Happy New Moon In Pisces: Banish The Bitcherel

Remedios Varo New Moon Remedios Varo

Happy New Moon in Pisces! Deep breaths & let your mood/optimism/fighting spirits begin to wax with the Moon. It is – as I said – sextiled by Pluto, which is a good thing. The opportunity for positive change, relatively easily gained. Banish the bitcherel. You scheme again. The thing that you most had the shits about over the last 12 hours is to now become your triumph. Or, at least, your radical improvement.

“What we call logic may just as well be described as β€˜the way adult Athenian males of the fifth century bc think.’ ”

Alan Garner

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55 thoughts on “Happy New Moon In Pisces: Banish The Bitcherel

  1. hmm, the thing i most had the shits about was my flatmate’s terrible taste in TV shows, my inexplicable apathy / lethargy and feelings of inadequacy / not fitting in at ALL re work…i indeed will appreciate radical improvements in all of the above!

    • must be a pisces thing about work at the moment. I’ve just been for a job interview because I’m currently in the most brain dead job I’ve ever had in my life with the most boring bunch of women. Bring on radical improvements!!

      • My Pisces partner is in the midst of a redundancy – which has dragged on forever (as opposed to here – you’ve lost your job, see you later!) And just wants things to shift and move on – new job, end of Rio crap etc.

  2. My flatmate eating all my almonds, my lack of exercise/diet willpower, and my thwarted attempts to rectify my eternal lateness. Fingers crossed.

    • gemmarose I put a large but cheap clock on the wall in my bathroom…near the mirror, so when I’m getting ready I don’t vague out about time. It’s really helped…actually it helped when my teenagers were at home too, as only a glance keeps you on track.

      • You’re right LL, there is a serious lack of clocks in my life. Bathroom not my greatest time sucker though, just am compulsive dawdler. Am putting up clocks today, is great idea.

        On a totally separate thread I spent the weekend going through some of my kids books at my parents house and realised (had totally forgotten) that I wanted to be a Librarian when I was little, had devised my own little numbering system that was written in the front of all the books. I must have lent them to my sisters. Hilarious! Am total bookworm so would have been the perfect job for me, all those books…

        • Glad the clock idea works for you too.

          You numbering your childhood books so sweet. I used to help the librarian at my local library while mum was still looking for books, when I was about 7. She had me well trained, so I actually was a help, not a baby book junkie bouncing around the shelves.

  3. I wasn’t that impressed to find myself the only ‘mature-age’ in a tutorial of young ‘uns who all showed me the whites of their eyes… the class won’t change, but maybe they’ll get to know me… lol
    And continuing the theme of flatmates, any improvements in communication would be a bonus!

    • O god I’ve been through that too SL – it does get so much easier once they get over themselves / you – midterm at the latest I’m guessing. In an interesting twist my experience changed course because the only male in the class (and therefore the focus of ALL the hair flicking attention seekers and scene queens) decided HE wanted to talk to me and suddenly I was deemed ok by the ring leaders. He kept drawing me into class discussion when I was happy to go the voyeur path – I am not a joiner. Whenever there was something vaguely controversial going on he would tell the teacher he wanted to know what I thought. And you know that sounds mean but it wasn’t – we had a lot in common the young man and I, we discovered. Always an interesting journey that one – I’m certain you will end up having a great time.

      • Had a great idea for a possibly $ making if not community minded scheme in the night. Got a job that involves extreme confidentiality due to competitive nature of industry. Onto my last essay for a while.

        Therefore won’t be spending so much time on net, won’t be able to discuss astro impact on large portions of my life due to need for secrecy and possibly spending the rest of my time helping the community.

        So, using New Moon in Fish to say so long and thanks for all the fish ;o) Uranus conjunct my pisces MC for the next few years calls me to another space in time.

        Have loved reading all your stuff and have grown to be quite fond of some of you. I wish you all luck in your projects and grand plans. Thank you so much Mystic for providing this wonderful space for all this to happen – you have helped me through time spent in a place where kindred spirits were hard to find.

        I realise it’s a blog and a transient reality and goodbyes aren’t really de rigeur but I am a person who closes doors when I leave so pardon me if this is considered gauche. Might come visit again sometime but orangeblossom is officially over and out xxxxxxxxxxx

        • Sorry to see you go OB but happy for you also. Good luck with the new job. I hope it’s satisfying and rewarding. Please come back to visit. You’ve been a constant pleasure. πŸ™‚ xox

        • Best of luck with your new adventures OB. I have only had the pleasure of reading your posts for a few months but have enjoyed your perspective and sparkle.

        • Ohh I like scorponic’s description…so apt you do have sparkle, and you come at things from an interesting perspective.

