Sun Sign Survey: Strange Love

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Pepe Le Pew eating spaghettiPepe Le Pew

Lol, I actually have not drawn any especially strong conclusions from the previous Sun Sign Query Du Jours

I need a keen astrological intern to trawl through in search of firm conclusions.

Anyway, this query ought to bring up some coherent data…not! No, am sure it will.

Okay, leaving aside hideous and officially abusive etc relationships – WITH WHICH SUN SIGN DID YOU HAVE YOUR WEIRDEST LOVE AFFAIR AND/OR DATE?   I went out with a Gemini Screenplay writer who had a phobia of women’s orgasms. I am for real. A phobia. And he had National Geographic & social anthopology style articles to rationalise the fear.

Something to do with them serving no evolutionary purpose. I know. A shocker. To be fair to Gemini men, i think this one had severe Venus squares. Then again, i have never been out with a man who did NOT have Venus square Saturn, sigh. And MY Venus is so heavenly exalted; in Pisces, conjunct Chiron, 2nd house, trine Neptune, sextile Jupiter…

Anyway, will be interested to read thy comments – no names, no cussing & let’s see if a coherent theme develops.

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104 thoughts on “Sun Sign Survey: Strange Love

  1. well, gemini, I guess. we weren’t exactly on a date but I knew we’d been invited to the same party cos friends thought we’d hit it off. he never directly talked to me but at the end of the evening jumped in my car and asked me to take him home. then, he pretended he couldn’t remember where the friend he was staying with lived and could he come home with me! (he was from out of town)

    he didn’t get in touch with me but at another get-together with the same people yelled, “I LOVE YOU!” to me as he was leaving. I looked behind me to see who he was talking to. ::rollseyes::

    • Virgo lover who would leap out of bed the minute we finished sex, and I mean the minute, and rush in to have a shower, even if he wasn’t sweaty etc…always left me feeling slightly unclean! And scorpios, several of them, all start out lovely and passionate and sensual, though one was completely debauched and a sex addict (very wierd won’t go into details), but then turn into snide, paranoid, insecure, immature boys – and I run a mile. So far I’ve dated 3, never again…I’m a gem.

      • Melissa, so glad it’s not just me!!! My ex, the Virgoan Quantity Surveyor, also felt compelled to ‘clean up’ immediately after sex. I learnt not to take it personally, but it was still pretty disconcerting!!!

  2. Aquarian toyboy by a long shot. He sent me a ‘you’re hot’ email after I appeared on religion-themed TV show. Everything about that wasweird. Flirtation, & whirlwind affair ensued. Three weeks of craziness, but it gave me back my mojo that had been totally deflated by affair with obsessive/bi-polar Capricorn has-been/rockstar.

  3. A capricorn phoned to ask me out for a drink, said he’d had a couple and could I collect him from work. He owned a caravan yard. When I arrived the yard was in darkness except for one van. I felt safe because I’d known him for a long time so investigated. I found him naked on the bed in the caravan with his feet tied together with a gold cord wearing chinese slippers, candles burning and drinks set up. I was so astonished that I sat on the step and howled with laughter then suggested he dress. If it was seduction he was aiming for it failed 😆

  4. Libra girl and Sag boy. I cling and he runs so then I run and he chases. It is an endless push and pull. The closer we get the further he pulls away. Then I get frustrated that we don’t have ‘ultra-dreamy-mega-romance’ and pull away in the hopes of finding someone more partnership inclined and am bombarded with romantic gestures and love confessions.

    How do you reconcile the Libra marriage love with Sag freedom love? Especially when we are so similar in every other regard.

  5. Caps. Best ever. For everything. (there have been 2). I am a Taurus sun.
    Habit of just appearing when you need them the most.

  6. As a younger woman there were plenty of men, not a hell of lot of ‘dates’ though.

    There was one guy who I did ‘date’ rather briefly. I met him through a dating website. We met up to have a drink and dinner – arrive to discover that he had a friend with him. And after about an hour it became apparent that the ‘friend’ wasn’t leaving in a hurry. The friend was a local high school PE teacher and there going on about how hot soccer Mums were. Blurgh! Three way conversation (barring chat of soccer Mums) is such a bad play on a first date.

