Seduction Secrets Of The Aries Woman

Joan Crawford in swimming pool bathing cap lipstickJoan Crawford

“…One night, I met the great actress Joan Crawford at a cocktail party and was surprised when she suggested I follow her back to her house. When we got there, she invited me for a swim, telling me there were some trunks down by the pool and I could help myself. I did so and got in the pool.

After a few minutes, Joan, who was 25 years older than me, came out of the house with nothing on, dived gracefully off the board, swam the length of the pool underwater and came up right between my legs.

‘Hi there!’ she said in her most vivacious voice. It was a lovely, creative invitation and I responded accordingly…”

From Daily Mail article about Aquarian Robert Wagner’s new memoir Pieces Of My Heart.  Have never really followed him much at ALL but from his pic on the book cover, is easy to see why so many beautiful women wanted a piece of his, er, heart at one point.

Other memorable quote: “Being with Liz Taylor was like sticking an eggbeater in your brain.” She’s mega-mega-Pisces + Venus-Uranian.


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21 thoughts on “Seduction Secrets Of The Aries Woman

    • hahaha…. wanna come back to my place usually works too. 🙂

      A gorgeous Libran once said to me “fancy a root?” we were already in my bedroom so i said “yeah, why not”. I’ve never forgotten it. Still makes me chuckle to this day.

      • Scorpalicios,

        I’m afraid that if someone asked me if I’d like a root, I’d be apt to ask if it is diet (as in rootbeer).

        “No thnks, but a glass of cab would be nice”

        “Root” that is very funny… reminds me of a wild boar snorting the ground..

          • Thanks Scorpiolicous.

            That’s how it had appeared…xo

            Okay, back to the Academy Awards between making Albondigas soup and Hugh Jackman. Wow, the best Ausse import ever. I adore him!

            I wonder what his chart looks like. Cap Moon note to self:

            Hugh Jackman…put at top of “To Do” List…

            Well, uh, maybe not literally…LOL

  1. Robert Wagner was gorg..Over here he now does life insurance commercials. But I’d buy the insurance once I become a senior. He’s a sweetie and people trust him.

    Ms. Crawford is not my Aries style. Way too forward and besides, she hit people with hangers. My Venus in Taurus would rather magnetize, and then decide if they need the hangers or just a smack on the bottom…lol

    • Venus in Taurus here to. Meaning the casual hookups must be his idea and if he’s hot I’m all in.

  2. Adore the gumption, could never do it myself! Bette Davis, another Aries, said of Joan Crawford, ‘She’s slept with every male on the lot, except Lassie’. (Lassie was a male dog playing a female I think.)

  3. Have to add, both those photos of Joan Crawford and Robert Wagner, are gorgeous. They are both so glamorous. I too have never been interested in Robert Wagner, but I’ll look out for films now with him in them. He’s got something very Robert Redford and sexy about him.

  4. Hi Pisces Goat,

    And I’d like to take a peek at his chart. A war movie was on this afternoon and I heard his voice from another room. I made comment to my Mom that he never seemed to have had huge leading man status. But he was in many films back when and then later here, t.v. shows that were very successfull.

    My ex husband had thought Natalie Wood (his wife of course) so beautiful, we named our youngest after her. He said that was going to be her name and that was that. Of course my daughter..I spell it “Gnat”…lol

    Yes, I agree. Joan Crawford was beautiful. Unfortneately she ended up as hard looking as those wire hangers…

  5. “Bette Davis, another Aries, said of Joan Crawford”….

    This brings to mind growing up and sharing a bedroom with another Aries, my sister, two years older. We nearly killed each other but had some giggles too.

    I still can’t figure out if I resemble Betty Davis’ Baby Jane part, or she does… ..

  6. In his dreams! Wagner is bi-sexual and was known for his affairs with older gay men in the 50s. He is using Crawford and Stanwyck to make his look like the big macho lover.

  7. aren’t all aquarian men sexually adventurous?
    i don’t know much of Robert Wagner but he looks strikingly like my last Aquarian lover…

  8. Holy moly, snoop, if I were a Wagneresque hottie in Hollywood in the 50s, I’d do all the men, and the women as well!

    • oh this is funny..tis exactly what I was thinking. The ‘I’d do all the men and women as well,’ bit… if I had open slather to that particular talent set…I’d be all over it.

  9. Wasn’t Robert Wagner married to Natalie Wood, who drowned off a yacht? First I remember of him was in that Hart to Hart show, late 70’s to early 80’s, when I was a kid. A bit soft around the edges by then… Pisces Goat is right, tho, that’s a great photo of him – hot, hot, hot!

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