Sun Sign Survey: Self-Help Books That Don’t Suck

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Here we go with another Sun Sign Survey:

Naming your Sun Sign & any majorly relevant other astro-signatures – do you have a fave self-help book?

Or do you think all self-help books suck?

Do you think their core era – the 90’s – has passed?

Is there one that saved your sanity or are you some feisty sign of the Zodiac that channels his/her psych genius straight from the cosmic source? Or are they piffle used by peeps who really ought to shuffle themselves off for some pro-help?

The signs I’ve known who totally love them & tend to always have one at hand are Virgoans & Saggos.

Least likely to give a merde because they already know everything? Aquarius & Aries.

Aqua will read self-help books but they like to be way ahead of the pack & there has to be some spooky sci theory behind it all.

They also come in waves; i always thought that whole The Secret thing (whilst there is definitely something to be said for positive thinking et al) was like a big surge at the end of Pluto in Sagittarius, Sagg being the ultimate creative visualiser…It came along when Jupiter was in Sagg with Pluto.

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56 thoughts on “Sun Sign Survey: Self-Help Books That Don’t Suck

  1. ohhh there are so many i could list – you’re so right about saggis loving them as every sag friend (male and female) has been big time into them, i think because it combines philosophies about life with Action and often spirituality.

    my outright favourite though is Women Who Run With the Wolves. Hands down one of the best books Ive ever read, and my well-worn and years old copy has been helped me through many a dark period. i find it empowering and appeals to the wildness in me- very good for when im feeling captive in my own life. and i think it suits saggis perfectly- seeking to combine the horsey freedom, intuitive wisdom and humour that we love.

    Most hated self help book: Men are from Mars women are from Venus. made me want to puke. so rigid, so narrow. no individuality in its solutions. just cut and paste gender roles. yeelch. ‘let the man go to his cave…’ boring! what if i want to head off to a cave? or anywhere else for that matter! how limiting.

  2. i will add that i have aries rising and aquarius moon, so for me at least the above statements about aries and aquarius dont ring true….

  3. mm. I love self-help books, pop-psych, depth psych, alchemical/archetypal psych and any psych at all… I’m with saggigal on Women Who Run With The Wolves as a classic (on archetype), but to date there are two that helped me through the Pluto SQuare transits – Thomas Moore’s Dark Night of the Soul and Byron Katie’s ‘I Need Your Love Is That TRue?’. I’m fascinated by Don Miguel Ruiz right now tho, and practicing The Four Agreements as an experiment. The Soul’s Code isn’t exactly a self-help book, but soothes away stresses about parenting and personality – for me.

    I believe its my Gemini Rising (loving books in general) and possibly Pluto in the third (words have power) conj IC/Jupiter/South Node/Uranus. (pretty powerful agent for change at my foundations).. then again it could be Saturn in Taurus in the 11th – I find it hard to accept any assistance from friends/community so I will always work on myself and ask others for help/guidance as a last resort. Also, with Pisces MC and Neptune in Scorp in 6th – psychology/healing seems to be a bit of a calling for me. Leo on the third house cusp means I also like to have lots to say when friends come to me for advice – and they do.

    mercury at 0 gemini in the 12th – makes one introspective (a tad self-obsessed) and someone once wrote – this is the mercury placement of ‘who’s mind is it anyway’ – hmmm, well there’s a lot more to this than I really want to reveal here now!! 😆

  4. ALLLLLL self help books suck.

    The answer is within ourselves.

    All they do is prey on a person’s neediness (ie; money grab for the author).

    Whereas THESE sorts of websites get individual questions, with a wide scope of answers to ponder upon, and do not stipulate a plan on how you can be better (ie; “improve” yourself to another person’s standards).

  5. pisces in cq, do you also think going and doing therapy of any kind is also just money grabbing and neediness? because i see certain books as playing the role of a good therapist- not remotely prescriptive, but inviting a genuine constructive introspection that helps to tap into your own strength.
    there is also a H U G E diversity of quality in the self-help/psychology genre. some are crap and basic, and others really insightful. just saying…

  6. Agree with the comment by saggigal about good self help books being like a good therapist. The problem is there are loads of superficial ones out there that are very shallow and disempowering.