    Sucker for punishment (or perhaps it was being a poor student and willing to venture out with anyone who might buy me dinner and a cocktail) I did go out with him one other time. He sat there regaling tales of smuggling diamonds into the country from South Africa. My best friend was bedazzled – like he’d literally emptied said stones out onto the table among the cocktail glasses. All I could do was later roll my eyes and go ‘Pah-lease!’ Diamonds are not my best friend and the ‘danger’ of diamond smuggling really didn’t impress me. All sounded rather stupid according to my sensible Virgo Moon!

    I think he was a Capricorn … he worked in ‘intelligence’ or something like that – you could never get a straight answer out of him other than ‘it was a government contract and he travelled lots’. My darling girlfriends nicknamed him ‘The Spy That Shagged Me’.

    He texted me at one point to brag that he was sitting having dinner next to Malcom Turnball (this was in 2002) and my reply was “Who is he?” .. thus old Mal is someone I’ve never forgotten. All efforts of this dude to dazzle me were completely lost – perhaps that’s why he would never committ to a return trip to Cairns? Sigh!

    About a year later, having heard nothing from him after I had a small melt down on my part about being left hanging on the love line indefinitely, I got a text message from him on Valentines – bidding me Valentines greetings from Barcelona. Meaning, unlike me, he’d never deleted my number out of his telephone. It took 10 hours to get out of him exactly who was sending me this text. To which I replied “Oh you?”

    And on the subject of opposites attract – I have Aries Rising and found that I have a disproportionate number of Libra ex boyfriends, lovers and crushes. Now my fire seems to be drawn to the Pisces water of men? Steam? At least these ones are older and slightly more stable ones!

  7. hm. I went on ONE date with a virgo who brought his taurean mate… virgo reckoned I was ‘too wierd’ (so why agree to date me??) and taurean mate thought ‘weird is good’ – I left with taurean mate, who remains rated as best lover ever… (how gemini rising is that – my weirdest date ever starred ME as the weird thing)

    weirdest affair ever – Taurean Artist/Poor Little Rich Boy – lived with no furniture in his multi-million pound house on Queensgate (london!) – refused to drive BMW given by parents as 21st present, drove instead clapped out beetle… (how venusian am I talking about his rejection of money!)… all we ever did was fuq and take photos, both of us always in various states of undress for the entire affair – so no, we never went out, except to find various obscure locations to get naked again.. his fave trick involved lapsang souchong tea, and to date I go all apuddle at the merest whiff of the stuff. *sigh* he dumped me because my bedroom skills didn’t measure up to his and I was apparently ‘a liar’ (wtf?).

    oh man, my lower chakras need adjusting today!

    • There was NO WAY I was even considering going with the ‘mate’ on my disaster date (not disaster date but went back for seconds and then waited around for him to return – sigh!)

      Maybe Poor Little Rich Boy was projecting his own issues with lying onto you. After all – who dumps someone and uses their ‘obvious’ better love making skills as a reason why.

      Hmmm – I think I need to sleep!

  8. This is a weird good story. Scorp / Libra. Our energies just magnetize. So much so that I can tell you when he is in the same city without having a clue of his daily actions. It became very complicated because of real obligations to the world and nothing more has happened than a few random and rather symbolic gestures. We have had enough sense to work out that it is mutual but sort of impossible. We only ever remember our time space interaction by physical distance. Very strange and not very productive. Neither of us can even talk to the other.

  9. Going back to MM’s Gemini-chap with a fear of female orgasms….

    Warning, warning! I am about to delve into too-much-information territory…..

    I once had a thing with a Capricorn who couldn’t erm “finish” during penetration. It HAD to be an external thing. Too much solo lovin’ do you think? I also think he had a (totally unhealthy) fear of being “trapped” by a woman getting pregnant. Shame, cos he was nice on other ways. Needless to say, the we never really got off the ground. As it were. Ha, ha!

    On reflection, I do not meld well with Capricorns.

  10. The Aquarian boy/man that I dated in my youth…pursued me for ages…which left me feeling bemused, amused and eventually flattered. He just seemed to always be there looking gorgeous, smelling of the sea…
    after he eventually worked out a way to convince me of him, he then would pop into the conversation things he would like to do. He wouldn’t belabour it, just mention it, let me think about it, and keep coming back to it at random times. Eventually some of the more out there stuff seemed normal…except when I found that he had arranged for his mate to turn up at a time when we were intimate. It lifted the lid on his mode of manipulating a little too clearly with his faux surprise and suggestion of expanding the bonds of friendship a little more than I wanted. Lost all patience with him. Done.