          You will be missed,OB, but at the same time I wish you well in your new hyper secretive community whirlwind mode…new stuff, so cool.

          I think it’s nice net etiquette to bid adieu.

          All the best, orangeblossom

        • oh good luck OB. Hope you enjoy the new secrecy. Remember to bust out every now and then so it doesn’t get you down.

        • OB, thanks for the nice farewell message, which was not at all gauche. Best of luck to you in your new venture. Hope kindred spirits await you there x

        • Oh dear, goodbyes are always soooo sad. Feel free for it to not be forever! Best of luck with everything, helping people is a noble pursuit and I am sure that all good things will go before and behind you. Bon voyage (of sorts) πŸ™‚

  4. I am love the new moon already. My seemingly endless to do list now seems achievable and gosh…. even enjoyable!?! Yay to the optimism. I was starting to wonder if it misfiring would break so many thanks Mystic for the heads up in your scope for the week.

  5. Yesterday I finally understood my resistance to the last couple of subjects I have to do to finish my Business degree…I realised that each one of these subjects form a trifecta of old, and I mean centuries old systems of ways of doing stuff…it raises my hackles…sometimes the repeated going over something and layering it further into the way it’s done, just because it’s done that way. I’m not in favour of throwing the baby out with the water, trampling over stuff that works…just hate the sheep like acceptance of some old systems.

    So this morning having coffee with a fellow leo, with accompanying hair tossing in the sun, and we ended up talking about her honours topic, and suddenly for the first time in a long time I actually entertained the idea of doing mine. Have had sufficient grades just sitting there, just not the drive or energy….yet suddenly there is this new possibility. Looked at her and went hmm the only way it would make sense for me to do honours is…. and boom have an idea I could engage in, that links and broadens all sorts of stuff.

    • Ride ’em cowgirl! – I know how you feel re the old stuff, I just had a medieval excursion and hated almost every minute of it – but isn’t it amazing when suddenly it all falls into place? I ended up wanting to visit cathedrals in europe – previously unheard of yearning. Will you be visiting bank vaults and lundia files to scour over old journals and balance sheets I wonder…? :o)

      I wish you all the luck in the world for the honours (is that masters?) LL – and one of the things it is good to do in a downturn is study or learn an artisanal craft so you can emerge in the upturn ready to knock ’em dead with your superior knowledge and skill. Congratulations on the new moon breakthrough.

      • OB don’t know how soon your total cut off time is, or if you’ll skim and end at all communications in the dark of the night…but in case you do see this…thanks for the encouragement.

        If I go ahead with this, it would delay me doing my Masters, but keep open the possibilities of academia…which while not something I would want to fully engage in right now, the teaching at Uni angle , long term I would.

    • LL my to do list is nearly all to do with academic necessities. I really haven’t be in a good place of action and motivation recently which is very out of character.

      Re- honours paper… Last year I finished my honours paper and have never regretted it not even when I was trawling through a spiderweb of articles, diagrams and research. It is wonderful to be able to throw yourself completely into a subject with only the constraints of a word limit (which you will want to exceed) and only your own constraints as to the subject.

      Re- old systems… part of my current lack of motivation is due to a repeat of material over a series of subjects all of which primarily focus on old and dysfunctional systems. Utterly painful and not at all intellectually engaging. Although now, since the new moon rising, I just want to dive in and / or skim through the material.

      Good luck with your studies.

      • Thanks for the encouragement scorpionic, it’s good to see you feeling good about the extra time spent delving.

        I think that is part of why I’m exploring the possibilities, because
        (1) I have this new idea that I want to explore through delving and sorting and sifting…I’m not sure where exactly yet, it’s early early days…

        (2) It would weave together a lot of disparate things, and act as my own personal built bridge to a slew of other new possibilities.

        (3)I think if I’m honest with myself I could still maybe get funding for this idea and actually enlist some support people that have encouraged me over the years…

        (4) It might be timely and have wider benefit than my own imaginings.
        I’ve in the past sometimes seen things from a completely different angle, it pushes my career/study forward and in one instance made its way into my Universitie’s strategic planning.

        • How exciting LL – especially on the back of your email suggesting coffee. I want to know more!

          And on the topic of old systems – have been digging for info about what Facebook’s been up to with it’s systems and using them to perpetuate old belief systems.

          Who would have thought that Facebook would be so threatened by a bunch of lactating mothers!

          • Is that what all the hoo-ha is about? Blimey, may have to rethink
            it all if they object to the feeding of infants…….. And that would be a radical change………

        • SW it was all crystal clear yesterday…the possibilities are still there, but I need to channel my Taurus rising and ground it in a bit of reality, and draw a lot of interlinking diagrams to really see what steps actually need to happen to go further with this. When we do confirm coffee times I’d say based on some of your emails, and blog we have heaps of stuff to go over.