    My absolutely favourite Self Help books are David Richo’s “How to be an Adult” and his later books “How to be an adult in relationships” and “”When Love Meets Fear: Becoming Defence-less and Resource-full.” Books that don’t suggest they’ll solve anything for you, but offer guidance towards compassion for the self and others.

    He’s a Buddhist jungian psychotherapist and ex-Catholic priest with a huge following in the San Francisco gay community.

    My other favourite self help author is also an eclectic soulful man who has explored religion and psychiatry: Thomas Moore of Dark Night of the Soul, The Soul of Sex etc

    Beautiful wise intelligent and compassionate authors…whose spirituality rather than religiosity appeals to me, and who don’t try and reduce complex issues to simple formulas

  7. self help books are my fave! no matter the topic, there is always something inspiring in them that prompts you to take action in some part of your life…or at least think about it. the best i’ve ever read, if it counts, is ‘how to be free’. read it a couple of years ago and still so much wonderful insight to be had! triple pisces, aquarius rising.

  8. Any self help book that is also a book about healthy nutrition and eating. Relationship ones i like to read as well as i enjoy the WORK involved. However i must admit i find them a little silly and end up disagreeing down the track. As every situation is unique. I read them anyway and make my own decisions. I am Sun Sign: Virgo, Taurus Rising and Leo moon.

  9. Pisces, Taurus rising, Aries moon, Venus and Saturn, Mars in Scorpio. Absolute favourite of all time, can’t go beyond, is the seventies phenomena ‘Creative Visualisation’ by Shakti Gawain. I go back to it time and time again. And all her theories are just regurgitated and repackaged in the Secret. Even the collage thing, which you find a chapter on in her book.

  10. Pisces Goat, yeah i never got what was so exciting about the Secret- i kept thinking that it was all pretty standard visualisation, affirmation work ala Gawain etc.

  11. no contest….growing up when I did and with the mother I had much as I loved her…..Karma Sutra!!!

    and now….He’s Just Not That Into You

  12. We all need help at times. This Virgo with Sagg rising certainly does, and in my experience any answers I’ve found have taken some serious unlocking. Wherever the answers are, they’re often obscured by stress, trauma, prejudice, conditioning, inexperience, corruption, intoxicants, delusions, stubborness, laziness, stupidity, etc etc.

    Anyways, my fave self help books are ones I recommend to my many stressed out patients and tend to get straight to the point in helping people get real. ‘Change Your Thinking’ by Sarah Edelman is DIY cognitive behavioural therapy (reducing depression and anxiety by training yourself to use your logical mind to defuse emotions). I’ve seen seriously good results from that, and it’s a simple approach that doesn’t insult anyone’s intelligence.

    For dysfunctional relationships I’ve banged on before about Eric Berne’s ‘Games People Play’. Written by a psychiatrist in an era when psychiatry was more therapeutic and less pharmaceutical, the therapy involves getting patients to take responsibility for changing their dysfunctional games and become functioning grown ups. It’s gold!

    Advanced students like the cosmic mama taurean alchemist move into the symbolic stuff: archetypes, analytical psychology, Eastern philosophy…

    Long live books!

    And predictably, the GFC killed off ‘The Secret’. Didn’t take much did it? Ask, believe, receive? Tell that to the millions of newly unemployed. I wonder if Rhonda Byrne invested her wad with Bernie Madoff.

    • Liked your description of what obscures us finding those inner answers Uber.
      Very true. I never even felt tempted to read ‘The Secret’ – yick!

      • The Secret made me want to vomit a little bit in my mouth whenever some new convert raved on and on and on …

  13. Hmmm, with a degree in English literature I find there are so many classic books which somehow become inspirational self help kind of books for me. Inspirational, anyway. I love self help books which quote from other stories, films, myths – helps you enjoy them in so many more layers.

    Well: Literature wise
    I LOVE Bridget Jones – love the wisdom of her author, to me in a way this is the best self help book of all. With all your flaws and failings, you can still get the important stuff right. And its funny.

    Of course, Pride and Prejudice as inspiration to all of us still hanging out for a guy who is a true partner.

    And others at different times – but those two are enduring.