      • To me this whole relationship was weird, as at times I had this feeling as though I was being managed, but it was all so charming and breezy and I still had freewill, so couldn’t pinpoint being managed somehow, until that last scene…

  11. Ok … Jewish Iranian Sagittarian/Scorp Moon who stated his family bloodlines could be traced back to like … Moses or something and were part of some mystical Jewish sect that had secret, nefarious plans to take over the world or had possibly already taken over the world … or whatever. Who knows, he was clearly nuts.

    His dad was apparently the Iranian military attache who had to defect to the US during the overturning of the Shah or some other secret squirrel carryings on. He had been some super-undercover-commando-martial-arts one man death machine in the Israeli army. Oh and apparently women just THREW themselves at his feet. Too much James Bond. They sent him to Sydney to secretly survey nefarious Muslim activities and protect the nation from … who knows, an influx of bad fashion?? HE had defected too but was apparently under constant surveillance – you know the phone tapped, secret cameras in the house.

    He was actually just a chronic alcoholic with severe emotional and mental disturbances living in a housing commission terrace – but he dressed in Armani (knock offs??) and hung out in upmarket bars – so it was hard to tell at first that he was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay NOT NORMAL.

    My Gem Asc/Saggo Moon just loved the fascinating multicultural/mystical theme and he managed to maintain some semblance of normality for about 2 weeks before his true weirdness asserted itself.

    Anyway …. will be great fodder when I get around to writing my Brilliant Novel. LOL

      • Prowlncat – another one pretending to be a spy. Do these dudes have Bond complexes or something.

        And old school friend and I had lunch last week – chatting about mutual friends etc and one friend, who sadly is a junkie these days (and somehow still alive?) – my friend was telling me the compulsive and outlandish lies the junkie would tell. I never realised just how far gone he was even then – but then again .. after school I gave him a wide wide berth! He had freaky energy.

      • heheh scorpionic … it weren’t my fault … honest!! I blame it all on a Pluto Moon square that at the time was activating my midheaven – something about the north node and heads of dragons. I don’t understand these things!! I just know it was freakin bizarre … but funny now that I relate the tale.

    • Lol! I love this. And I betcha he was stunning too, non? And i bet a wee bit more than just le grog. I am thinking strong pisces rising or neptune – those peeps who can hang at the upmarket bars etc & yet be living like that, it’s neptune, don’t you think? Good lies though!
      Not-The-Typical-Virgo dated this guy in the 90s who told the most fabulous lies; His great-great grandmother was the woman in the Gustav Klimt The Kiss photo, he had sex with Princess Stephanie Of Monaco in a loo, he was a combat pilot on stress leave and that’s why he could not parallel park a car, he was a model and that’s how come this crazy chick kept saying she was his WIFE…
      And his sign….? Libra…

      • I wouldn’t say stunning …. hypnotic, big, huge Arabic eyes with lashes to die for certainly. I saw a picture of him during his undercover-commando-martial-arts one man death machine phase and I guess he was sexy in this “I hope he doesn’t kill me after sex” kinda way. And yes definitely more than grog (I surreptitiously found this out after some furtive detective work in his bathroom the first night he revealed his “nutso” alter ego) and it was pills, pills and more pills. All with official labels. He lacked the sensitivity for a strong Pisces influence, but I reckon strong Uranian goings on as he was utterly brilliant with electronics. Could fix anything with chewing gum and a shoelace.

        • P it just keeps getting better. Now I am having images of spare swathes of gum tucked into the top pocket of his knock off suit and dashing to the rescue after ripping out the laces from his brogues! 😉

  12. Mystic,

    Interestingly there are many people that believe the female orgasm – which not necessary for conception – does increase the likelihood of conception.

    Likely related to decreased transit time of spern secondary to uterine contractions. There are detractors from this, but it is a common and reasonable belief.

    If it’s the case, then contrary to your Gemini’s argument, it is an evolutionary function 🙂

  13. A Capricorn. He liked to PLAN what he was going to do in bed. This was odd but also very flattering. I’d turn up and always be in for a surprise.

    Anyway, the weirdest thing was that after we’d broken up, with his new girlfriend, he laid down the law that I was the person whose opinion meant the most to him and that I was the BEST etc etc etc.

    I had to point out that was a stupid thing to do. Way to start a relationship – by talking up your ex as some kind of spiritual leader! That went well for him – NOT.

