Seven Things Virgos Hate About You

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Saturn in their sign is making loads of Virgos turn their guilting rays inwards but still, they really don’t like…












artwork_images_113304_180743_david-lachapelle1illo: David LaChapelle.



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114 thoughts on “Seven Things Virgos Hate About You

  1. So do we get to reciprocate? But then I should be compassionate I suppose. It must be very uncomfortable getting around like you’ve got a potato stuck up your bum.

  2. Hilarious!! Its tough trying to have a relationship with a Virgo. I always worry that my cupboards aren’t tidy enough. They may peek in your undies drawer and see that it is not all colour coded and folded. Or pehaps the toilet roll holder is not tickety-boo.

    But, on the positive, they are earth signs. Earthy and mutuable. Good stuff…

    I remember once back in uni days when a friend shared a house with an uptight Virgo. He used to insist that the pantry was organised “JUST SO” with the tallest items on the left, ranging neatly to the smallest items on the right. Seriously!! We’d come up a bit merry and re-arrange things in the panrty to get his goat. Hee hee!

    • trying having a Virgo dad! Even now when i visit the folks on the weekend, my dad will call hours before i arrive and say “don’t be late!!”.
      I have mars in virgo and like things to be “JUST SO”. I’m constantly re-arranging things – it calms my nerves… it’s very therapeutic. 🙂

      • This is where Dad falls over. He is notoriously late for things. I think it’s because he attempts to cram in as much as he can into each minute. I’ve seen him doing a last minute dust bust before walking out the door…or he’ll go pull a couple of weeds…and then.

        By default I’m much more concious of time. I used to feel really horrid as a kid to turn up to everything late. I slip sometimes, because the losing the keys or wallet thing sometimes intrudes…but if an event really matters to me I’ll advance plan and be there with time to spare.

        I am concious as a Leo not to actually knock on someone’s door too early for a party, as I figure they’re in there doing last minute whirl things…and to me it’s the height of rudeness to be to early in these circumstances (unless you’re really good friends and they depend on you to do some prearranged fussing while they primp themselves a little bit before the rest of the guests arrive)

        Scorpbot did think of you and your Virgo dad when reading and posting here too.

  3. I and my Virgo Dad found my teenage years horrible. Even the adult years have been a evolution of sorts. About a year ago we were having a cup of tea and he was raving about his cleaning lady(who I’ve since found out is a Virgo too and only uses natural products + elbow grease) and he said something about how he just can not find any peace, he has no calm, if things are dirty or cluttered…or need tending to.

    For some reason in this moment I got it…(it was the look of honest disquiet he shared) and thought of just how much energy he expends to create this calm space for himself. Gave me a different perspective…

    I’d formerly thought that his uber cleaning was just another control freaky thing…and in a way it is…but I think it’s more so he can control his own self, so he can create what he needs using this blank canvas to draw upon.

    • hehe… i had a feeling as i was writing my response that you would write about your dad. I can so relate to your dad. I’ve often thought about what a wonderful cleaner i’d make.
      I do love cleaning and have even cleaned the desks of work colleagues in my near vacinity because i didn’t want their dust balls blowing my way… not to mention how unsightly it looked.

      • Dad has his fallback fantasy of if he ever wants to slow down in his present position, he would be happy spend his days as either an employee or partner with his cleaner. He really would be happy doing it too.

        My Aries friend just looks at me when I say my house isn’t as clean as I would like…she actually walked around with me one day and went look there is nothing there…it’s clean (but I knew it wasn’t Virgo clean soooo )

        Even so, I tend to create some very well functioning organisational systems that has my Dad beaming.

        Scorp Bot did you ask first before cleaning the coworkers desks, or did you stealth clean?

        • stealth clean if i simply must but i usually ask and they are more than happy for me to do it. Occasionally i’d hear a chorus “hey, can you do mine too?” tee hee. This was at my last full time position in a big agency though. Now that i’m freelancing i just worry about my own desk.