    As for ACTUAL self help books, I LOVE Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Life and turn to her often (but more often for medical /emotional diagnoses than anything else) – and a dream book – Betty Bethards Dream Book – for interpreting dreams. I’m not into books that tell you what you should do – but books that give you tools for tuning into your intuition. The Dream Book tunes you into dreams; Louise Hay can help you turn into habits and body symptoms. I also love the fact that when Bridget Jones threw out all her self help books (in the bin, with Mark Darcy finding her in coat and underwear) – the only one she saved from the bin in the end was Louise Hay’s.

    Also like The Artist’s Way (Julia Childs) to help you tune into your intution through diary keeping, indulgence, art, and intelligent questions.

    In summary: Like books that give me tools to help me find my own path, and best of all those who tell you to trust yourself. Dislike anyone who thinks they know it all about what’s best for me without revealing their own experience / where they are coming from.

    Can’t STAND Dr Phil. Or dream “experts” who are very prescriptive.

    I am naturally neurotic and self critical, Sun, Mercury and Mars in the 6th house – lots of Aquarius and Gemini to look for ways to analyse things. I have a vague feeling I’ve done harm to my psyche in the past with trying to folow other people’s ideas (eg. womens magazines) — now am firmly Leo and only like to listen to people who say, You innately know it all. Trust yourself. Preferably with a good dose of life experience behind them.

    • I’m with you, Aqua Leo, on ‘dream experts’ who interpret – I love James Hillman’s words on the matter – that dreams are lunar in nature and to interpret them or rationalise them is a heroic and solar activity that destroys the ‘lamp light’ wisdom of psyche’s messages.

    • ps. Julia Cameron is currently driving me nuts as I do the second round of the ARtist’s Way with a group of writers online – I keep wishing she’d stop dragging us all back into our sordid pasts!

  14. I’m a Cap with Libra rising, and I don’t know enough about the rest of my astro to tell you more detail than that, but I CAN tell you I’ve always disliked self help books while loving books that are essentially self help in disguise. I went through a major phase of reading new age books (mostly on Wicca) in high school. Tao of Pooh followed by Richard Bach’s “Illusions” changed my life, while Herman Hesse’s “Demian” distilled my ideas about the world (as of high school) into potent clarity. I also love blogs that have a sort of “this is not self-help” vibe because they are about changing your life in a way but they really don’t meet the requirements to be on that shelf in the book store. Basically, I have an aversion to being seen on the self help aisle. Oh, but I did recently buy (via Amazon) “Sex for One” by Betty Dodson, but I haven’t finished reading it, so can’t comment on it yet.

  15. Ok, sorry to double-post, but I remembered some other things:
    I LOVE zen books, like “Every Day Zen” by Charlotte Joko Beck. I go back to this one all the time. Also writing books. “Writing Down the Bones” is great, as is “Bird by Bird.” Again, these books are categorized as writing books, but they are really self help in disguise. Also, my moon is in Aquarius, but I’m not sure what that means lol.

  16. Capricorn. I do like self-help books, but I am REALLY fussy about which ones I read. I pick out what works for me from each & leave the rest.

    Can’t remember who wrote “Victim Triangle”, but even though the writing is uber-simplistic, the concept is rock solid. Really did change my life.

    “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior”, again, writing from work, can’t remember the author.

    Anything by Carolyn Myss!

  17. Aries sun, gem rising, gem moon….not a big fan of the self help book though I don’t include the great philosophy books e.g I ching which has been my constant companion for 25 years, in this category.
    I have read 3 though that I loved.

    Under the table & How to Get Up, Jewish Pathways of Spiritual Growth. by Avraham Greenbaum,

    God is a Verb , David Cooper

    Love Without Conditions, Reflections of the Christ Mind, by Paul Ferrini.

  18. yep. Women who run with the wolves it is. I put off reading it for eons cos i thought the title sounded Tres Oprah. I had no idea of the content. It is nourishment writ large. Extremely empowering and feminist, and so icnredbily knoweldgeable about literature/art etc.