  14. The oddest date I have ever had was with my Capricorn ex- very much in the early days. He rang asking if I wanted to spend the afternoon with him and of course I was delighted to do so. I took extra care making sure I looked the best I possibly could and turned up at the destination to discover it was a block of North Shore units. He turned up saying that he had to put some blinds up in this apartment he hopes to rent out and he knew I would not mind helping him!! : o I said, ” Um of course!” Assuming we would do something later. Well the apartment was empty and had that newly painted smell. He took off back to the car park and turned up with a rubber mattress and cushion and a paint spattered sheet. I held hammers and screws etc whilst he did his window thing. Half time he stopped and suggested we make love, assuring me the paint spattered sheet was clean and newly washed, just stained! He had planned a lunch of lovely pastries bought from a lovely St Ives bakery etc etc. The CRAZY thing is my jaw was permanently dropped-invisibly and zombie like I complied with his grand plan! : o I must have been totally nuts, a mega wacko. After making love, he said, “right back to work”, finished up the windows and then back to the mattress on the floor we retired!! The thing is this guy is such a fab lover, that it totally took over my sense of dropped mouth shock!

    I am a Sagg Sun, moon in Gemini, Scorp Rising, Scorp Venus, so maybe some quirk in me found this so outrageous that I went along with it, as previously I had led the life of being so pure, I could hardly say manure!

    Now I am with a Scorp with moon in Gemini, Venus in Sagg. I don’t know his ascendant as we don’t have a time. My Scorp is lovely but high maintenance from time to time, recovering junkie etc. I need to make more sense of our charts Mystic and need to email you. I am not sure if I am creating a life of a runaway train possessed by screaming dervishes for myself! : >

    • oh dear, it’ll make ME sound weird that i think this is a great date idea…won’t it?

      as long as there was also a stereo + some great tunes..

  15. A gay Cancerian friend recently told me over drinks that if I wanted to have his baby he’d be happy to do it the old fashioned way.

    Does that count as an odd date?

  16. HOW many drinks and you’d want to ask him why he felt the “old-fashioned” method best? Because he wanted to experience Womanhood, You or has organic sperm theories?

    ANd don’t start me on Cap men.

    • 2 drinks. And as for why…..probably simply because he could! (apparently I’m the gay man’s everest!!!!)

      I have to admit I was flattered that he would actually want me to have a child for him & his partner (just to be clear that it wasn’t me wanting to have his baby for myself!!!). But although I love him dearly, apart from telling me how pert my breasts were looking that evening & stroking my freshly shaven legs (something of a fetish for him), sadly he wouldn’t know what to do once he got above my knees!

      What’s organic sperm theory, anyway??? Anything like string theory?

      • I slept with a gay man once (Libran). Worst sex i ever had. You’re right – he didn’t know what to do. I still cringe thinking about about. Luckily we were good friends and carried on as we were and just pretended it never really happened.

  17. Ok, well, I’m a Capricorn (and I wish I knew all the other details, but I don’t,) and I have a pretty strong need for stability. During college, I spent 3 years dating a Pisces who was wicked dramatic (read: totally unstable, unless you count constant drama as stability). He always had to be the center of attention, even when he had nothing to say, he was threatened by anyone who was smarter or more talented than him in any way. He also had terrible priorities. Example: He might be two months behind on his electric bill, but if he got a little cash, he spent it on tickets to see a professional hockey game rather than paying off his debts.

    Do those behaviors have anything to do with his sign, or was he just a nut ob?

    • Mary…i think the behavious could be attributable to both…and how infuriating…even for me a pisces and esp to earth sign…!

    • Mary,

      I would check his Moon as there were some needs there that needed to be fulfilled via attention, etc…

      Maybe he was a fire Moon as far as needing to be #1 (Aries)

      Or, a Leo Moon. My Pisces Sun/Leo Moon was dramatic in his way. And, highly competetive with me. He also had Leo Mars conjunct the Moon. He actually thought I was going to “outshine” him. I like what Linda Goodman once said, “so when did Mars ever outshine the Sun?”

      Chalk it up to his lack of self esteem which I feel all of us are working on. Too bad he didn’t try. He said “self help books are asking too much of me”.

      In the end I guess I did to and even though I loved him, had to say good-bye…

  18. Ladles and Jellyspoons, it is irrefutably clear from the evidence before you today that the weirdest men to date are ……

    …… wait for it…….


    I still get calls from another Capricorn guy. We never really got anything going, really. He still rings every couple of months or so. Leaves messages saying “We must catch up for drinks. I’ll give you a call.” I ignore the message and don’t hear from him for another 8 weeks or so. Haven’t even bothered to let him know that I’m seeing someone these days.