    • God I hate Virgos, cold hearted, detached and lacking the vital element that makes people human…empathy. They are ruthless and emotion is as unfamiliar to them as compassion. Ultra boring and conservative not to mention up tight and down right annoying. These usually wierd looking recluses are truely painful to be around. They are reliable in their favour but lets face it if that as well as being well organised is all they have then leave them hidden away in their office or school teacher roles where their robot like ways and jobsworth minds are best suited. I cant stand them. Im passionate, another word that scares the hell out of these machines. They will pour over this looking for grammar and spelling mistakes and dish out critiscism but cant take an ounce of it directed their way….lighten u

      • They will actually “pore” over it. As a pisces, I might be more likely to pour over it.

        Not sure which cartoon cardboard cutout Virgos you have met, Ben, but I find they have a very dry sense of humour, and despite the clear toned criticisms that can slice ice, also a great deal of compassion. Though, yes, it appears to lack warmth.

        Still…no passion..? Maybe you haven’t pulled the tiger’s tail. Ever got a Virgo fired up? Perhaps you haven’t learned how.

        Also I’ve known Virgos with some mighty peculiar beliefs/habits, really futuristic. But they tend to keep that to themselves unless you know them. And their beliefs ARE their habits: fully integrated and practical.

        There are signs that I’ve disliked before. But when every chart’s so different, that is prejudiced. It’s certain people I dislike, which colours my view.

      • Virgos probably show no emotion to you because you don’t seem like you’re worth the time. If someone bores me or seems untrustworthy, I don’t bother with them. We’re cold–but only to people who turn us off (seem selfish or dumb). Personally, I can’t stand Pisces and Scorpios.

        • Because u virgos dont take time to get know people, u met them judge them in 5 mins and think u have people figured out, Virgos are not perfect have many flaws like everybody else, get the fuck over your selfs and have fun….

      • I recently divorve my wife..after 8 months of marriage..shes a virgo..bloodycold affection at all..very perfectionist..always try to find my fault..i just cannot stand her anymore..thank god i gotthe courage to save my soul.

        • My sister, as well as my husband’s ex wife, and my friend’s best friend are all virgos. They are the most evil sign of the zodiac. This post is right on the money. Virgos do NOT have empathy, but they DO have feelings for THEMSELVES. If someone in their life is in any sort of pain or tragic situation, the only reason a Virgo would insert themselves and offer a patronistic version of what they call sympathy, is to gain recognition as a “caring” person. Without the recognition, a Virgo would never show compassion.

          • Oh gosh all of this is true even if its just someone with Virgo moon, mind u! U can be any sun sign but with Virgo moon, one will still have cold hearted & icequeen traits. Anyway, I’ve had nice selfless kind
            VIrgos but I think it’s because their moon & ascendant takes off the edge; eg cancer moon VIrgos are warm & loving but very very very to distant harmless ppl & will overreact to any slights.. They are biasedly nice to anybody OBEDIENT to them.. Come to think of it, every Virgo who warmed up to me so kindly it’s because I’m caring &
            Helpful & OBEY them! Oh, Scorpio/Libramoon virgos are very selfless & passionate.. Be wary of Virgo moons tho ESP combined with cancer sun… Very high & mighty & stuck up divas; only accepts ppl
            Who conform to their standards & have sacrifice SOOO much
            For them, in order to earn some decency & respect from them. THey expect submissiveness but WON’T give that lil bit bk to others UNLESS that persons has
            ‘Something in IT for them’ or is someone of high ranking
            with wealth glam authority class popularity gd looking.. Otherwise u are beneath them! And it shows without a word
            Spoken; just a glare or sharp

      • I agree with Ben. My parents are Virgos(Born one day apart). They lack empathy which enables them to be massively abusive and critical. They never exhibit remorse.
        The most twisted aspect of their tormented psyches is that they are jealous of their own daughter. For decades they have gone to great lengths to sabotage my life. As I am sensitive, empathic and without guile, they have succeeded.

  4. oh hee hee, i think the pisces-virgo ‘opposition’ is ultra heightened (us being mega louche….well…ok…..i used to be) i think i actually turn up my behaviour when around them (i only know 2!). Just had a major thing with my virgo mother to do with finances are all virgos really weird about money?

  5. Mystic you’re REALLY FUNNY!! – love it!!

    Ms Mo – am earliest shade of sun Libra – my cleaners LTAO at the precison of mon cupboard internals despite festy streak on the ezxternal doors etcs…….

