Sun Sign Sign Survey: What Do You Find It Easiest To Forgive?

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This is the Sun Sign Query du Jour: You have only to answer the query as briefly or as floridly as you like and with your Sun sign identified. Thus, we can hopefully discover some interesting similarities?

Question: What do you find it easiest to forgive?

Image:  Georges Barbier Art Magick – Laziness

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181 thoughts on “Sun Sign Sign Survey: What Do You Find It Easiest To Forgive?

  1. Typos & grammatical errors.

    Forgetfulness/vagueness due to stress overload.

    Also will forgive a small child ANYTHING.

    • I totally concur, actually hadn’t mentioned it as it is such a blip on my radar… Also perhaps because I can understand typos, and grammatical errors, and vagueness due to stress overload only too well. The Virgo people in my life thank goodness give me some latitude…as I KNOW these things I find easy to forgive…really really grates on them. I also as much as possible forgive them their foibles too.

  2. Right. So NO, I do not find Bigamy easy to forgive. Just to be tres clear.

    And of course, the usual unspeakable things: murder, rape, pillage, child abuse, on and on.

    I would say though that when thinking about this question I realize that I probably engage in forgiveness more for my sake than any one else. It is in this sense a very selfish act for me. So needless to say, I probably journey towards a state of forgiveness and understand that it may take a while to get there.

    The most critical thing to me is to have made the decision to forgive as a first step. The rest is up to how everything plays out.

    I would just like to make the distinction though that forgiveness doesn’t mean losing one’s lucidity over your transgessor’s actions, motives and nature. After the initial searing incandescence of white hot anger, I like to find a place where I can NOT take what was done to me so personally, EVEN if in essence the effect is very much so.

    Because for one, this would imply that most every wrong done to me, I could have controlled, and that isn’t necessarily true in all cases. I suppose really I look at nature, my own and the other person’s. I want to own what I’m responsible for and let them own theirs.

    And I seriously would rather not fester about how I think what they did reflects on me or my self worth, and agree with Fishgirl, we hurt ourselves more than others when we engage in wrong doing.

    It’s then that I feel liberated to really explore what the event of pain (caused by whatever wrong) is really trying to tell me about myself, my life and what I am seeking. Of course, it’s not easy and pain can be so blinding that one can hardly think. But once you are aloft to a height of perspective, I think there’s value in the dialogue created by these wrongs, whether big or small, and how it helps one inhabit one’s self more fully.

    I hope I think that rather than seeing it as a single debilitating event or a series of wearying irritations, I can accept the emotions and let it transform me. This would be my ultimate pay off in forgiveness rather than a promise of another’s rehabilitation, I would focus on mine.

    It probably also helps to remember that at some point in my life, I’ve probably done or was capable of something near as awful as what I’ve been hurt with, so sad but true.

    • Every time! Have burned quite a few bridges, although not all personal. Really bad customer service gets this treatment too.

      Will forgive almost anything, except betrayal, hypocrisy and self.

  3. Easiest to forgive = a heartfelt confession of indiscretion ; the bravery of honesty. I reserve the right to delete you from my life if it happens again!
    ” you fool me once, shame on you, you fool me twice, shame on me”

  4. Mystic! What do you say about all of this! Such honesty and such a huge response to such a small question. I haven’t had much of a chance to dwell on a truly good answer, but am gaining quite an insight into just how different we all are, when we can be honest without been seen.

  5. I’ve pondered this ever since Mystic posted the question. I think it’s difficult to say what you forgive easily because whatever the transgression is it is instantly forgiven and forgotten. We remember what we can’t forgive easily, not what we can. I instantly forgive all sorts of actions but really can’t list them.

  6. Admitted mistakes. If someone makes a mistake and acknowledges they have done so, I see no reason to forgive them immediately. Only when someone is too proud to admit they were wrong, or refuses to learn from their actions, am I made angrier than the incident itself.

  7. I’m a Sag.

    I had to think about this one. The one I tend to shrug off is people misbehaving in public and being embarrassed about it later – especially if they were a little under the influence. So what?! It was a bit of fun at the time.

  8. To forgive is divine,
    to forget is miraculous plus a lotta work.
    When around some negative types, i say to them first,
    ‘you can have a 5 minute whine’ but take no longer.
    When you hear the same ol same ol constantly, then it’s time to
    remove yourself from the energy of that person. Tough Love.
    There is a saying about occurs when the primal (yeah LL lizard or reptilian)
    part of our brain wants to kick the living shit outta someone & we politely don’t, because
    we are civilised.
    Change the thought & it changes the scenario & boggles the hell outta deliberate miscreants
    in your environment, home work anywhere where courtesy & consideration apply ie more than 1 person!

    Understanding for me is greater than forgiveness as it negates the need to (as much).
    We are supposed to talk about it instead. That often requires a 3rd party mediator.
    as some issues are often too delicate (throat chakra stuff ).The We Need To Talk inspires fear
    in men, women no. They love it.
    If you understand where the behaviour is coming from then what’s to forgive, wouldn’t
    that be judgmental?
    I joke with my Dentist…………..I need you coz of damage done biting the bullet.
    Same with my Physio……………My neck is tender-sore from turning the other cheek.
    When he gets to a certain stop on my spine, i growl, yell ouch & sheesh, as he finds
    & releases my anger.
    Yup Lou Lou Hays, le grande dame of heal thy self body had the idea. Caroline Myss really ran with it.
    Her Energy Anatomy is brill.
    In my work, i do a lot of forgiving of Men….my mantra ‘it’s not their fault’ repeated 20 times.
    IN all of the above, you have shown yourselves to be very wonderful & bigger than anything thrown at you.
    Remember though, that some things are unforgivable & we are 50% responsible just by being there.