    C’mon Mystic, spill the beans on the astro-weirdness of Capricorn men. If your Gemini orgasm phobic is any measure, this’ll be great! I can’t wait.

  19. im an aqua, virgo rising, he was a pisces but born on the 29th of feb so only had a birthday once every four years. everything about him was contrived, he had read that shitty book for men about how to manipulate women using negative comments and stuff, total narcissist, always moaning, really finnicky about food, and the worst bit was when he wouldnt take my hand because it was a but wet due to a the fact it was raining. i was like, its rain its rain its feckin raining man, i totally regret ever going near him it only lasted about two weeks. i think his problem was he never knew who his father was.

  20. I can top you all. I woke up after …intimate shenanigans…and we learnt we were related.
    He Sag, me Fish. Both ridiculous. Next saw eachother at a funeral and played chess…
    Welcome to my world…

  21. I once got pursued (on internet dating site) but two Geminis who turned out to be twin brothers competing for my attention.. Both of them turned out to be self obsessed bonkers but thought it was funny that they both honed in on me… and then were both in a hurry to get me first…

  22. I can’t think of one woman I have had a date with over the years that was a real weirdo ? I don’t think Ive attempted to avoid weirdos ? and i know that there are some weird women out there . Can’t even think of any friends that have fessed to any weird female behaviour during dates ? There must be someone with a story of a strange female ?

    • I know one woman who would interogate her dates about their building skills. her fantasy was a bookish builder.
      she now documents her activities in print. In the worst of Adelaide’s rags…

  23. Virgo, dating a male Leo at the moment, its very early days and he’s getting ready to I don’t think he’s got a permanent residence.. Anyway it’s very early days, and I’m not one to rush into things, I like my own space etc… He slept over for what I thought was only going to be a night, and its three days later and he still wont leave… He just keeps leaving all his things at mine and I’ve tried telling him to go – but he just doesn’t listen, goes on to talk more about himself and like distracts me..and again, I don’t wanna be rude…
    Well mine wasn’t as strange as any of the above. but I’m finding it so weird right now.

    • oh dear, i like my own space too and would be getting to the rude stage after 3 days. Why don’t you say “oh look at the time, it’s half past time to get out” tee hee

      • Well I thought the first morning he left his things there was incredibly rude, and strange as I’d said the night before I was booked all night the following night.. SO is not listening to me and its frustrating as he’s really a sweet guy.. And its even worse ’cause he just has a way of like..changing the subject whenever I go to mention it. Mmmm def taking care of this tonight or else I might never be able to get him to leave!

    • Anonymous Virgo, you are being used by this Leo cad. Boot him OUT! It is not ‘cool’ to fail to discuss important things. It is not OK to make assumptions about using you and your home for his benefit. Don’t fall for his distracting self talk, return to your simple message and reclaim your space. That is not ‘rude’ it is self respect.

  24. wow.. i’ve never dated a capricorn – but they’re not getting a good wrap here are they?

    have also noticed a distinct lack of weird Leo or Taurus dating stories, interesting.

    i am gemini sun/moon/asc/mercury I have no planets in fixed or earth signs in my chart. my romances/relationships swing equally between aquarians + sagittarians – probably no surprise there. and they are always exciting + stimulating for me (and yeah, they get a little weird – but in a way that i like!)

    i went on 2 dates with a very attractive, broad shouldered, conservative Virgo – i couldn’t for the life of me work out why he wanted to date me.
    the first dinner date he did nothing but talk about himself + his assets. i relented for a second date thinking perhaps all the self talk was nerves.
    ‘there’s gotta be more to this guy – surely’
    2nd date – movie… i asked him what he wanted at the candy bar, he said ‘nothing’ – ‘what? not even popcorn?’…’i can’t do popcorn, the sodium bloats me’ was his reply. WTF?! He chatted (yep about himself) during the opening credits, and yes – I had to ask him to shut up during the film

    probably not that ‘weird’ – but it did highlight for me, as far as sun signs go, my need to be with men who are a tad more abstact + engaging.

    Although perhaps not quite as abstact as prowlncat’s sag..