  6. ps re the pix is the slouchy grot in baggy tracky dacks & ancle uggs crawling out the winnabago for a vom?

  7. My daughter is Virgo rising and she said “I really know how to stretch a buck”.

    She is germ phobic and OCD..Although admits it and laughs..

    She is Gemini Sun opposition Neptune. Very artistic and actually non-judgemental in many ways.

    But she always has her rubber gloves handy for cleaning and a separate pair for stuffing the bird….

    She was mortified when I stuck my hand down into the back of the toilet tank to straighten the plug. Shook her hands and made a “that’s disgusting” face.

    Apologizes if her emails are sloppy (in a rush ATM..) and driving through Europe, from the back seat, what I remember most is seeing this huge map held up in front of her as she navigated her husband….

  8. P.S.,

    In all my years of marriage I never picked up my Virgo Moon husbands shoes or clothes even once…I know, sounds nearly impossible but true…He hung his clothes up and put his shoes away. He did however try to run the house sometimes (as far as cleaning) and that’s where I drew the line ..

    • The more bizarre to my mind, my Dad was with his cleaning, at least he followed through himself. I don’t think anyone else would think that the grout between tiles that were regularly washed needed a go over with some strong cleaning solution and a fine paint brush…Dad was all over it about once a year.

      General cleaning and running of the house was my Aries Mum’s department…the really grotty stuff he was/is a champion at, and as mentioned he is happy to strange cleaning too.

      • I’m trying to recall LL if my ex did any grotty jobs as well, but, a girlfriend who knew him before I did said, that upon her first meeting of him, he had his pants rolled up and a mop!

        He really was quite handy to have around….could fix anything…

  9. Funny, I’m a Gemini and am early for everything and my Virgo partner is late, for everything. It is a running joke with his friends how he is always late. It’s terribly frustrating for me.

    But everything else is true. He is so Virgo sometimes – on the second date he reached out to smooth where my shirt had bunched! His books are arranged in order of size, and he is very tidy, except he actually seems to have a bit of a fetish for dirty things (like he’s breaking some sort of rule!)

    • I guess some of my husbands Virgoness rubbed off on me Kayla because when I would iron his shirts, I would then hang them in order of color and then stand back and admire…….LOL…

      • This I do. I have all my clothes colour coded, on the same type hangers, with the hanger hook facing the same way.

        Recently I’ve been doing linen cupboard analysis (getting rid of double bed linen when there is no double bed here anymore), and have found that placing matching bed linen in small clear plastic containers helps keep my cupboard tidier. I like it to be tidy but can’t handle having to neaten it each time something comes out of it…this is both precise and functional…and a little mad..but it works for me.

        • “linen cupboard analysis”

          LL, that is hilarious but then, totally understand. Its certainly better than psycho (analysis) 🙂

    • I have my mum AND my stepmum as virgos (- and 3 distant planets myself and the south node so obviously plenty lessons to learn here!)- but they are completely different virgos, although still with similar characteristics in some ways! One is pedantic, ocd, super-tidy, you can’t even leave a glass of water when go to toilet cos will be emptied and in dishwasher by time get back, likes to organise everything months in advance etc; and the other’s house is grotty and falling apart, but super pedantic about so many other things, very set in ways eg certain food/coffee, only watching certain tv shows, taping if will miss, refusing to watch commercial tv (unless taped so can fast-forward ads!) and snorting in derision at things don’t like/enjoy, but fantastic book-keeper and reminds me of all those important things I forget about and really shouldn’t, like house insurance! You gotta love them don’t you!!!!

  10. As spot on as these are, I still can’t resist a good Virgo. I seem to always have several significant virgos (& cancers, incidently) in my life at any given time.

    I once gave my Virgo bestfriend a card that said “Those who are late are so much happier than those who have to wait for them”. Thankfully she saw the humour!!

    The ex-Virgoan Quantity Surveyor used to match his undies to his business shirts (red undies, red shirt etc) and could never understand how I was able to justify a bag of chips, a block of chocolate and a bottle of red wine as a complete meal.

    • Ha,ha TT as far as the food. I give my grandaughter the things her Mom won’t let her have…at least for breakfast…..cookies, Lucky Charms…
      Heck, I only see her once a month or so.

