The Magical Properties Of Basil

basil herb potted

Beyond its delicious use in pesto, this “royal herb” is unique. Discover the magical properties of basil, most notably for prosperity. Basil is magic – in pesto, obviously & with tomatoes, et al but also in sorcery.

The name itself comes from an old Greek word for King but some say it actually comes ‘basilisk‘ – the mythical serpent. The medieval herbalist Culpepper had it as being ‘of Mars & under the Scorpion’ – ie; super-yang.

Modern scientists are researching it as being full of antioxidants. Ye Olde Folk names: Witches herb, Royal herb.

The main magical correspondence is that a pot of basil or basil growing in your garden helps to bring prosperity.

The fresh leaf crushed against your wrist so it leaves a scent attracts money and you can also rub basil leaves or basil oil onto your wallet for extra prosperity oomph. 

And, you can also crush up some leaves and add to hot water for a magical floor wash.

Ideally, you have a pot of it or a plant growing so it is always thriving and potent. Buying those whole ‘living plant’ herbs from the supermarket is brilliant for fresh salad and pasta additions but it’s not going to do much for your house witchery.

To fully access the magical properties of basil, honor the planet and take just a few leaves at a time.


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Miss Haversham, ayurvedic massage is completely yummy (I am a taurus after all…) the idea that the skin drinks up the goodness of the oils and especially helps to soothe the wired up Vata energy (which is like Uranus when he is out of control!) – this gets put out of balance by too much electricity, too much television, too much processed, salty food – i think that with the Uranus Saturn oppositions this year we need to look after our nerves and so we should try and do things to calm our Vata dosha – like delicious hot saunas… Read more »


basil is also a money herb
voodooish trick – make a tea from fresh leaves (big wads of green) and wash the floor with the water.

i am not rich but it smells totally lux.


Hello Miss Havisham,

I studied ayurveda for 6 weeks in Rishikesh in the foothills of the himalaya, with the ganges sliding out of the mountains all fresh and pure – i took home a couple of big books and have read them (with all the intensity of sun and mercury conjunt in the 12th house) so the answer is yes and no – it would take many, many moons to really study ayurveda but I have a few ideas…….


That sounds fabulous Edwina! I think it’s an amazing subject and I started doing a formal course a couple of years ago. I managed to complete quite a few subjects but hit a bit of a block with finances and couldn’t bring myself to fork out thousands of dollars for the massage subjects (which really aren’t my passion) so it’s been left on hold for now. I got totally distracted (in a good way) by Ayurvedic Aromatherapy and decided that my money was better spent on buying oils than massage subjects 🙂 Like you, I have PLENTY of books but… Read more »

venus a-go-go

My brother gave me one of his 3 basil plants last week… its growing like wild fire. Which is odd because I don’t have a very fertile garden. Its mostly succulents (plus a wedding iris and a peace lily). Its a no mess no fuss rental garden (what can I say).
Am now really glad to have the basil:)

taurean alchemist

masses of basil growing in my garden… love the smell, love the taste… fave salad has crushed leaves tossed in. Oh yum. Didn’t know it was the ‘witches herb’ but was feeling SO witchy as I planted it, in my fruity, earthy garden (so different from my last garden which was very minimalist, if you can visualise that). Well, I guess I’m a witch… more than one man calls me ‘Dark Queen’, I should just embrace it.

Leonine Librarian

I think Dark Queen has a nice air to it. I’m sure you wear it well.

Typical Taurus

Dark Queen is definitely better than Ice Princess, which was how one former flame used to refer to me (is it any wonder he is ‘former’?!?!). Embrace your witchiness – I’ve got some serious eye-liner happening today and just painted my nails black, so we can be in it togther!


ooooww scary…

Typical Taurus

I’ve mellowed a lot since then – honest I have! (In fact the black eyeline & nails are not even remotely emo, but more an indication of how less uptight & much more playfully wicked I am these days!)

Back in those days I used to have a Victoria Roberts cartoon on my desk – it was a man & a woman sitting have coffee – she’s decked out with a breast-plate, helmet, spear & shield and he’s just in an ordinary suit – the caption says “I look a lot angrier than I really am”



My mother had that one at her desk too……. She nearly cried with laughter the first time she saw it…. I of course dance to the beat of my hurdy gurdy…

Typical Taurus

love the cartoon Miss Havisham! (off to google ‘women who run with the poodles’)

taurean alchemist

lol you guys… going to paint my toenails black now 🙂


wouldn’t teeth blackening be even more effective ?

taurean alchemist

david you crack me up 😆

Ms Motown

I completely agree. I aboslutely love basil. Its wonderful to hear it described as “the witches herb” and that it has magical qualities. I think it tastes really sexy. thanks for sharing this Mystic

Bright blessings to all


In ayurvedic medicine in India Basil is known as ‘holy tulsi’. It has lots of uses but is supposed to be specially good as brain tonic, to help you concentrate and focus.

It is also Vishnu favourite herb! you send wishes to Vishnu to preserve and protect the things that are good, the things that you love and want to be protected.

(Brahma is the creator, Vishnu is the maintainer and Shiva is the destroyer)


Yeah, when I lived near the Krisnas they taught me about the ‘holy tulsi/a’.
They make there prayer beads from the basil wood.

cheshire cap

the Mullumbimbi Krisnas? I liked visiting there when I lived closer.


Murwillumbah (Eungella) is where the farm and temple are, Im sure thats where you visited. They put on a free feast every sunday at the farm and that was really popular with visitors and locals, I lived close by, near the foot of Mt. Warning. I still wear my tulsi beads at times.

cheshire cap

David, I know that area well and had Krisna friends (they’ve gone main-stream now) I loved the peacocks and peace


one of the funny things to see there were really old cows and bulls, something I’d never seen before. When they are too old to work they are left to spend their retirements grazing and enjoying the views.

cheshire cap

I’ve got photos of those cows somewhere…maybe I should send them to Mystic as a pic of a totally contented taurean 🙂

margy the cap

just love basil, the smell and taste…. wonderful. it also has a very silky leaf to the touch, reminders me of other flowering plants in the garden.

cheshire cap

Basil’s not a herb in my family, it’s a religion 😆

Pisces Goat

Basil is also great for love…used by the ancient Romans in many a love spell. Simple love wish/spell…plant a pot of basil on the night of a full moon and make a wish for love and it will be yours within the following two full moons. Make sure you keep your wish grounded and ask for someone good, preferably not specific, and plant your basil in a pot that is very atttractive to you.


Not to be a Nanna but I can’t eat Basil, I find it repeats on me. Though am definitely going to try as perfume, have some next to the front gate and will perfume up on the way to tomorrow nights date!

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