    • I dated an aries, worst mistake I made (well, one of them anyway), who non-stop talked about himself ALL THE TIME and how fantastic he was, what he’d done, where he’d been and where he was going..and then wanted to relocate with me and told his friends..after 10 days!!!! I’m ashamed to say I’d kept seeing him for that long, and have no idea why, I shudder at the thought! He’d kinda bullied and bombarded his way into my life and then I stopped seeing him once I realised he wouldn’t stop, but even then he couldn’t believe I didn’t want to see him anymore! He told me it must be my intimacy issues and I feared love….

      • Ps a friend had commended him in, ahem, other areas, which was probably why (I’m slightly ashamed again), I agreed to date him in the first place!

  25. I never knew the birthdate of my oddest intimacy experience, but it was great – Him Presbyterian, Me Catholic (but St Mary’s Brisbane style Catholic), doing the dirty in a Catholic Brothers residence. As you do.

  26. As a Pisces I have managed to date nearly every star sign at one stage or another… the worst were the male fish..critical negative fish swimming downwards types.. Dumped the last guy after we went out for his birthday and he started talking about one of his ex’s wonderous bosom.. It must be the Sag rising that I give all signs a bit of a go.. ironically the two star signs missing in the collection are Aries (well that would be obvious) and Leo (where my moon is).. and would I put up with either of them? Cant say havent tried… But who was the bonkers of them all probably me to give them all a fair hearing when most of them were like talking to aliens underwater 🙂

  27. I think the hardest one to get over was a taurean guy who was cusp gemini, we had a non-affair, filled with drunken under expressed lust and embarrassment. He is impossible,yet strongest feeling he loved me very much.

    I did go out with a committment phobic scorpio, he once told me he liked to swim directly out from the shore until he could not see the beach “to feel totally alone”
    we went out for 4 years but his rules stated we could only see each other three times a week. As in ONLY,no negotiation.
    he was devistated when we broke up.

    • Ariesartist – do you think you could send some of those blokes my way?!?!

      My fantasy is also a bookish builder (whose isn’t !?!?) and I’m a big fan of army reserve relationships (i.e. one weekend a month, two weeks a year).

      • that’s v funny, TT, army reserve relationships, love it, and i agree, v appealing, lots of fun and not too much neediness!

        my current with the tomcat is rather like that, the only downside being a few lonely friday nights, and you soon get over that!

    • i know a lot of Scorps (including moi) who love their solitude too much – you know… the classic lone wolf stereotype.

      • Well I’m a gem but think it could poss be my aqua rising which is responsible for needing time on my own, I go slightly nuts without it…but the scorp men I’ve dated have always been the ones who end up being needy and threatened by the fact that I don’t want to spend every single second with them!!!!! Aaarrrrgggh! Just broke up from up a scorp, so it’s still a little raw I guess. And after him being suspicious, insecure, with bit of persecution complex on the side and a temper, he is now posting nasty snide comments about me on facebook…nice. This, after him seeming to be such a lovely, centred, mature man to begin with. Much younger than me though, so hopefully it’s something he learns to deal with a bit better as he ages. Still, so hurt someone can change so completely. Ah well…Live and learn…

    • This guy was on to those defacto laws, (see above) apparently as long as you stay no more than 3 nights per week you are technically not in a defacto relationship and dont have to split your assets on breaking up.

  28. “aren’t there new laws that if someone stays on the couch for more than 3 nights its like a defacto relationship and they get to keep half your assets..
    If you shagged him its even worse..”

    Well good thing David that I only had a “two night stand” instead of a three!

    Strange love though…Hmmm, am trying to think…

    Perhaps the two night stand who didn’t speak English? Have no astro info. on him though.

    Then there is the Pisces bf with Leo Moon. He wore my flowered robe around my apartment once and sort of floated it behind him for dramatic effect. Was cute as he crossed dressed for just a moment there.

    With Venus sq. Uranus I suppose many things have been strange but normal to me afterall…

  29. hmmm wheeeeeel
    i do like solitude sometimes too – i need my own company regularly to feel normal at all.
    but the scorp guy was RIGID about the 3 night rule
    as in …
    we were coming down off of drugs, i would be tearful and just want a cuddle on sunday night – but no. three night rule stands! he would order me home.

    • well, that’s a bit silly then. A little bit of flexibility would have been nice, especially in vulnerable states. He obviously had intimacy issssEWES.

