Carla Bruni, Uranus, Sex and Luxury

Carla Bruni with guitar, reclining “…I have an austere temperament,” she says. “There are things that give me no pleasure: objects, clothes, jewelry. I’ve worn them all, but all that stuff interferes with my daily life.” She does her own hair. According to her friend Farida Khelfa, “Carla hates shopping and would wear the same pair of trousers every day if she could.” Makeup doesn’t interest her—”It takes forever and doesn’t make you look better after 30…”

From Vogue

Her chart is here & what do we see???

She has a poetic, musical & romantic Grand Water Trine with her Cancerian Ascendent trine Venus/Neptune in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. She has to have a creative outlet…Her Nodes are the reverse of Madonna’s so she comes comes from luxury but with the vision of learning to value more subtle manifestations of the light. Note – the literal meaning of luxury is ‘of the light’.

There seem to be two broad types of Capricorn….The austere ones & a slightly more earthy & robust variety a la Nigella Lawson – she of the cupcakes, goose fat and pragmatic sense of  humour.

It’s the same with Aquarians: You get the ravingly bats don’t-fence-me-in Uranian types & then a more Saturnine version (Saturn being the ancient ruler of Aquarius, before Uranus was discovered) with the clinical demeanor and dislike for anything not scientifically proven. Pisceans too are often either Jovial or Neptunian…As in Jupiter was their ruler before Neptune.

So you get these bon-vivant Pisceans prancing about who are more like Sagg & then these Neptunian entrancers gliding about, between worlds & official mystics.

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20 thoughts on “Carla Bruni, Uranus, Sex and Luxury

  1. Mystic I totally agree re the two types of Caps for I have loved both types. By far the earthy robust ones are more my types, as they are not as austere! : >
    I also believe that there are two types of Sagg’s. I am a November Sagg and I find December Sagg’s – well the many I know so irritating as they seem to be irrational frequently to the point of being flakes at times! They pick fignts over perceived wrongs etc. Think they are perfect and are tres judgemental etc. For example, they have now decided I should divorce my Scorp as he is such high maintenance. Just like that! They have decided! Grr!

    • i admit this is true. if we saggis don’t have something productive and noble to pour our passions for justice etc, or just passion, into then we often go around turning mild situations into a ‘you cant handle the truth!’ type dramas. i havent noticed the diff between nov and dec saggis tho- i know heaps and we are all pretty simpatico on this. its just about channelling our horsey/judgement/debating philosophical probs into something ‘bigger’, or it’ll inevitably come out in banal day to day things.

      i dont know how you feel as a Sag yourself (sal. sag) but i’ve found that since pluto finally left Sag ive been having a (probably) extreme reaction to torrid situations that is very much ‘fix it or **ck it’ as mystic would so aptly say. my tolerance for difficult relationships and other such plutonian muck is really shamefully (or not) low and my desire to really embrace the new lighter energy prob is making me a tad more radical than i may normally be- like a horse bolting from a long-locked gate (to continue with the horsey metaphor!)maybe your friends are reacting in kind? after 13 years of pluto its hard to put up with anything like that ever again, me thinks. x

  2. I had my 2 Caps nearest and dearest pop back into my life this week (both have been somewhere… who knows… I decided they had lost interest in my company). One, I went to a mutal friends gig but txted him to find out whether our paths would cross. I get a short ‘Hi, am merch guy, see you then’. Later that evening I get a shirty txt saying that he has been there for ages and I am not. Once I get there I am touched and cuddled to within an inch of my life (so nice!)
    Other Caps I am trying to work out whether we are fighting or not. I send a txt asking whether he and his partner are coming on a group excursion to a music festival, as no one has heard from him in ages. He get back to me 3 days later. I am mildly pissed about this as he offered no satisfactory explanation for being so rude and seeing as his partner friends are going also, I assume that he is staying with them and him he better come find us (to hang out and catch up). I get a flurry of ‘Why? Is it cos you all hate me and want to kill me? Am I not allowed to camp with you lot?’ which lead me to a giant WFT?
    sent a very neutral reply… cos I think that sort of thing was a bit idiotic, but I have no idea whether we are fighting or not… I JUST WANT A NICE WEEKEND… NOT NEEDINESS… tsk.

