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This is from Dick Cavett’s NY Times blog…And the story was told to him by the Gemini Basil Rathbone.   It is a striking and spooky story…

“Rathbone was entertaining a friend one night at his home in the Hollywood Hills. Both men were keenly interested in dogs and their breeding. His friend had brought with him two handsome specimens. As it got late, the two friends had a parting drink and called it a night. The friend and the canines got into the car and drove away. But, sadly, not very far.


As Rathbone turned to go back inside, he heard the screech of brakes and the sickening sounds of a ghastly car crash. His friend and the dogs were killed instantly. In deep shock, and with the thought, “He was just standing here,” pounding in his aching head, Rathbone heard the damned phone begin ringing. Mechanically he picked it up and heard the voice of the MGM studio’s night switchboard operator. “Sorry, Mr. Rathbone but I have a woman on the line who simply must talk to you. She says it’s desperately, desperately important.” Probably some smitten fan, he thought as the operator said, “Sir, I’ve never heard anyone be so urgent. She hopes you’ll know what a certain message means.”


Rathbone, impatient and in a daze, snapped, “For Christ’s sake, put her on and be done with it!”

The woman was calling from her home, located way to hell and gone on the far side of Los Angeles. She had a low and cultivated speaking voice and identified herself as a trance medium and clairvoyant. At that time the movie colony was going through one of its periodic infatuations with psychics, astrologers, table-tipping séances, Ouija boards and such. Rathbone scorned all such claptrap, but, he said, “the woman’s voice was so compelling.”


“I have for you, sir, what we term ‘a calling of urgency,’” she said. “It came to me with such impact that, although not knowing its meaning, I simply had to find you. The message is brief. Here it is in its entirety: ‘Traveling very fast. No time to say good-bye.’ And then, ‘There are no dogs here.’ ”


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11 thoughts on “Spooky Medium

  1. Got shivers as I read this…bit confused though, ‘no dogs here’…does that mean the dogs got out of the car crash?

  2. I was thinking that referred to no dogs where ever his non bodied journey was heading…

  3. Freaky stuff. If humans and dogs go their separate ways beyond Earthly existence… that probably means there are no cats, or cows, or giraffes or anything animalian… I wonder what PETA would have to say? Isn’t there an pro-vegan argument about not killing sentient beings because they too have a soul? However, ignoring the general sense of unease, this tale makes me feel slightly less guilty about about eating salmon for tea tonight.

  4. Timing is the hard thing with all that wicky wacky woo – sad she didn’t get through before it happened.

    aello is that lilith u have as your gravatar? If so where did u find her?

    • Hi Orangeblossom. Yes, it is Lilith indeed. I have lost and been unable to relocate the original image which I’m pretty sure I discovered on a google image search.

  5. Sweet thanks – I’m going to take the backwards approach with google then and start with the last page first – I do get bored after trawling through so many pages on google and I haven’t yet seen that image there will go back and have another look.

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  7. look i am curious now about where animals go in the afterlife too..

    i mean obviously no-one here knows for sure but what would the theory/belief be so to speak about where they go??