      I often like a glass of milk with my chips and do find it quite a juggle to fit in the bottle of wine. So, I drink it first…lol

    • mmm Taurus and Virgo seems to mesh well..
      I’m Virgo and my two best friends are Taurus and countless love interests have been Taurus..

    • OH Typical Taurus, yes re the matching undies thing – although am Gem-aqua-sag, have 3 outer planets in virgo, does this explain why, until only recently, I had to match my bras and undies with the clothes I was wearing??? (within reason must admit – blue, if wearing green, fine etc). My youngest daughter noticed and commented (when she was 7!), so now try and mix it up, tho it was hard at first!!!!!

  11. Oh, and since this thread states “What they Hate About You”…

    I got to thinking that neither my daughter or ex ever said what they hated about me but then….I remembered…

    One time, my ex and me decided to make lists of each other as to what are faults were..

    I don’t recall the particulars of what his hates were but,

    My list had three for him…

    For me, his list had eleven…

    Sad…. 🙂

    • I know what my Virgo family members hate about me, it’s that I don’t do things in a straight line consistently. I’ve got enough planets in Virgo that I can relate big time to some of there ways…but I very seldom sustain it.

      We’ve been through the years where they tried to fix me, and then the years where they tried implant advice, by up selling the benefits of their ways…I think now they just accept me(with the occasional deep breath for patience.)

      Thankfully meeting my Virgo sis as an adult meant that we soften suggestions to each other with, ‘have you considered?’ This open ended approach saves raised hackles and sometimes it really does help.

      • They seem to be very good at picking out the bad in others, but never in themselves (I say from a place of love by the way!)…what we see as OCD in them, they just see as a desirable trait everyone would do well to emulate!! Bless them!!!

        • no virgos are always conscious of their own faults, they just believe in savagely correcting their own failings (in private) and can’t understand why other people might actually ENJOY slovenly behaviour or revel in their lack of pretension and hyper-correct behaviour.

          non-Virgos only have to put up with nagging on occasion.

          the virgo has to live with nagging inner dialogue at all times when awake and occasionally even when dreaming. it can really hobble them, hence usually being quiet achievers rather than breezily setting the world on fire.

          i’m trying to evolve and switch off my inner drive to nag though. i admire geminis because they’re usually intelligent enough to realise when they are wrong (unlike many saggos i know) but they just say ‘fuck it!’ and keep on trucking.

          • not-so-Virg…

            That’s tough.

            As a Gem rising though, I’ve been dying to ask about #4..


            (One women pictured with four men)…

            Does this mean the gang bang is off?


            Just my Gem rising smart arse trying to be cute and Lucy Ball Funny….

            Oh gosh I love a sense of humor in a man!

            Dated a Mars in Gemini just like I am. I laughed everyday until he stood me up….

            Sad… 🙂

      • I’d say he was a perfectionist Moon Virgo in many ways. That, and being a Cancer, a WORRIER! Plus, we must not fight in front of the children, nor ever cuss…My Cap Moon could do it. My Aries Sun beat up on herself alot….

  12. Like the list, just have an urge to reorder it…

    LL I can identify with your dad. (And it goes without saying it makes me happy that you corrected your spelling). It’s not that I can’t live with clutter for a while – I can and do, after all I’m quite lazy. But it’s distracting. Like a sort of psychic constipation. If I want to feel completely comfortable and relaxed, I need to have a clear out first!

  13. I love the second photo..its taken in a trailer park ?

    and will all youse guys stop correcting your minor spelling and grammar mistakes its driving me crazy…like, who cares…oh, right, the virgonians, such an anal lot.

    Hvae you seen how eevn wehn all the letetrs of a wrdd are mexid up you can stlil clraery raed and urednstnad tehm besuace the first and last letetrs are rhgit

    take that you virgo retentives !

    • Ha ha David. I spose you’ve also seen this e-mail doing the rounds:

      “This is weird, but interesting!

      fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too
      Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out 100 can.

      i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno’t mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!”

      I have virgo rising, but hate housework with a passion. But count everything.

    • phew thanks davidl. i was feeling tense just reading all those comments. not tht i don’t still love the virgo archetype …many of my fave ppl are virgos

    • hahaha D – LOVE the trailer park chick – having a durry post too many woins?
      spelling police aside, are Virgos also grammar freaks?