    • my understanding is that caps don’t always have very good people skills. (I note the irony of a piscean saying this.)

      I like my caps earthy because that way we can eat, drink and be merry together. I suppose that might make me a jovial pisces but neptune sure has his/her/its strong influences…..!

  3. What is this Carla obsession Myst ? Is she secretly funding the new oracle or something ?

  4. Obsession?! Lol…I love that she manifested a text book Pluto transit when it ran over zero degrees Cap sun AND she is is a v.good person to watch, for astro-fiends; she has actual birth chart online, is about to have Uranus across her Midheaven & is in the public eye. Also i liked her way before the Sarkozy thing for various reason.

  5. Suddenly I now understand why my Aquarian aunt is missing the wacky genius, is utterly conventional, and cold like ice. She’s Saturnian! (I much prefer the Uranians.)

  6. I’ve had lots of Aquarians in my life; Grandfather, father-in-law, uncle, brother, ex-motm. I’ve found the aquas much more status conscious (saturn) than any of my Caps.

  7. I saw Carla Bruni sing live on a morning show when I was in LA. She was truly dreadful. Flat, a thin, annoying voice that could barely hit the notes, and a ridiculous song she wrote herself.

    She’s extremely beautiful however, and I suppose kinda interesting in a ‘I’ve slept with most members of the same family way’. She also keeps herself socially amusing by making candid comments.

  8. Also have thought she was classic with true Italian style avec French sensuality.
    The VF spread of her in an apartment was piano, guitar & chair & not much else.
    Shows a clear mind of th Zennish type.
    So true about marquillage (cept for an excellent foundation),
    transparent rouge, tinted eyelashes, an excellent hair designer (if not
    thick long & straight), bite your lips or a mollecule of cinnamon ess oil,
    to redden them, eyebrow brush, & a shiny whatever for wherever.
    Sometimes a nude face actually takes longer when over when of an age certain.
    She’s clever & a dilletante, occaisionally allows the plebs in to entertain them,
    regale them of how free she is.
    I mean she could actually have a house on Lake Como if she wished:)
    She is her own Work of Art…so is Paltrow Kylie & Kidman.
    Yummy eye candy for a woman that appreciates other womans’s efforts to break
    the mainstream & invent their lives.

    She does minimilism to perfection. Love that she wears flats.
    She like a Beatnik, Left Bank… with all the mystique & money.
    Something about Capricorns that appeal to me & would like to emulate.
    It is beneficial to understanding yourself to look to the sign before & after your
    own, so there is empathy with Scorps & Caps.

  9. Hey LL you are so right girl, watching me try to our proclaim my Leo brother is fun to wtach!! We are great pals so its cool.
    Saggigal, as you say 13 years of Pluto has been hell, really awful extra growth years. Like you I have got to the stage where I am not as tolerant as I used to be with difficult people, expecially needy manipulative people. I am preferring to spend company with my beloved pets and non toxic people.

    • I’ve noticed my own Sagg daughter is more likely to take no shit since Pluto stormed through her childhood, teenagerdom, and early adulthood …although she is still levelling out on not being too savage with herself.

  10. I have to agree on the make-up after 30. It suddenly becomes less fun looking and more a mask. The younger ladies wear it better. I’ve become a fan of as-natural-as-possible.

  11. I think the mask look happens if you keep using the same foundation for years. As your skin changes, you have to try different foundations. I always apply foundation with a sea sponge for a more natural look. I feel naked without some make-up and it hides the shadows round my eyes, then I add more flattering shadows 😆 and mascara’s one of life’s essentials