  19. My virgo friend is a psychologist/counsellor. She has them all, and when you knock on her door to pay her a visit, you hear furtive scurriyng while she stashes titles such as The Women who Men Marry, Will I Ever be Happy?, unbdet he bed, and in the bathroom, as though they were salcious porn

    • lol, that’s so funny… my friend bought a whole stack of ‘how to’ relationship books with titles such as ‘how to marry the man of your choice’ and all of Barbara De Angelis’ books (who was married and now divorced from the dude who wrote ‘men are from mars’ etc) – they have pictures of wedding rings all over the front etc. She left them over at my house – we called the The Vault – and when that CUB saw them he rolled around laughing, holding his sides so that I had to show him my friend’s name written neatly inside every cover. And denied that I’d read them.. which of course I had, for research purposes you understand 😉

    • plutonic femme I agree re the four agreements being excellent – but find Miguel gets a bit abstract with his talk of ‘parasite’ and ‘allies’ which only make complete sense if one has already knowledge of, say, the pain body or the false ego etc or grounding in archetypal psych. Perhaps… I must admit if I’d read the four agreements ten years ago I’d have thought it was too basic and dismissed the lot.

      • oh i just love it. i couldn’t stop and kept reading more and more of him. But in esssence, the 4 agreements has the vital message

    • I did a workshop with Ruiz in Mexico. Very sweet man.

      Women Who Run with the Wolves is good too…

      • oh you are V priveliged. I note he is hosting some thing for NYE 2012 in guatemala. am very tempted……

        • have you also read ‘the mastery of love’ and ‘the voice of knowledge’??

          I have the companion book to the 4 agreements also and it has exercises for putting them into practice.

        • The workshop had been about 1996 if I recall. A girlfriend and I went. It was somewhere between Tijuana and Ensenada. I don’t remember much about that as well except it was a weekend thing at a doctor’s house over looking the ocean…I got a terrible headache possibly from getting some of the water in my mouth in the shower….Miguel saw my distress and came over and asked if I was okay….For a Ram I never get headaches and when I do, it IS just the most awful thing. I don’t know how people function with headaches!…I go nearly cross-eyed…

          But again, very nice man. One stipulation of the workshop was that we all wear white. That was actually quite nice. And yes, he wore a hat back then too!

          Afterwards, when my girlfriend and I left we got lost in the dark in the desert….all borders but one itsy-bitsy one had been closed….We had some real funky vibes in that desert and were actually quite frightened…I mean we turned around on roads thinking any moment we were going to be hi-jacked…She was an Aq. Sun- Pisces Moon so when we both felt the same vibes, that was it…Nowadays there is terrible drug violence down there…

          We had both quit smoking normal cigs and were doing the herbal cig thing. After finally getting back across the border we headed for the first convenience store and got a pack of regular cigs..We had been lost like 8 hours!!

          Never the less, I don’t think M.R was real well known then. Very refreshing in the sense that he didn’t expouse needing to meditate all day although of course could if one chose. He just believed “live life”.

          Had my first fish taco at his retreat. LOL…

          I have the Four Agreements but no other books by him. One exercise that we did at the workshop was starting into each other’s eyes…I forget why…but am sure it was relevant to our purpose….lol And took turns healing each other…Wish I could remember more of what he said…Suppose the books come in handy for that…

          My girlfriend was having tremendous heartbreak problems with someone who was not willing to give up another women for her.

          She asked Miguel “why do men want want it all?”

          He said…”we just do”…

          Believe he (Miguel R.) is happily married though and didn’t get the feeling he was interested in other women (too bad as he was pretty darn cute… 🙂 )

  20. I am a voracious reader but have never, ever thought about reading a self help book for even a minute (well, not until now at least, and now I have, I can’t say that the thought of reading one appeals to me).

    I guess I’m a cliché then (Aqua Sun, Aries Rising, Moon & Jupiter).

  21. My mother/Myself blew my mind. I read it in one night, holed up at my Grandmothers, after finding the copy my mum had given her stashed away in a drawer…. as an only daughter of an only daughter it was very confronting, and very inspirational.
    The Celestine Phrophesy – this book snapped me out of chronic clinical depression, and is still one I dip into every so often for a rollicking good adventure story…
    In New York I spent an obscene amount of money on Apartment Therapy. A book about how to create the space you want…. it brings together psychology, zen, feng shui, common sense, and colour therapy…. and is interesting to read!
    Finally – Clear your clutter with Feng Shui. Any book that includes a chapter on how to do a decent ‘movement’ is alright with me.
    And current book is Awakening the Buddha Within…. my first true foray into spiritual/zen teachings…. goosepimples erupt everytime I open the book.
    Scorp Sun, Aries Asc, Cancer moon