  30. OK, Just thought of one interesting one. Now this woman was a Pisces. We went out a couple of times and ended up in bed at my friends place (I was looking after the house for a few weeks). Well after a minute or so of foreplay this girl starts to squirt, and I mean really squirt. Now I hadn’t really been doing that much and she’s like soaked the bed and me, and Im thinking is this girl p..ssing or what? anyway, as things start to warm up everything is just totally soaked and although it sounds really hot, it put me off a little cause the sheets, mattress (my friends) are drenched. Im not sure if I can go on with this story…sorry, but it was weird to me and I know its like a real male fantasy to have a woman exploding like that, but I found out that for me it was just uncomfortable, Im going now.

          • Well. now that Im finally processing this event, I wonder what she could have done to warn me ? and would it have been appropriate to be more prepared the next time. Extra towels ? or just pretend it wasn’t there?

        • hehe… can’t say i’m a fan of waterworks. Had a one night stand with an Aquarian once – the only Aqua man i have ever “dated”. Anyway, during sex he leaned over and grabbed the water bottle, took a big sip then proceeded to dribble it over me from his mouth. Nothing really weird about that but it killed the mood for me.
          True to his sign – a water bearer… hehe.

    • davidl, HILARIOUS! I just about wet myself from laughing so hard at your story!!! The human fountain may be better suited to outdoors activities… en plein air style or even IN the sea? I hope she found someone who enjoys her rare gifts…

  31. Weirdest, hmm…perhaps what’s happening right now: a Taurus (don’t know enough about him to suss out anything else) who told my best friend “I’m just not that into her” and continues to stare at all times, lamely tries to converse, and who explicitly propositioned me for sex VIA TEXT MESSAGE a few nights ago. I am assuming he has Aries somewhere if he acts this counter to his ruling planet. Or he’s just freakin’ strange.

    Also perhaps the Sagittarius I was intermittently involved with all through last year. Maybe not weird but so perfectly textbook Saggo, especially looking at your post regarded Sag dudes, Mystic…he really WAS travelling most of last year, and refused to call me anything particular. And you know those intense Sag dudes are frustrating as all hell.

    • Yes I have a bit of fantasy about them too..lovely capable men with gorgeous manly hands (have a thing for them) who can hold a conversation, spell and fix things!!! And maybe knock out some bookshelves for you! Sigh…

  32. Ms. Mowtown, not being able to ejac within woman, is sure sign of
    fear of pregnancy & being trapped. Ex- Sagg had same thing.
    Saggo men for sure, are the wierdest i have ever encountered,
    followed by Aqua’s.
    Butch (Sag), used to be waiting in bed for me in torn fishnets & g-string.
    Remember the beer ad of a bogan going into a pub wearing a pink tutu &
    all his friends going wtf as he stands by the jukebox with beer in hand?
    Girlfriends, you would be so surprised at how many men do
    the woman’s lingerie act. Cross Dressing? It isn’t actually just
    a fetish….something to do with them seeing their Mum’s pantyhose
    as first turn-on.
    Fire signs are the sexiest of men. Aqua’s have more secret sexual desires.
    My 3 endearing relationships have been with Cap’s as my Venus in Cap.
    Earth signs give me physical security & stability. Water signs cool me.
    Librans are lovely but not enough practical life force. Piscean men prefer
    aural/visual sex often via a surrogacy situ, as in channelling mystery & imagination.
    Gem’s & me, we bounce each other mentally & polar opposite, so naturally so
    My life just RAINS men preventing dating time, guess they are
    all ‘dates’ in a way, which is why i love being with you all & adore
    my few women mates. Men breaking down the doors & windows, so to speak.
    When i first started working with them in 94, thought to myself ‘next life, i will
    be a lion tamer…it will be easier work’. Less dangerous perhaps.
    The petty crims that are ‘stalking me & making difficulties are sexually
    suppressed. It is text book behaviour of destroying what they can’t have:
    beautiful lingerie, antique fur……but did not learn from the books they stole.
    MY not-your-typical Virgo is back from Melba to energetically counteract the DV,
    who actually spoke in a normal ie pleasant voice to me this morn ‘yes yes’
    were the 2 words! After months of rudeness.
    Thank you David, the Acturians arrived….the last 4 days i have seen the 11.11 on dig.
    clock to prove it.
    Learning Magical Passes from the Chockmools for ‘bridging heaven & earth’.
    The destroyers by pulling everything out, reminded me of my 3 instructional vids.
    Sekmet was mentioned…………ROAR.
    We Win

    • Aqua men are often dirty bastards (bless their hearts), love trying new things etc (they love being different!). I was married to one, nightmare in other ways though, too many ways….