    • Now see, that doesn’t bother me davidl, although spelling mistakes DO irk me, it’s true, always have, even though I know they’re no reflection at all on intelligence etc, so often question myself why??!! (Being gemini perhaps, with merc in gem and those outer planets in virgo?!)..

  14. I have a Virgo mother and although the above do ring true [I can see the horror that would come across her face at the second picture] in some respects I think motherhood has mellowed some of her Virgo attributes. Has anyone else experienced that? She can still spot a hanging thread half way down the street and can’t tolerate bad table manners or when people won’t / don’t speak properly but intolerance of lateness and obsessive cleanliness have sort of relaxed. I guess the eye for detail is still there but she no longer laboriously slaves for perfection.

    • oh definately, my V. mother apologised years later for disowning me when she found out i was sleeping with my boyfriend when i was 18 and actually admitted to wishing she could have ‘shopped around’!

    • No mine seems to get more Virgoan as gets older, so no hard and fast rule!!! Perhaps more attributable to other major planets and north node???

  15. Yes, probably true.
    Except I am late for ALMOST everything and so I don’t mind so much when other people are. I am also SUPER messy, but items 3 and 5 are pretty accurate. Also, the sofa in the slack sexual morals is BEAUTIFUL!

  16. I have Virgo in the 6th House (yay), plus my Jupiter is in Virgo. Life runs easier and more comfortable when its ordered for me…. I fold my underwear, tidy my room before bed, ensure i have tomorrows outfit ready to go the night before, have my gym gear neatly stacked for when i stumble from the sheets………. And stare disbelievingly at my Aqua mother when she declares she is always on time….in what timezone I wonder?

  17. have Sun 1 deg Libra, & Natal Mercury / Uranus & Pluto all mid Virgo – can anyone translate ??

  18. My Virgo neices favourite song before she could walk.. the cleaning song. Favourite toy coloured beads and still her favourite food.. chocolate…I love her crazy Virgo ways 🙂

  19. I loved this one! Uncannily spot on, although I tend not to mind too much about 1. and 4. as they are things that I myself do (I have Scorp rising) BUT OHMG I have had way too many a fight over road maps.. Why do some people find them so difficult to decipher??

    • whatever you DONT give the map (or the menu) to the Libran!! map may as well be in Mandarin. God bless NavWoman!

  20. In perpetual Virgo confusion.

    I had a Virgo dad so I resonate with EVERYTHING said here about Virgo’s. He is Mr. Virgo Archetype.

    I have virgo on my 7th, so I have a virgo dad, virgo friends and virgo boyfriends.

    My current virgo boyf (whom I love to death), confuses me though (because of his damn Leo rising?). He is kind of a messy couch potato with shocking health habits and when I moved into his place I had to crawl through the dirt. If I didn’t take a cup away from the coffee table, he would leave it there for weeks. wtf?

    Is he still going to grow into his Virgo-ness?

    Although he is very cautious and exacting with money already…..

    The weird thing is that I am more Virgo than him and I’m a Libra with millions of Libra planets, but I have all the Germs, food ingredients, food guilt, cleanliness issues etc etc.

    I am confus-ed.

    Either Vedic astrology has something to say or it is just my aspects. Or I am my Dad’s daughter.

    • Lilly – do you have ANY planets in Virgo at all? I work with a Libran who has mercury in Virgo and she is more Virgoan than any Virgo i know!!! – really painful to work with – critical, fussy and a spelling and grammar nazi.

    • virgo men i know tend to be slobs. slobs rarely if ever change their habits once they reach certain age…say 18……
      but they have Knowledge under control in every way. if that makes sense. the realm of the mind is where they reside, maybe. Although i;m sure they are not drawn to slovenly women.

      • No I’ve known quite a few Virgo men who were neat freaks, into uber-cleanliness, so I think if they are slobs, must be some other planets going on!

    • Lily Virgo boot camp for children of other signs really really ingrains some stuff. I’ve rebelled for years. Maybe after being stomped by Saturn so thoroughly a year or two back it’s just easier to pick out the positives..and suit it to MY nature.