    • oh yeah. My Mother Myself. I don’t think i was able to communicate with outside world for a week after reading that. It was like a door had been opened in my psyche, and i was not quite ready to look into that room, but THERE It WAS. all open and on display. totally life altering. every woman should read

  22. 1st house Scorp, Lib asc, Saggo moon – have to agree, most self help books suck for me. But i tend to think, whatever gets you through – maybe it’s God/god, maybe it’s self-help books. I once had a Cap friend who was very into personality and behaviour testing and incorporated aspects of most of them completely into her daily life (and that of her partner). Little obsessive for my liking.
    Anyhoo.. I agree with postmodscorp, Karen Kingston’s Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui is the best kind-of-self-help book i’ve ever come across. I recommend it to everyone – have given it to friends and family. I love it.

  23. LOVE Kate Bush!! Unbelievably talented, wise a piano maestro at the age of 12 or something. And even if you find her interprative dance hilarious now in the film clip of ‘Wuthering Heights’ there is something very spiritual and other wordly about her translation of themes. Apparently she’s a virtually a recluse now in the country and has been recording a new album on her property if anyone is interested.

  24. I haven’t really read a self-help book either. But love Siddhartha, The Little Prince, The Alchemist and the Celestine Prophecy (as an aside no one should EVER see the film). Four of my all time favorites that help me find a state of detached awareness.

  25. I am Cancer with Cancer Rising, Moon in Leo and (I think)… Moon Square Saturn. Read loads of the over the years then stopped, but finally rediscovered self help books in the form of ‘The Happiness Trap’, which is so helpful with my negative self-talk…

    • crabette, I’m so pleased that you mentioned ‘The Happiness Trap’ by Russell Harris – it is fabulous (except the graphic on the cover of the current edition is a bit naff!!). Acceptance & Commitment Therapy is a truly effective way to help oneself. We are lucky to have Russell Harris training ACT therapists in Australia. The act mindfully website is a wonderful resource too.

      What I like most about ACT is that it is a very simple approach to apply to problems/blockages/habits however big or small, and to gently move towards a position of psychological flexibility. Good stuff. I recognise some of the basic principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in the approach but also some lovely Buddhist ideas of awareness, mindfulness and acceptance. Then it guides you to get in touch with your values and act according to them. All done in a very simple way. Gold!

      With a Leo Moon crabette you must have a bit of the self talk going on eh?! Hope you can help it become more supportive to your lovely crab self. Moon in Leo might enjoy of the story-telling or narrative therapies too perhaps?

  26. Sun, Mercury, Saturn & Chiron in Pisces, Leo Rising, Cap Moon, Mars in Virgo…have read loads of self-help but to be honest I only read most of them for a bit of escapism…ie vegging on couch in pyjamas with chocolate & glass of wine. Best one ever tho’ for me is The Unmistakeable Touch of Grace by Cheryl Richardson. Found it by accident while going through horrendous time a few years ago, it really helped and I continue to refer to it when needing a bit of guidance.

  27. Funny the Four Agreements comes up as only last night thinking of recommending it to my mother (a jungian therpaist into these sorts of things) following a talk where she appluaded my ability not to ‘bitch’ about anyone or of I do, its done in a diplomatic way (libra rising).

    So, I thought that book would be great for her as it explains the mental cloudiness one gets when we start gossiping etc.

    It is a fantastic book, has made me more aware and saved me a lot of anguish (esp learning not to take things personally).

    Attribute my introduction to all things other worldy to the Celestine Prophesy, read it on a plane when I was about 16, didn’t leave my lap the entire trip.

    I am a sucker for these sorts of books and in fact only just started reading more novels. Most of my books are self-helpy type ones (aqua sun, libra rising, leo moon).

    Myself My Mother sounds excellent. May have a look at that as well as WHRWTWolves.

    The New Earth (Ekhart Tolle) was also great.