  33. The very best date i had was in Singapore.
    An Aquarian staying at the Shangrila.
    He said i looked like a secretary ( i smiled knowing i was wearing 30’s style silk knickers
    & camisole underneath).We so clicked, he asked me to go back to Bangladesh with
    him for 3 weeks.He had a Dutch shipping contract there & had the first Bell helicopter
    arriving = partying & knowing which Muslim to offer a Scotch to & who NOT too.
    It was the Komieni era & the soccer stadiums graffiti said ‘Komieni FULL down’
    not fall down. The match was between Bangladesh & Nepal. John Lennon had just been shot
    & Marian Faithfull had just released THAT song with ‘cunt’ in it.
    The Bengali President was shot 2 weeks after i left.
    Buhtto had just published his book from prison, black cover with drops of blood
    on it. As i opened the sliding glass cover of the book sellers storage shelf, I cut my finger & MY blood
    dripped on his book .
    Turned out that he wanted me there to make his brother’s wife jealous as he
    was in love with her.
    Who cares…i got saluted leaving the airport by the military as i was dressed in pale
    kakhi suit, shirt & fokker friendship tie plus Ferragamo brogues as was the first round
    of the army look. Camouflage for a Chameleon.
    Another time another place & under a different name:)

    The very sweetest date was Virgo in Tahiti, arriving with a fresh tuna, a conch shell, painted
    pareo & 6 pack Hinano,the best beer in the world named after their Moon Goddess, with banana
    moon shining bright & showing me sacred sites no tourist goes.
    fish, beer & stayed the whole night as started work at 6am.
    He was love, beauty & gentleness personified. A gift of the goddess for me.
    After a 6 month affair, i found out he was married with kinda & no-one told me.
    Following him (rebound for me) was French Aries who was very jealous & literally
    kept me a prisoner for a year resulting in the Stockholm Syndrome….nearly married him!

  34. Just the other day I was telling someone about how I first saw the sun set in the east. For someone born on the East coast of Australia, this was really novel.

    I was staying with the Libran sailor man at his parents place at Nokomis, Florida. I wish I could remember what the Dad’s star sign was. Anyways we’d organised to go see the sun set in the East and his Dad decided he had to come too. So we all piled into his van (I think he was intent on being a good host) and arrived at the beach…

    His Dad stayed back a bit…and the Libran sailor and I found as we walked closer someone was doing some type of ritual involving an eagle wing, dance, chanting, and fire. So it added an extra layer to what was a new special experience for me…so we stood with our feet in the sand holding hands watching the sun sink as the voices ebbed away. Into the silence the Libran’s Dad boomed,

    ‘Well that’s it then, back into the car.’

    The contrast actually made the moment much more absurd and therefore if anything enhanced the whole thing for me. Not your standard date though.

    • ‘Well that’s it then, back into the car.’

      Sounds like something a Virgo would say. Very matter-of-fact. My dad use to say it a lot.

  35. I’ve totally had it with pisceans. I just can’t deal with the permanently wasted lifestyle anymore. Not weird, as such, just not suited to me.
    I have a wonderfully eccentric aquarian artist for a boyfriend now, who understands what affection is! Some would definitely say he is a little weird, but it is in a good way.

  36. Me-Sun Sag, Moon Cancer, Rising Gemini
    Him- Sun Gemini, Moon Leo, Rising Scorpio

    I have recently (yesterday) gotten out of relationship with THE most back and forth person I have ever met. He was the epitiomey of weird. We dated off and on for two and half years and it was always come here, go away. We would be great for three months then…POOF…disappears for a week. No phone calls, no emails, nothing. Then, as if a magician, pops back in like nothing. He didn’t find his behavior odd at all and was dumbfounded that I found it completely annoying. As the years went on became used to his “odd” behavior and let it pass with little more than fit on my end. I’m not sure the astrological compatibility of the two of us (me-12/21/83, 3:55pm, Tampa, FL, him-6/17/80, 5:16pm, Kingstree, SC) but the psychology compatibility…wasn’t working. I’ve had my heart broken many, many times by him; every time hoping he “would get it together”. I have recently asked him to stay away from me, told him I could no longer have him jack me around. He then replies “I’m sorry, I just don’t know what I want”. It’s been over two years. If you don’t know now, then I’m not the one you want”. I know this post was about a “strange” date but this was SERIES of weird dates. As of now, I’m just not sure how to proceed.
    *Any advice would be more than welcomed

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