      • Sorry about buggering up your name Lilly…not sure if it is your real name but I know for me if people stuff up my name or horror, shorten it (without knowing me long enough to go there), it irks…more than grammar correcting or not. I’m basing my self corrections whether in the moment it bothers me or not, which based on everything else about me will be random.

        • Yes LL, I hate it too when people introduce me with a shortened version of my name, then how on earth are they going to know what my real name is???? Don’t mind if close friends call me Mel, but introduce me properly please, and then if I ever feel friendly enough with them then they’ll know!!! Strange tho, I’d never do that, unless I knew the person preferred to be introduced/known as such. I have 3 outer planets in Virgo, am wondering do you also? this a trait indicative of virgo influence????

          • Yes I’ve got Venus, Uranus, and Pluto all in Virgo.

            I feel as though I have an attract/repel thing going on sometimes with these Virgoan traits…I think the more I accept myself the more useful these tendancies are to me though. It takes enormous amounts of energy to fight against habits I rightly or wrongly attribute as Virgoan in nature.

            I’m not sure if it’s Virgoan in nature, the umbrage I take at having people be overly familar. I don’t snap at them if they do it, but I very seldom let it slide.

  21. My mother in law happens to be a psychic virgo – so days in advance she’ll warn you about checking the engine, packing extra towels and a flashlight. Sure enough, we ignored her advice and the car broke down at night in the rain!

  22. I tend to think that the rising sign expresses itself as a more neurotic manifestation of the sun sign. My sister is a Virgo rising and can wear white socks then take them off at the end of the day and they are still spotlessly white. She is a Piscean Sun, and is forever scrubbing her feet, she also scrubs her tongue with her toothbrush. Yuk! She is very pernickety and would wear white gloves and stockings all summer long if she could get away with it. Yet a friend of mine, Sun sign Virgo would have to be one of the grottiest people I know (Taurus rising)–(not that Taureans are necessarily grotty). I have visited her on more than one occasion and felt compelled to wash up the week old, science experiment class spag bol remains etcetera in the sink.

    • The Sun sign Virgos I know well are all freaky clean, but in conversation I know of a Virgo couple who proudly proclaim their slobdom living abode.

      It’s like having someone tell you the moon really is made of cheese.

      Link did you have to share a room with your Virgo rising sis while growing up?

        • i am definitely one for nice feet. men, women and children. look after your feet. unkempt feet are GROSS. your little feet carry you around your whole life and help you look sexy if you wear the right shoes – or none at all 🙂

          in the name of the foot spa, pumice stone and nail scissors, amen.

          • Cute Unpredict-Pisces….

            And true!

            Have Pisces on the midheaven and Neptune in 5th trine the MC by one degree…

            Anyway, got both my girls a “Ped-Egg” as a side gift for their birthdays…Smooth feet…ahhh…so nice…


  23. Leonine Libran–Only until such time as I was too young to realise what a slob I apparently was.

  24. My dad’s a Virgo… you have no idea how hard i am laughing. especially about the posture and the cake. Although, its not cake with my dad… its ice-cream. NEVER GET IN THE WAY OF HIM AND ICE CREAM.
    Its just not worth it… nor is saying ‘have you got enough there?’. Not that he gets angry… he just waggles his eyebrows and eats more.

    • I actually I bring my Virgo Dad boutique vanilla icecream at Christmas..he’s in heaven.

      Laughing Venus a-go-go to see your Dad react like mine, I mean anger would slow his intake…no wasted motion interferes with his sweet tooth.

      • LL… ooooh SNAP! I am wondeirng if you have ever been told to stand up straight (no really… you need to roll your shoulders back) whilst standing in the kitchen, eating a bowl of ice cream so that you can leave on time. When the bowl is finished, and after putting the bowl into the dishwasher, he MANUALLY ADJUST YOUR POSTURE, whilst telling his good lady wife that the route she is intending to drive is NOT THE MOST EFFICENT WAY.
        Its happened to me. A lot.

        Funnily my mother has always been considered the one wearing the pants in the family… my father, the strangely put upon. I asked her about why say has such particular ways of doing things. her reply was ‘Oh, I don’t mind… but that’s the way your father like things done’.
        Who knew?

        • No actually it was my Aries mum that had me walking around with a book on my head one summer.