  28. I temd tp think one person’s self help book is another’s person’s pile of crap but …. I’ve found ‘The TAO of Pooh,’ ‘The Te of Piglet, ‘Life and how to survive it’ by Robyn Skinner and John Cleese, ‘Revolution from within’ by Gloria Steinem, and ‘Women and their fathers’ by Victoria Seconda to be helpful at different times. As pointed out above, novels can be self helpful eg Flaubert’s Madame Bovary gave me a slant on the madness of romantic delusions … and Germaine Greer’s The Female Eunuch was inspiring as a schoolgirl …
    (Cancerian Sun, Virgo moon, Aquarius ascendent)

  29. Sun & Mercury in Cancer, Scorpio with Neptune Asc, Moon in Aries

    To answer the question, I think some of the prescriptive or lame imitation self-help books suck big style. But really well written books are a wonderful thing. I often look at books and think bless the person who invented books and writing! What a gift.

    Any good book can help me to help myself… gardening, birds, philosophy, Kelpies, yoga, cooking… Some of my fave in the ‘self-help’ category include:

    * ‘Intimacy & Solitude’ and ‘The Universal Heart’ by Stephanie Dowrick
    * ‘Peace is every step’ by Thich Nhat Hanh
    * ‘The Happiness Trap’ by Russell Harris
    * ‘Choice Centred Astrology’ by Gail Fairfield
    * ‘Passionate Marriage’ by David Schnarch
    * ‘The Artists Way’ by Julia Cameron
    * The Dream Dictionary by Tony Crisp

    Just started reading ‘Manhood’ by Steve Biddulph and am really enjoying his straightforward but compassionate approach. I’ve had to re-calibrate some wrong understandings I had about men and maleness. Tres useful!

    I’m not being sucky by saying this but Mystic your 2009 Astroscape book has been very helpful to me many times this year too!

  30. I’m not really into self-help reading as I read to escape myself nor find myself. I know me far too well. It’s a cap/sag thing. We’re sort of born knowing exactly who we are. I was lent Brandon Beys’ book, can’t remember it’s title, about forgiveness on a very deep level, and found it interesting.

    • It’s interesting the diversity of what has been listed here as self help, or I suppose what people find helpful in making sense of themselves, their relationships and the universe. From Shakti Gawain and Louise Hay to Greer, Steinem then Hesse’s fiction are big leaps with a LOT in between. You don’t read self help CC, but you know your astro backwards.

      I’ve skimmed lots of self help books, but rarely read them through. Usually because the ideas are thin and the writing is crap. I got through ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ standing up in the bookstore in about 3 minutes. Although it probably could have taken 2.

      • 😆 Über Virgo, I have to admit that I didn’t buy ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ but skimmed in bookstore and at the time it pushed all the right buttons to make me admit that the relationship with aqua motm was really shit. So it helped me and now I’m in a much sweeter place

  31. I read some of the more interesting ones. My experience with those (rather than the wall-bangers like John Gray- my Aqua ex told me he needed to go to his cave and I was all, “Yeah, right, that means you’re going to dump me.” Sure ’nuff…) is that reading the book makes me feel inspired, then I finish it and then I have NO idea how to put anything to use. Not a clue.

    Sun/Venus/Chiron in Taurus/7th.

  32. Sagg Sun, Scorp Ascendent, Moon in Gemini, Venus in Scorp, Mars in Sagg, Jupiter in Aqu.

    I lurve self help books. Am actually a book addict and have bookshelves dedicated to various subjects. I would rather cut down on food than on books. The mere thought of having to decide on books makes me excited!

    I am into self help books with all sorts of things. Freedom from clutter , The Magic of Thinking Big, You can Heal Your Life.

    I also love Robin Hobb books-Assassin’s Apprentice Trilogy and the Golden Fool Trilogy. Robin Hobb weaves wonderful insight into human behaviour. Particularly the first lot had a wolf who was a brother to the hero. My spirit soared whenever I read these books. I love the honour and integrity and bravery, the magic and the whole story line. I forgot to eat, sleep etc as I was so intent on reading!

    As I am at work I just cannot think of the other titles. So shall go home and get back with some more : >

  33. “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill

  34. I read a lot of psychology and self help books.
    One of my favorites is Irvin D. Yalom. I love his books books. His books are on existential psychology, the fear of death and how the realisation of your own mortality can change your life. (I have a stellium i Scorpio) He has also written a couple of novels.
    “Women who run with the wolves” by Estés is good to. And I also like Betty Shine.
    I don’t like superficial books like The Secret and books that are to fluffy and rose-colour life.
    I have a stellium in Scorpio including Sun, Taurus Moon and Libra rising.