  6. oh yes please!
    dark moon brought on very dark mood re. relationship weirding. i am starting to regret my push to be in the venus-uranus club…
    looking forward to some lightening and brightening soon…

  7. May all fish people have miraculous reversals of fortune in the house of their sun!
    Happy new year Pisces!

  8. Changed the water filters today, apt, hopefully the dreams become clearer, I mean please I’m having trouble with receiving the ripstick surfboard.

    • Wouldn’t it be cool if she was…I mean all that early training raised by Scorps.

      • LL, funny you mentioned Ob’s whole family of scorps – I wondered if the influence of different moon & rising signs was obvious between them.

        Yes, thank goodness for the lovely new Moon feeling. I comforted several people who were in tears today. So much emotion and angst around this Dark Moon.

        • I’ll second that nat… cap marine policeman crying on phone to me about finding out his LIbran ex-wife (who left him with four kids) has revealed a long standing relationship with another guy (and would I consider a sympathy bonk!??! as if!!) – then tequila texts from that cub at 2 am (and follow up messages this morning telling me how in denial he is about loving me – shrug – )…while I remained serene, continued with personal dark-moon evolution – and slept better than ever last nite.

          RLP – rollercoaster dark moon!~ here’s to a peaceful piscean day or so… πŸ™‚

          • even when married for almost 2 decades, there were no sympathy boinks..how do this particular subset of men manage to link lack of respect and their meaty sabers…? ewww.

            Glad to see you serenely glide on by on your evolutionary path.

          • apologies for using a degatory term to label male bits…something in the whiney tone of a sympathy bonk plea shortcircuited my brain.

          • no LL, I think meaty sabers is quite apt and any guy worth his salt would be proud to label it so… πŸ˜€

            are you sure you’re not planning to write a bodice-ripper ?? πŸ˜€ Meaty Sabers!!

            just so we’re clear – I told aforementioned Cap Marine Policeman I would never put my body under any man who had angst/anger to take out on account of anothe woman. It would be more like a sacrificial bonk, wouldn’t it?!

          • TA, I must have been tired last night when I read new comments and thought it said symphony bonk and went to bed wondering what in hell is a symphony bonk with all sorts of imagination visuals πŸ˜†

  9. went directly from Bi-Polar-esque heart stomp by Pollack-esque Arian Ex & caught plane to FULL-on briefing w new (very clever) client…..who had her kid there, bouncing off walls, adding degree difficulty 9.9 to concentration. Brain-sapped, was collected by sis & kids & her hub cooked us divine meal. we sat outside, ironically by a fire talking about those we knew affected by firestorms…… crawled into bed to find the stuffed toy that sleeps with me at Arian Ex’s was in my bag. held it & bawled about loss of love, lack of security & being in uncharted waters. dreamscape on prior post.

    oddly the sec the new moon clicked the 2 things that’ve given me the shits – still in love with the Ex who heart stomped & career uncertainty abated. to be continued……..

    • darling xox LRP xox I’d guessed that you’re still in love with Arian-Ex by the way you comment about him. I so wish you the best possible outcomes in all areas.

      • cheers chesh….tho being unshakably (that’s a word?) optimistic its onwards she strives!! BTW living w BiPolar is not easiest route. one could not imagine…….xox

        • I can imagine but have happily only watched BiPolar from the sideline trying to be supportive. Extremely difficult would be an understatement.

  10. Bring on the easy happiness…. would take happily easy!

    Yesterday was not what I classify as good so I look forward to a little onwards and upwards:)

  11. Went to bed at 1.45am around the time of the new moon in the UK so as to avoid any more crazy dreams. Spookily despite being pitch black and foggy the birds were singing their heads off in morning song, they must have sensed the change! Nevertheless I still had dark disturbing dreams, but there’s a happier vibe in the air today for sure πŸ™‚

    • I was out after dark too and heard the birds. It’s rather disorientating. Dreamed a pal was reducing her hours at work and asked me to help out. This morning got an email from said pal saying she was reducing her hours and could I do some work for her??? Everything is in my work/career sector at the mo.

  12. So I’m not the only one with houseguest/housemate angst. Reading forward in Mystic’s book about March bringing some sanity for household matters has got me hanging in there.

    Dark moon was a huge purge – mainly around my creative space (including writing an article on how to use the dark moon as a writer to purge and clean and realign!) I still feel fuzzy headed though (not helped by getting up at 4am to conduct an interview with a Canadian mother for my article) think I’ll hang in there for the Aries moon to get things speeding in the right direction.

    What sort of a crazy wench decides to go and take on Facebook … oh well. Someone needs to tell the truth?