          Thank goodness Dad does have a sense of humour as Mum would direct us with a map up one way streets, almost everytime we’d go to Brisbane when we were kids…once I remember we actually met a bus coming the right way towards us. I think Dad actually just saw it as a chance to use his defensive driving skills… They still laugh about it.

          Dad was is still bewildered though why I don’t want or seek out his advice as an adult. He does actually have a lot of people seek out his advice…and he does guilt provoking body language really well..’cept I’m mostly immune now…anyways he’d stand there almost hanging his head look up with this beseeching look and say ‘Both my daughters are the only two people that don’t want my advice.’

          To be nice I’d say, ‘ well we know where to come to if we do.’

          Internally I’m thinking *our quota for advice from you was overfilled years ago, years I tell you old man, years*….cue manical laughter echoing through me…

          • It’s amazing how much you just end up tuning out. I have had a week of talking to me dad and I forgot how often he corrects people without even thinking. Most of the time his sentences start with the word ‘No….’ (sortly followed with ‘its like this’)
            I told my mother about the similiarity with the ice-cream.
            She was literally rolling around the floor laughing:)

  25. I dated a Virgo once – he was such a neat freak I almost couldn’t handle it. He even scrubbed my bathroom floor once. My mum was like “Where did you find a man like that?” Although it got kind of annoying after a while. He seemed to go on extra big cleaning missions when he felt guilty about something – like scrub the bottom of the bin or something bizarre most normal people don’t do (well I don’t anyway.).

    One time I caught him scrubbing the empty dog food can out before he put it in the recycling. I totally freaked because he was using the washing up brush we used for plates and I am a vegetarian.

  26. After reading all this, am soooo glad i’m not a Virgo, but like Robots have Mars there only
    and THAT is very useful for speedy organisational work.
    I colour codes all clothes as work in boutiques early in life & it assists in dressing w/o
    stress of searching.
    Demented Virgo next door has morals of alleycatbut notice he washes his sheets after every
    pickup on the net. Lives in an organised mess but great chef.
    Giult though? He has masses of it, yet no concience.

    • i have been known to scrub the bottom of the bin on the very, very rare occasion when the garbage bags breaks or something but scrubbing empty dog food cans is a waste of time and if he were a sensible Virgo he’d have a separate brush!!!

  27. I love this and the comments from those with Virgo parents. I am not a particularly tidy Virgo but not a slob, I do hassle my children about posture, can read maps well, and generally relate to all things said. However number 7 was the real cruncher for me………………

  28. So scarily true Mystic! I thought I’d just laugh at another one of those ‘virgo nitpicking’ rants other astrologers go one, but I actually vibed with this one.

  29. Must be hard work being a virgo. They seem so wholesome but my bestie is one and she is nuts like me when in lusty love and lowers her moral stdsa with my encouragement. Gota love them though for keeping up the moral standards while the rest of us slack around wishing we could be just like them but secretly glad we are not.

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  31. They are the most stupid people in the world, low esteem, trying to make everyone seeing their own way. if you are not in their control they will hate you for almost everything. if you are useful to them they might show some humble once finished they will act their way. Sorry to tell, they are all better be hell

    • They are the most stupid people in the world FULL STOP.
      Trying to make everyone SEE their own way.
      If you are useful to them COMMA, they might show some HUMILITY (is what I think you meant) BUT once finished they will act IN their OWN way (these words might assist you in creating a real sentence here.)
      Sorry to tell YOU, they are all better be hell ??? (well that’s one’s just silly).

    • I’m guessing babelfish….. not necessarily the best translating tool out there….
      Nicely spotted Lexi, loving the CLARITY.

  32. As a Virgo, this entire thread drives me nuts. Stereotypes, typos, grandstanding, bah! Everybody just stop this nonsense and get on with something more productive, please! 🙂

  33. haha! this list is like everything virgo has done to me. he’s always late, has so many bad habits, no morals, can’t be sensible to save his life. really need to dump him.

  34. God I hate Virgos, cold hearted, detached and lacking the vital element that makes people human…empathy. They are ruthless and emotion is as unfamiliar to them as compassion. Ultra boring and conservative not to mention up tight and down right annoying. These usually wierd looking recluses are truely painful to be around. They are reliable in their favour but lets face it if that as well as being well organised is all they have then leave them hidden away in their office or school teacher roles where their robot like ways and jobsworth minds are best suited. I cant stand them. Im passionate, another word that scares the hell out of these machines. They will pour over this looking for grammar and spelling mistakes and dish out critiscism but cant take an ounce of it directed their way….lighten up you bunch of stiffs. You cause other humans much pain with your ways.

