A Streetcar Named Aries

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Marlon Brando biceps

BLANCHE: Stanley! What sign were you born under?
STANLEY: What sign?
BLANCHE: Astrological sign. I bet you were born under Aries. Aries people are forceful and dynamic. They dote on noise! They love to bang things around!

A Streetcar Named Desire

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14 thoughts on “A Streetcar Named Aries

  1. “Marlon Brando….was he really an Aries?”

    Sun and Moon in Aries.

    His Moon was the ~exact~ degree of my SN…and conj. my Sun..

    I’m sure it would have been a hot connection but I usually end up with Pisces or another water sign.

    Then again, one Pisces’ Draconic Moon was conjunct my Sun and South Node.

    All Aries are not full fledged male preditors though. Once, I had a co-worker…An Aries intern at a Chiro office. He was absolutely gorge…

    He told me that he wanted to “ravish” me and after a company get together did end up in bed. BUT, he said we should not do anything since we worked together and it could get uncomfortable. Glad he kept his sanity because mine would have been out the window for sure…

    The kind of woman he married was the one who made him wait (I’d already been married and couldn’t care less about that at that point in my life…I was seven years older than him and had two kids…)

    But he did respect that in the women he married….

    Never make it too easy for an Aries!

    • I remember one particular incident when the young woman the intern was seeing had sent him a card. In it she had said that she loved him and wanted to continue with the relationship but would not just hop into bed (so to speak),

      His face looked so distraught…He was so depressed! I can still see the card as he turned it over in his hands, sitting there in his white intern chiro coat…

      He ended up marrying the girl and she was a stunner…Was happy for him and noone ever knew about our little “moment”…lol

      • Also forgot about the other Aries male I once knew in the Chiro office…The Chriopractor himself. We shared a desk as I did his reports across from him on a lap top..This was circa 1992..

        He was very fundamental Christian. One day he asked me if he had over done things with a six pack of beer. I mentioned that Buddah always took the middle path and so things in moderation was not a bad thing.. He said that Buddah was a little statue with a pot belly and that he was worried for my Soul…lol

        Crazy but I had so, so much fun working in that office with those Aries men..

        AND! The Aries Dr. had Moon in Aquarius. He was ALWAYS on the phone!
        His reports that needed signing would stack higher and higher and he didn’t care one bit…

        In his adjustment rooms, he would spend 45 minutes with one patient b.s’ing and then ten minutes with another one. People noticed and were not happy…

        Then we had the patient who had two hundred and some odd personalities. One day she got very upset and threatened to jump…(off of his adjustment table)….Since she was hysterical, he slapped her face…

        Luckily that all happened before I ever got there…

        The multi personality was a bit frightening to massage though…It could be the six year old girl one moment and the rough talking sailor the next…It was times like those that Seth Speaks teachings about the predominant ego at any given time was helpful…

  2. I’ve noticed that a prominent Aries in the chart of a bloke tends to often add an aura of studliness, high energy levels and an ummm … testosterone inspired physique. I was gonna say drool-worthy, but don’t want to give the impression of being a sex-starved nymphyte or anything. 😉

    Pity Rambo’s also have the effect of shitting me off within sixty seconds of opening their mouths … must be a crab thing.

  3. whilst engaged in my PHD in the Aries male……NOT once have they been a physical disappointment……arms, chest, legs, face……even aging superbly!! today watched Aries-Ex surf & rip into the waves more skillfully than kids half his age…..HOT!!

  4. I should say “he ~has~ always, etc…

    Realize I made it sound like he was dead! Gosh I hope not. He’s going to be seventy six this month and is so fit and takes such great care of himself…

    He’s my inspiration…

  5. My dad is an Aries born March 27th. He ALWAYS worked out and had great arms. And, he could definitely be loud when he was mad and bang things around…

    Like my butt when he was angry because I’d gotten in a car wreck and the car had only been insured for one day. He took his cowboy boot, and kicked me in the rump….

    Marlon Brando….was he really an Aries? Going to check but in younger years, so ooh-la-la baby…

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