Giacomo Casanova Was Just Really Mutable


The notorious adventurer and author Casanova was an Aries, but his primary astrological signature was super Mutable. He was a multiple Pisces, with Fortune, Jupiter, Mars, Vesta, Venus, and Mercury ALL in that sign and the 5th House.


“… I never had any fixed aim before my eyes, and that my system, if it can be called a system, has been to glide away unconcernedly on the stream of life, trusting to the wind wherever it led.…”

He also had Uranus rising in Scorpio and Moon conjunct Lilith in Sagittarius. A lot of his socio-sexual romantic success would have been purely due to how genuinely comfortable he felt with transgressive and independent women.

“My System Has Been To Glide Away Unconcernedly On The Stream Of Life” – So Multiple Pisces

He had Midheaven in Leo square Uranus in Scorpio rising conjunct the South Node. So he was avant-garde for the time, but his fame lingers. A Leo Midheaven often equates to brand longevity.

His Mercury was opposite Pluto. So, of course, he felt compelled to write about everything. He was an early adopter of the shag and tell genre, if not the pioneer of it.

And Moon in Saggo square Jupiter/Mars in Pisces – the perpetual divine dissatisfaction?  And what was up with Casanova’s mother?

Speaking of himself as trusting to the wind, is SO multiple conjunct Pisces, so Mutable.

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Thank’s for your vision and feelings about Casanova, different from the commun stream -at least-

Uranian, you’re right (He wrote a philosophical and science- fiction novel by the way)… and Pisces (almost kind of romantic, in a modern way..).

(How are we sure about his time of birth? so many are around, but this ascendant Scorpio is a strong option.

And what a life!


Pisces in CQ

how exctly does midheaven aspects effect your chart

Leonine Librarian

Gawd that imagery is spot on…even down to the needing to work through your deep shit aka don’t want to sleep with them therefore need healing.Argh.

scorpalicious robot

Chesty Bond Mystic! surely that’s got to be the right pic for an aries? I’m sure you’ll come up with something brilliant, that image just popped into my head.

Leonine Librarian

Eww to the rancid old guru pawings…no wonder hot-bodied, simple brained is more appealing after that type of early adversion therapy.

Personally I’m finding living in a village where many men workshop their every emotion, a good enough reason to move.


Socks & Sandals are often the footwear of choice for men who workshop I’ve noticed….. Iona was a seething pot of earnest men in socks n sandals. Meh to that….


Eeew! Hope the socks weren’t white 🙂


and beards..


Unkempt and greying …

Leonine Librarian

sort of greige in bits.

scorpalicious robot

hehe… i agree. Being self aware is a good thing but too much navel-gazing = yawn *rolling eyes*


that should be ” no planets in a house OR no major aspects to a planet”

taurean alchemist

that’s interesting david – I’ve read that unaspected planets – ‘peregrine’ planets – can take over and be dominant but not come across what you describe. Is that ‘karmic astrology’??

(note* not sure I subscribe to the peregrine planet theory as I have an unaspected sun, but found it really HARD to get in touch with my taurean nature… unless, of course, its taurean to be in denial of one’s own nature…)

Leonine Librarian

I do think Taureans do contrary beautifully…being in denial of your own nature would fit. Least from where I’m standing with my little old taurus rising..l


Such a nice thought LL. But my 1 degree of taurean sun is the opposite of TAs, in that it is squared by mars, jupiter, saturn and pluto, and mars is squared by almost everything, so I do contrary in a big way. Not so sure about the beautifully bit tho, unless that is a taurean denial of one’s own nature!

scorpalicious robot

why TA – what’s wrong with being a Taurean? You have a lot of planets in gemini don’t you… perhaps all that air doesn’t want to be grounded. You have, it seems, come to terms with your earthy nature by dropping the “UN” from taurean. 🙂


“I admit it. Was looking up Casanova to do some horribly indulgent little post on Aries men but I became waylaid by the charms of Giacomo Casanova.” Ive been waiting for your next instalment of “lets pick on the aries male” . Im disappointed. Now about all this uranian stuff, been going on for a while now. I remember once being told that no planets in a house of no aspects to a planet meant that the knowledge gained by these positions had most probably been learnt and integrated. So, wouldn’t someone with lots of ‘uranian’ type aspects etc. be… Read more »

Taurean Love Expert

I never saw the Heath Ledger flick, but the TV show from 2005 starring David Tennant was brilliant. Tennant strikes me as *very* Uranian, and also quite Mercurial.

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