    You may laugh at this but the first question i ask a person is “Why have you come to see me’?
    When they answer, i then ask, smiling, ‘Why have you REALLY come to see me’? It takes 5 mins before & after. With a woman, 30 mins before and after. What does that tell you. Empathy.
    It’s amazing what carte blanche that extra why gives people to communicate their truth.

    You all have beautiful natures & so wise.
    Scorpio’s are very insightful about this area & so honest.
    In the Goddess’s I trust,
    the others are forgiven:)…………………………………………….off to run cool water over my crown chakra
    & cleanse me of OPS & the last tail of the Serpents Breath that’s been upon us.
    The Spirit is willing, but the Flesh is floppy from the intense heat & not extending myself physically.

    Alchemist, no wonder you have been overwhelmed & ovulating from the fairygnomes of the
    the blue singlet workers. Your gynecology is right on & out there. Hot.
    Sex Alchemy for the Modern Man?
    That’s that Sol Sebastian’s heading in Living Now. My Aromacology is my aphrodisiac.
    (as i’m now becoming ancient & not yet able to mummify myself with Mhyrr.)My sexual energy has been donated to my Troops, as i call my Essential Oils, as i send them in before me:).
    Starting to sound like Caroline Myss. That reminds, me Lyn Andrew’s newsletter is on a bit (maybe she
    at the mo, about Mama Aborigines & the Quickening, which Stuart Wilde wrote the title book
    10 years ago………mmmm more esoteric thoughts than i thought possible. It was a blueprint on how the governments will cope with The Changes as it was all going to be very fast, whatever was changing.
    His other one was Winds of Change, which we in Adders are holding our breath for so as we can again.
    All this & not read MM & Co Ladies of Oz Mag yet & it’s 2pm. Blessed be, it’s ONLY 30deg INSIDE.
    Wild Wings in the Wind…….and the Moon’s gettin’ fuller. The Moon will be in Libra for 14th of Feb.

  9. May i say pardon pour le rave.
    Far too long. It’s the heat in the kitchen-study.
    Stream of conciousness at work.
    Forgive me.
    Water awaits & hols next Sat.

  10. i find it easiest to forgive…

    people speaking frankly, even if this is hurtfull.

    I just HATE passive agressive behaviour.

  11. So much depth and texture in all these posts….. days sitting with this notion of forgivness…a need to set myself free from so much past harshness a passage …. How to move to not waiting for anything….not wanting anything…disolving boundaires, ridgity that builds up around scaring…into no snare around ankle streching from way back there to here? How to set yourself free when the other can not-does not acknowledge pain inflicted? It some how cant be dependant on the other…can it?

  12. easiest to forgive:
    people being themselves (in a way that might upset others). human foibles. human weakness (maybe that’s just easier to understand – rather than requiring forgiveness)

    Hardest to forgive (or, forgive, but not forget):
    betrayal of confidence. pigheaded brutish behaviour symptomatic of mysoginy/race issues/etc.

  13. Easiest to forgive – stupid mistakes made by having too much on one’s plate at one time. Oversights. Lateness.

    Not so easy – consistent oversights, consistent lateness, consistent not having enough time / attention to take responsibility.

    Easiest to forgive – if someone actually asks for forgiveness / sounds sorry about it / regret. If they are genuinely shocked or surprised when they realise what they have done.

    Not easy at all – glib Sorry’s and especially where You have been greatly put out.

    I can forgive all kinds of deep, genuinely awful stuff if the person who did it is genuinely, genuinely sorry. But not respecting me (the Leo kicks in), whoa watch out man, I will become a fury flaming whirlwind.

  14. Add to the above: (having read a few posts now)

    Honesty can be very devastating. Easy to forgive in little things (“I don’t really feel like such and such”). Not always so easy in other things eg personal comments about YOU. Anyway.

    Easy Easy to forgive – etiquette schmetiquette, I love it when people go against the grain of what they are “meant to do”. As long as its not pointedly malicious.

    Very very very hard – because I simply don’t understand it – the passive aggressive evasion of truth, the making things difficult by “hints” rather than just being bloody direct. But then my cats do it and I can understand it (they do it to each other). I don’t like it done to me.

    Hard to forgive, the taking me and my good nature for granted, just one too many times.

    Boils down to respect yet again.

  15. I like Aqua Leo (Leo Sun)’s analysis…

    I think there is quite a lot of common ground between us all in regarding forgiveness. I have noticed that Virgo people, seem to have a high irritation/low forgiveness threshold with people’s scattiness. I’ve noticed this myself over the years watching Virgo behaviour.

    Makes me wonder how much our forgiveness or tolerance of our own flaws is influenced by sign forgiveness styles throughout our charts?

    Maybe this too much of a stretch? I’m hard on myself when I am scatty, sometimes too much so. Could this be because I’ve got Virgo positioned throughout my chart with a ruler in hand to ‘help’ straighten me right out ?

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  17. Way off topic, but I have this photo framed and hanging on a wall. Was delighted to see it here!