanetary connection?


There is no doubt in the teachings of certain rabbinical schools that there are thousands of intergalactic communities. In fact they have them numbered to the single digit (182,000 or so). The law is that communities of the same dimension are not meant to be in contact with those of the same dimension. So physical beings from another star system for example are breaking galactic law . There are no good aliens that can be seen by the naked eye. This law is not the case with beings from higher dimensions say 5/6 from communicating with those of lower. The… Read more »


Thanks so much Davidl. Brilliant. I am utterly intrigued.

no name brand

O david what is that tube called that shines the hebrew out on walls when the tube spins from the heat of a light? Is that spinny code torch thing de rigeur and common knowledge or is it something I have come to know about via long hair freak factor social circles?

taurean alchemist

yez, plz go on David – I just love gematria, sacred language and sacred geometry.. not to mention qabala.

taurean alchemist

I’m sure I have it – just scoured bookshelves and almost went into Taurean panic about it being missing… actually, still a bit panicked about it not being on the shelf… deep breath…. Taschen – beatifully presented images yes?

taurean alchemist

oh PHEW I found it.. yes, Taschen’s ‘icons’ series (alexander roob). Very nice images and very little explanation, as with most things to do with alchemy. Now I get why you’d be having freaky dreams lol…

taurean alchemist

I’m still hanging out to hear what alchemy book you’re reading Mysic 😆 !!

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