    • Well said! Virgos are the true cancer of the zodiac. Everything posted above is how they present themselves outwardly. They are closet perverts, liars, cheaters, and the list goes on. Go to and type in
      “Dateless Virgo Man” in the search bar. You will not find a blog more accurate and truthful in exposing their true traits.

  35. The sad thing is…this is really true. Whoa…I just read someone call Virgos “stupid”. Hahahaha! We’re stupid, are we? You poor, poor dears. Maybe you all can’t handle the fact that you’re not intellectual signs. ;P But, in all honesty, we’re probably worse than Aquarians, as far as personality goes. Yes, if you are not intellectually worth our time, we’re not going to bother with you. Why? Because we like people who can match us in a game of wits, not some bumbling fool that finds farts to be amusing.

  36. Why would I ever have time to organize or peek in someone’s undie drawer? The anal retentive projection-stereotype of Virgos is, when generalized, a guilted-defense against the inevitable Virgo “I told you so” which usually occurs sulently since we ourselves are sick of saying it. it’s a bore to be right all the time, to see through people at first glance. I guess that could come off cold. I’ll take cold over delusional.

    • Ps – Virgos never throw a friend a pity party (what other signs may call “empathy”) because we’re busy thinking up solutions.

      • No one is right all the time nor can see through all people at first glance. You only think this if you are very delusional.
        Empathy is so different than a “pity party”. But you won’t see the big difference when you don’t have any empathy to begin with, of course.

  37. Ha, funny post… My turn

    Seven Things We Hate About Virgos:
    7- Psychotic
    6- Self pity
    5- Liars
    4- Manipulative
    3- Easily envious
    2- Whorish
    1- Denial trips

    Take this and run with it Virgos, better yourself

  38. The article… yes I could agree with most of it, if not all when considering the many other Virgo’s I have studied. Myself, being a Virgo, has the opposing force of not being able to stand themselves. Which ironically makes me all the Virgo I could be.

    Unfortunately, most people don’t understand mentally complex issues that are typically related with Virgos which causes a plethora of offensive and degrading traits of the other signs to come to the surface. The need to address one’s hate for a particular starsign because there is just a fractionally small list of things that piss the Virgo sign off is almost comical yet understandable. I mean, on the odd occasion where I do find the impulse to write such a comment as this, it is because I have taken a reaction from the words of others and feel the need to justify myself with my take on things.

    Frankly, no matter how much offense or discomfort I’ve felt from interpreting other comments… being empathetic… I couldn’t possibly allow to someone else to make me hate my flaws than anybody else ever could. Which kind of makes me and any other sensible human being who’s confident in knowing themselves… invincible.

    With all due respect, I have a learned (not instinctive) love for all people… no matter starsign, colour or moral fabric. The belief that I could possibly lay a final judgement on somebody’s character because it does not fit in with the ideal, “perfectionist” standards that I am blessed to be cursed with, is frankly one of the most heinous offenses one could commit.

    I understand I may seem hypocritical, no actually… I know I am. Even more so, I know everybody is… at one or many points in their lives. We have to be… unless growth/change has never happened to you.

    I also understand (far too much) the necessity and blissfully harmonious experience of just keeping your mouth shut. I will most likely feel anxious after posting this but I’ve spent the time to write it. Confusing, incomprehensibly baffling as my words may seem…

    Virgo’s… no matter how much you hate them or how much they hate you… in a perfectly ideal world (which does exist for those who simply wish to live a seldom life) really just want to love and be loved in return. The extremity of how far this belief goes and to how many people it includes is really… up to the individual. Me personally? I’d happily buy in to that fanciful, hollywood movie happy ending if I could only believe and trust with confidence that people will stay to the end… looking back on history is enough evidence to prove that most people wont. In fact, nowadays, most people wouldn’t even watch the movie.

    I’ll probably decide to wrap this comment up by now… thanks for the craic!

    Peace and Love <3 xoxo